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Tazlynn's Lover

A life changing tale born of loss.
Tazlynn stared at the huge fish tank and thought how nice it would be to take a dip in the lake. She wondered how cold the water was because it was a crater lake formed in a long extinct volcano. She didn't know much about fish, nothing of volcanoes nor what to do with her dead brother, Chet's cabin.

Tazlynn was a city girl from Manhattan, but Chet had left New York ten years ago to work on environmental issues, something she also knew nothing about. Taz worked for a big shot lawyer as his personal aid, but Chet's sudden death from a car crash brought her to his remote cabin he'd bought with the insurance settlement when their parents also both died in a car wreck.

She planned to sell the place after Chet's funeral then catch a flight back, but something just couldn't let go of Chet's place. Now Taz was alone in life now and sole owner of one beautiful cabin in the middle of nowhere, no neighbors, no friends and worse, no phone. Her cell phone was useless here and her brother hated phones, but he did love radios. He called her often using a relay system with his ham radio, but another thing Taz knew nothing about, radios.

She stepped out to the deck overlooking the lake and looked down. It was the clearest water she had ever seen outside of a glass of water and there was a wood ladder leading up from the water. She had learned to swim as a kid at summer camp and the water was inviting, but she had no swim suit. She thought of skinny dipping, but if someone came by... "Nonsense!" she muttered. "This is fucking nowhere. Who's going to see me? I've been up here for four days and haven't seen a goddamned soul."

She sat on the edge of the deck dangling her toes in the icy water and thought how good it felt then glanced around to see if she saw anyone which she didn't. She pulled off her top, exposing her still firm tanned breasts. She then realized her tits had never been exposed to any real sunlight, but the salon she spent to much at and their tanning beds. Natural sunlight felt good in the warm dry air and a slow steady breeze dried the small beads of sweat making her nipples turn to hard knots.

She ran her long nails over her breasts and wished a warm hot tongue was melting the knots. She pulled off her jean shorts then panties then laid back on the hard wooden deck feeling the hot sun bore down on her, then the breeze faded to nothing. Taz brought her knees up slightly and parted her knees loving the feel of the sun on her damp pussy.

She reached down and fingered herself, moaning softly and the excitement, the sun and lack of wind had her sweating like crazy. She decided to brave the icy lake's water. She stood at the edge of the deck, took a deep breath then dove in head first. At first it stunned her and the cold felt like thousands of ice needles driving into her, making it tough to breath once she swam back to the water's surface, but she began swimming and her body finally adjusted and began to warm a bit. Soon she was floating on her back enjoying the sun and cold as water lapped against her nipples.

Taz saw something from the corner of her eye and lazily glanced toward the cabin now a good 100 feet away, then panicked! Cold water filled her nostrils and she lost her buoyancy. Once her feet dropped out from under her she instinctively gasped for breath and her lungs filled, then she felt herself slowly fading into cold darkness.

Panic seemed pointless the deeper she went, and the water felt colder. She woke up coughing hard, feeling a burning sensation in her nose and something heavy pushing on her chest. At first she thought she was in her apartment back in New York and someone had broken in, then she heard a soft, soothing male voice talking to her and her next thought was she was in a hospital under bright lights. As her head slowly cleared and her eyes focused she saw a very handsome man's face smiling at her.

"I'm glad you made it back."

"Who the fuck are you and what are you doing here?" she demanded then noticed his coal black hair was soaking wet dripping down on her then realized she was completely naked under him.

"Whoa there. You were drowning. You seem to be doing considerably better."

Then it hit her like a truck. This guy just saved her life then she realized she was shivering and her teeth began to chatter. "Oh God! I'm sorry. You must have been who I saw. You scared me and I guess I panicked." She instinctively covered her breasts and shivered more. "I'm fucking freezing."

"Well I'm cold too. Here." He slid his arms under her and lifted her like a feather against his broad, soaked chest and carried her into the cabin. He laid her on Chet's big four poster bed then covered her under a heavy, soft, warm blanket. Taz looked him up and down taking in his wide muscular chest in his wet tshirt, then his strong, masculine legs.

"Who are you and what were you doing watching me?"

"I'm Max...friend of Chet. I heard you might be here so I hiked up to see if I could be of any help. Apparently I had good timing."

"Apparently you took in the show too. You scared the fuck out of me. Do you always gawk at women skinny dipping and..." She stopped short just unsure of how much he did see then the grin on his face answered her. "You watched the whole fucking thing didn't you?"

He nodded and blushed. "Pretty much, yeah."

"So..." she glared, "did you like what you saw?"

"I'd be lying if I said I didn't. You're very beautiful."

"Cunt and all, huh?"

He nodded.

"Well if you got to see my cunt how about I get to see your cock? Fair's fair."

"Jesus lady. Chet said you're a city girl, but he didn't say you're this forward."

"Yeah. I'm a slut. Does that mean you won't fuck me?" Taz could see his face turn beet red which was turning her on. She liked taking control of men.

"Christ lady. You almost drowned ten minutes ago."

"So? I'm fine now in a nice warm bed butt ass naked and I want to reward the fucking hero. You aren't a fairy or anything are you?"

"No, I'm not gay, but..."

"Then come here and let me suck your cock and you can fuck me to show my appreciation." She lowered the blanket to show her firm tits with their knotted nipples. "You can come here and fuck my tits too. I love a big hard cock between my tits." She squeezed them together. That got him.

"You drive a hard bargain." He stepped closer, bent down and licked her nipple, shooting warm ripples through her. He stood to peel off his wet shirt then fumbled with his belt. Taz sat up to help him feeling the firm, large lump in his shorts.

"Nice cock in there. Lemme see that puppy. I bet your balls are like walnuts." She ripped his shorts open and freed his straining package. "Shit. Even better than I hoped. Fucking nice cock!" She took his thick, hard cock in her hand, caressing it, feeling its strength and power, then popped the head in her mouth.

