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Tease gone right...

You know when you start to tease and it leads to things...This is dedicated to Ace87
One day Victoria was at her boyfriend Kris's house and they were watching a movie. Victoria was wearing tight hip hugger jeans and a black tank top shirt with a cute blue and white poky dot bra and a blue lace thong. He had on some sweat pants and blue silk boxers and no shirt.

She decided to get up and go to the bathroom then get something to drink. On her way back she sat down on his lap as she felt his dick started to get harder and that made her mind wonder.

In his mind her beautiful sexy figure which made his cock start to harden and the feel of her sitting his lap made it even more hard.
She smiled and wondered what exactly was going to happen today and she wiggled a little bit on his lap rubbing her ass against his hardened cock. She looked at him and they started to kiss. The kiss started to get hot and heated and she moved her butt more on his cock threw his pants and boxers. He cupped her soft boob in one of his hands and squeezed firmly. She gave a loud moan and rose up a little bit rubbing her ass on his cock even harder making him want her bad.
She started turned around straddling his lap as they kissed and his hand grasped her ass tightly. He smacked it a few times as she started to get turned on. She reached down and rubbed his cock threw his pants and they kept kissing.

They broke off the kiss when Kris said "Victoria your such a tease," he gave off this sexy smirk. She looked at him and stood up slowly. She removed her hand from his hardened member and looked at him saying softly "I know..." She got down on her knees slowly as she undone his pants and pulled them down some along with his boxers. As she pulled them down his hard cock flopped out and stood up straight completely hard. She smiled as she started to stroke his cock with her hand smoothly rubbing up and down the full length of it. 

He groaned lightly as she stroked his cock. She took the tip of her tongue and circled it around the head of his cock teasing him more as she like to tease him. She took her soft lips and placed them around the head of his cock as she sucked firmly using the ball of her tongue ring to tease the tip.

Out of pleasure he groaned and pressed upwards with his hips as more slide into her mouth and she sucked it right in as she teased him. She slowly took her mouth off of his cock and rubbed it some more. He groans "I want you..." She knew she wanted him too and she stood up slowly as she removed her pants and slide her thong down her legs slowly and stepped out of both of them. She smiled and went back to straddle his lap.

 He grasped her breast again in his hand massaging them as they shared another kiss. Her hand fondled his cock again stroking it against her wet pussy teasing him. She would slowly press down onto the cock head letting it insert just a little bit before rubbing it against her clit making her moan just a little as she slowly started to insert him into her really tight wet hole. He groaned at the feeling of him pressing against the tightness. 

He moved his hips upwards and he slide the head into the tight hole as she started to move her hips and riding just a little bit easing him as she slide him further into her when she road upwards she would not fully take it out but she started to ride the full length of his cock. It was hard and long and throbbing inside her tight pussy. She slide all the way down on it as she moaned and leaned her head back as he grabbed her hips.

He moved her hips up and down on his cock slowly. She moaned as he groaned with pleasure. She started to move her hips faster riding him up and down. His throbbing cock inside the tight pussy walls of her pussy she could feel him throb inside her. She slide her shirt off and unclasped her bra tossing both to the side. He kept one hand on her hips and the other one massaged her breasts. 

Her nipples grew hard as he played with her breasts and she moaned from the pleasure of Kris's big cock inside her. "Oh Kris this feels amazing.." She moaned softly as she picked up the pace a little bit.

Victoria bounced up and down on Kris's cock with pleasure and he slapped her ass firmly which made her gain pleasure and her hole tighten around his cock that was deep inside of her.

Kris groaned as he squeezed and pulled gently on her nipples bending down and sucking on them grazing his teeth gently over them as it sends shocks of pleasure threw her body. She moaned with great pleasure and new she was coming close to what she new had to be the best orgasm ever.

He bounced her up and down on his cock hard as he groaned and she moaned. He was coming close too.

She moved her hips fast as she moaned and she tinted up knowing he was coming close and she moaned loud "Oh Kris I'm about to cum" She leaned her head back and moaned as she kept bouncing his cock rubbing against her g-spot fast as she bounced.

He groaned and she moaned as they both simultaneously came. She relaxed her body and collapsed onto him as he held her tight feeling his spurts into her tighten pussy. She breathed deeply heart pounding and so was his. Their juices mixing and she smiles and looks at him after they both calmed down. She says, "That was great."

He smiled and looked at her "Yeah that definitely was a tease gone right..."

The shared a passionate kiss.

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