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Teasing my neighbour... again

My shy neighbour cums up with the goods at last
I’ve taken on board everybody’s comments and suggestions. Hope you enjoy this. I’ve really let my fantasies run wild.

It was a Wednesday and the day of my next shoot for a lingerie catalogue. The guy who does the photos has been trying to get me to do some private work on the side but so far I’ve turned him down. He’s OK but he has the hots for me and he’s not my type so I think I’ll give it a miss.

Anyway I got up nice and early and had a shower and made myself a quick breakfast of crusty bread and blueberry jam. I would have given anything for some Crunchy Nut Cornflakes but I need to keep in shape for my modelling obviously. I was half way through my coffee when there was a knock on the front door. I was still just wrapped in my towel but my hair was nearly dry. I made sure I was properly tucked in and went to see who it was.

“Oh Greg. Hi!”

“Ummm…yes. Danielle.”

My slightly nerdy neighbour from across the road stood there dithering. I shook my head.

“What is it?” I asked, I’m just getting ready.”

“I…I ummm,…just wondered if you wanted anything from the shop?”

“Awww Greg, come in, you’re letting all the cold air in mate!”

Greg was a sweet guy really but as nervous as a kitten. He was tall and slim, with naturally curly hair. After the last time he had been in my house I was quite impressed that at least he had plucked up the courage to come and see me.

“No, I don’t need anything, but it’s sweet of you to ask.”

“I didn’t think you would, but I think about you every day.”

“Oh Greg! What are you like.”

“I don’t spy on you any more Danielle. I’m sorry about that.”

“Well you’re getting better at it if you are!”

“I’m not!”

“Greg! It’s a joke!”

“Oh yeah sorry.”

“Greg my face is here!”

“I know…I know. They’re just so.”

Greg hadn’t stopped looking at my boobs since he came in. They were a bit obvious under my towel and I was showing a fair bit of cleavage.

“OK…I’ll go then.”

“You don’t want a coffee?”

“Yes OK then!”

He certainly didn’t need a second ask to stay. I looked at my poor garden. The weeds were still tall even though it was November and my hedges needed cutting.

“If you want to do me a favour Greg, you can sort my garden out if you like.”

“Oh yeah, no problem! I’d do anything for you Danielle. I love you.”

“No you don’t!”

“I do. I told you, I can’t stop thinking about you.”

“Greg. You’re starting to sound a bit creepy.”

“I’m sorry. Yes, I’ll do your garden.”

“Thank you. Be more confident Greg. I know you’re a couple of years younger than me, but girls like a man to be a man. Yeah?”

“Yes. Sorry, I just go to pieces around you.”

“OK I’ll let you off,” I said, rolling my eyes.

I thought about the time he was here before in my bedroom. I knew how big he was and I quite liked his shyness in one way, but I didn’t fancy having him cum after a second again.

I gave him the coffee and then stroked his arm. He was lean and sinewy. His muscles were so firm. He looked down into my eyes as I lifted his T shirt and patted his toned stomach. If only he could last I would have loved to have that huge weapon inside my tight little pussy. He started to breath deeply as my hands traced around his waist. His jeans were low slung and I could see the top of his male V. He really was fit.

“I like the way you touch me Danielle.”

“I bet you do.”

He put his hand out and touched my towel.

“Hey, wait till you’re invited Greg.”

“Sorry!” He said, as his hand shot back. I could see the outline of his cock now too.

“Stop saying sorry!”

“Sor… Ha ha…OK, it‘s a habit.”

“How tall are you Greg?”

“Six foot three.”

“Hmmm…I thought you must be about that.”

“Do you like tall men?” He asked.

“I don’t mind them. Greg, you know I’m into girls don’t you?”

“Are you?”

“Yes, but I don’t mind a nice thick cock from time to time.”

I saw his Adam’s apple bob and his eyes were virtually burning through my towel.

“What do you think about when you masturbate?” I asked.

His eyes widened at my question and his mouth opened as if he’d seen a ghost.

“I…I think about you.”

“Greg, if I let you do things today, would you last a bit longer?”

“Yes!” He said confidently. “Yes I will. I don’t want to disappoint you,” he said.

I took his hand and my eyes didn’t leave his as I led him to the tuck in my towel. I dragged his hand down and my towel fell away.

“Oh fuck! You’re so beautiful!” Said Greg

I took his right hand again and guided his fingers between my legs.

