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Teen Diaries 2: The Babysitter's Husband

Vanessa seduces her babysitter's husband
My name is Vanessa and I'm 16, definitely too old for a babysitter. But my seven year old brother needs one and my parents have been hiring Joan since I was little. She's kind of like family and I was even the flower girl at her wedding when she married Brian three years ago. He often came with her while she babysat and would work on his laptop or watch TV.

Brian was super tall at 6'3", especially compared to my 5'4". He's very stocky and wide, with muscle and fat. I usually find chunky guys a turn off, but something about Brian always turned me on. He's a lot older than me at 32, but that made him feel safe and secure to me. He was my first big crush and I'd been dreaming of him for so long. So when Joan took my brother to a friend's birthday party last Saturday and Brian was left alone at home with me, I really couldn't fight the pent-up frustration.

I changed into a white tank top with no bra and checked in the mirror to make sure that my pink nipples showed through. It was a little too tight for my 34C chest. I put on a pleated jean skirt and thong and shook my blonde hair to give it a tussled look before heading downstairs. He was sitting on the couch writing a report on his laptop. When he looked up at me with his gray eyes, I noticed them look me over and stop at my chest.

"Hey Brian," I said, in a sweet voice.

"How's it going, Vanessa?"

"Well... you went to medical school, right?"

"No, I studied sports science. It's a lot different. Everything OK?"

I had concocted a story hoping it would get us close together. "Well, I've been having these really bad charley horses in my left leg. I just had one and it hurts to walk now."

"Oh, it's probably a growing pain. I used to get them too. It will help if you do leg stretches in the morning and also after you get a muscle spasm."

"OK. So stretching should do it? Can you show me how I should be stretching?"

He set his laptop on the coffee table and got off the couch to sit on the floor. I sat down too with my legs tucked under me. He made a V with his legs and reached his right arm to his right toe. "This is a pretty basic stretch. Have you done this in gym class?"

"Yes. Lots of times. I didn't realize this could help." I untucked my legs and spread them, revealing my silky white panties under my skirt as I leaned over to touch my toes. I looked at him to see if his eyes were in my crotch. They were and I tried my hardest not to smirk. I didn't want him to know I was trying to seduce him in case he didn't want to be with me like that.

Brian stopped stretching and bent his knees, crossing his arms over them as he watched me stretch. "Try to reach your hand as far past your toes as you can." I leaned forward more, getting down closer to my leg and stretching my fingers a little past my toes. Then he told me to stretch the other side, which I did as he watched.

"Does that feel better?"

"A little, but it still really hurts under my knee."

"Oh here, let me help you stretch that. This is something athletes do with a trainer before games. Lie down on your back."

I laid down on the living room rug on my back. He grabbed my right ankle and raised my leg in the air and told me to keep my leg straight as he slowly pushed it closer to my chest. He got it about 6 inches from my shoulder and then he rested my ankle on his shoulder and leaned in to put weight on it. He was basically over me in a sexual position and I was more turned on than I'd ever been before in my life.

"How does that feel?"

"So good, Brian. Can you please do my other leg?"

He sat back on his knees and switched my legs. I noticed him look up my skirt again, hoping he could tell it was a thong now. He had a smirk on his face as he pushed my other leg close to my chest. I took a few deep breaths and raised my arms above my head, lifting my chest off the ground and taking a deep breath. I looked at his eyes, which were focused on my breasts with his mouth slightly open. His smell was so intoxicating, even his breath smelled amazing.

"How is that?"

"That feels so good. Can you do it with both legs at the same time?"

He got back on his knees and started to lift both my legs. I was so glad to see him glance at my crotch again. With both legs up, it would be obvious it was a thong. I was also hoping he could see a dark spot where my wetness had touched my panties. He leaned into me with my legs on his shoulders, his head in between. I let out a moan and closed my eyes as I put my hands on his shoulders. He pushed his hips down into me and I could feel his boner through his pants.

"Uhh.... everything OK?"

"Don't stop, Brian..."

"Hey, this is getting a little weird... Are you trying to make a move?" He got up and sat on his knees again. I rolled onto my stomach to get on my knees and turn to face him.

