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Taking one for the team

How I got my just desserts after seducing my hockey coach
It was my second year at college. I was still a bit uncertain where my preferences lay with regards to boys or girls but I was leaning towards girls. I had lost my virginity both ways by now, the second time to a guy a year older than me. It wasn’t beautiful and romantic as it had been with Gemma. It was OK but it wasn’t ‘special’ and certainly not worthy of a story.

This was a few months later and after my lapse into heterosexuality I had gone back to Gemma. Even so, I couldn’t turn down the occasional hard cock if one came along. Gemma knew that and was fine with it. I suppose you could say we had an open relationship. She saw other girls too and was perfectly open about it. It worked for us and that's what counts.

Apart from doing my A levels, I was part of the college hockey team along with Gemma and Aisha, who are my best and oldest friends. It was a crucial point in the season and our team had gone through to the semi finals in the county trophy. We had a good draw and everyone was confident of reaching the final. However our morale was to take a knock when Miss Cavendish the team coach went down with shingles. It was really bad and she wasn’t going to be with the team till well after the final.

When we heard we were getting a replacement from Lincoln University, we were cautious and then irate when we were told it was a guy. It was a girls’ team and we wanted a girl coach. So what if he was a hot shot hockey player...he could go coach the guys! That was before any of us had seen him. Harry was the sort of bloke a girl had photos of on her bedroom wall. Suddenly we warmed to the idea of him being our temp coach. I can say for certain that mine were not the only damp panties after our first team talk. He was six feet two, with the sort of body you get from tons of cardio and pumping it in the gym. He had a nicely trimmed stubble, blue eyes and a strangely soothing voice. I was virtually running for my vibe after his talk.

You can imagine the atmosphere in the changing room after our first training session under our new coach. We hadn’t exactly forgotten about Miss Cavendish, but losing her was less of a blow all of a sudden. We were 17 and 18 and our hormones were pinging round our young bodies like electrons round a particle accelerator! Understandably we wondered if he was single and we were all desperate to know how big was his wanger. For such a fit jock he had to be seven inches but no one knew.

I met up with a few of the girls on the Saturday and talk inevitably led onto Harry.

“Someone needs to get in there and find out what’s hanging between his legs!” Said Hannah.

“Yeah he’s got to be eight inches!” Exclaimed Katie, optimistically.

“Well who’s gonna be the one to go in and find out?” I asked.

“Well you can count me out!” Said Gemma.

“Oh yeah, well we know that Gemma,” I said.

The other girls laughed.

“Seriously, someone has to go and check out the goods,” said Hannah.

We all looked at each other and then everyone looked at me.

“Why you staring at me?” I asked.

“You’ve got all the boobs and blonde hair,” said Aisha. The others nodded in agreement.

“Awww thanks baby! Well I’m not going to pass it up, but we’ll have to run it past the others.”

So on the Monday just a week before the semis, our team gathered for a little bonding session. Hannah, who was the most outspoken of the team raised the issue of who should go and have a go getting in Harry’s pants. After a frank discussion two distinct camps emerged, me with my bunch and Rhiannon, who was a leggy brunette and had her own little clique. Rhiannon and I were cool. We weren’t best mates, but she was hot in her own way and I wasn’t arrogant enough to not expect any competition.

“So what we going to do?” Asked Gemma.

“How about you draw lots?” Suggested Katie.

“I’m fine with that, if it’s OK with Rhiannon,” I said.

My opponent nodded and Gemma was despatched to get a couple of drinking straws from the dining hall. We were in our hockey kits and had planned a bit of a knock about, although the team was distracted by the idea of who was going to fuck our hot new coach. I noticed Aisha checking me out and she looked at the smooth skin of my legs and licked her lips.

“Your skirt looks shorter than normal,” she said.

“I know. I took it up slightly. I thought if I went in there with Harry.. you know.”

“Ah you’ll knock him out babe! You’re so hot!” Said Aisha.

“Thank you babe!”

“What will you do, if you win?” She asked.

“I’ve got something up my sleeve, don‘t worry,” I said. “Hey here comes Gemma. This is it!”

There was a hush among the girls as Gemma held out the two straws, one which she had cut down.

“You first,” I said, offering Rhiannon the option.

“OK then,” she said.

Rhiannon closed her eyes as she took a straw and I took the other. We held them out. Mine was the longer.

“Yay! Danielle! Go girl! Shouted Hannah.

“Yeah! Go on Danny! Take one for the team,” said Katie.

“Bad luck hun,” I said and I gave Rhiannon a hug.

“It’s OK, you deserve it, you’re a little hottie,” she said magnanimously.

“Ah Rhiannon! I won’t let you down. He’s going to get it.” I said.

I met up with Gemma afterwards to outline my plan. I gave her my mobile, which had the latest movie recorder built in and we headed for Harry’s office. We stopped at the girl’s toilet en route and fetched a bar of soap. Gemma hid behind the outer door, phone at the ready.

I tiptoed into his office and carefully placed the soap on the polished floor. Then I walked in and accidentally ‘slipped’ on the soap. I made a squeal as I tumbled to the floor. Harry came out on cue as I was clutching my knee, which I pretended to injure in the fall.

