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Teen Diaries 12 - Foreplay in Class

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Jill gets turned on in class by another student
My name is Jill and I'm a 17 year old senior at John Deer High. My favorite class is Mrs. Jung's English class, but my assigned seat is in the back corner, second to last seat. I'm a pretty good student and always pay attention, but the guy who sits behind me, Cliff, is disruptive and sometimes even gets kicked out of class by the teacher. He's what we call a "Super Senior" because he's repeating the grad. He's 19 and kind of cute, but always seemed like such a jerk.

Anyway, yesterday I went to school wearing a thong hoping to impress Doug, who I've been hoping would ask me to prom. Doug didn't seem to notice and it was really bothering me. So much so that I was barely paying attention in Mrs. Jung's class. I kept hearing snickering behind me from Cliff and the guy who sits next to him, but I ignored it. However I couldn't ignore when his hands started rubbing my hips. My shirt raised up and my lower back was showing. I leaned forward and pulled my shirt down before sitting back again. That's when his hands started rubbing my shoulders.

His shoulder massage felt so good and relieved all of my tension from the stress of Doug not noticing me. My breathing became very deep as I relaxed, ignoring Mrs. Jung reading an old Sherlock Holmes story to us. His hands moved to the middle of my back, and eventually down to my hips again. I was so relaxed I didn't care. But then I felt his hands slip a little into my jeans and pull my tong up. I realized he must have noticed it earlier and that's probably what he and his friend were laughing about earlier.

I reached back and tucked it back in, but he stuck a finger under the "whale tale" in back and was gently pulling and releasing. It caused my panties to tighten against my vagina and then release. I looked around, nobody else was looking except for Cliff's friend. It felt really good as he made the fabric press my clit and release it. Even the feeling of the back of his finger against my lower back felt great.

I sat there in a daze, trying to control my breathing so nobody could tell I was aroused. As he continued to do it for the next ten minutes I could feel my pussy becoming incredibly wet. When the bell rang, Cliff leaned in and said, "Follow me." I did, noticing his cute butt in his jeans. He had a black t-shirt with a metal band on it. He had short black hair and a lot of dark arm hair on his strong forearms. He led me to a room on the third floor of the school. Inside there was a desk, a lot of old encyclopedias, and a nasty couch.

"What is this room?" I asked.

"It used to be a teacher's lounge. Now it's just kind of a storage room I guess. Nobody ever comes here. I found it sophomore year," Cliff said as he took his shirt off, revealing his very hairy chest which was surprisingly muscular. He didn't look all that built with his shirt on. He walked up to me and started making out with his tongue in my mouth as he unbuttoned my pants and slid them down to my knees. He immediately started rubbing my pussy and started to smile.

"Fuck I made you really wet!" he said, as he started to finger it. I stood there, moaning as he pushed my lips open with his fingers. It felt amazing, as I started to unbutton his pants and dropped them down. His boner was sticking out of his plaid boxers. It was maybe seven inches long and normal thickness. He had some precum dripping from it.

"Looks like I made you wet too." He looked down at it and smiled at me.

"You've been making me wet all year," he said as he walked me to the couch and had me sit down. The fabric was so rough on my bare ass. He lifted my shirt over my head and took off my bra, sucking each nipple a little before burying his face in my crotch. He was plunging his tongue in my pussy and I put my hands on his head, rubbing his hair as I moaned. Then he stood up and turned me around as he mounted me.

"You need a condom. I'm not on birth control," I told him.

"I don't have one, but I'll pull out," he said as he spread me open. My hands uncontrollably braced myself on his shoulders as I felt my pussy get opened up. It had been a while since I last had sex and my ex was smaller than Cliff in every way. I was gasping and wincing in pain and pleasure as he pushed himself all the way inside me, his big balls against my ass. He started humping me, and I could only think about how if he told others about this he would say he took me to "pound town."

All of the foreplay and tension leading to this moment cause me to cum really fast and I started screaming, holding him close to me as he said, "Oh fuck yes," over and over. My toes were uncontrollably curling so tightly that I felt a muscle spasm in my left foot.

Cliff suddenly pulled out and pushed my legs over my head, burying his face in my pussy and sticking his tongue in again. It made my orgasm even more extreme as I continued to cum for at least another ten seconds. When it was over, he wrapped my legs around his waist again and kissed me, my juices all over his face.

He put his dick in me again and went to town, fucking me so hard, my boobs were bouncing so hard they hurt. I grabbed them to hold them still, but he grabbed my wrists and held them down, watching them bounce as he started to grunt and moan. His face was turning red and I could tell he was on the verge of cumming. Suddenly he pulled out and jumped up. He moved so fast I barely had time to react when he straddled my face and stuck his dick in my mouth.

"Suck on it, oh fuck, suck on it!" he shouted as he started to grunt and his sticky salty jizz filled my mouth. I could feel his cock pulsing against my closed lips as I sucked it all out and swallowed it in a big gulp. He got off me and gave my beat up pussy a pat with his hand as he grabbed his clothes and started getting dressed. I followed his lead.

"Please don't tell anybody about this. I don't ever have random hookups and I don't want people to think I'm a slut."

"Oh don't worry," he assured me, "I won't tell anybody... if you'll go to the prom with me."

Doug clearly wasn't interested, so in the heat of the moment I said yes.

Only problem now is what my friends will think. Cliff isn't the kind of guy I would ever date, let alone take to prom. Oh well, maybe he'll find a way to spice things up like he did that day.

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