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Tease and Workplace Dilemma

A Lushstory writer knows her boss is one of her readers - my first story
The Tease and The Workplace Dilemma

I want you to know that I enjoy thinking of you, reading my stories. I enjoy the power that my seductive language has over you. You are drawn in by the words as they unravel on the screen in front of you. There are no sexy photos, yet your libido is ignited in ways beyond the visual. You have to match my description of our seduction, though you don’t think we have ever met, with your imagination of how it would be..

The first glance as I walk past your window - your eyes diverted from the screen by a silhouette that inspires you to know more. Your mind races with possibilities. “I know she lives in the same city as me, her dark hair blowing carelessly in the breeze, her cleavage gently straining against a dark tshirt made of thin material.” Similarly, you dismiss the very thought that ‘I’ could be the one about to walk through your office door.. how would I smell? Would I wear a fragrance that captivated your soul, transporting you to an exotic location? or would I opt for being natural, my very scent unmasked - as is my desire... for YOU?

I like knowing that your heart beats a little faster, seeing that I’m online as you read my story of our seduction. You wonder how it is that I know you enjoy having your bottom lip licked before drawing it in with a kiss.. you wonder what other secrets I know of you. Can I read your mind? How else would I know to lean forwards in conversation at the precise angle to give you a view of my heavy bounteous breasts and giggle, so as to shake them just enough to remind you of your first crush... your slightly older neighbour who you spilt many a cum for on warm summer nights as you watched her speak on the phone through the window. She always leant on her elbows, squeezing her creamy breasts until it looked as though they would spill out of her tight tshirt. You are transported back to your youth as a desperate hormone filled 16 year old boy, secretly gazing on your neighbour as nightly she teased you mercilessly with those breasts, even though she didn’t even know it.

You remember this now, seeing me on the other side of the desk, and you feel every centimetre of your sac unfold as your heavy full balls rearrange themselves in preparation for what your mind pretends may happen. Lucky that the desk gives you protection from immediate embarrassment as your cock lengthens.. your thoughts unable to return to the news article you were perusing before I entered.

I glance up coyly, eyes averted from your direct gaze. I feel the want and I smell your desire. My curiosity keeps asking to see your cock. My innocent sweet face, the face of a Botticelli angel belies my lustful thoughts. You are my boss. You are my audience on Lush Stories.. you know me as ‘Curvyflirt’. Ever since I accidentally saw a page open on your laptop one afternoon when you were called out of the office to see a client unexpectedly. I know your username, but you don’t know the woman in front of you has been aching for you to touch her, to kiss her neck, to feed her your cock, to fuck her ravenously at your desk, to claim her as your own..

But for now, it is the power of seduction that is my weapon.. your secret life is exposed to me and I do not intend to let you know that Curvyflirt, the tease you have been fucking via email and IM messages is the same person as she who sits before you...
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