“Oh Danielle, what did you do? You poor girl."

“It’s my knee Harry! Some jerk left a bar of soap there.”

“Oh, I didn’t see that earlier,” he said.

I pulled my skirt up unnecessarily as Harry examined my knee. His hands were so soft as he kneaded the flesh around the joint. I opened my legs a little wider, so that with my skirt hitched up as it was, he couldn’t help but see my panties. His eyes went straight between my legs and then he looked into my eyes as he gulped. I just hoped Gemma was getting it all.

“You have such a lovely touch Harry,” I said in my sexiest voice.

“Oh ummm…how is your knee now?” He asked.

“Oh a little better, but my leg’s tender there too.”



I took my coach’s hand and guided it to the smoothest part of my inner thigh, several inches above my knee.


“What’s up?” I asked.

I fiddled with the top few buttons of my hockey top, popping open a couple.

“Hot in here, isn’t it,” I said.

I made sure he could see the cheeky mounds of cleavage which were squashed inside my bra. We were meant to wear sports bras by right, but I had forgotten and had put on my sexiest piece of lingerie, which included my skimpiest white panties.

“Will you stroke my leg there Harry, it feels better when you do that,” I said.

“Well I shouldn’t really..”

I opened my legs wider, which made my skirt fall to my waist almost. I looked Harry in the eye as I adjusted my panties. By adjusted, I mean I pushed them into my pussy, so my slightly swollen lips were visible. Harry looked really uncomfortable and his hand seemed to stroke my leg methodically as if he wasn’t aware where it was.

“Are you OK Harry, you look a bit red?”

“I’m…yes. I just need to…”

He sort of turned but was obviously trying to rearrange his bits.

“What’s up, you got a bit of cramp?” I asked, with a naughty smirk on my face.

“No…I. Oh Danielle."

I was sitting there with my legs wide open and having pulled my panties to one sided I was brazenly fingering my wet pussy. Any attempts he had to make his cock go down must have been thwarted at that moment. I was really moist between my legs. I looked at him as I pushed two fingers up and then licked them right in front of him.

“Do you like it when I do that?” I asked.

I looked down at his bulge as I spoke.

“Danielle! You little Minx!”

He stood up and unbuttoned his shorts. I looked round to see if I could see Gemma. I got a little thumbs up and hoped Harry wouldn’t spot her. I looked up at him as his shorts came down and then I saw it.

“Oh fuck!”

He had at least seven inches of throbbing cock in his hand. He looked at me as I looked up at him gooey eyed and then took him into my mouth. I wanted to have him pack my little pussy but I couldn’t see anything wrong with a suck first. He let out one gorgeously manly groan as I licked the underside of his cock, playing with the shaft with my fingers at the same time. I had definitely drawn the longest straw here, and wasn’t I glad! I was such a naughty girl!

I didn’t have to encourage him. When I had got his dick coated with my spit he pulled me up and bent me over the chair in his office. Then I felt his hand stroke my legs and he seemed to lift my skirt and then paused as if he was inspecting my panties. His hands just pawed my bum cheeks for a minute and then my panties came down. My pussy was so wet by this time. All I could think about was that lovely bulbous head parting my swollen labia and sliding into my moist, warm cunt. I looked up at the clock in his office. I remember it read 3.15pm as he slipped every inch of his nob into me. I gave a squeal of delight as I felt his throbbing manhood ram me. His hands were holding on to my bum cheeks as he thrust his cock in over and over. His groans were deep and breathless. He was fit but he was fucking his little blonde winger, and it was obviously making his heart race.

My hands clung onto the back of his chair as he gave me the best seeing to of my life thus far. As his dick thrust into me, his hands reached round my front and weighed my tits through my top. I felt him squish them and then his right hand went inside my bra and he pawed my breast, tweaking my firm little nipple as his cock throbbed that bit more. I was gasping and moaning and how no one heard us I’ll never know. We were both noisy but I don’t think either of us cared. We were getting each other off in the best way we knew. I was getting banged by a real man and well… I guess he was happy too.

I came in little waves, with my body popping as my orgasm sent delicious ripples of pleasure through my pussy and filled me with an ecstasy I hadn’t experienced yet. I actually screamed his office down. Then I heard Harry’s groans grow in their intensity. He stood me up and then ordered me to get on my knees. At first I didn’t know what he meant but the penny dropped as he began to stroke his cock. A few moments later I received a spatter of hot cum to my face. He came more and more, shooting the white streaks of spunk until it was all over my top and dripping onto my skirt. He mustn’t have wanked for a day or two and I got the reward.

I was sent on my way a few minutes later, leaving him holding onto his chair and me pulling up my knickers and doing my best to clean up.

“Got it! Ooh baby, you’re a mess!” Exclaimed Gemma.

“OK OK, I know. Just get me a tissue or something.”

Me and the rest of the team met in the local park after college and sat in a tight huddle to watch the movie on my phone. I did a good job, even if I say so myself.

We went on to win the semi final and we won the final on penalties. I would like to think my little escapade and showing my efforts to the team had boosted our morale. I think we did Harry and of course Miss Cavendish proud.

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