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Sweetheart, did I hurt you?

Our first time alone would be special. This is a true story.
I had been waiting all day in school now. It was a short day, only a few hours, but I had still been staring down the clocks waiting for the final bell. Today would be the day when Jon and I have our first time alone in a bed. Not that sex in the park or movie theater hadn't been amazing, but this was different.

I felt my white lace bra rub against me, exciting me only further, causing me to not even hear the bell. I ran out of my class and there he was, my perfect boyfriend. Jon; hair like Captain America, glasses like Clark Kent, and a smile to melt the world; dark hair and dark eyes that contrasted against my blonde hair and green eyes, making us a sight to be seen.

The car ride home was filled with anticipation and the first step into the house had my heart racing and my breath going shallow. We walked into my bedroom innocently, letting the door shut. Less than a second after my ass was grabbed and I was being kissed and touched in ways that were personal, loving and hungry.

"Baby don't be shy, you're beautiful." His words a whisper in my ear, making me melt to lay down onto my bed, allowing him to slowly crawl on top of me only to kiss and handle me as if I was his prize possession.

He chuckled and took off his shirt and smiled at my hungry expression. He was perfect to me, but before I could comment he lifted off my shirt revealing the white lace bra I wore just for him.

"Lace?" He smiled knowingly.

"Yes Jon, I know it's your favorite," I replied as innocently as possible.

He smirked knowing I was his to have. I submitted to his kiss willingly and whimpered when he pulled away and got off the bed. I was disappointed for two seconds before he pulled off his jeans and boxers, leaving his cock standing at attention. I was in awe, craving to have him take me. He raised an eyebrow at my jeans and I immediately tore them off leaving my panties on to tease him.

He climbed on top of me hugging his strong arms around me and spreading my legs. He rubbed his cock against my pussy, already soaking from waiting the whole day for this moment. He leaned back and looked down at me in a proud way, observing his treasure and taking his time. He softly touched my side grazing my bra with tenderness and lust.

"Baby this has to go," he said light-heartedly while kissing my neck. I unstrapped my bra and revealed myself, feeling the heat rush to my face. He slowly kissed down my chest until he took one of my nipples into his mouth causing me to whimper and moan. I wanted to beg. Beg for him to touch my soaking pussy but all I could get out was a moan.

After he was satisfied he slowly pulled off my panties and kissed down my sides, spreading my legs and rubbing my clit. Driving me insane with pleasure until I noticed his devilish smile before he took his first lick. Once my first whimper escaped he wouldn't stop. Licking my clit, pushing his tongue deep inside me, slowly liking me up and down and rubbing my asshole with his finger to tease me.

"Jon I'm going to cum!" I screamed with barely any breath.

"Cum for me baby, cum!" he demanded as he spanked my thigh admiring the hand print he was leaving.

My body shook and my hands clenched the sheets of the bed as I felt myself tighten around his tongue and fingers. I tried so hard to catch my breath but before I had a chance he was on top of me smiling down and rubbing the head of his cock against my begging pussy.

Slowly he entered me and I heard myself gasp as he groaned, feeling how wet I was for his cock. He pushed himself in and out of me, making me moan and dig my hands into his shoulder. I was so close to cummimg but he would never allow that. Instead he threw me off the bed, bent me over the side and SMACK! spanked me as hard as he could!

"You like that? I know you love being my whore." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! My ass was bright red and before I could recover he shoved his cock deep inside just to hear me scream. I screamed and moaned his name as he pounded me, spanking me harder and playing with my ass. Harder and faster he fucked me until he lay on top of me. My back to his chest, he grabbed my throat and squeezed, moving his cock deep inside me.

"You want me to cum inside you, slut? Say it!" he demanded as he spanked my thighs for good measure.

"Please cum inside me! I love your cock please I want your cum!" I was almost out of breath as my orgasm overcame me. His hand squeezed tighter around my neck as he let go and came deep inside of my pussy.

"Oh baby," he whispered as he kissed my neck, holding me tight and bring me onto the bed with him.

I whimpered almost on the verge of passing out, my pussy throbbing and my ass sore. 

"Sweetheart did I hurt you?" He looked genuinely concerned. I just smiled and cuddled up against him, assuring him I was okay as he held me tight and kissed me.

"I love you bear," he whispered into my ear.

"I love you too, Jon," I answered happily as I drifted off to sleep in his arms.

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