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Tamara's date

cyber friends meet for first time
Ashlyn was sitting on the park bench, her long black hair swept from her face by the breeze. She had wrapped her new shawl round her shoulders to stop the chill nipping at her skin, her long skirt clung to her shapely legs.

She leaned back on the bench and watched the trees swaying along with the bushes while ducks from the nearby pond huddled in the undergrowth. She sighed and closed her eyes, took a deep breath as the breeze washed over her. When she opened her eyes she saw a person approaching, hooded and in dark clothing. Her eyes narrowed as she surveyed him, knowing that it was man from the confident stride that was carrying him swiftly towards her. As he approached the bench, the park lamp nearby lit up his handsome features. Her lips twitched into a smile that he stole as he caught her gaze. Ashlyn found breathing suddenly difficult and felt blood rush to her cheeks at being caught staring. He was a familiar face she had passed in the park before.

Their gazes had often met. His blue eyes bore into her every time, recently a grin played on his face as they passed. He was wearing his black skinny jeans that hugged him enough to see his muscular frame. His hair was black and usually had a toussled bed hair look. Upon seeing his target he strode towards the solitary park bench. He had paid attention to the girl who regularly walked in the park and sat watching the world go by. The seat dipped as he sat on the other half of the bench, a little closer than she expected. Deciding to look distracted at some dog walkers, she felt him shuffle a little more. Her skin tingled, she was expecting someone, but she doubted that he was who she was meant to meet by the bench.

She had been thinking about her 'date' all day. She had made friends with someone on a site and they had been chatting about meeting up for some fun. Laughing in her head she didnt know if she could go through with it. The whole game she was trying to play had started to look a little daunting, her chest tightened and panic set in.

The breeze blew steadily throught her shawl, making her nipples erect. If she didn't know any better, she would swear that they were flashing like beacons as she felt him watching her. Her pulse quickened, almost like a fluttering moth in the presence of bright light. His nearness caused her skin to tingle as if charged with a low voltage.

He percieved her nervousness on losing her personal space. She twitched and looked away. He looked around and watched the last dog walker fade into the wooded part of the park. He had studied her face in passing, for weeks now, her full breasts bouncing in vest tops during the warmer days, inviting. He knew who she was, or who she pretended to be, on the site where he had found her.
His cock twitched at the memory he savored of her, the first time he laid eyes on her. He knew then he wanted to taste her, lick her sunkissed skin, bury himself in the warm inviting folds between her legs.
Ashlyn exhaled slowly, goosebumps appeared on her arms. He leaned towards her, his arm he placed round her. She sucked in a quick breath as his other hand rested on her thigh, sending tingles up her legs. His face next to hers, his breath was warm and tickled her ear. She flinched as a chill ran down her spine to her pussy.

“Hi Tamara.” he all but purred.

Her eyes widened and she tensed. He was whom she was meeting.
Breathing in her subtle scent was arousing him; he could feel the warmth from her body, his cock growing hard. He nuzzled at her ear a little more till he heard her breathing become steady.

“You? You're Karl?”

He grinned stupidly and stuck his tongue out.

“Yeah its me”he had a cheeky glint in his eye and she dug him in the ribs for it “Hey!”

He flinched but kept his arms around her. His face turned serious,“You still want to ride me babe? Its okay if you dont we can go for coffee instead.”

She looked thoughtfully at him and giggled . “Yes I want to alright!”

His long fingers slid down the waist of her skirt and rested on her panties. He felt the dampness of her arousal through her panties. She had obviously been thinking about being with him for a while. His fingers played teasingly against the silky material. Smiling, he whispered in her ear “I have wanted you for so long.” His finger hooked inside the panties and stroked her slit.

She nodded “Do it then. Fuck me”

He shook his head “Not so fast sweetness. I want to sink my cock in here,” he rasped, his finger sliding in to her depths.

Her mouth shaped an 'O' as she felt her slit grasping at his touch and her body relaxing in his grasp.

