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Sweet Sixteen Birthday Fun, Part III

It was our last day, and all we wanted to do was stay tangled up.

It was about nine in the morning when I started to wake up. John had held me in his arms the entire night, keeping me warm and safe. 

I took a deep breath of air, exhaling while I casually stretched. John must've been awake already, because he kissed the top of my head, which was still resting on his bare chest, and whispered, "Good morning."

A smile came across my face. I tipped my head up, looking into his eyes. Our lips met in a long passionate kiss.

His arm pressed me closer to his body. My hand that was on his chest, casually reached up to stroke his face. 

"I don't want to leave this room. I want to stay and cherish the last few hours before I leave. I wish I didn't have to go."

"I know how you feel. I would love to be able come home after every shift to you."

I smiled, our faces mere inches from each other. We stared into each other's eyes, speechless. We were savoring a tender moment, a moment in which we would never wish to end. The only wish at that moment was that I could wish to be eighteen.

I kissed him once again. He responded to the kiss, and pushed me on top of him with the arm he had wrapped around my slender naked body.

I said, "Let's have the dirtiest sex we've had yet."

A grin came across his face, "I love the sound of that."

I kissed him quickly, and slid down to his cock. I made sure that my pussy and clit rubbed his cock slowly on the way down. I wasted no time, I instantly started to play with his cock. I rubbed his shaft, swirling my tongue in circles on his head. My hand positioned to rub or, "tickle" his balls with the tips of my fingers.

He moaned, "That feels so good."

He began to ooze a little precum, which I eagerly licked up. He ran his fingers through my hair, pulling slightly. 

I wanted him to last all day, so I slowly moved to other, less stimulating areas of his body. Kissing and licking areas I thought would keep him interested, but not cum. I kissed his inner thigh, nipples, and up to his neck.

He took me by surprised, and threw me onto my back with a bit a force. The force was playful, and yet dominant. He pinned my wrists with his hands. He kissed me before he spoke, "How do you feel about exploring a little with domination?"

"Like in Fifty Shades?"

"Yeah, only with less torture. More of just rougher sex with some restraints. If you don't want to, I understand. If you do, we will stay in your comfort area, I won't make you uncomfortable with anything with do."

"Let's do it. It sounds fun."

A look of surprise, mixed with excitement came across his face. With a grin he asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yes. Tie me up, blindfold me, I don't care. I trust you.

He kissed me, "Stop me if I go to far, or you don't want me to do something."

"John, shut up and just fuck me already. Or at least dominate my body, however you want it worded."


He released my arms. He got out of bed and walked to the dresser. He took a rope off the top of his dresser, and walked back to the bed. Once at the bed, he demanded me put my arms straight above me. He tied my wrists to the end of the rope, and the other end to the bed post. 

"You've been a bad little girl. You should know better than seducing an adult."

"You know you wanted me."

"I'm going to teach you a lesson. I'm going to make sure you never do it again."

"I'll seduce you time after time, and you'll never stop me."

He flipped onto all fours. He spanked my ass. The burn hurt, causing me to yelp in pain. 

"Are you going to seduce me again, you little slut."

Every time you pick me up from the airport."

Another smack, and another yelp. He asked me again, I responded the same as before. He didn't smack me this time. Instead, he shoved his lube covered cock in my ass. The force he used pushed me to the pillows. He began to thrust. 

"What's your answer now? Are you ever going to seduce me again?"

"You act like you were mad that I made a move. Maybe you are mad. Mad that I made the move before you could."

"Shut up!"

I did as I was told. He continued to thrust a little while, before he stopped. He didn't cum, so I was a little unsure why he did stop. It was not more than a few seconds until I learned why.

John took my body, flipping me back onto my back. He took his hand, shoving his fingers into my tight, young pussy. He kissed me as he did. I started to moan, and was told to stop, I could only moan with his permission. It was hard not to moan. I asked, focusing on my words, and not my arousal. Once permission was granted, I let it all out. I was almost confident his neighbors three doors down could hear us. 

It took about ten minutes of fingering before he decided to give me his dick. He shoved himself inside. He pounded me long and hard. He pinched and rubbed my clit. I came multiple times, with his permission of course, before he finally came. 

It felt so good exploring a little forbidden life. I looked at the clock, we only had ten hours before I had to be at the airport. I was sure they were going to fly. 

We got up and got dressed. We went to grab a bite, and came back.


At the airport, we said our farewells. I would be back in June, five months away. It seemed like it would be ages before we saw each other.




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