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Teasing my tutor

Sometimes a girl just has to get what she wants
I was in my last year at college. Although I was studying history and politics, it was English that I was focused on really. I wanted to get three A levels to take to uni, but I was determined to get an A in English. I had already surprised my tutors by scoring 50 out of 50 in my spelling test at the induction. No one had ever got 100 percent before! I was so proud of myself. I must admit, I had to think twice about ‘separate.’ I had this urge to put three Es in there but a little voice told me it was wrong. I’m glad I followed my spelling fairy and not my instincts. This story isn’t about blowing my own trumpet, but about a naughty little interlude just before my final exams.

Cory was a bright, young Irish teacher who, for whatever reason was plunged in the deep end with the crazy bunch that resided in my English group. We were a little collective of students who had been allowed to read and learn together because we were being held back by the mainstream tutorials. There was only five of us, three girls and two guys. I don’t know if there was something in the water that year but we were crazy about the language. I partied hard at weekends with Gemma and Aisha but during the week I absorbed myself in English. Cory helped us. He steered us in the right direction when we got stuck. He gave us help and advice, making sure we used the college resources to their best. He was clever and he was also hot.

I had only had a couple of experiences with guys, three if you count my blow job in the library. Shortly after that, I went out with this one guy and after succumbing to his smooth talk, we did it in his car and then back at his house. It was OK, but I didn’t like the way he thought I was his property. He got angry if another guy looked at me. I knew pretty quickly that he wasn’t my type and I went back to Gemma and her unequivocal affection. I asked her to forgive me for straying, but she said there was nothing to forgive. She knew I was bisexual and accepted it. She was and is my closest friend. We remained lovers until I went to uni and then inevitably we found other people. Even now I’m with Laura, she is always there for me. That’s true friendship.

Anyway back to the story. Cory like I said was a bit hot. He had mousy hair, which always was kind of straggly and he had a permanent stubble as if he had missed a day’s shave. He was perfect. Masculine without being macho and good-looking without trying. The first time I saw him, I think I went a bit gooey.

One day he came and sat next to me on the sofa where I was reading by a drinks machine. I got a gorgeous whiff of his body spray and I wanted to leap on him. I didn’t obviously but I suddenly found it hard to concentrate. He asked me if I was OK and while I was more than happy, I didn’t want him to just wander off. There was an article about a ship that had run aground. I had to make something up quickly, to retain his attention.

“Yeah Cory, I’m glad you’re here. What’s the difference between floundered and foundered?” I asked. I knew full well what the difference was, but it was the best I could come up with. He looked at me quizzically and I wonder even now if I’d been rumbled.

“Foundered means sunk or stuck on the rocks. Floundered means it was just in trouble.”

“Ah OK, that makes sense now,” I said, looking into his kind green eyes.

He looked at me and smiled. His eyes roved downwards, pausing briefly on my boobs, which were squashed inside my yellow pullover and then settled on my legs. I was in tights and my shortest denim skirt. He looked me in the eyes again and apart from actually saying, ‘I want to fuck you,’ his face told me everything. I had butterflies and I think he was getting a wood on, but he was carrying a sheaf of papers, which strategically hid the vital part.

“OK Danielle. I better be seeing if I can be of any use somewhere else.”

“OK Cory. Thanks for clarifying the vocabulary.”

I looked up at him as he got to his feet. I pulled my pullover by the hem, which made my boobs more obvious, as if they had swelled under my top. He coughed awkwardly and wandered off taking with him my sweetest smile and memories of the best bit of cleavage he would see all day.

