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Taking over the Hudson Family 1 by 1 (part one)

I climbed into bed next to her. She had been asleep for a while. Looking her over my body sparked back to life again. The way her flat muscular stomach raised up and then fell back down. The way her firm perky breasts were trying to break out of her thin white t-shirt. The way her black thong clung to her pussy like it was holding on for dear life. I could not help but reach out and softly touch her body ...

this however is not where my night began, but we will get back to it soon enough.

My name is Gina, I am seventeen years old and my parents are addicted to their work. They both travel around the world studying whatever crap they dig out of the ground. Up until now I spent all of my summers in a different country bored out of my mind. This year though, I protested, I wanted to stay home and be with my friends for the summer.

My parents did not like this idea. They thought leaving me home alone all summer would be a mistake and they did not trust me that much. So I talked to my best friend Carrie's parents and they agreed that I could spend the summer with them. My parents were still not sure about it but they finally agreed and let me stay with her for the summer. I was excited, I was finally free for an entire summer.

Three weeks had gone by and I was having an excellent summer, minus the fact that Carrie's parents were a little on the strict side. We had to be home by ten o’clock and we had to constantly call and check in. I had always made fun of Carrie for calling her parents and checking in all the time but now I just felt bad for her. I hated having to do this checking in crap.

Being as I was constantly checking in and I was not getting to stay out very late, I was not getting laid these days. At least when my parents were home, they let me stay out late, or at least I did not have to check in all the time and I had time to get laid during regular hours.

“You guys are ten minutes late,” Carrie's dad commented as we walked in the front door. I wanted to yell and him and call him a complete ass, but I did not want to be placed on a plain and shipped off to egypt where my parents currently were, so I kept my mouth shut.

“We are sorry,” Carrie said in a meek voice. It made me angry how small she allowed herself to be. I just shook my head and walked up the stairs. She stayed as her parents yelled at her for a while. I was not going to put up with it. I was going to take a shower and crawl into bed. If I was not getting laid tonight, I was going to bed early.

I grabbed some of my night clothes and headed for the bathroom that was down the hall. Carrie and her eighteen year old brother Milo shared the bathroom. Without even thinking about it I pushed the door open to the bathroom and stepped in. My face was hit by a cloud of steam. The curtain to the shower was yanked back slightly and Milo’s head popped out.

“Are you out of your mind.” He said in a whisper. He knew his parents were still awake and right down stairs, so he did not yell at me. “My parents would totally flip in they found you in here. You need to get out.” He demanded, his face glowing red with embarrassment.

“Sorry,” I said shyly, though I was far from being shy, as I exited the bathroom and headed back to Carrie’s bedroom. Once I got there she was sitting on the bed, already dressed and ready for bed.

“You didn’t take a shower,” she asked me, as she looked me over. I obviously had yet to take a shower, so it had to be obvious.

“Milo is in there right now,” I said as I sat down on the bed next to her. “I will get in as soon as he gets out. You already going to sleep?” I asked her.

“I am really tired,” she said as she crawled into the bed and under the covers. I got up and turned the light off and then smiled back at her. “I am going to go wait for the shower then, I will be back in here in a bit. Night Carrie.”

“Night Gina,” She said as she rolled over to her side and closed her eyes. I exited the room and shut the door quietly behind me. I then walked down the dark hall. Her parents had gone up to bed as well and had turned the lights off. By time I got to the bathroom, Milo was just stepping out of it and heading to his room.

“Sorry about earlier,” I said to him quietly. He turned back to look at me and smiled, almost as if he was telling me that he was not sorry that it happened. He nodded his head at me and then turned back to his room. Before I knew it, his door was closed behind him and I was left in darkness.

I flipped on the light to the bathroom and stepped in, closing the door behind me and locking it. I did not want him to get the idea that it would be okay for him to walk in on me as well. Though I guess that would be something that could be a little more fun.

