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Teaching a lesson

This is my first story here on lush I hope you enjoy it. Comments, criticisms and tips are welcome.
My phone started to vibrate in my pocket; I pulled it out and saw it was from my girlfriend Sarah.

“Hey what time are you going to be back from lectures?”

“In about 20 mins, why?”

“I decided not to go to mine today and I was really hoping to be able to spend some time with that dick of yours”

This was just music to my ears. Due to our heavy lecture schedules and coursework loads we had barely been able to see each other the last few days, let alone have sex.

“Well I will try and be back as quick as possible but this guy loves to go on”

“You better be quick, I don’t know how much longer I can hold off from myself, being so wet and lying naked in this bed of yours.”

That text hit my like a slap in the face, she knew we both loved dirty talk and exactly its effect it had on me but I was getting nervous that one of my mates around me might see it.

“You better not start without me” Was all I could think to reply

“Ow don’t worry I am going to wait for you, I don’t want to spoil myself for your surprise”

And that is all I got from her. I send text after text trying to get her to tell me what it was, though I know she was probably enjoying herself seeing my squirm like this. The twenty minutes had never gone so slowly especially with my brain in a civil war. One half was trying to think of all the dirty possibilities that she could be doing right now while the other is trying to keep my hornyness under control so I could actually walk back without being hard the whole way.

Luckily the second half won out so when the lecturer finished I made my excuses and pretty much sprinted out of the hall and back to my house. I knew all my other housemates were out so I just ran up the stairs and into my room expecting to find an amazingly horny Sarah naked spread over my bed waiting for me. What waited for me, however, was somehow even better. There she was leaning against my desk dressed head to toe in the sexiest schoolgirl outfit you have ever seen.

Let me stop and tell you about Sarah. She is above average height at around 5’8” but with the sexiest Mediterranean curves you have ever seen. She has longish dirty blonde hair that comes down to just below her shoulders, though she keeps it away from her amazingly sexy face of hers. Her main asserts, however, are her breasts. Size has never been much of an issue for me but her 32 D’s were defiantly something that I wasn’t going to complain about. These things were perfect, sitting just right on her body with amazingly perky nipples which I just loved to play with. Combine that with her full but toned ass and I was one very lucky guy.

So there she was with that perfect body barely hidden behind that outfit. She had really gone for everything. High heals, long black over the knee socks (which she knew was a huge turn on for me) a tiny miny skirt, which barely came below her ass. Above this her buttoned down shirt was tight across her chest making her breast seem even bigger then they already were. I still today have no idea how the buttons were keeping them back especially as she clearly had no bra on to help.

I was left speechless looking at this sight my mouth open but with no sound coming out.

“That was mean of you making me wait all that time, I have been such a bad girl not letting you fuck me over the last few days. I really need to be punished”

While it may have been corny there was no way I wasn’t going to play along. Sarah and I have always had a very active sex life which generally includes a lot of very rough sex with me dominating and fucking her in any way I could think of. But to have this open invitation to her like this was a dream come true.

I made my way slowly over to her taking in everything I could see before grabbing her and holding her close to me so I could whisper in her ear

“A slutty schoolgirl like you shall address your teacher as sir, and shall conduct any orders by me without hesitation. Any failure to do so shall be met with severe punishment” I spank her ass hard to make sure the message was remembered.

Doing this, however, not only let me feel the fact she had no panties on but also the butt plug already deep inside her. I grabbed a hold of the end and started slowly moving it in and out while watching her face to see her squirm every time I brought it close to the widest point.

“I am not happy with you Sarah, you have already disobeyed me. I told you not to play with yourself and here you are with this plug already in your ass.”

“But I did it for you Sir” she said in between her small moans

“Even so rules are rules, now face the bed now and bend over” she did so without question placing her hand on the bed to steady herself.

I slowly lifted up the skirt to leave her ass exposed, her cheek already bright red from before.

