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Tease Me

There's nothing like a good teasing
Imagine a young couple full of desire and lust.

It is a Saturday evening and they have decided to stay in for the night. They are playing a movie, but not really watching it. While sitting next to each other they can feel their hormones racing. They both desire to touch each other but resist. This only makes it worse because they both want the same thing and don’t even know it.

It is summer and a very hot night. She is wearing a tight tank top and shorts. He loves her top because it accentuates her large breasts. Her nipples are showing through because she decided not to wear a bra. He feels something growing down lower, just looking at her gets him excited. At the same time she is stealing glances at his muscular body. Because of the heat, he has decided to not wear a shirt, so everything is visible for her to see. His muscles aren’t very large, but he has just enough tone for her liking.

She doesn’t know why she’s so nervous, why she can’t just start kissing him and end this torture. Maybe she’s waiting for him to start; to take control of the situation and get what he wants. At least she hopes that’s what he wants.

Meanwhile, thoughts are racing through his head of how he can instigate this; he needs to wait for the opportune moment and then he will go for it. After his mental pep talk he sighs and adjusts himself so he is lying down and closer to her. The brushing of his arm on her skin sends chills through her body. He has such a strong effect on her. She decides that she is tired of watching this movie and even more tired of waiting for him to touch her. She turns the other way and lies on her stomach, pretending to go to sleep. He looks over at her and wishes he knew what she was thinking; does she want him too?

He decides to lay right next to her. He begins to gently trace her body with his fingertips. He glides them up and down her back, along her arms, against her neck. She is trying to hide it, but this is turning her on. She loves the feeling of him touching her. He pulls her shirt up so that he can feel her soft skin. He traces the lines of her back and he can tell it is affecting her because she is breathing heavier. He thinks to himself, this is my opening.

After what seems like a long time of caressing her body, he begins to kiss the back of her neck. She is very sensitive there and lets out a soft moan that is barely audible. He turns her towards him so that she is lying on her back again. She closes her eyes as he continues to feel her stomach.

He kisses her on the lips and does not stop feeling her. At first it is just soft kisses, but then they start to get more intense. Their tongues begin to touch and their kisses become more passionate. She loves every second of it, but is wanting him to go further, wanting him to touch her breasts and play with her nipples. He just continues to feel everywhere on her but the two spots she wants the most. He knows she is growing impatient but loves to drag it out because it gets her that much more excited.

He can see her nipples getting so hard and he wants to suck on them badly. He decides he can’t wait any longer and gently glides his hand up her belly and under her shirt towards her breasts. He begins to gently touch them and she moans. The sound of her pleasure only makes him harder. He then lightly circles her nipples and rubs them between his fingers. She is in ecstasy. The feeling of her nipples being touched and pinched is so intense that it sends it right down between her legs.

He takes her shirt off and begins to kiss her breasts softly. He then licks her nipple, flicking his tongue against it, making it harder, if that’s even possible. She starts to arch her back a little. She can’t control her body and what it wants. He sucks her nipples for quite a while; he knows how wet it makes her. He can feel his cock getting so big and he can’t wait for what’s to come.

Without stopping his sucking, he glides a hand down her belly and traces the waistline of her panties. He glides his fingers down her inner thighs just the edges of where her thigh and pussy meets. He is teasing her and she knows it. She loves it and hates it at the same time. Her clit is on fire and she just wants him to touch her. As he continues his torturous game, she starts to move her hips around hoping that his hand will slip and give her the relief she needs. He smiles, loving how he can affect her so much with something so simple.

After removing her shorts slowly, he gets his head closer to her panties and begins to blow on her pussy. This drives her wild; she’s now begging him to just touch her, that she’s waited long enough. He finally gives in and rips her panties off. He traces her pussy lips and around her clit but still doesn’t touch it. She whimpers and then he finally rubs it to relieve her. He realizes how swollen it is and how badly she wants him. She is very wet down there and he loves that. He circles her clit with his finger and she convulses at his touch. It feels so good and she can barely handle how intense the feeling is.

He stops for a minute and she looks at him wondering why. He smiles and then kisses her inner thighs slowly until he reaches her pussy. He gently licks her clit and she moans loudly. That turns him on so much that he begins to suck her clit and lick it with his tongue as fast as he can. She knows it’s coming, that indescribable feeling, almost like an explosion between her thighs.

