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Taste like candy, Andy - Part one

I'd been working for Andy Saints café for two weeks, three days, nine hours and 56 seconds and counting. It was hell. It shouldn't have been hell, not even a bit, but Andy didn't like me very much. No idea why but he just didn't. Andy's café was a small library sized place. It had ceiling high glass walls and sleek cherry oak tables and black marble counters.

Above the café there were 2 apartments. They were university dorm sized and they shared a bathroom, kitchen and living space. I moved in the first week I worked there, for convenience and all that. There were strategically placed artwork hanging on the back wall, pictures of naked people, silhouettes and abstract sex pictures. Nine times out of ten, Andy would show them to a girl to get some head. But if it were me, I wouldn't even need to look at the artwork.

Andy had pale ginger hair, which was cut thick, mid length. He had green eyes and a strong jaw line coated in a shadow of rusty hair. Andy had tattoo sleeves over hard biceps and huge hands, about 6"3 medium build and a grin of white teeth under a luring smile. Andy was beautiful, and a cheeky fucking cunt.

It was around closing time and the café was empty. Andy was in his kitchen making some weird smelling hot chocolates. I wiped the tables and threw down the cloth and my blazer. Waltzing into the kitchen I tapped my finger loudly on the counter, it made an empty click sound that echoed round the room. Andy turned with wide eyes.

"Hi Andy, hows it going? What're you making?

"Oh, nothing' Becka, you want some?" Andy's dry sarcasm made my ears bleed.

"Har, fucking har." I walked over to see what he had to offer. When I got a hand length away, Andy grabbed my cheeks, smearing orange stuff on my face. I choked on my laugh before trying to pull away from his tight grip. Andy's hand was locked onto my face.

"Taste it..." He said waving his finger in front of my face. I licked my lips. Vanilla and orange with a bit of mint.

"Swallow it..." He said again, grinning with his bottom lip between his teeth. I felt my cheeks blush. Can you not? I thought.

"Good girl." Andy let go of my face and gave it a light slap on my cheek, my insides curled.

"What does it taste like?" He asked me, holding a wooden in the crook of his elbow.

"What? You haven't even tried it?" I asked seriously bewitched. I arched an eyebrow skeptically.

"Nah, that's how true genius is made..." Andy said with a nod.

"I think your confusing genius with food poisoning." I scoffed, tapping my nails on the counter top behind me.

"So...?" Andy prompted circling his wrist. I walked over to him and clasped his face with my hands, my eyes locked on his. Andy grinned at me with one side of his mouth and bit his lip. Woah. Up close I could see how deep his cupids bow was above his lips, which were plump and pink. His teeth looked sharp with canines that stuck out like a wolf. I broke eye contact after a second.

"It taste like shit." I shrugged and let him go. I walked over to the cupboard and the sink to get some water. It had tasted nice, really good actually but he shan't know that. 

I got my water and stayed facing the the cupboard taking little sips. My cheeks were flushing as my head went through thoughts of Andy's lips.

"So, you don't want any? I made croissants." Andy's kind facade wasn't fooling me. I turned to see him holding an actual plate of pastries. I shrugged and held out my hand. I watched as Andy took one off the plate and walked towards me, his gait smooth and he reached me in two steps, the kitchen wasn't that small. Reaching for me, Andy clasped my cheeks with his hand, I was starting to get uncomfortable. He held a dipped croissant to my mouth. I chewed, a quiet moan escaped my lips- damn this was nice.

"You like it, don't you Beck?" Andy smirked and my cheeks burned red. "Finnish it."

"I- I'm gonna go change, have one of those down here for me?" I asked, stepping away and leaving the room.

Hurrying upstairs, I slipped off my work shirt and trousers. My hands brushed my lace pants, gasping. I was slightly wet. Andy? Really? I chucked on a pair of sweatpants and a black vest top. I jingled my keys on my way out, locking my door. I hopped downstairs to the kitchen. Andy's hair was just visible over the other side of the island.

"I can see you, dick head." I said, sitting on the island and tapping my nails on it, which I knew he hated.

I heard him groan, I stopped tapping my nails and watched as he stood up. My mouth started to water. Andy stood up and a cupboard creaked, sweat dripped over his colorful chest and abs, he had sweatpants on that hung on his hips, rolled slightly. I could see the outline of his package. My eyes danced back up him and I noticed he was staring at me. My cheeks filled with heat as I looked away, swinging my legs.

"I won't pretend I didn't catch you staring, Becka." Andy said, I could hear him coming around my side of the island. I looked up to see Andy staring at me as he was leaning against the counter top.

"So... D'you wanna know what I was doing or do you want your pastry?" Andy asked. A sly smile tugging at one corner of his mouth. I could feel my muscles tightening.

"Pastry." I said, biting my lip. I stared at my fingers in my lap, temptation begging me to look up. I felt Andy brush passed me, he smelled like Axe and sweat. I climbed off of the island and pulled up a bar stool, picking at my nails in my lap. When I looked up again Andy had half a pastry in his hand chewing loudly.