"I'm sorry Brian..." I looked down at his knees, trying not to look at the obvious boner in his jeans. "I'm not trying to come between you and Joan. I've just got the biggest crush on you. I have dreams about you that make me so hot that I have to touch myself. I just thought that if I could get close to you alone, you might feel that way too... I'm such an idiot."

He leaned in close and grabbed my shoulders with his big hands. "That's very flattering. You've grown into such a beautiful young woman and I'd be lying if I didn't say I found you attractive. But I'm married and you're so young. I don't want to take any experiences from you that you should be having with guys your own age."

"Oh, I'm not a virgin if that's what you're implying."

His eyebrows raised. I could tell he was getting dirty thoughts. I started rubbing his big arms as he leaned in and kissed me. It was amazing! My whole body turned boiling hot and it was better than I dreamed it could be. His hands started rubbing my boobs and he stuck a finger down my cleavage as he pulled my tank top down to let them out. He went crazy, sucking my nipples, pinching them, biting them gently while I moaned. I reached my hand under his shirt and he took it off. His chest was so much hairier than I dreamed it was. His hair was all over, even on the top of his shoulders and back. He stood up quickly and dropped his pants and boxers. He had a huge dick! I expected it to be big since he was so tall, but this was a monster!

I stared at it with my mouth open as he took a step forward. "Have you ever sucked a dick?" I nodded my head and licked my lips as I looked up at him. It was such a gorgeous sight as I took his dick in my right hand and started kissing the big head. I put it between my lips and sucked it in and out, taking it deeper until it touched my throat. Then I rubbed my mouth along the side of the entire shaft to make it all wet with my spit. I returned to sucking it as I jerked the rest of his dick. He pulled it out and wrapped one arm under my arm, the other under my knees and he carried me upstairs to my room. He laid me on the bed and took my panties and skirt off. He started licking my pussy up and down from my clit to my hole, back and forth. He pressed his thumbs on either side of my lips and spread them, then spit on it. He stood up and pinned me underneath him as he pushed it in. I tried to relax my muscles, but his massive size made me tense up as it pushed in my little hole. He stopped and looked concerned.

"Are you OK?"

"I've waited too long for this moment to not continue. Get it in and I'll let you know if I need to stop."

He continued to push in and out, deeper and deeper, and I bit my lip, taking the pain. His dick was so wide and it hurt, but I could feel it also hitting all of my pleasure points at the same time, harder than it ever had before. I couldn't believe how good that felt. Brian leaned in and kissed me deep and hard, sticking his tongue in my mouth. I sucked on it and tried to get as much of his spit as I could. It tasted so good. Then he sucked on my boobs and I lost it, cumming hard on his dick. He started to smile wide as I did. He reached under my ass and grabbed me and picked me up, still on his dick. He sat down on the bed and laid down and started humping me cowgirl style, grabbing my hips and watching my boobs bounce as I enjoyed it. Then he slowed down for a minute.

"Are you on birth control?"


"Oh OK. I'll pull out when I need to."

He lifted my hips off his cock and put me on my knees as he got behind me and pushed it in doggy style. His big dick made me cum again after a few minutes, after he had reached between my legs and rubbed my clit as he rocked me. Then he pulled out and started to moan and I turned around and put my mouth around his cock. He blasted his load into my mouth and I felt his cock throb with each blast. It filled up my mouth and I swallowed. More kept coming and I kept swallowing until it was done as he moaned and said, "Fuck yes, Joan never wants it in her mouth."

I let go of his big dick and looked up at him. "I'd be happy to take it in my mouth anytime you want."

"I think it's obvious we can never tell anybody about this. But maybe someday soon we will be alone together."

"I hope so."

"Well one thing's for sure... I'll be coming here with Joan a lot more in case she ever takes your brother out again."

With that, he went back downstairs to get dressed and do more work as I curled up in bed and relaxed, so happy that I had finally got fucked by Brian. The taste of his cum lingered in my mouth and while it was bitter, I didn't want to get rid of it anytime soon.

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