Teachers enjoy the school trip

By Hornyukteacher

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Long time friends decide to take things a little further.
Nikki and I have been friends for around 4 years and have both worked as teachers together for the last 3. Nikki is a stunning blonde; she is 5ft 7 with long naturally blonde hair. She is very slim but has great 34DD breasts. We often go to the gym together after work and you can tell as she has a great firm ass, overall as time has gone on I realised she is generally one of the main things I constantly fantasise about.

We recently took away a group of 18 year olds on a water sports tour. The only downfall to this was the journey there and back, in order to keep the cost down we had arranged to do it by coach which is a good 35 hours of boring travelling.

On the final day we let the pupils go off in to town and do what they liked. The majority of boys went and found the nearest pub and the girls went off to do some shopping. Nikki and I decided to make the most of the lake before we had to set off home. I met her down at the lake side, I was just in my board shorts and she was in a tight white bikini.

We decided we would take one of the small boats out for a few hours and explore the opposite side of the small island in the middle of the lake. We chatted away as we sailed along, the normal flirty banter we would normally have was flowing and we talked about how we had needed to be on our best behaviour for a whole week. This wasn’t something that came easily to either of us.

As we got to the far side of the island we realised we were out of site of the whole town. “This is your chance to be as naughty as you like” I said with a flirtatious pat of her ass as she dropped the anchor.

“Come on then what can we do here that is naughty?” She said looking at me inquisitively.

“I don’t know you’re meant to be the daredevil”. I laughed

“Skinny Dipping then?” she said firmly.

I had never seen Nikki naked and had been fighting within myself all the way here to ensure I didn’t get an erection by staring at her pert tits in her bikini. So I paused and thought about it, I wanted to see her naked, but then she was my friend and didn’t want things to be weird, I certainly didn’t want her to see me with an erection from looking at her.

I had obviously paused for too long. “What’s wrong? Too naughty for you?” she said teasingly “or is he a little shy” she continued glancing down at my cock.

I wasn’t one for being called chicken so stood up from my seat. “Just wanted to make sure you were serious before I got naked” I laughed. I quickly dropped my shorts; my cock was already semi-erect thinking about what she would look like naked, so jumped straight into the cool water.

“That’s unfair you didn’t say go” Nikki laughed “and I didn’t get to see anything, where as you’re going to see everything”

“I will turn around then” I said spinning to face away from the boat.

It didn’t take long before I heard the splash of her joining me in the water. I turned around expecting to see her blonde hair pop up near the boat but couldn’t see her. I turned back around to see if she had swum behind me with no luck.

I suddenly felt to hands sliding up the outside of my legs. My cock instantly twitched as I felt her soft breasts clip my ass as she rose towards the surface. My body froze, I couldn’t turn around without prodding her with my now solid dick but surely it is weird to face away from her.

She popped out of the water giggling and wrapped her arms around my neck. “This isn’t as naughty as I thought” she whispered.

“Your boobs pressing against my back seems naughty enough to me” I laughed trying to hide my embarrassment.

“You love it though don’t you” she whispered seductively in my ear. “Turn round so I can see you” she whined.

I turned around in her arms so we were face to face. I could feel her hardening nipples pressing against my chest as the cold water took hold. Without thinking I wrapped my arms around her pulling her close to my chest. “Naughty enough yet?”

Nikki said nothing, and simply wrapped her legs around me, trapping my throbbing cock between her soft mound and my stomach “Now it is” she said softly before kissing me gently on the cheek.

We stood hugging for what seemed like eternity, both of us knew it would spoil our friendship if we took things any further, but we both gently ground our hips together, my cock pushing gently against her slit, both of us moaning gently.

“Thanks for making my last day so much fun” Nikki whispered softly “I think me should had back to land before I do anything too naughty” and with than she relaxed her legs and arms and swam off towards the boat.

I watched her toned ass popping in and out of the water as she swam away before deciding to follow her. I helped her out of the water and onto the boat with a friendly hand on her ass. As she lifted herself to the edge of the boat she span around sitting on the edge. “Take a good look Mike; you never know when you will see me like this again.”

I looked her up and down, her large breasts were amazingly pert and her curves seemed to be emphasised even more without her clothes. She had very light blonde pubes that were trimmed into a neat triangle on a soft pink mound. She opened her legs to give me a slight glimpse of her glistening lips, before climbing back into the main part of the boat.

By the time I had pulled myself up out of the water my erection and began to subside a little and she was just tying her bikini top back around her neck. “That was good fun” I said as I looked around the boat for my shorts.

Nikki glanced over and her eyes were instantly drawn to my thick cock. “It was fun, and you look even bigger than it felt in the water. I’m impressed” she said softly with a cheeky wink. “You may want to put your shorts on before we get back though.

As we approached the town all the pupils had gather near the hotel so we decided we best cover up. I threw a T-shirt on and made sure my cock was sitting flat in my shorts, and Nikki pulled on a light summer dress that came down just above her knees.

“Thank you for today, it was nice for us to have some fun without being responsible for this lot” I said as we walked up to the hotel.

“We always have fun” she smiled

After an hour of sorting rooms and ensuring everyone had everything, Nikki and I eventually met up again on the bus. We had told all pupils they must sit at the front as we didn’t want them getting up to mischief on the back of the bus. Nikki sat down and began to make herself comfy, in amongst a jungle of pillows and blankets. I walked down the bus doing one last head count and gave the driver the all clear.

As I reached the back of the bus to settle in for the journey, Nikki had a cheeky smile on her face. She waved her finger at me to go over so she could whisper to me. As I leant forward she placed something in my hand “These are a present, and maybe the naughty fun hasn’t quite finished” she said calmly before pecking me on the cheek.

As I sat down I looked at what she had given me. It was her white bikini panties, the ones she was wearing underneath her dress. I looked over at her on the seat next to me. She slowly slid her legs open revealing her bare pussy. My cock was instantly hard, and I grabbed a blanket to cover the tent forming in my pants.

I turned in my seat so we now both sat with our backs against the windows. I could still see her glistening pussy lips as the driver dimmed the lights, and knew that was my only chance to get some relief. I undid the tie of my shorts and shuffled them down to let my solid cock spring free and took it firmly in my hand. As I began to stroke my already throbbing cock Nikki sat up turning to lie with her head on my lap.

“I want a closer view” she whispered before lying down. Her head was now inches from my pulsing cock and I knew I wouldn’t last long. As my pace began to get quicker I could see her arm moving slowly beneath the blankets. My muscles began to tighten and I was on the edge of a huge orgasm.

Nikki lifted her hand and placed the tip of two of her fingers inside my mouth. I span my tongue between them and could taste her sweet pussy. That was enough for my hips to start bucking. ‘What was I going to do now? I can’t blow my load all over the back of the bus can I?’ as I questioned myself, still tugging at my bulging cock I felt Nikki wrap her lips around my shaft.

With two simple bobs of her head I blasted hot cum deep in her mouth. She swallowed my entire load and then ran her tongue around the head of penis to ensure I was totally clean. She then sat up and kissed me gently on the lips “You taste amazing, I think it’s time we were more than just friends” she whispered and kissed me once again.......