I turned on the shower and then began to undress. That was when I noticed that Milo had left his cell phone in here. I knew that he was going to have to come back to get this, maybe he had even set it up that way. I walked back over and unlocked the door. Since I was trapped in this house, I may as well have a little fun while I am here.

I crawled into the shower as steam began to fill the bathroom. The water was hot and that was just how I liked it. It made my skin turn a rosey color, when normally it was a very pale color. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my pale skin but I really thought it was something beautiful when the color came out.

I was just beginning to wash my body when I heard a light knock at the bathroom. Door, I did not say anything, instead, I moved my hand down between my legs and began to rub my clit. I could hear the door push open and footsteps enter the bathroom.

“Mmm Milo,” I moaned as I heard light footsteps across the bathroom floor. They stopped sharply and I decided that I was going to play with his head just a little more. “Oh fuck yes, fuck me Milo.” I moaned quietly, but loud enough for him to hear me.

He was out of the bathroom quickly after that. I knew he did not know what he was supposed to do and I wished that I could have seen the look on his face.

I finished up my shower and got dried off in the bathroom. I slipped into my dark green boy short panties and slid my black tank top of my body. I dried my hair off and threw it up into a cute little ponytail and then turned off the light. As I opened the door though I almost jumped out of my skin.

“Milo,” I sighed loudly, “you scared the crap out of me, what are you doing?” I looked him over and gave him a fake angry look, “were you listening to me taking a shower? God how perverted can you be?”

“I was just ... I just ...” he turned on the light in the bathroom and walked over to the counter. He picked up his cell phone and then headed back to the hall, “I was just getting my cell phone.”

I felt panic come over me. Who was in the bathroom when I was moaning Milo’s name. If it was not Milo who was it. I was hoping that it would have been Carrie. Carrie I would have been able to handle, but if it was their mom or dad, I would be getting kicked out in the morning. I began to walk back to Carrie’s room when Milo grabbed me from behind and pulled my ear to his lips.

“By the way Gina,” he whispered in a seductive sort of way, “I could make you moan a whole lot better then that.”

I turned around as I watched him walk back into his bedroom and close the door. I could not control my heart which was beating almost out of my chest. I began to slowly walk to his room, knocking lightly on the door. He opened it and just stood there looking at me. He was wearing only a pair of boxers and I could tell that his cock was half erect. I wanted to badly to grab it in my hands.

“Can I help you,” He said trying to sound all cool about me being at his door. I stepped in past him and he wasted no time shutting the door behind me. I could tell that he wanted me. I had never though about it until today, but he was hot and right now I wanted whoever I could get my horny little fingers on.

I turned back around to face him, his cheeks were slightly red and I could tell he did not believe he was ever really going to get me alone in his room. I smiled as I began to pull my shirt off. His eyes got big as I tossed it down onto the floor. I grabbed my firm handful breasts into my hands and squeezed them, letting out a little moan along the way.

“Wha ... wha ... what are you doing?” He asked, his voice shaky, along with his body which was having trouble standing on its own. His cock was now full erect and I want to ride it so badly right now. I could almost feel it inside of me I wanted it so bad.

“You said you could make me moan a whole lot better then I did in the shower,” I said as I walked over to him. I grabbed his hand and dragged him to his bed and pushed him back. “You telling me now that was all just a lie?”

“No,” he said looking my body over, “It was not a lie, I just .. I just was not expecting it to happen so soon I guess.”

I crawled on top of him and sat down just below his hard cock. I leaned forward slightly, pushing into it. He let out a slight moan and so did I. His cock was so hard and it had been weeks since I had, had a hard cock deep inside of me. It was now or never.

I reached down and pulled at his boxers. I stood up over him on the bed to help get them completely off of his skin. I looked down at his hard cock. It was about six inches long and about two inches thick. It looked so yummy, I could not help but lean down and take it into my mouth.