Because Cory was young, but a few years older than me and because he was my tutor I felt very naughty contemplating my teenage desires. I so wanted to feel his hands on my bum. I craved to look down on his tussled hair as she sucked my breasts. I knew it was not going to happen, but the thought that it just might…well it made me wet. I wasn’t a virgin now. I had knowledge of boys and girls and I loved to tease. When I was 16 walking to school in my uniform, I hated it when blokes whistled at me. I couldn’t help it if my bum made my skirt that bit shorter. Was it my fault that my shirt didn’t quite fit because my boobs had exploded since my Mum paid for it? Now though, being 18, I was different. I didn’t have a uniform anymore but I could dress just as teasingly - if not more so. Whereas the uniform had guidelines - sort of, at college you could wear what you liked. Well almost.

When I dressed for college on that late spring morning, with the sun bleaching my curtains, I thought solely of Cory. We had a one on one session in the morning. It was to go through the essay I had submitted. I had written about the changing styles in female magazines between 1958 and 2008. It was a bit saucy to be honest. I had dwelled a little on the sexy images in monthlies like Cosmopolitan and Vogue. I hoped he liked it. I wanted to impress him.

So there I was ready for college. Showered and sassy. I had on my skimpiest white panties and my most up-pushing bra. My dress was short, but not too short. It was decent but still enough to make the male car drivers sound their horns as I walked the half mile to college. My white knee socks were mid thigh being only five feet three, but I turned them down so they came to just above my knee. My hair was fluffy and blew gently in the breeze.

“Wow baby! You look hot!” Said Gemma in our tutor group that morning.

“Thank you! I got my essay debrief with Cor…Mr Flaherty.”

“Hmmm…you smell good too!” Said Gemma, as she nuzzled my ear at the back of the class.

“Do you think he’ll notice me?” I asked.

“Notice you! He’ll be drooling baby!” Said Gemma.

“Ha ha good!”

I gave Gemma a kiss on the cheek and I went to see Cory in his little office at the far end of college. I gave myself a last minute check in the girls’ room, to make sure my socks were exactly level and to make sure I had just the right amount of boobabge on show. I knocked on his door and waited. There was the gentle ‘come in’ from his smooth Irish voice and I turned the handle.

“Good morning Danielle! I was…”

He looked at my legs as he spoke and his voice just tailed off as he gradually measured me with his eyes.

“Morning Sir. You were saying?”

“Sir? Why, you know I don’t do the formalities Danielle.”

“Oh yes, I forgot.”

I sniggered as he looked into my eyes. I could see the effort in his face, trying not to look at my breasts. He lasted a few seconds and then he just had to have a peek.

“Sit down then and we’ll go through this essay, there‘s a few…”

His voice went again as I took my seat and crossed my legs. His gaze was attracted immediately by my legs and the amount of exposed thigh, which was revealed by my short summer dress. I looked at him and smiled with my eyes. He continued praise me on my work. I fumbled with the top button of my dress as he spoke. I wasn’t taking anything in. I was mesmerised by his lilt and his lovely emerald eyes. All the time as he summarised my essay he was glancing down to my boobs. I was starting to feel very, very horny. It was about time he saw a bit more of me.

“It’s a bit warm in here? Don’t you think?” I said.

“It’s going to be a pearler of a day. I’ll open a window,” he said.

As he turned to let some air in I undid the next two buttons of my dress and pulled my hem up, so that sitting as I was, he would actually see my right bum cheek. He turned and looked at me and did a double take. It was as if he was trying to work out what had changed. Was I really showing that much breast before? Could he really see half my ass all of a sudden?

“Are you OK Cory?” I asked. “You’ve gone a bit pale.”

“Yeah..I'm fine.”

My young tutor looked distinctly uncomfortable and loosened the top button of his shirt. It was exactly the reaction I had wanted and it just made me feel even naughtier. He sat down again and resumed his appraisal of my work. As he spoke, I listened intently but uncrossed my legs. I sat with them slightly apart and slid one hand slowly up my left leg. Cory paused and looked down and then looked at me.

“It’s OK, I’m listening Sir…I mean Cory.”

He began to speak again, but was totally distracted as my hand disappeared under my dress.

“Danielle?” He said.