"Damned that's good," he muttered.

With her free hand Taz slid his shorts off his muscled ass and let them drop to the floor, then pulled him onto the bed on top of her, pulled her knees up to open her pussy for his big, strong cock. "Fuck my cunt good, baby. Fuck it and make me beg for it," she hissed in his ear as his full, big cock head spread her pussy lips and sank in deep. "Oh FUCK that's a good hard cock. Fuck me hard and deep!"

He began pumping in and out, slow and steady from tip to root. His big head came out then stabbed deep in bringing Taz to a hard orgasm. "Fuck your cock feels good in my pussy. Come here and fuck my tits with that bad boy. I want to suck the head."

He climbed up her body and Taz took as much of him in her mouth as she could, covering his ballooning cock head with her saliva, then rubbed it between her breasts. She spat on it then wrapped her round globes around him, watching his pleasure and pure masculine power overtake him as he thrust himself in and out of her eager lips. "Yeah baby. You like fucking my tits don't you? Make me suck it. Make me your little dirty slut."

"I'm going to fuck your mouth, bitch, then cum up your tight little snatch," he hissed back. He cradled her head and guided himself into her open mouth giving several hard, deep thrusts to the back of her throat. He held himself deep in until her eyes watered, then released her and pulled out with spittle dripping off his raging cock down her chin.

"Make me your slut. I want to be your personal whore fuck doll."

"I'm going to fuck your ass raw you little cunt and make you beg to stop." Max quickly climbed off Taz, roughly flipped her small body over, grabbed her hips and pulled her ass cheeks to meet his manhood. He slapped her ass hard, leaving deep red hand prints to her loud moaning approval.

"Yeah baby. You want to fuck my ass don't you? Tell me how you're going to pound me up the ass and fill me with cum."

"Tell me to fuck your tight asshole till you beg bitch. Tell me how bad you want to hurt."

"Fuck my ass hard, motherfucker, till I beg you to stop!"

He thrust into her snatch, in and out, coating her rectum with pussy juice with each thrust out. He positioned his big dick at her puckered, tight, brown button then eased his wide, swollen head in, feeling her spasm around him. He loosened as he drove slowly in, burying his full pole in her.

"Fuck that's good," he said as she let out animal moans between her many cusses. He began slamming into her as she moaned, grabbing the blanket and biting into her wrists. She wiggled her ass back at him, meeting his every push. He groaned loud, grabbed her hair, pulling hard back. He exploded hard, filling her bowels with hot, sticky love juice. He kept slowly fucking her ass with his cock now coated with jizz as he began to soften, then she flipped over.

"Fuck my cunt, fucker. Don't you go soft on me now."

"Sorry..I can't help it. You wore me out," he sneered.

"Fuck that. You better fuck my pussy. If I take it up the ass you better."

"What if I don't?"

Taz quickly reached down seizing his dangling balls, tugging hard. "I'll have you singing soprano. Now keep that dick hard baby."

Max smiled at her then pulled her head to his waist as she took him in, sucking his cock back to its recent glory. "Nice little cocksucker. Want me to lick your pussy too?"

"After you stretch it out and fill it with jizz and you better last longer this time. I want my twat torn up by your big cock."

"You are a dirty little skank aren't you?"

"Dirty enough to keep your dick hard and wanting more."

"Outside. I want to bang your pussy outside."

"You got it. Maybe someone else will come by for a free show." He picked her up, grabbing both legs, inserting his cock in her. She wrapped herself around him and he carried her to the wood deck and sat on the edge holding her. She bounced on him just above the cold water as she rode his fat rod deep inside her. His jizz oozed from her rectum down his balls. She held tight, wedged her feet on a smooth board and was able to slide her pussy along his full shaft, then drop her full weight down on him.

"Good cock. Oh fuck baby, I love your fucking cock in my pussy...FUCK!" She wrapped her thick lips against his, cramming her tongue in his mouth. "I want your cock in every hole in my body all the time. What do you think?"

"Huh?" He seemed puzzled by her question.

"Hello lover. Anyone home in there? I want to stay here and fuck your brains out every day. Don't you want a bitch with big tits who will suck your big cock, take your fat cock up the ass and drain your balls every day?"

"Fuck yeah!" He drove deep in her as she shuddered and shook losing her grip, then let out a loud animal groan having the most intense orgasm she'd ever felt. Max had to grip her waist tight to keep her from falling back into the icy water, then pulled her back. He pulled her away from the edge. Her eyes were rolling in her head with a crazy look that turned him on.

Max lifted her to a standing position again, still deep in her and carried her to a patch of soft grass just off the deck under a big oak. He lay heavily on her and slammed his cock deep into her, bringing her to several orgasms which had her muttering incoherent obscenities.

He pulled out then showered her quivering cunt with streams of white, hot globs of cum from his knees. Taz rubbed her hand in the goo and her snatch then brought it to her mouth, sucking his seed from her hand. She looked up. "I LOVE your cock. I wanna wear you out motherfucker."

"You already did."

"I haven't even started." She looked into his eyes. "Goddamned you know how to nail a nasty talking bitch. Do you like me talking dirty to you like this?"

"I never did before, but you made a believer out of me. I've never been so turned on."

"Good boy. Now take me to bed tonight and have your way with me. I'll be the best little whore of your dreams."

"Chet's Tazmanian devil...Taz. You're named just right."

"Max's Taz now." She let him help her to her feet. "Ready to rescue me again? Let's jump in."

They ran together to the deck and jumped into the icy water clinging to each other as the sun dipped slowly behind the mountains. Tazlynn had a new home and Max her new lover. Max wondered if she should meet his mother.

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