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Taking the car out for a test drive

A short test drive with the boss lady turns into much more

Here is another one of my life experience stories. This happened a few years ago. I had bought myself a new car as a birthday gift. It really was not that much of an extravagant gift: my old car was dying a slow death, costing me $600 a month in repairs each month.   That buys a lot of new car. My new car was a little sports coupe, just perfect for me, a single guy.

At that time, I was working for a small business. My “boss” was a very charming Thai woman in her early thirties. I had known her for 6 years then. . She was very attractive, flirtatious, and a great sense of humor.   She would often greet me with “Joe, me good, cheap, quickie, quickie”.   As I said, she flirted with every man.   She had been my coworker for years but had recently bought the business from the previous owner who was retiring.   She was one of those girls that cannot stand not being in a relationship: she always had a boyfriend: she migrated from the UPS delivery guy to the Airborne Guy and then to the FedEx guy. She had a thing for guys in shorts, I guess. Nevertheless, she and I had a very close relationship, buying gifts for each other for Christmas and birthdays. I usually bought her sexy outfits from Victoria’s Secret and Bebe. She looked great in sexy outfits, without being slutty. And yes, I was very smitten by her, wishing she was my girlfriend. For all those years I had a thing for her, and she was very well aware of it. Perhaps that was why we were so close.

Anyhow, as I showed up with my car at work, she asked me to take a look, as she was in the market for a new vehicle as well. So, we went outside, and I had her sit behind the wheel. “This is nice, “ she said, “how does it run?”.

“Take it out for a test drive, “ I said.

“Hmm, not now,” she replied, “I have a busy schedule, but how about the weekend after next. We can take a long drive somewhere. ”

“Oh great, we can take a drive up to the wine country, that’d be fun, “ I answered, looking forward to spend an afternoon with her.

“Naah, let’s drive to Rosalito in Baja, just a hour south of Tijuana, and spend the weekend there” she suggested. “My boyfriend is going to fish with his buddies anyhow, so I want to go somewhere too”

That took me by surprise, but I did not have to think about it. The prospect of being with her for a whole weekend was thrilling. I started to fantasize about   the possibility of spending the night with her in the same room and sleeping with her, as I often had dreamt about.

The following Friday morning, we met at the office, and from there started our test drive. We drove down south via Interstate 5, the backbone of California. We got tangled up in the commute traffic on the Los Angeles Freeway system, so that by the time we reached San Diego, it was around 11PM. Originally we planned on crossing the border in the morning, but my boss lady suggested we cross now as   on Saturday AM, traffic would be heavy with all the SoCal students wanting to cross into Mexico for the cheap cerveza.   And Rosarita was just 25 miles away anyhow.

So, we crossed the border and snaked our way into Tijuana. However, we missed a turn and soon found ourselves lost in Tijuana. It was now midnight, and each mile, the neighborhoods started to look more rustic. Then far way at the end of a street I see the freeway. So, I floor the pedal, but suddenly the car seemed to fly and landed with a thud on an unpaved road that lead to nowhere. So, we backtracked back to the border where we found the onramp we missed. So, we checked in at the hotel, pretty exhausted.   She changed into sweatpants and a T-shirt, nothing really sexy. Just as I was about to approach her, her cell phone rang: it was her boyfriend.   They kept talking, so, I felt that there was no way in hell that anything was going to happen that night. And from the way she talked on the phone with her boyfriend, I resigned myself that nothing would happen the next day.

The following morning we went out for breakfast. Though the beach was nice, there was a heavy fog over the town. Now we had come here to avoid the fog, so she suggested that we go to a warmer place, to San Felipe on the other side of the peninsula, on the Sea of Cortez side. Her boyfriend’s family had a place there, and she knew the town very well. I was OK with that, and she took over the wheel .So, we decided to check out of that hotel. While I was packing my stuff, she noticed a gift bag in my overnighter. She was curious, and I told her that it was her birthday gift, as she was having a birthday the next day. She wanted me to give it to her then, but I refused, teasing her that she could only get it tomorrow morning.    

We drove for several hours through the desert. It was scorching hot, and as the terrain was hilly and hot, we had to turn the AC of to avoid getting the engine overheated. Along the way, she inquired several times about what I had bought her, but I told her to be patient.

We arrived there parched in the late afternoon and checked into a little shabby motel. The room was small but accommodated two beds. The AC however made such a racket. So, we decided to go out to quench our thirst. We sat for an hour or so at a beach front café. She was approached by vendors. Little did they know that this little lady was no gringo and could haggle price with them like no other. I just adored it. As we got hungry, we found a more private place to eat As you know, one should not drink the water in Mexico, so, we both were consuming a bit of alcohol.   We started to chat and we talked about her relationship with her boyfriend which lead to talking about her sex life. Of course, that started to turn me on . She innocently asked me if I had any reservations about sex like “only with the one you love”, or “in marriage”. I told her “no” and revealed that I had sex with an older married women, so I am quite open minded. I had not thought anything out of the ordinary about the question.   We left the restaurant, and she wanted to go back to the motel, but I was feeling quite a bit tipsy, and knew that if I danced it off for an hour, I’d feel a lot better the next morning.   So, we spent another hour dancing. We went back to the motel .

We entered the room and she closed the door. She asked me “Are you going to give me my gift now?” I looked at my watch and said “It’s not your birthday for another hour and a half”.

“Oh come on”, she pleaded. I teased her, nodding no and pointing my finger to my watch.

“I’ll convince you,” and she slid down both straps of her sundress, revealing a nice little bra. “Go, it is now or never,” a little voice in my head said and I grabbed her in my arms, kissing her rapidly on her lips, going down her neck,   pulling down on the bra revealing her perky breasts with dark nipples. I had to kneed them and suck on the nipples. She threw her head back and gasped, started to moan loadly as I kept my mouth on them. She reached back and unclasped her bra that fell to the ground, together with her bra. Now she had only her panties on. I laid her down on the bed and put my mouth on her crotch. Her panties were soaked. I started to lick the moisture from her panties and she started to lift her ass of the bed. I took the chance to remove the panties. She was fully naked now, and I put my mouth back licking along the length of her pussy, while at the same time taking my clothes of with one hand. Once naked, I started to work even more feverishly on her pussy. She bucked in all directions, getting orgasm after orgasm.   She then whispered:”It’s your turn now, I want you to come now”.   She opened her legs wide. I was looking around for a condom, but she said “you can come in me. I want to you to” So I mounted her and slid my dick into her very wet pussy. It was surprisingly tight, and I started to pump at a very fast rhythm.

“Cum in me, cum in me”. But no matter how I tried, I got close but just no banana (pun intended). So, she laid me on my back and climbed on top of me.   She rolled her lower body back and forth , but more with a rise and fall in a circular motion. Asian girls seem to have a special technique, or at least, I have rarely experienced that type of motion with non-asians.   The motion, and having my hands kneeding her breasts while she head is thrown back was such an erotic sight and feeling, and soon I finally released my load in her. She collapsed on me, and we fell asleep that way.

The following morning we woke up,   and she thanked me for a great night, and that was it. We went back home again as the good friends we were.   I was offered another job, and after a few years she sold her business and moved to Tennessee with her new boyfriend. We lost contact for five years, but recently she texted me, asking me if I was going to send   her a birthday gift. She said that she and her husband were planning to visit her parents here in town and she’d love to see me again. Married or not, I plan on taking her, and maybe impregnate her…

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