“See how wet I am Greg! I want you to talk dirty to me while you fuck me.”

You do?"

“Yes, it turns me on Greg.”

“Oh right…yes.”

“I’m serious Greg, I want to be your little fuck toy this morning, so I can go out with a smile on my face.”

Greg Grabbed his huge cock through his trousers and I knew it would have to come out. His dick is massive. I unbuttoned his trousers and unzipped the fly. I had a shock as his huge tool sprang out. He had gone commando.

“Oh bloody ’ell! Greg. I forgot just how big you are!”

“It’s not full up yet Danielle.”

“Like I said before Greg, just go slowly until I say... OK?”

“Yes of course!”

“Would you like to kiss my boobs Greg?”

He let out a loud gasp and pushed me against the sink and the next thing, he scooped my tits up and was kissing them all over. He was making this whining noise like a little puppy. I took his cock in my hand and wanked him a bit. I’m thinking ’please don’t cum!’ He was now sucking on my tits, I’ve never seen a man so eager. As his lips drew on my nipples deeply I felt my pussy begin to tingle and I got wetter and wetter. I took his other hand and forced his fingers into my dripping wet cunt. I was getting properly turned on. Even more so as he stood up and started kissing my neck. His breath was so hot and I wasn’t far off being ready to take his super duper dick.

I didn’t need to give him any more inspiration, he held my waist and turned me round and fondled my tits. He kissed my neck softly and I began to melt under him. His cock was rubbing between my labia and I had to have him in me, I was properly gagging for him.

“OK, OK Greg, let me bend forward.”

“Oh Danielle.”

“Ah Greg yes! Easy…just aaaahhhhh yes!”

“Aaaaaawwwhhhh! Danielle!”

His cock was so big and he plunged it in. Because I was so wet and so aroused he slipped in. My tight little cunt was stretched and filled up, but it was beautiful. I could feel my pussy trembling inside as his cock went in. He had his hands round my tiny waist and I could hear him draw in a deep breath as he pulled out and jabbed his cock into me again..and then again. He was snorting like some beast as he fucked me and I just gripped onto my sink with my hair over my eyes, whimpering with pleasure.

I asked him to talk dirty and he did and it so turned me on. I don’t know how I survived that huge penis, but it was a pleasurable pain if you know what I mean. What am I saying…it was fucking awesome, my whole body was turning into one big orgasm

“Danielle… you dirty fucking slut… you little bitch!”

“Aaaaahhhh…aaaaah…eeeee….ooooh..Greg…Ooooh!” I cried. I had to jam my fist jammed into my mouth as he went deeper.

“You little fuck bunny slut…fucking dirty fucking whore! I love you… you little slut! Aaaahh”

“Hhhmmm…yes! Greg! Oh fuck Greg! I’m coming! Greg fuck bastard!”

"Yes! I'll fuck you you little bitch! You dirty little fucking slut! Aah Danielle, it's sooo good!"

I’ve never felt so used in such a wonderful way. My little body like a doll, waggling around under his thrusts!

“Danielle…I’m…I’m oh fuck…hnnnnngh!”

I wanted him to keep going, to keep his cock inside me while I had the biggest and best orgasm I have ever had. His cock was hitting my cervix as he opened me right up. His girth was so big that he was rubbing my clitoris and my G spot at the same time and I just screamed in pleasure... beyond pleasure and I came big time! My body was actually shaking!

I half passed out for a second but then I heard Greg and he might have been an animal as he was groaning so loudly and a second later I felt my bum being covered with a shower of red hot spunk.

“Ooooooooooooohhhh Danielle! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…Yessssssssssssssss!”

“Oooh Greg! Is that good?!”

“Ooooh Danielle…oh fuck!!!”

He turned me round and held me - half lifted me in a bear hug, and nearly squeezed the life out of me as his spunk dribbled off my bum onto the floor!

He didn’t stay too long, because I really needed to crack on, they don’t like me being late for a shoot. He gave me a little cuddle and kissed me on the cheek before he left.

“Sorry about all those things I said Danielle, I got carried away.”

“Awww that’s OK Greg, it was sexy! I didn’t know you had it in you to be honest.”

“I know. I surprised myself,” said Greg.

I shut the door behind him and rushed up stairs to get made up.

I arrived just on time at the studios and I think the camera guy wondered why I was so happy. He actually had to tell me to stop smiling so much!

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