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Tasty morsels

Plunging my fingers between my lips.
Listening to the 80's music, dancing around the room I think of my man who is right next door doing company business. Remembering of what we did last night. The pleasure, the moans that escaped both our mouths as ecstacy filled our bodies. Turning on the temperature, testing it with my hand before plunging myself under the warm water. Leaning against the wall placing my leg up on edge while my hand slowly slides down my body. Massaging my breasts and pinching my nipples, remembering what we did. My hand going further, plunging two fingers between my lips and feeling the wetness, the warmth.

Rubbing my clit faster and faster as memories of his touch, his kisses, his tongue, what pleasure they gave me. Rubbing faster and faster my body warms, pleasure fills my mind and my body overheats. As moans escape my mouth, bringing myself to orgasm. Panting as I try to catch my breath. Sucking my fingers of my delicious taste and picturing his cock. Opening my eyes I see him, standing in his naked glory watching me.

"Come play with me."

Curling my fingers enticing him to come. Opening the glass doors I capture his lips, wrapping my legs around his waist. Nipping and sucking his lower lip, capturing his tongue.

"Missed me have we?"

"Baby you have no idea."

As he drops to his knees capturing my nether lips. God his tongue his mouth can do wonders. Gripping onto his shoulders trying to keep myself up as wave after wave or orgasms rushes though me.

"Don't stop.....please don't stop."

Panting as I fall, he catches me, twirling our tongues, tasting myself on his yummy tongue. Plunging himself deep inside me. Digging my nails in and dragging them down his chest. Leaning back he goes deeper grasping my ass. Picking us up, my back against the wall, my moans escape my mouth. I cannot hold them back, feeling every ridge, every curve of his cock. Releasing me, I turn around. I love doggy style.

Bending over I can feel him grab my ass and plunge himself deep inside my pussy. Pushing back and moving my hips, teasing his cock. As he lets me have contro,l moving slower, faster, teasing him till he can no longer take it. Grasping my hips he thrusts harder and faster, screams escape my mouth and moans from his.

"Don't stop."

I pant as we both cum.

Turning the shower off we dry each other. Kneeling on the cold tile floor I grab his cock and suck. With all the pleasure he gives me I want so badly to reciprocate. Tasting, licking up his shaft, dragging my nails down his stomach, grasping with one hand as I continue. Twirling my tongue like a lollipop, sucking so slippery.

"Fuck.....don't stop baby."

Grasping my hair as I deep throat him.
"So close. You are going my make me cum."

He is so close, as his body tightens shooting down the back of my throat. Wiping my mouth I smile and look up. Pulling me up he captures my lips.

"Mmm baby, you're good. Let's go have some dinner."

"I have already eaten, and it was delicious."

Laughing, as we get dressed staring at each other, knowing dinner will not last long. Heading out the door holding hands, I know what pleasures will be given tonight for dessert.
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