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She dances as she fixes dinner, he watches until his hunger is for more than food...
She wouldn't turn around. I knew she knew I was there. But she wouldn't turn around. I leaned my shoulder against the door frame and watched her move around the kitchen. She wore the shortest skirt she had, the tightest tank top that was in her drawer. Her movements were fluid. I had turned on the music she liked to make love to. She wore the outfit she was sure would tempt me. I pushed off the frame, silently stepping behind her. Her breath caught, the pulse in her neck fluttering wildly.

My hands gripped her hips, my erection tight against her ass. I slid my hands up her sides and over her shoulders. My right hand slid down her right arm, pulling the spoon from her hand. I laid it down on the stove.

My fingers laced through hers. My other hand slid from her shoulder back to her waist. My fingers splayed over her stomach.

Slowly, I started rocking my hips back and forth, humming in her ear. She sighs, relaxing against me, swaying her hips in time with mine.

I draw our joined hands towards her heart, resting them over her breast. Softly, lingeringly, I glide our hands in a circle over the soft swell, making the circles smaller and smaller until we are only teasing the pert nipple poking through her top.

A soft moan slips from her lips. I know how sensitive her nipples are, how much she loves to have them touched and played with.

My hand covering her stomach slides low, settling over the curls I know are starting to dampen with her need. I use the tips of my fingers to tease her skin at the crease of her thigh, not touching where she most wants me. Teasing is part of the game.

The movement of her hips goes from swaying to rotating so that the curves of her ass brush against my straining cock. I clench my jaw to stop the groan I know she wants to hear.

I move our joined hands from her breast, twirling her around to face me. I pull her tight against my body, still rocking my hips back and forth, My thigh slips between hers.

I change the rocking of my hips to making a wide circle, pressing my cock against her mound. Her head falls back, her passion-laden eyes staring up at my face. I lower my head to brush soft kisses over her lips. Her head follows mine when I pull away, trying to capture my lips. It's all about the tease.

The music changes, getting more aggressive. Our tempo picks up with the change in music.

Our breath is coming faster, harsher.

The music changes again, we've drifted towards the wall. I push her against it, covering her body with mine. My lips move over her neck, my teeth tug at her ear. She pants, her breath warm against my chest.

I move my hands to her thighs, lifting her to wrap her legs around my waist. I press my hard jean-clad cock against her weeping, bare pussy. I pump my hips, letting the coarse fabric rub over the sensitive folds. Her back arches as she whimpers. She's ready, I know she is. But I continue to tease her as I tease myself.

Reaching between us, I unfasten my jeans. My hard cock springs free, already wet with my pre-cum. I lift her, slightly, bringing her back down to take my cock inside her. She cries out, I groan. The heat enveloping my cock is fucking amazing.

She rides my cock as I thrust into her. My mouth covers hers, my tongue slides between her lips.

I feel the walls of her pussy starting to ripple with her coming orgasm. I increase my thrusts, sliding harder inside her. She pulls her mouth from mine, screaming as her pussy clamps down on my rigid cock. I pump twice more and spill my seed deep inside her.

Her head drops to my shoulder as she gasps for air. I lean heavily against her as I relearn how to breathe.

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