I spanked her ass one cheek at a time making her count along with them. When she got to 10 each I quickly gave one a last smack harder then the rest making her cry out in pain. While her ass was bright red and I am sure in a lot of pain I knew she loved every moment of it and was probably a bit sad that I had stopped. I stood her up and started to explore her body with my hands while pressed up close so that she could feel my hard dick pressing right up against her. I ripped off her shirt tearing off all the buttons and exposing those perfect breasts to the air.

“You really are a lucky girl to have breasts as big as these” I said squeezing and caressing them lightly “If I ever catch you wearing a bra to school again you will be punished. I want all the boys and girls to be able to have a good look and see what a good slut you are”

But before she could reply I started to pinch and play with her hard nipples making her moan and beg for more.

“I bet you want my dick right about now” I asked

“Yes sir, I want your dick in my pussy fucking me hard” she moaned back

“Well if you want it that badly then you are going to have to work for it. I want you naked and on your knees ready to suck my dick. And you better do it quickly otherwise more then just that ass of your will be in line for some punishment”

I have never seen her strip so quickly. The combination of her wanting my dick and the fear of more spankings meant that I had her totally under my control. I took my time getting undressed behind her. She tried to turn around and watch but a quick glace from me told her to do otherwise. After I had teased her long enough I sat down in front of her on the bed with my dick at full attention and already oozing out precum. I have always been very happy with my 6 ½ inches with a good thickness that Sarah can barely get her hand around. She looked up to me for permission to start devouring it but I wasn’t done playing yet. I grabbed her head and gently moved it till her mouth was a few inches from the top of my dick. Close enough to smell it all, but I made sure that she couldn’t lick it; though this didn’t stop her trying.

“I don’t think a girl like you deserves a big dick like this yet, but don’t worry it will be yours eventually, if I think you deserve it”

“Nooo I need it now. Please Sir I am your good cock sucking girl”

I ignored her protests and forced her mouth down to my balls

“You can play with these for now, but just with your mouth. If you do a good job then you can have the whole thing. Also you better keep those hands to yourself unless I tell you otherwise.”

Her mouth closed around my balls licking and sucking them while keeping her hands on my thighs. She knew just how hard to suck them to please me, with her tongue moving around to play with every part. While I was distracted she slowly tried to creep her hands up to grab a hold of my dick without my noticing.

“Where are those hand going?”

“Nowhere Sir”

“It doesn’t look like that to me, it seems those hand have to be kept busy. Keep one hand on the floor and use the other to fuck your ass hard with the butt plug”

She did exactly as I told her to, grabbing a hold of the end. She started slowly but was soon pumping hard, stretching out her ass time and time again, moaning every time she did. Just to tease her even more I scoped up a big load of precum with my finger and then as she watched I slowly licked it clean telling her how good it tasted. This just made her pump and suck even harder to try and please me to get a taste herself. Soon though I could see that she was starting to enjoy this more then me so I grabbed her hair and pulled her head up away from what she wanted and up to my eye level.

“You have done well Sarah, my dick is all yours.”

Her eyes widened with excitement at the prospect.

“You shouldn’t be so excited Sarah, remember this is for my pleasure and your punishment. But if a dirty schoolgirl like you wants to suck a dick so badly then I will happily teach you to take it as hard as I can give.”

This didn’t deter her at all as she had her mouth around the head of my dick as quickly as possible licking and sucking up all the juices for her to taste. Sarah had always been a very good cock sucker but her hornyness had put her into overdrive and she was sucking and licking like never before. Her tongue was swirling round my head paying special attention to my very sensitive underside. I was trying to stifle my moans and keep the persona going but then without warning she swallowed ¾ of my length down her throat and back up. She had never been able to do it that far before but it felt so damn good.

“Do that again but get down lower this time, I want my whole dick down your throat”

“I don’t know if I can Sir”

“Are you disobeying what your teacher told you to do?”

Without saying a word she got back to sucking my dick bobbing her head up and down bringing my dick deeper and deeper each time until she got to just passed where she was before but she couldn’t go any further.