He probed his finger deeper in her, sliding his other hand so his fingers could trace the curve of her breast. He captured her nipple between his fingertips and nipped at it .

Ashlyn gasped at the sudden sharp pain that tingled in her breast.

His fingers continued the invasion on her lips, stretching her with another finger .

Ashlynn panted quietly as she realised that she was wet for him.

“Relax ,”he whispered in her ear as he brought his eyes level with hers. His voice was velvety and soft , coaxing her to play along. He moved his fingers in her, watching her arousal intently. “Let me put a smile on that sweet face of yours ,” he said as he tilted his head , his gaze shifted to her glossy lips that had parted ever so sexily for him.
He moved in and firmly took her lips, which stole her breath. He smelled divine as he moved against her lips, persuading her to give in to her wants and desires. His tongue tickled her lips as she parted them, inhibitions disapeared. His kiss sent electric shocks through her. He withdrew his fingers and broke the kiss. A smirk played once more on his face as she whimpered at the loss.

He stood up, pulling her from the bench and led her over to the trees. He pushed her up against an old Beech tree and covered her with his body. His cock, thick and long, pressed against her belly. He took her lips with his and nibbled along to her jawline, holding her in place with his body, his hands sliding under her skimpy top to her full breasts, her nipples hard as he palmed them roughly.

A moan escaped her lips, his nearness sending tingles from her belly to her pussy .

He pulled her bra straps down, sliding his hand in to cup her breasts, thumb flicked over her nipples.
He pushed her top up even further to give him easy access so he could suck on her breast.

Her hands moved from her side and rested on his sinuey chest.

He rippled at her touch and unlatched himself. He smiled at her , the acknowledgement that she was his for tonight. His lips twitched as his eyes meet hers again. He kissed her lips again, tasting and flicking his tongue with hers, his hard cock jabbed against her.

“Say you want me baby,” he whispered, his hand hitched her skirt up and tucked it up behind her. “I know you do.”

Ashlyn leaned into him as his fingers found her wetness again, urging him to take her. A moan escaped her as his finger penetrated her, the second digit followed closely behind stretching her.

Moving his fingers he felt her pussy clenching at him, wanting release.

“I want it,” she panted, wiggling her hips, trying to ride his fingers.

“Good girl.” He rewarded her with a third finger that filled her. He moved his fingers slowly to tease and kissed her breast, his tongue twirled round her pert nipple. Her quiet moans urged him to go on.
“Put your hands on me sweet,” a muffled plea as he buried his head in her boobs.

Her hands swiftly found the fastening for his pants and pulled them open so his cock sprung in to her grasp. Her cool skin against his raging hot cock made him shudder. He wanted her for so long, it was making him horny just having her touch him. She stroked his cock, guiding him between her legs so he could impale her.

He grabbed hold of her legs and lifted her up against the tree. Holding her there, he repositioned himself and lowered her body swiftly onto the base of his shaft. Ashlyn moaned as her body ignited, cumming almost instantly. He kissed her suddenly to muffle the moans so no-one would hear them. Her hands now scraped gently down his back.She flicked her tongue wildly against him with the orgasm making her hungry for more. She felt his finger slip into her ass, she jumped, till he moved that slowly more deeply into her. Her body spasmed with pleasure as her juices ran down her legs. She ground her hips against him, her walls tightened round his cock. He sucked on one breast and mauled the other in his hand sensing his roughness making her aroused. He reached behind her and grabbed her hair as he felt his cock swelling ready to pour his cum in her. Yanking her head back he pounded his cock till she swore that it hit her womb, he shuddered as he shot his hot cum in her. Her body was still shaking from the last orgasm, when another wave of pleasure swept over her.

He wrapped his arms round her and held her till she slumped in his arms, her head against him, his heart pounding in her ear.

“You were beautiful Ashlyn,” he muffled into her neck.

Her eyes sprung open. She hadn't swapped real identities.
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