Sweet Surprise

By naughtyinnocence705

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Dylan came home from work expecting to sleep...
Dylan opened the door to his bedroom with the intent to sleep after the long day he'd had. He undressed quickly before looking around the room, unaware of anything except his desire for rest. Dylan jumped as he heard a small, familiar, feminine voice say, "Helloooo?"

The voice was sexy and smooth; Dylan could hear the smile in his girlfriends' voice, and could feel one spreading across his own face. Natalie sat on Dylan's bed, naked except for a black lacy thong that covered next to nothing. Her legs were open wide. Dylan felt his cock grow hard immediately, and suddenly his exhaustion had left his mind. Natalie scooted to the side of the bed, her pussy right at the edge. Dylan smiled and moved closer, kneeling on the floor in front of her.

"Mm, Dylan. What're you gonna do to me?" Natalie murmured softly as Dylan pulled her panties off, finding them to be soaked. Dylan only smiled and pressed his face forward, his lips millimeters away from her wet pussy. Holding her hand, he slowly inserted his tongue inside of Natalie's tight, wet pussy. She gasped in pleasure.

"Ooh Dylan." Natalie moaned softly, growing louder as Dylan's tongue flicked furiously inside of her. He flicked his tongue against her clit, making her squeal.

"Ooh, Dylan!" She squealed once more as she came in Dylan's mouth and all over his chin. Dylan smiled erotically.

"Does that feel good, baby?" He stood up and leaned over her, kissing her lips so she could taste her own sweet cum. She licked his lips clean.

"Mm, Dylan. Now I want your cum." Natalie gave her boyfriend a wicked smile before she pushed him off of her, leaving him standing next to the bed. She could see his big, hard cock through his boxers. Natalie got off the bed and kneeled in front of Dylan and tugged his boxers to his ankles. His cock sprung up and tapped her nose. Natalie giggled.

"I think it likes me." Natalie grinned, looking up at Dylan. He smiled back at her and laughed.

"Of course." Dylan rested his hand on Natalie's head. She smiled up at him once more before she licked eagerly at the head of his cock. As she began sucking on the tip, she jerked off the rest of him. Her hand moved furiously up and down his cock while her tongue flicked all over his head.

"Oh god, Natalie." Dylan groaned in pleasure, leaning his head back. Natalie jerked him and sucked his tip for a few minutes before she pushed her head forward and deep throated Dylan. She took his entire 8.5" down her throat, her nosed pressed into his pubic hair. She kept his cock deep in her throat until she needed to breathe, then sucked on his tip and jerked him once again. Natalie took her mouth away and looked up at Dylan, smiling. She brushed her thumb over his tip, knowing it would drive him crazy.

"Ooh..." Dylan groaned. "Ooh, Natalie." He repeated as Natalie brushed her thumb over the tip again. She sucked on the tip and jerked him again, knowing he was going to cum soon.

"Ooh, Natalie, I'm cumming!" Dylan shouted as he shot a big load of hot cum down his girlfriend's throat. She stood up and kissed him, pushing some of his cum into his mouth. He swallowed it with a grin.

"Mm." He hummed as he swallowed it. Natalie followed suit.

"You taste so good, baby." Natalie kissed him again and smiled a wide, sexy smile.