“It looks like this slutty cock sucking school girl can’t take all of my big dick. Let me help you”

I grabbed the back of her head and forced her mouth down onto my dick bobbing it up and down until till her nose was right up against me. I could feel her gagging as I kept it deep down her throat for a few seconds before pulling her head up sharply leaving my dick covered in her saliva. I forced her head down again and again repeating this for about a minute and by the end I was practically fucking her throat. I finally lifted her mouth off my dick and letting her breath properly again.

“You see that is how I expect my schoolgirls to suck a dick, I hope you have learned”

“Yes Sir” she managed to say in-between gasps “I won’t let you down again”

The fucking had caused her eyes to water up to the point of crying making her makeup run down her face making her look even more like a used slut. Sarah realising this wiped off the makeup that had run down, trying to keep as much dignity as she could.

I decided that now it was time to have some real fun. I pick up Sarah and threw her on all fours on the bed with her ass up in the air for all to see. From the amount her pussy was leaking her juices all down her legs it was obvious just how much she had enjoyed the abuse that I had given her throat and ass. I couldn’t help myself as I got down behind her and slowly licked the juices up her leg making my way to her pussy. She tasted as sweet as ever so when I reached the top, without hesitation, I plunged my tongue deep into her hole trying to lick up all that I could. Though I made sure not to go near her clit and give her the satisfaction.

I scoped up a big load of juices with my tongue and moved round to kiss Sarah deeply making sure to share the taste. As I pulled away and a big smile came across her face as she licked her lips wanting more. Instead of giving it to her I moved back round and placed my dick at her pussy spreading her juices with my head and probing gently to tease her.

“However good your pussy tastes Sarah, you have not been a good enough girl so far. You need to do better if you want to completely satisfy me.”

“Yes Sir, I will do anything you say to satisfy you.”

“I am going to hold you to those words” I replied as I rammed my entire length into her pussy making her squeal loudly. I could really feel the pressure coming from the butt plug in her ass as I slid my dick inside her getting faster and harder with each thrust. I was giving her no time to adjust to my size and power but she was loving every bit of the pain and pleasure that came from how much I was stretching her out. Her pussy was so tight and wet I nearly slipped out a few times but I grabbed her sides to keep us in line. Each hard thrust knocked her forward before I brought her back quickly for the next one.

However it wasn’t enough for my slutty schoolgirl as her hips stared to rock back even harder on their own to meet each thrust of my dick. Her soaked pussy was gliding effortlessly across my dick leaving it glistening with her juices.

“Please Sir, fuck this schoolgirl slut harder” she moaned

“I am the one who is giving the orders here” I replied as I gave her ass a few quick spanks to remind her of that. Even though I wanted to stay in control I started to fuck her even harder as she requested which was replied by a satisfying increase in her moaning.

Sarah buried her head into a pillow in front of her trying to contain the pleasure she was receiving from the outside world.

“A good slut like you should be proud of a fucking like this. Get that head up like a proud girl so all the world can hear you scream” I grabbed the back of her hair and pulled hard to make sure it was done. Sarah did as I said and started to moan as loud as she could in time with the pounding her pussy was receiving, not caring who could hear (though I guess it was most of the street).

I could feel the build up in her pussy and her voice that she was starting to cum from the beating from my dick was giving her.

“You starting to cum without my permission slut?” I asked her firmly

“Yes Sir, I’m sorry. I just couldn’t help it, your dick is just making me so fucking horny” she managed to respond mixed in with the screaming moans.

“Well seeing as you didn’t ask you are now going to have to wait”

“No sir, please let me cum now, I can’t hang on much longer” I could see that this was torture for her but also how much she loved it.

I ignored her constant pleas to cum and carried on fucking her as hard as I could, continually spanking her ass and scratching down her back just to increase her pleasure and pain and make her want to cum even more. After a few minutes of this I finally said the words she wanted to hear to stop her torture and because I didn’t know how much longer I could have lasted.

