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Taste to Touch

If he puts it in inside me I will be in heaven
I have been alone all day. I decide to go see Alex even if I don't like him. I think bout the dark mood he is always in. We have been working on a play together the past two weeks. Today I need to go over and help him make some revisions.

The October wind cuts at my face as I walk outside. I am wearing a tight brown dress and gold ballerina flats. I have cut my hair super short again and dyed it red. People are staring at me as I walk quickly past store windows and little eateries. I always get attention yet find myself alone most of the time.

When I get to Alex's apartment, he lets me in with a smile which almost knocks me over. I walk inside and hand him my jacket.

He is tall and thin about 6'3. I quickly find myself crushing on him. He tells me to come and sit next to him. He doesn't offer me a drink or a snack. He just starts on the scripts. I rollmy eyes and flop down next to him on the couch.

"What is it?" he asked me.

"Can I have some water?" I asked him, standing up again.

"Yeah sure." He begins to rummage through the cabinets for a glass and hands me a cup of water and I drink it slowly. My blue eyes staring at him over the rim.

"You have nice eyes Megan." He takes my glass and sits it on the counter and we go back to the couch.

"Now, the lead character may be Michelle. I am thinking she has got great stage persona." He is looking at me with brown eyes behind those nerdy Clark Kent glasses. I love nerds and he turns me on so bad that I squirm in my seat.

"No, I don't like her. The last two plays we put on she was really bitchy Alex. You should get someone we never saw before." I am thinking about myself. I get so nervous on stage, but I am tired of the perky blonde cheerleader who gets every role we ever offer.

"Do you have anyone in mind then?" He takes off his glasses and the brown eyes are like molten caramel. I blush and look away.

"You know what Alex? I think we could do some auditions and find a fresh face. I can make flyers and we can..." My voice trails off because he is kissing me.

His kiss sends me reeling and I open my eyes to stare at him.

"Was that for the part?" I ask him.

"No, I just wanted to kiss you Megan." He smiles and puts on his glasses and starts to look at the notes again.

I didn't want him to act like he didn't kiss me. I go closer and take his face in my hands and kiss him deeply my tongue licking is lips and then searching his sweet mouth.

I get down in the floor and am between his legs. His hand is in my hair as I unzip his pants. He stands up and out springs his beautiful, sexy cock.He is large and thick I kiss the head of his penis and say "Hi baby."

He moans softly as I take him in my mouth. I have my hands on his ass. His hands in my hair. I can taste him and his want for me.

"Megan, come up here." He says to me and I stand up and lay my blushed head against his chest a moment.

I look up up at him my face is hot and I am nervous now. He urges me to lay down on the sofa and he pulls down my panties. His mouth begins to kiss and lick and suck. I lose myself in his seduction.

He brings himself closer to me. The hardness is at my entrance. If he puts it inside me I will be in heaven.

When I can feel it I move gently. His brown eyes stare down at me and he smiles a smile that is more beautiful than anything I ever saw. He moves inside me like a man should move inside a woman with want and need and I am taken to somewhere far away by this man.

"Megan, do you like me?" He asks as he begins to thrust harder and harder.

"God yeah." I say and I move my hips along with his thrusts.I can feel my tightness engulf him and a sweat breaks out on his forehead.

When I orgasm I tell myself to enjoy because I always feel guilty about everything. When he comes inside me I find myself sucking my index finger.

He kisses my cheek and tells me "You are so good." I am smiling because he has good taste in women.

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