His cock twitched as my tongue licked over the top of it. He moaned as I licked and sucked the head of his cock, my hand moving to hold the rest of it. I stroked most of his cock with my hand and I played with the tip, which was my favorite part of the whole cock.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good,” He moaned, his body fucking up into my face. More and more of his cock went into my mouth with every thrust. Soon his cock was hitting the back of my throat and he was moaning loudly. I was just getting into it when I pulled back. I could tell by the way that he sounded that I was getting him close to coming and I was not ready for him to quit on me just yet. So I pulled away and crawled on top of him.

I was once against sitting down right below his cock. This time however, it was not hidden beneath a pair of boxers. I stroked it a few times and rubbed it against the wet spot on my panties.

“What do you want baby,” I asked him in a cute little voice. I wanted to please him just as much as I wanted to be pleased.

“I want ... “ he began to answer me, but he stopped himself.

“What do you want?” I asked him, only this time it came out as more of a command then a question. “You can have anything you want.”

He looked up at me and smiled. He then grabbed me by the hips and pulled me down on top of him. He kissed me hard and even though I was not big into kissing I kissed him back. His lips were soft and I could not force myself to pull away. Finally he pulled away, rolling me onto my back and climbing on top of me.

His body was pressed hard against my own and I could barely breath. In most cases that would be a horrible feeling but tonight it was a wonderful feeling. I wanted him to stay pressed hard against me.

“I want to fuck you,” he said pushing his hard cock against my panty covered pussy, which was dripping wet with anticipation.

He moved his hands down and pulled at my panties. Once they were down around my knees, he pulled my legs up and rest them on his chest. He places his cock between my legs just above my dripping wet pussy and ran his hands down the side of my legs.

He lowered his head down and sniffed the wet spot on my panties, groaning loudly as he took the scent of my pussy in.

I pushed down against him, rubbing the side of his cock with my thighs. He let out a moan and moved positions. His cock was now at the entrance of my pussy and I wanted him to shove it deep inside of me.

He must have been able to see what I wanted by looking into my eyes. Before I had the chance to say anything he thrust forward, shoving his entire cock into my wet, waiting pussy. I let out a moan but covered my mouth, I did not want his parents to hear.

He thrust in and out of me, hitting as far into my pussy as he could. I could hear the sound of his balls hitting my ass. The juices from my pussy caused it to make an amazing noise. I could tell just by the sounds that his bed was now completely soaked under me.

“Oh my god yes,” I moaned, grabbing my tits really hard as he thrust his cock hard in and out of me. I had never been fucked so hard in all my life and it was the most amazing feeling in all the world. It was not long before I was thrashing and coming all over his cock.

“Mmm,” he moaned loudly as he thrust hard and harder into me. I could not mask it anymore. I screamed and moaned loudly. I felt that it would be wrong to not let him know how I really felt, so I refused to hold it back any longer. He did not seem to care because he did not stop me from making so much noise. Instead he picked up speed and fucked me faster, his balls slapping loudly against my ass.

“I am going to cum,” he moaned loudly, “where do you want me to cum.”

“In me,” I begged, “please fill my pussy up with your cum, please.”

He thrust a few more times hard into me, his cock throbbing inside of me. I soon felt his cock unload all of its cum into my body. As soon as it hit the walls of my pussy I was sent into another thrashing orgasm. It was the most incredible orgasm I had ever had.

He stayed in me for a short while, before rolling off of me and laying down beside me. He kissed up my arm and my neck, nibbling softly, his eyes looked as if he was fighting to keep them open. I turned and kissed him on the lips one more time. “You were right.” I said with a smile, “much better noises this way.”

I got up from his bed as he fell asleep, smile plastered on his face. I pulled my panties back on and my tank top and headed back to Carrie’s room. Her brothers cum dripping out of me and filling my panties.

I climbed into bed next to her. She had been asleep for a while. Looking her over my body sparked back to life again. The way her flat muscular stomach raised up and then fell back down. The way her firm perky breasts were trying to break out of her thin white t-shirt. The way her black thong clung to her pussy like it was holding on for dear life. I could not help but reach out and softly touch her body ... seems I was not done with this family just yet.

To be continued ....

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