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I tie my lover to a chair and play with her.
You receive my text just before you arrive: “No talking.” You are not sure what I might have planned but you are excited and nervous. The kitchen door is unlocked and you quickly let yourself inside. It is dark inside the house, a harsh contrast to the bright winter day outside. Coming into the living room you can barely see me sitting there still dressed for work.

“Strip,” I say as you put your bag down. You give me a grin and think of witty retorts, but decide to play along. You take your time, undoing your coat and then grin before revealing a surprise of your own: you are wearing nothing underneath, just soft skin exposed to my eyes. I smile, but not too big, trying to play my own game.

“Sit.” I indicate a chair across from mine. Two pillows lean against the back. You sit and find that just the edge of your ass stays on the seat. You move to adjust the pillows. “Leave them,” I say firmly. You look me in the eyes to find me grinning.

“Hands behind the back of the chair, please.” I stand up. “Eyes front.” I walk out of your field of vision. You hear rustling and then feel something soft and silky against your wrists. First I bind them together, then to the solid wooden back of the chair. You sigh and wiggle excitedly in the chair. "Still," I say softly in your ear. You stop moving with some effort.

Coming back into your field of view I am carrying a bundle of rope. You meet my eyes, a nearly permanent grin plastered to your face. You can see the lust in my eyes and I let slip a small smile of my own. Wrapping the soft silk rope around both of your legs, leaving long loose ends that I disappear behind you again. I pull the ends which spreads your knees, exposing your cunt and pulling your ass nearly off the front of the seat. In order to stay balanced and comfortable you are forced to prop your heels against the chair's legs on tip toes.

This is what I wanted, you taut and exposed.

I come back to stand in front of you and slowly begin to strip. Taking the time to neatly fold and lay down my clothes. Your eyes greedily take me in as I flesh is exposed to you: my chest, my hips and my cock. I let my hand play along the length of my cock a bit as I stare into your eyes. I dare you to break eye contact and watch me. You hold for a moment but then your lust gets you. Your eyes snap down to my hard cock. "Mmmmm yes, watch me," you hear me nearly whisper. You lick your lips.

My plan had been to start in on you, torturing you with pleasure, but now I think making you watch for a bit might be a bit more fun. I perch on the edge of the coffee table, legs wide and hard cock on display for you. I watch you as I begin to run my fingers light over the taut skin. I keep languidly playing for a minute, cock twitching.

Grasping myself firmly I slowly start stroking. You whimper, longing to kneel between my legs and take my cock between your lips, feeling it pulse as I cum down your throat. I start jacking faster, my hips lifting off the coffee table. I start to really groan and grunt. You strain against the ropes, wanting to stop me, wanting me to come over and touch you, anything but the current torture. I suddenly stop letting my impending orgasm subside, pre-cum leaking from the head of my cock.

I take a few deep breaths, settling my self before I reach into my pile of clothes a bring out a small vibrator. I suck the tip into my mouth sloppily, getting it wet. I let it pop out audibly and then switch it to a low setting.

Lean forward quickly with the vibe, I press it firmly into your clit. You jump, nearly losing your balance and growl. I grin. I can see how tightly wound you are and am loving every minute of it. I take care not to touch you anywhere else. I simply hold the vibe steady, pushing steadily into your clit.

And keep holding it there. After some time I turn up the vibe. I smile as a I watch you, head thrown back and whimpering. I don't move the vibe, still keeping it poised against your sensitive nub. I turn it up once more. Your legs are beginning to shake with the pleasure and the strain of the ropes. I know you won’t cum, that this is really just making you crazy. You strain, grunt and moan. Taking a moment to look me in the I you can see I’m enjoying myself.

Suddenly I stop the vibe and pull it off your swollen clit. I carefully set down the vibe, get down on my knees between your legs, still being very careful not to touch you. I lean in and take your clit into my mouth. Sucking gently, pulling, rolling it on my tongue. You buck and grunt. Your release is slowly building, but maddeningly slow. I am still keeping all my attention on your clit. Another minute. Another five minutes, it is impossible for you to tell.

Finally, I’ve had my fun. I slowly work four fingers into your cunt eliciting, more grunts. I move them around inside your sopping cunt. Withdrawing them, which earns me a slight whimper, then move them to my cock. I stoke myself with your slick juices reviving my erection. Four fingers of my other hand slip inside your cunt and this time I am working at your g-spot, pulling and rubbing. You are nearly there, your grunts and whimpers coming nearly on top of each other.

I straighten up, cock lined up with your dripping cunt and plunge all the way in. Now it is my turn to groan. As much as I have enjoyed teasing and torturing you, I have also been denying myself what I want. I grab the chair back and begin to fuck you roughly. You are so wet and hot, the sounds of our fucking fill the room. You feel incredible.

Without warning, you cum hard. It’s good I’m holding the chair, otherwise you might have gone over backwards. Slowing my pace I work my cock in you with long, slow strokes as you come down, shaking.

I reluctantly pull out of you. My cock suddenly cold in the exposed air. I stand, my cock hard and level with your eyes. I reach around to the rope at your hands and tug a loose end. Your hands are still tied, but you are loose from the chair. You lunge for my erection, taking the entire length in one go. I am nearly knocked backwards and my hands reflexively go to the back of your head, hands lacing in your hair. I let loose a groaning sigh as you hungrily suck my cock.

I start to fuck your mouth with long slow strokes, but it feels too good. Before long I am thrusting short and fast. It is only moments before I grunt loudly and cum hard down your throat. My entire being focused on where our bodies meet, the cum coursing through my cock. When I stop, I am out of breath and collapse onto the couch to catch my breath. You too are breathing hard, small aftershocks tugging at you. Leaning over I untie the rope holding your legs and hands. “Be careful what you wish for,” I say with a smile as I am untying you. “Also, thanks.”

You smile and lick your lips. I know I’m in trouble and I’m enjoying it. "Mmmm, you're welcome and thank you. But just so you know," you say as you look at the clock, "I expect you to be hard again in the next thirteen minutes."

“Well, you’d better get to work then,” I snark back, my eyes indicating my cock.

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