Surprise Rendezvous

By agant

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My first story, so any and all feedback is welcome.
I was getting pretty nervous, I've never done anything like this in my whole life. I didn't even pack a bag, I just got on the next bus south, not even bothering to tell people I would be gone for the weekend. Normally I put my earphones and sleep the whole way but not this time. This trip was totally different.

I've been to my intended destination plenty of times, to see friends and that, but now I was travelling 4 hours for someone I'd never even seen face to face and that's what was making me nervous. As the kilometres passed behind me I drew ever closer to the one I wanted. Maybe I should let her know I'm coming.

'So I know you like surprises', I typed into my phone 'and I'm really hoping you aren't busy later tonight. I've got something in mind a little out of the ordinary' *Send*

Over half an hour later I got a reply, the vibrations in my pocket nearly making me jump out of my seat.

'Well hey there, this must be a special occasion if im getting a text from you ;) whats up?' was the reply.

'Just wondered if you would be going out to Civic tonight, its your friends birthday right?' I sent back.

'Yeah but theyr all going clubbing and I dont really feel like going. cmon whats my surprise???' the response was almost immediate, I think I got her attention.

'Ahhh ill tell you later tonight, but only if you go out with your friends! I promise ill make it worth your while' I teased

'Not fair! Why do you want me to go out so badly? I guess I should it is sarahs party and its the weekend :D alright you convinced me'

By now it was 7.30pm and I wouldn't get in for another two hours, but at least my ad hoc plan was going to work. In a way that made me even more nervous though, as if I'd thrown myself out of the frying pan and into the fire. Well there was definitely no turning back now. I've never been one for bold moves, rash actions or anything proactive really but I needed her more than I think I've needed anything before. I definitely couldn't call it love at all, lust was definitely the best word for it.

I started to daydream about her, whether she would look like the pictures she sent me or not, but in the few she sent she looks like an absolute goddess, so I hope she isn't out of my league or anything. I decided it was best not to get my hopes up and just go with it. We'd talked about meeting up before but she definitely wouldn't be expecting this. I just hoped it wasn't too soon.

Before I knew it we were going past the lake, though it had been dry for years, meaning I was only half an hour away. I texted her to see where she was, and she replied pretty quickly. I guess she wasn't having enough fun not to check her phone.

'uhhhh so they all decided to take pills tonight and didnt tell me cause they knew I wouldnt have wanted to anyway and they just dropped so in about 20mins ima be really bored. probly goin back to college soon' was her response

'Don't worry I still have a surprise for you remember? just stay a little longer and have a drink for me :)' I figured the suggestion couldn't hurt, some alcohol might make her freak out a little less by my unexpected appearance. Fingers crossed. Five or so minutes later she replied again.

'Ooooooo yehh tell me what it is? do I need to head home for it? please save me from this!! hehehe'

25 minutes out. I'd have to stall her: 'Hmmm you know what I think you need first? pancakes :p' I joked with her. She loves pancakes from this quaint little place around the corner from where all the clubs are and it's almost always open. They always cheered her up. And I didn't want her going home just yet. I considered calling her but we've never spoken over the phone before and the thought still scared me a little bit. I still couldn't believe I was doing this. Not long now though.

'Definitely! still I always get pancakes by myself, wish you were here to share with me...' 20 minutes away.

'If only!' I couldn't wait to see her face. I almost felt like filming it just to watch it later, it might ruin the moment though. 15 minutes later she sent me a picture message of the strawberries and cream special with the message 'As soon as im done I want my surprise! ur such a tease'

She was playing right into my hands. I'm glad she was enjoying it though, my stress levels were ever increasing and I tried not to think about the possibility of it all going wrong. I just had to trust in...whatever. Finally the bus pulled in and I didn't know whether to rush to her or just get back on the next one, so I settled for medium paced effort in her direction. Fortunately it was only a few minute walk to pancakes from the bus depot.

I was just so uncertain about the whole thing, maybe if I called her and we heard each others voices it might take the edge off. I was only 100 meters or so away so I decided to call her.

'*ring* *ring* ... hello? Alex?! You've never called before!' she sounded ecstatic, I was pretty relieved about that.

'uhh hi yeah its me. umm so how were pancakes?' I stammered. 50 meters away.

'I'm just paying now. Then I'll probably get a taxi back to college, its too cold to walk. Now whats my surprise!' she begged. I guess I underestimated how much she would want this. Even though she didn't yet know what it was.

'Just come outside, you'll see'

'Wait, wha---' I hung up before she could finish. That would be sure to make her frantic. And truth be told I'd basically run out of courage and had not really intended to finish that conversation anyway.

I waited, just near the exit, knowing the moment was finally arriving. My heart was beating a million miles an hour as all my expectations and lusting emotions washed through my brain turning it to mush. Then she burst out the front door, looking frantically from side to side. Then she saw me. She froze and so did my thoughts. I felt my legs move under me, as if I was a zombie, and I awkwardly dragged myself towards her.

Under the hazy glow of the blue neon lighting from the store next door she looked surreal. Standing in a white dress that came up to her neck but not quite to her knees, her figure was sublime, as if painted by a master. She was still frozen to the spot and I got closer and closer. When I was within arms reach I stopped.

"I don't know why, I just wanted to see you. It just sort of seemed necessary." I explained weakly, as I looked slightly down at her, me being a few inches taller than her.