“Hmmm…?” I said, as my fingers found the damp gusset of my panties.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m touching myself Sir. Your voice it’s so…sexy!”

“Oh gosh! You are too!”

I opened my legs wider showing him my fingers, which had passed the flimsy cotton and were now working their way into my wet pussy.

“Does it turn you on Cory?” I said.

“Danielle you shouldn’t….we shouldn’t!”

I put my finger to my lips to shush him and then I stood up. His face was like a bunny caught in the headlights as I unfastened the next three buttons on my dress. I stood right in front of him, my boobs level with his nose and squished my cleavage into his face. I took his left hand and guided it up the back of my leg. He groaned as his nose and lips were pressed between my boobs. I was getting so wet and my pussy ached for a stiff cock.

“Danielle…we can’t do this!” He said.

“I know!” I said, as I slid my dress over my shoulders and unfastened my bra. My bra slipped forward and I stood before him in nothing but my panties and knee high socks. I held the back of his head, pawing his brown hair as his lips closed over my nipple. I moaned plaintively as my pussy began to melt into a pot of runny honey. His mouth was so gentle. The way he sucked on my boobs was amazing.

“Don’t leave this one out Sir,” I said as I lifted my other boob to his lips. As he sucked, his hands stroked my legs and then he felt around the back, squeezing my plum bum cheeks. He teased them in his palms, stroking the fine cotton of my panties over them and then he began to draw them down. As he removed my knickers, he slid out of his chair and rubbed his nose into the front of my pubes. He stroked two fingers between my legs and I heard his breath draw in sharply through his nose.

“I’m not going till you fuck me Sir,” I said, running my fingers through his hair again.

He stood up and locked the door to his office. I hadn’t realised it wasn’t locked. He turned back to me and unbuttoned his cords. They seemed to fall down his legs in slow motion. I watched, licking my lips as he pulled his hard on through his striped boxer shorts. He was circumcised and shiny. It was only the second cock I had ever seen but it looked perfect to me. Pink and sleek and as hard as rock.

I bent over his desk and lay my hands flat on the red leather top. I heard him gasp briefly and then let out a long groan as he slipped his length into my sopping wet pussy. I gave a little yelp and then covered my mouth to muffle my moans as his cock began to slide back and forth into my hot, slippery cunt. He was so considerate at first, probing me gently, but as his groans became deeper, he weighed one of my boobs in his hand and thrust harder, pushing me into his desk. My hands spread out sending papers and stuff flying as I sprawled out, moaning with delight.

I began to pant, wanting to cry out but somehow holding back as he pounded my little pussy. It was so good and he was fucking me so beautifully, holding my hips so he could bang me into oblivion. I was holding onto his desk, my boobs squashed onto the cool surface, savouring every thrust of his rampant, hard cock. I wasn’t going to last much longer. I was so turned on and stuffed my fingers into my mouth as I came. If I hadn’t I knew someone would be knocking on his door!

My body popped and jerked with my pre-orgasm, as his gasps and groans grew more fervid. He was growling and snarling, punctuated by my whimpers as his cock jerked my body against the desk. I’m not exaggerating when I say I was screaming inside as I went into orgasm. My whole body was one huge spasm and I could feel my pussy trembling. As I had the most delicious orgasm, I heard the tone of his voice change and then a second later I felt my bum spattered with spurt after spurt of hot man cum.

“Oh Danielle!”


“What have we done Danielle…what have we done!”

“We had sex!” I said as I wiped the spunk from my bum.

“Will you tell anyone?!” He said.

I stood on tip toes and kissed his nose.

“Don’t be silly Cory! I like you. Why would I do that!”

“OK well OK. But it must never happen again!”

“No. Of course not!” I said.

He fucked me three more times before I left college. Once in his office and twice in his home. I’ve not used his real name for obvious reasons. I sometimes wonder if he’s still teaching. I hope so. He was one of the good ones! Oh and if you’re wondering about the essay. I got an A with merit.

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