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Tempted, Teased and Tied Up - The Conclusion

Part 4

Once in the car I reach to the dashboard GPS and enter an address. I don’t tell you what’s at the address or where it is, but rather just tell you to follow the directions. 

The directions will lead us to a hotel in the city. It’s a nice elegant suite with a view of the lights of the city. I know this evening will end soon but I’ve rented the suite for the weekend, plenty of time for additional fooling around. 

As we drive down the highway I slip my heels off and turn sideways in my seat and rest my back against the door. I stretching my legs out and let my feet come to rest in your lap. I open my coat and spread my knees giving you a nice view of my lace thong and start to use my feet to playfully rub your penis through your pants. 

You unzip your pants and free your penis and I continue caressing you with my stocking covered feet. My fingers are rubbing my clit and playing with my pussy when my next climax starts. 

The timing of my climax was perfect, just as we were turning off the highway and into the hotel garage. My mind was in another place when the GPS interrupted the sounds in the car by saying in a British women’s accent, “Arriving at your destination”. If she only knew how right she was. 

You stop the car in the underground parking garage next to the elevators. Composing ourselves and tucking everything back where it belongs before we walk to the elevators and kiss before the door opens. Stepping in I press the floor number, 32, with a smile on my face, knowing that it will take a little time to reach our floor. 

As the elevator starts to move I lean into you and let my coat open. My fingers are already working the zipper of your pants and freeing you again even before the elevator start moving. With your penis in my hands I rise up on my toes and kiss you. Lovingly stroking your shaft and caressing your balls as the elevators goes up the shaft. I figured that thirty two floors isn’t enough time to get you to climax but more than enough for yet another tease and another period of time where you get excited but can’t release. 

I spend the next minute holding your penis in my hands or between my thighs. As I feel the elevator slowing down I look at your erect penis and see a glistening drop of pre-cum on the tip. I take one of my fingers and run it around the tip and collect your sweet nectar and rub it on my lips and turn around and face forward. 

Pulling my coat closed I stand in front of you protecting you from the sight of anyone that may be waiting to get on. 

I take your hand and lead you to our room. Stopping outside before entering the room I tell you I have a surprise for you and you have to do whatever I ask. With a smile you quickly agree and I open the door. Pulling you along behind me I stop at the entrance to the bedroom. 

The bedroom was just how I left it a few hours earlier. The silk scarves already attached to the bed. 

“Oh this is going to be interesting”, was your comment before I started to undress you.


Part 5

I had heard that silk is a really strong material, but I really did not know if it was true or not. From the number of silk pieces of clothing that I have ruined over the years, I guess it is not, but it was too late now to change my mind. Your hands and feet were now secured to the four corners of the bed. I could only hope they were strong enough to hold you.

Standing above you on the bed, I start to unfasten each garter clip while looking down into your eyes. Then I reach behind me and undo my bustier one clasp at a time. My undressing has the perfect effect on you, a physical response to the sight of me undressing; you are erect again.

Kneeling down over your chest and staying upright, I allow you a clear view of my panties. They are a thin barrier from the one thing you want most right now. Taking my finger, I slide my panties to the side and lean forward, bringing my vagina directly over your mouth and brushing your nose with my clit. The hardness of your nose and the warmth of your tongue cause me to react quickly.My third orgasm comes quickly and is stronger than the first two.

Catching my breath, I need to move into the final part of my plan for you. It is time to bring you to your knees, time for me to do the one thing you always say you love. This is where I can really tease you. You have been excited so many times tonight, I need to be careful how much contact I have with you or it will end too quickly.

Retrieving the softened chocolate bar from the heat vent, I straddle your waist. There is nothing special about it, just a simple chocolate bar that has been sitting on the heat vent for a few hours. It has softened enough to would do exactly what I want.

Rolling my hips against your groin, I open the wrapper of the chocolate bar. Dipping my finger into the warm soft chocolate, I start to trace on your body with my fingertip. Spreading the chocolate on your lips and chin, on your neck and chest, on your nipples and a straight line down your stomach, and finally spreading a liberal amount on your penis. I coat the entire tip and a thick line down to your balls where I spread the rest of the chocolate.

I reach behind me and remove the hair clip and let my hair fall down my back. Using my fingers to loosen my hair, I shake my head and lean forward over you. It is time.

Bringing my lips to yours, I start to kiss you, gently at first but building as my hair hangs onto your skin giving a slight tickling feeling. The chocolate mixes on our lips and tongues. The chocolate from your chest is mixing with my breasts and smearing onto me. Kissing your chin, I start moving down. There is nothing gentle about it, just passionate kisses and touches on your chest, nibbles on your nipples and my lips and tongue kissing and licking all the way down.

When I finally get to your groin, your penis is beyond hard. You look like you are about to explode. Your penis tip looks swollen and your shaft is rising and falling. I do not touch the shaft or tip, but start to kiss your balls. Taking them into my mouth as the chocolate smears on my face, I gently suck the chocolate off. I start to lick my way up your shaft and with chocolate covering my lips and chin as I open my mouth and start to take you in. My lips are sliding slowly around the tip as you enter my mouth.Your hands are on me, grabbing me under my armpits.

I start to wonder how you have gotten your hands free, but it does not matter now. You are pulling me upward and throwing me onto my back in one big twisting motion. The sheets are tangled between your legs and mine. Your hands are grabbing one of my legs and moving it to the other side of you. Your hands and arms are much stronger than mine and you easily move me where you want me.

I feel your fingers grabbing at my waist. You are pulling on my panties and making my hips rise up off the bed. I feel a burst of pain where the waistband of my panties is digging into my legs. A ripping sound can be heard as my panties start to tear, first one leg opening and then, finally, the other. The fragments of my lace panties disappear across the room.

You are kneeling between my thighs with your raging penis sticking directly toward me. You lift up my hips and hold my vagina directly in line with your penis and pull me toward you. Your penis starts to penetrates me, opening my womanhood to you. My hands clench into fists full of crumpled bed sheets and my head jerks back as my body accepts you quickly, spreading my vagina. A loud groan escapes from my lungs.

The chocolate that I was not able to clean off you is smearing between us with each thrust. There are about ten pillows too many on the bed that keep falling on my head as you pull me toward you and push me away. My hair is twisted across my face and neck and my arms are reaching up to hold the headboard that you keep pushing me into. The same headboard I had hoped to restrain you with has turned against me.

I can hear you gasping and grunting each time your penis is buried within me. Your breathing is rapidly becoming a mix of panting and deep guttural groans. Then I feel your hands slip from my hips and my bottom falls to the bed. You let out a loud groan and I start to feel it.

The stream of hot liquid first hits my lower stomach and continues up to one of my breasts. This is quickly followed by another stream that creates a creamy white path from my pussy to my belly button. A few weaker spasms leave little drips and puddles on my lower stomach and then you are done. Your spent quivering body collapses onto the bed next to me with your head landing on one of the pillows.



So, for now I lie here and play with the warm cum on my stomach and breasts.Even though your body is worn down, I still find a perverse pleasure in teasing you. Whenever you open your eyes and look at me, I drag my finger into the biggest drops of cum and mix it with chocolate. I bring my finger to my mouth and trace my lips with the chocolate-cum mixture and suck my fingertip clean. You manage a smile and another gasp to catch your breath.

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