“Ok you can cum my little slut, but you better cum hard”

She screamed “Thank you sir” as her climax hit. Her pussy and ass clammed down on my dick and the plug so hard I could barely keep fucking her. Her whole body started to convulse as the waves of pleasure took over. Her juices flowed like a river out of her pussy leaving a big puddle on the bedding below. This continued for minutes all the while she was screaming at the top of her lungs letting the whole world know what just happened. She finally collapsed onto the bed semi unconscious and unable to move and as I slowly slid my dick out with it covered in her cum juices. Her pussy was left loose and gapping by my absence wishing that is was still filled up.

I grabbed her hair and lifted up her head so that she could hear me.

“Very good Sarah, but you are not done yet”

She was unable to respond as I moved back to her face and placed my dick at her lips which easily parted to take in my head. The sweet taste of her pussy managed to wake her up and soon she was licking and sucking every inch to try and get as much as she could. Her throat now used to it happily took in my length as her head started to move up and down. I grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth off my dick despite her trying to fight me and keep sucking.

Without a word I moved back to her ass pulled her back up onto all fours, quickly pulled out the butt plug and replaced it with my dick. She screamed in pain as I force my entire length into her again with one thrust. Despite already having the plug in for a while her ass was even tighter then her pussy but the juices and saliva covering my dick provided the perfect lube. Again I gave her no time to react to my size as I started to furiously fuck her ass stretching it out to its limit. Sarah’s screams of pain quickly turned into screams of pleasure as I continued to fuck her and soon she was begging for more. I happily responded and fuck her harder and faster; with each thrust I buried my dick balls deep into her ass before pulling nearly all of it out again before the next thrust.

Sarah moved her hand to her pussy and started rubbing her clit first slowly and then faster and faster to keep in time with my dick before eventually diving three fingers deep inside of herself. Before long she was fucking her pussy in rhythm with my fucking of her ass. Every time I went in so did her fingers. It felt amazing having them pushing up against my dick providing even more pressure then her ass was already giving. However this was supposed to be a punishment fucking not a pleasure fucking for her (even though those are pretty much the same for Sarah).

“Get those fingers out of your cunt, now” I ordered

She ignored my order and continued to fuck her pussy.

“I. Said. Now. Slut.” I shouted with my hand spanking her already very soar ass with each word.

This did the trick as she moved her hand back up to support herself but nor before licking her fingers clean of the juices.

“I want all your focus on this dick fucking your ass and how to please it. I can’t have you distracted by your own pleasure.”

I slapped her ass again for the fun of it before continuing the abuse of her asshole. All her effort was now on me, as I wanted, with her clamping down on my dick and rocking her hips in perfect timing with my dick. All of this combined with the constant moaning and screaming of pleasure set me off as I started to cum hard.

I didn’t want to cum in her ass so very quickly I pulled out, leaving it as gapping as her pussy, span her round and mounted her ready for the money shot all over her face. But before I could start shooting my load Sarah slid two wet fingers deep into my ass. The surprise and the feeling of it increased my pleasure ten fold as I exploded all over her face with shot after shot of my cum landing all over her face, the bed and into her open waiting mouth. I had never cum so much before and by the time I was done Sarah’s face was covered in my hot, white mess. Not caring where it had just been Sarah lifted her head up to my dick to try and suck out the last few drops. She gave my head one last hard suck and kiss before collapsing down onto the bed.

I collapsed next to her as she swallowed what she had before licking her lips looking for more. I leaned in close to kiss her to try and taste myself on her lips and tongue which certainly didn’t disappoint. A big smile came across her face as she started to scope the rest of the cum from her face and into her mouth with her fingers; making sure to give me a taste whenever I wanted it.

Once she had cleaned up we curled up next to each other with me spooning her close. Her hand was playing and probing gently her very tender pussy and ass. She seemed surprised at just how loose they felt but very satisfied at the reason that they were. I kissed her neck gently and said.

“You have defiantly pleased your teacher, although I am disappointed that I wasn’t able to punish you more. I could defiantly think of a lot of very dirty things to do with this body.”

“Well don’t worry” she replied with a smile “I will make sure to be a very bad girl next time”

I slowly scratch down her front sending a shiver along her spine

“I can’t wait, but for now I think class is over”

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