He doesn’t stop; he wants her to cum tonight, many times. He tells her to let go and she does, bursting into an orgasm. It’s so intense that she almost blacks out; all the teasing made her build up to a whole new level. After catching her breath, she just sighs in relief. She knows he is probably dying to have some release too, not to mention the fact that she is only getting started herself.

She pushes him on his back and tells him to relax. She rubs up and down his chest and thinks to herself that she will give him the same treatment he gave her. She glides her fingers under the waist of his pants while slowly kissing down his chest. She then unbuttons his pants so that she can see his boxers. There is a large bulge and the head of his cock is poking out. She then rubs all around his cock but never actually touches it.

He looks at her with desire and his look is so intense that she obeys. She gently rubs along his shaft outside of his boxers. He tilts his head back at the feel of her touch. She then slides her hands underneath his boxers and begins to stroke it. All she can think of is how hard and big it is, and how much she wants it inside her pussy.

After stroking it for a bit, she pulls down his pants and boxers, so that his cock springs free. She is always amazed at how hard and red it gets. She then lowers her head like she’s about to suck it, but instead just lightly brushes her lips against it. He wants it in her mouth so much, but he knows what she’s doing. She blows on the tip and then kisses it. She then gently licks the tip with a flick of her tongue. He gives her that look that he wants more and she can’t help but satisfy him.

She starts to run her tongue in circles around his head. He grabs her hair gently so that it is out of the way. She takes a firm hold of his cock with one hand and massages his balls with her other hand. After licking up and down the length of his cock, she then takes the head in her mouth, but no more than that. It feels so good and he can’t help but moan a little himself. She loves knowing that she can make him feel this way.

He is surprised when all of the sudden she takes his whole cock in her mouth and starts sucking it at a steady pace. He grips onto the covers as he takes pleasure in her warm mouth and wet tongue. Because he is bigger, she has to take some in the back of her throat in order for his whole cock to fit. He holds her head there for a minute savoring the feeling and then releases her so that she can pull it out and do it over again.

After what seems like a long time, he decides that he wants her and he wants her now. He pulls her up on top of him so that she is straddling him with her legs. He pulls her down so that her pussy is touching his cock. She begins to rub her pussy up and down on his shaft. She loves the feeling of her clit rubbing against his hard, warm cock.

She grinds on his cock over and over feeling something rising within her again. She wants that sensation again, she can’t help it. He holds her hips firmly as she moves back and forth. He can feel her thighs squeezing against him and he knows she’s at the brink. She convulses on top of him with another orgasm and he hasn’t even been inside of her yet. As she is cuming, he turns her over and begins to slowly push his cock inside of her. She is so tight and wet. He keeps going until he is all the way inside and just stays there for a moment, soaking it all in.

He kisses her mouth and then her breasts as he begins to move in and out of her wet pussy. She feels like she is going to explode because there is just so much pleasure and intensity at that one little spot where all her nerve endings meet. She doesn’t know if she is even able to physically take that much pleasure. He is so overwhelmed by how good it feels to be inside of her, being as intimate with her as he possibly can.

She moans to him to go harder and faster. He takes her hands and holds them above her head so that her breasts are raised up and bouncing in just the right way. He then begins to fuck her harder and she can’t control her moans anymore. She whispers “fuck me” and that just makes him fuck her as fast as he can. He turns her over and takes her from behind. He knows she likes a light spanking once in a while, so he slaps her ass and she lets out a gasp. She is so wet that she is dripping and he reaches under and begins to rub her clit while he pounds deep into her pussy.

He can feel that he is getting close and he pulls her up so that her back is against his chest. He wraps his arm around her breasts and squeezes her nipple. His other hand is still rubbing her clit. "Man, does he know all the right things to do," she thinks to herself.

As he holds her tightly to him, he thrusts into her as hard and deep as he can and whispers into her ear, “You... are... mine.”

She knows she is close once again, but wants to wait for him. He tells her, in the sexiest voice, “Cum for me baby.”

Hearing this just brings her over the edge and she lets go for a third time, cuming while he is inside her. Feeling her pussy tighten around his cock sends him over the edge too. He squeezes her tightly and cums violently into her, shouting her name. They both collapse onto the bed, exhausted from all the pleasure they had together. They just stare at each other, feeling so amazing and happy.

As he holds her he whispers, “I always knew you liked a good teasing,” and they fall asleep in each other’s arms.

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