"Oh, so my pastry managed to fly into your mouth?" I purred, giving Andy somewhat a seductive glare. He chuckled, I watched his chest jump and his muscles tighten. Clothes? No? OK.

"Gimme. Now." I said, holding out my hands. I looked him sternly in the eye. Andy chuckled again.

"Ooh, demanding Becka? I like her, she should come out more often." He said, half a smirk teased his lips.

"Uh, you'll see more of her if you don't give me that pastry." I opened my hands again for the croissant piece and he dropped it there. It was warm and soft. I bit it, soft butter and sweet pastry caressed my taste buds and I moaned. My eyes flew open, Andy was on the stool next to me, looking into my eyes. We studied each other for a brief moment, I began to drink in his every feature.

"Watch a movie with me?" Andy's lids hung low, his green eyes luminous. At this distance I could see little flecks of gold and red scattered inside them. My eyes fluttered over his cheeks, matte and smooth. Andy's lip was caught between his teeth, full and plump. I wanted to suck them. I nodded, slipping off the stool, turning before Andy grabbed my arm and led me to his room.


His room was like mine- white with hints of lime and gray. Andy was in the shower. I took the time to set up the film on his laptop and have a snoop. I sat with my back to the headboard. It was made of small swirls of wood and metal. I browsed through Andy's games and history- eBay, general inquires, tattoo stencil transfer sheets. I scrolled and came across something labeled BeMo. I clicked, obviously. With a name like that- totally gagging for it. The page loaded and it was small quotes; "Call me not with careless whispers, caressing my desires within." Poetry? Andy didn't strike me as a poet... Well I didn't even know if this was his work. I read through heartfelt and sexual poetry. These words were affecting me way to much. It was turning me on. I closed Andy's laptop.

"I'm gonna go put on my pajamas, Andy. Back in a sec." I hopped off the bed and ran to my room. 

There I picked out my cropped silk pajama top and matching baby pink shorts. I gave myself a once over, and tied my hair up in a scrunchy. I added a little lip-balm and deodorant before heading back.


I knocked on the door, courteously and waited. Andy opened the door standing with a wicked smirk on his lips. My eyes skittered over him to see, he was naked- except for his underwear. I could see the outline of his cock through his boxers.

"I wont pretend I can't see you staring at my dick, Becka." Andy hummed, walking back to his bed leaving the door open. My cheeks burned red and my mouth hung open in a silent protest. I watched Andy walk back to his bed. That was one fine ass. 

"I won't pretend your not looking at my ass either." He said nearing the corner of his bed. I walked over to him feeling awkward. Andy laid back and put his laptop on his leg. He opened his arm and I slid under.

This wasn't unusual, Andy and I watched movies together all the time. The body contact was what was unusual. Skin on skin, his heat gave me goosebumps and our skin started to stick. My hand rested casually on his stomach as I lay under his arm. Andy's hand rested on my shoulder, his fingers drawing small circles into it. The film started with a light hum and a sweet violin melody that I just got lost in.


The film was nice, a sexy romantic comedy. I giggled pleasantly at the kisses and declarations of love, tragedy and raunchy sex scenes. It was almost three quarters of the way through when Andy sighed heavily.

"I'm bored." He stated. Stretching he moved the laptop down his leg, his hands brushing over my hip as he did so the sudden contact bringing me from my movie induced coma.

"I was really comfy." I said, stretching my arms above my head. Andy chuckled. I arched my eyebrow and shrugged as if to say "What now?.

"Play nervous?" He said, a cheeky grin sliding up his face. I groaned.

"Sure why not...?" I said, sighing and turning to him with my legs crossed. I was familiar with the game. You each have a certain amount of time to do something sexy to try and turn on the other- full contact, if they get turned on they declare they are nervous and you win. The person who is trying to make them nervous is called the master and the other is called the bitch. The bitch cant touch the master.Who ever takes the longest to say it wins a prize. 

I grinned, my eyes never leaving his.

"You first." We said together. We grinned at each other, Andy looked at me, was I really that needy? Were we both that needy? Andy raised an eyebrow tilting his head and I nodded.

"I'll go first." I said. I told him to sit at the end of the bed. 

I sat aside him. Leaning in slowly, I kissed his cheek, over to the corner of his lips. I kissed my way back over and nibbled on his ear. Andy let out a deep groan. I sucked on his neck and slid my hands through his damp curls. Tugging and gripping I kissed my way over his collar bone nibbling and suckling hard. My other hand gripped his thick thigh, clawing as I neared his groin with each nail stroke. My hand clasped Andy's throat and I pushed him back onto the bed. I straddled him and my nails scraped over his chest, tracing the outlines of his tattoos and running my nails over his nipples.