She looked deep into my eyes and as we saw each other for the first time we connected on a whole new wavelength to what we had shared online and through texts up until that point. In my opinion she was well out of my league but the way she looked at me made me think maybe she felt the same way.

"You should have come sooner" was all she said before she took half a step foward, put her hand to my face and leaned in to kiss me. I put one hand behind her back and the other around her neck and pulled her into it. I had imagined it happening a lot of different ways, but this was more intense than I had imagined it. We barely stopped for air let alone words. Our tongues began to explore each others mouths more deeply and our hands began to roam somewhat, us both totally forgetting we were standing in the middle of the side walk with people walking past somewhat frequently.

Then some drunk guy shouted "Get a room!" and we snapped back to reality. The kiss broke, but the spell didn't. Still holding my head she pulled me in close and whispered in my ear "I think maybe we should". I chuckled and she giggled as she smiled the most amazing and radiant smile I've yet to see on another person. I took her by the arm and we hurried towards the taxi rank, which was fortunately in the next street over. We got one immediately and she barely told him the address before we were back on each other again, tongues flickering together and hands everywhere.

"Eyy keep it down you too, I don't want you making a mess back there". We stopped and smiled at each other again, acknowledging we still were part of the real world, full of normal, respectful people...for the time being. It was lucky her college wasn't too far from Civic, I guess that's one advantage of living in a city of less than half a million people. I tipped the cabbie extra and this time she led me by the arm, me having no idea where to go, and we rushed up to her room.

Our outer layers of clothes came off faster than a budget porno and she threw everything from her single bed onto the floor were we both collapsed, once again entangling ourselves together.

"I still can't believe you came" she gasped between short, hot breaths as I struggled to unclasp her bra from underneath her. Her bust was modest, maybe a 28C give or take some, and I immediately began kissing down her neck wet and fast. She let out a hushed moan with each kiss and ran her fingers through my hair with one hand, trying to take her underwear off with the other.

It was cold this time of year and her nipples were already hard and sensitive to my touch. My mouth reached them in no time, gently sucking on one whilst massaging the other with my free hand. My other hand was already between her thighs, teasing around her entrance, stroking her lips and touching her clit ever so lightly.

"I want you so much, do you want me too?" I asked, needing a bit more encouragement to continue.

"Yes Alex, yes! I need you now!" she groaned in ecstasy. Needing no more invitation, I went south between her legs and dove straight into her glistening pussy, attacking her lips and clit ferociously with my tongue. It darted around, licking and wetting everything that wasn't already soaked. I pulled her plain red panties completely off and removed my own briefs while I continued to eat her out, my tongue now probing inside her delicious hole.

Her hand grasped my hair once again, but she pulled me back up to her face. She kissed me deeply, tasting her sweet juices in my mouth.

"You're amazing but right now I just need you to fuck me please" she begged.

As I lined myself up and began to prod my head into her soaking pussy I was thankful I took the risk to come and surprise her. All my doubt and fear of failure and regret evaporated as I took one deep thrust inside her. I grabbed her shoulders and pulled my hips towards her until I was almost all the way in and she gasped, her breath taken away. Her thighs tightened and her hips gyrated in response to my first invasion.

I pulled out and started slowly at first, gradually building speed. Fortunately I keep myself fairly fit so once I reached a steady pace I was able to maintain it for quite a while and God she loved it. Her hands grasped my shoulders, back, arms, neck, hair - anything she could grab a hold of as she continued to moan with the sexiest look of total pleasure I've ever seen on a girl.

I was ecstatic I was giving her the pleasure she so desired and this heightened my arousal to a point I thought I wouldn't last much longer. I think she sensed this and pulled her head to my ear and whispered "stop" in a seductive voice I was yet to become familiar with.

My worries I was doing something wrong were dissolved when she rolled me over, albeit awkwardly, until she was on top. Clearly she wanted a go calling the shots and this worked for me as I can generally go a while longer with the girl on top. She started to ride me gently at first but soon she was upright, holding my legs behind her for support, and getting faster.

Her shoulder length auburn hair fell behind her and her boobs began to bounce firmly, giving me quite a show. I now got to admire her figure fully and it was more amazing than I could have hoped for, every detail down to her well groomed crotch and her smooth, slightly tanned skin complexion. It was all too much for me and I felt an orgasm building, larger than anything I'd felt in a while.

I started to groan and moan softly, as I sometimes do when I'm in pure heaven, and she got louder and louder, clearly not caring what her dorm-mates might hear or think of her. She grabbed both my hands of her hips and we clenched our hands together as our orgasms began to climax.

"Oh fuck yes!" I groaned loudly as my orgasm hit, and as hers came all I heard was a stifled moan as her jaw locked shut at the same moment her thighs clenched around me. My back arched and I pulled her down towards me as I continued to spurt streams of cum inside her. She clenched my hands so hard our knuckles went white, and finally, after a heavenly eternity, she collapsed down on to me.

"Please stay with me forever" she begged, once we had calmed down. She had her hands pinned behind my head and leaned in to kiss me long and hard. We stayed in that position for a while, switching between making out and just looking into each others eyes. We knew the moment would end soon, but the weekend had just begun.

*Again this is my first submission, let me know if it was too long, more detail needed, too much / not enough of anything =] thanks for reading