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Teasing Tyler

Never knew my mouth could get me into so much trouble.
My boyfriend, Tyler, and I sat lounging on my couch one Friday morning. All my roommates were off at work, in a class, or with their own significant others. We were watching a documentary for a class that I couldn't care less for and I was feeling a bit mischievous.

Tyler was very into the documentary and I knew he needed to pay attention to it, but I still took upon myself to entertain myself the best way I could. I took Tyler's middle finger into my mouth and began to suck and lick it very seductively. The way he looked at me was priceless. Pure shock and lust passed over her handsome face. I smiled an innocent smile and continued to suck on his finger.

He did his best to ignore me, but I did my best to hold his attention. After about twenty minutes of him repeating, "You're gonna get it little girl..." over and over, he snatched up the remote and flicked the TV off. I jumped up off my couch and ran to my bedroom attempting to lock the door behind me before he could get to it. He, however, was faster and stronger so he easily pushed it open.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'll stop I promise," I yelled trying to not giggle, and knowing full well I was about to get it.

"I know you're sorry," he whispered in my ear and grabbed the bottom of my tank top before pulling it over my head.

"I said I was sorry dammit," I yelled again, as he unhooked my bra and tossed it off to the side.

"Mmmhm, I know you are babe," he said, as he kissed up my neck and ran his hands over my chest taking the time to pinch both of my nipples before leading me over the side of my bed.

I laid there on my stomach shocked at this side of Tyler. He was usually so quiet and relaxed. Just when I thought he had come to his senses he grabbed my shorts and pulled them to the side. He then shoved one of his fingers into my pussy and started to work it in and out.

I gasped and clung to the bed trying my best not to slide right onto the floor in ecstasy. He kept working my pussy like pro and I was ready to explode.
Out of nowhere he stopped and yanked my shorts off. When nothing happened for a few seconds I stood up only to have his push me back down and grab my hips before ramming his cock into me. I moaned and grabbed my bed again, this time hanging on for dear life, terrified that I'd shoot off like a rocket at any second.

Every couple minutes I'd moan and say I was sorry or just I'm sorry. Every time I said it, he'd pound me harder, so I kept it up. I was loving this side of Tyler. After awhile I could feel one hell of an orgasm building inside me and I could tell that Tyler was ready to blow too.

I braced myself on the bed with my hands and began shoving my hips back at Tyler's. He started groaning and pulled my body up so he could squeeze my nipples as he was thrusting into me. I was all but screaming at the top of my lungs and begging him to give me what I wanted.

Finally in one final, strong thrust Tyler emptied his cum into me. The feeling of him blowing inside me sent me into another amazing orgasm and I screamed once more.

Tyler all but fell on top of me panting and trying to catch his breath. I rolled out from under him and sat up smiling.

"Babe...." he sighed.

"Yes Tyler?"

"I told you you were gonna get it," he smiled.

"I know you did. That was amazing Tyler."

I giggled and leaded forward to kiss him before going to stand up. He grabbed me and pulled me on top of him so that I was straddling him.

"Who said I was done with you yet?" he asked before flipping me over and pinning me back on my bed.

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