I ducked my head down and kissed his chest, my fingers gripped his hips as my body slid over his. I could feel his hard-on through his boxers, I kissed over his belly button before crouching in front of him. I pushed his legs open and he groaned. Andy sat up, I pushed him back down he hit the bed with a light thump and groaned again as my hand rubbed him through his boxers.

"Tell me bitch, are you nervous?" I purred, my mouth inches away from his hard cock.

"Uh-uh." Andy's voice was deep and shaky, he was so nervous. I decided to change my tactics. I got back on the bed. Kneeling I took off my panties without taking off my shorts, unhooking them from either leg and throwing them. I looked down at Andy while I was biting my lip. A small grin threatening his mouth. I told him to get back onto the bed and lie down- he did.

I crawled to him before straddling his hips, never breaking eye contact. My knees was on either side of him and I began pushing down and rolling my hips. I let out little moans and reached up to pinch and twist my nipples. They were hard and peaking out through the thin pink silk of my top. A pink, thick, wet tongue darted from Andy's mouth and over his bottom lip. Coated in saliva it looked more inviting. I wanted to suck it. Hard.

I put my hands on Andy's chest and started grinding slower, lowering myself onto him, our foreheads touching. His breathing hitched as my hard nipples grazed his chest through thin silk. I caught his bottom lip between my teeth and Andy's breathing quickened as I sucked on it slowly allowing my hands to wander over his chest.
"Baby, if you tell me your nervous; you can have me." I breathed against his mouth. Andy shifted beneath me and let out a sharp groan. I rolled my hips over him, my silk shorts soaked in my juices.

"Can't you feel how wet I am, bitch?" I fisted my hand in his hair and tugged hard. My lips kissed along the stubble on his cheek and traced kisses up to his lobe and tugged on it lightly. My other hand clasped his rigid cock, it twitched in my hand and Andy took a sharp breath between gritted teeth.

"One little word and I'm yours." I whispered into his ear. Andy's fists clenched I pushed my hips back and moaned into his ear. I let his hair go and got up slowly climbing off the bed and standing between Andy's knees.

My hand flipped my hair to one side sliding my hand down the side of my neck, digging my nails in. I raked my hand down all the way to the swell of my breast. I groped them lightly, pinching and twisting my nipples, little moans escaped my lips as I rolled my hard nubs between my thumb and forefinger.

I let my eyes trail from my hands to Andy's crotch, his hard-on forcing his boxers into a pyramid shape. I suppressed a grin by biting my bottom lip, my eyes skipped over the violent splashes of ink on his well sculpted torso, arms and then to his face. Which was painfully white, his lip between his teeth and white knuckle fists lay at his side. 

Knowing I had this effect on him only motivated me further. Allowing my hand to wander over my stomach caused Andy to look up at it, my hand slipped inside the pink elastic of my silk shorts, my slit was slick and wet. I wanted him and he wanted me. Now all I needed was for him to say it.

I used my digits to circle my clitoris and finger myself, slow at first letting out moans of pleasure. I changed hands, sucking my lubed fingers slowly watching Andy's every move. I started to move my hands faster feeling every circle and flick deep inside me, grinding hard till my legs started to shake so I started to slow down. My whole core started to buzz as I felt my orgasm building, pulling my hand away I took slow deep breaths and sucked on my coated fingers. Tasting myself made me moan and roll my eyes back into my head.

"You wanna taste?" I asked Andy between hooded lids, offering him my wet digits. He was propped up on his elbows staring intently. Just his eyes were turning me on. Ugh. Our eyes locked for a few minutes as I finished sucking on my fingers.

"I can see it in you eyes, you want to lick this dripping wet pussy don't you, Andrew?" I said his full name and his eyes widened. Lightning fast he filled the gap between us; leaning forward on his elbows and taking a long stride. Andy clasped my hair in his fist and yanked it roughly.

"Say it again." He growled, his eyes clouded over like an animal. I could feel the intensity, the hunger filling the air between us, our breathing synchronized.

"Andrew." I whispered then looked into his eyes for a second before he claimed my mouth with his. It was no where near gentle. Andy sucked and bit on my tongue and lips in a passion filled fury. His tongue slid over my bottom lip and I opened my mouth for him. My tongue reached out to explore every inch of his mouth. Andy's hands weren't holding back, he reached up and pulled on my nipple hard while his other hand inched into my shorts. His thick fingers spread my lips against the cool silk, Andy's finger slid down closer to my opening. He just broke every rule, but my body wanted this so bad. I started to pull away from him slowly.

"I need you to say it... Tell me your nervous... Tell me how much you want me." I whispered out foreheads touching.

Andy slipped his hand from my shorts and up to his mouth.

"I'm nervous and I want you so bad, it hurts." Andy said, sucking his thick fingers.

"Good." I said, looking up at him, our bodies centimeters away. "I hope you like blue-balls." I said, before walking away from Andy and towards his door with an extra swing in my step leaving his there wanting, without even a backwards glance.

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