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Tammie Testosterone

An inexperienced teenager is man-handled by an older woman

Back when I was a sixteen year old virgin I was rather clueless.  I had done a fair amount of making out in cars and I masturbated all the time.  The summer of my sophomore year, I got a part time job at night cleaning offices in a small office building.  The man who hired me said to report to Tammie at seven o'clock sharp.

Tammie turned out to be a very large forty year old woman.  She was tall with broad shoulders, broad hips and a big ass.  My first impression was that she was fat, but she didn't move like a fat person.  She was more like a giant fire plug.  Oddly enough she had a very pretty face with deep blue eyes, long lashes and a nice smile.  Topping off this large creature was a massive, bright red afro.  

She had the habit, which I liked, of calling me all kinds of pet names like hon, sweetie and sugar.  At night, we were the only two people in the building.  We rarely saw one another while working because we labored in different parts of the building.  At eleven o'clock we would punch out together and wish each other a good night.

One night, I pushed my barrel into the fitness room in order to clean it.  I was surprised to find the lights on.  Standing there in a very tight tank top was Tammie.  She had apparently just finished a workout because her boulder shoulders were glistening with perspiration.  There was a dark sweat stain on her shirt between her breasts.    Prominent nipples strained against the fabric of her shirt.  She was not even close to being fat.  Indeed, she was a rock.  She had thick, muscled arms.  Her face, flushed from exercise, was stunningly pretty. 

Looking me up and down she said, "you obviously don't work out Sweetie."

She seized my thin wrists and said, "my God, you're just a little bird."

Holding me by the wrists, she pinned me against a wall with my arms over my head so that I could not move.

She said, "you poor poor baby."

It was embarrassing to be pushed around by a woman but the worst part of the ordeal was the violent, raging erection pounding in my pants. The more I struggled against her iron grip the more my dick pounded, screaming for relief.   She pressed against me.  Her body was hot, steamy.  I was engulfed in the sweet, pungent aroma of her sweat.   

She moved her face close to mine.

Her long lashes fluttered as she said,  "I could snap you in two."

These words did nothing to abate the urgency of my erection.

Suddenly, she cocked her hips and began grinding her crotch against my hardon.  She chuckled when I moaned. I had only dry humped a girl once.  It was in my car and it took a full three seconds for me to come in my pants.  

Tammie covered my mouth with her moist, ample lips.  As we made out I realized that I was indeed just a little bird for a series of stifled little "coos" were lifting out of me. 

While it's true that I'd never had a girlfriend, I'd certainly made out with lots of girls, but I had never experienced anything like this.  Tammie's lips were heavenly.  She continued grinding as my condition ascended toward an inevitable crescendo.  Considering my one previous dry hump, I thought I was holding out rather well.  

But when she pushed her tongue deep into my mouth, I moaned, and came.  With my eyes closed, I saw fireworks that seemed to go on forever.  It was the longest, most intense orgasm of my young life.

When it was over, when my whimpering ceased, she released me.

She stood back, looked at my crotch and said, "that's a sticky stain Babycakes.  Listen, we don't get paid to make messes. We get paid to clean them up.  She left the fitness room laughing.

At eleven o'clock, we punched our time cards without speaking.  I realized that our working relationship had taken a dangerous turn.

While walking to our respective cars I said, "for the record, Tammie, we're not gonna do that again."

She laughed and said, "sunshine, we both know I'll do whatever I want to you."

My cock leaped when I heard those words.  I got into my car quickly.  So urgent was my erection that I drove home at breakneck speed.  Once in bed, between the sheets, I wasted no time.  I stroked very slowly and gently, trying to prolong the pleasure.  I thought of her sweet tongue, her candied lips, her crotch against mine.   With the tip of my finger I took a dollop of pre-cum from my cock and brought that behind the head, the swollen helmet.  I gently rubbed that warm syrup into the frenulum, the ultimate sweet spot. Oh, it was divine.

 My imagination was working miracles that night for the smell, the palpable aroma of her sweet sweat was up in my nostrils.

I was indeed close to the end, but it was the memory of her final words that brought me off:  "I'll do whatever I want to you"-- that's when I exploded! It was spectacular.  It was divine.  

I fairly swooned my way into sleep because now, finally, I had a girlfriend.  Her name was Tammie and she was a very big girl. She was forty years old, and she was beautiful.

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