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Contributing Authors: TJRogue 
And how do you want to use me Trenton?
There was something about a man in a well-tailored suit that was so incredibly sexy! Trenton Anderson was no exception to that. He stood about six foot four inches tall, and had a presence about him that commanded the attention of everyone in proximity. Most people thought of him as egotistical, but then again most people thought that of all lawyers.

Most people also thought I got this job because of my hair color, and that's only partially true considering his infatuation with blondes. I did get this job because of my hair color -- in combination with my great ass and tits. What can I say? The man appreciates beauty. But I got to keep my job because of my brains. Or so I thought.

I watched Trenton through the glass, carefully reviewing documents. He must have been getting frustrated because he kept running his fingers over his short hair. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to do that to him. Finally, he pushed away from his desk and made eye contact with me.

Over the short couple of months I've been here I've learned exactly what he needed just by the look in his eye. I walked into his office and selected a record from the shelf as he gazed out over Minneapolis. I set the needle down and the voice of Frank Sinatra instantly filled the room.

I heard a faint sigh from him, and with that I walked back to my desk to continue with my work. Shortly after, the elevator door dinged and Adriana Anderson, Trenton's wife stepped out. She always looked amazing, perfectly put together. Oh, and not to mention ice cold.

In looks, she was a perfect match to his perfect 10. Her attitude, though, seemed cold and reserved. Trenton was calculating yes, but you could see the passion for everything he did in his eyes. There had not been a whisper of a rumor that he cheated, but with a wife like that, how he could he stay monogamous?

He stood and embraced her before she pulled away and silenced the music. She did that every time she came in. It appeared to irritate Trenton, but he never said anything. I watched covertly as she began to tear into him about something, and he quickly shut the door. I turned to my laptop and started an IM to the secretary down the hall. She and I did lunch whenever we could sneak away some time from our demanding jobs and bosses.

“Me: queen bee is here.

Mallory: is she overdressed?

Me: considering she's a housewife yes, but if I was married or even with Trenton I would overdress everyday too!

Mallory: true! God that man is one fine piece of ass!

Mallory being who she was -- meaning completely blunt often scared people away -- but I kind of liked it. She stood around 5'10" without heels and her dark hair framed her face perfectly. She had small perky breasts and an ass that made her desirable to every man she passed.

Me: yes he is! If only....

Mallory: you better put your head down and get some work done. You know the mark is coming soon.

Me: I'm not afraid of some superstition.

Mallory: it's happened 5 times in a row. That's not superstition. Three month mark and you're a goner.

Me: thanks for the vote of confidence. Ice queen is leaving and Scott's going to need a drink after that I'm sure.

Mallory: make a move on that STUD!

Mallory is offline.”

She would make a comment like that and leave. Speaking of leaving, Adriana came storming out of Scott's office. He slumped in his chair and I waited for the elevator doors to close before I entered his office. I set the needle back down again, letting Frank work on his nerves. Then I went to the cabinet and poured him a scotch. I set it on his desk and was turning to leave when his hand gripped my wrist to bring me to a halt.

My breath caught in my throat at the firmness of his touch. My eyes went from his hand to lock with his dark eyes. My whole body felt the heat of his touch.

"Thank you Juliana," his voice was quiet, but commanding as ever.

"You've done some really wonderful work since you've been here and I truly mean that. You've stood your ground against other lawyers trying to push you around, and I like that. You've been able to deal with my moods and demands thus far. You're very attentive and I appreciate that."

I blushed from his compliments, even as the words “thus far” rang in my head.

"Thank you," I said in a whisper as the heat rushed from where his hand held my wrist to my pussy. The rest of me followed in the slow burn.

"You look a bit flush. Are you okay?" he asked, with a gleam in his eyes.

I gave myself a mental shake.

"I'm fine."

"Very well then," he said, as his grip loosened on my wrist. "You may go."

My mind whirled as I walked out of his office. I sat down in a daze of sorts. Why did his touch have this effect on me? Yes I found him extremely attractive, but in his grip, that's exactly how I felt. I was in his mental grip – you might even say trance.

I gave myself another mental shake and began working. Throughout the day I transferred many calls to him and even spoke directly to him a few times. All seemed to be in order. It must have just been me I guess, but was I really the only one who felt the electricity between us? What was I saying? He was married! Thinking of him like this was so wrong, but felt so good.

All day images flashed in my head of Trenton and I in bed, tangled in sheets. Thank god I actually had panties on today, because they were soaked. The day was coming to an end when the intercom buzzed.

"Yes," I asked.

"Can you come in here really quick?"

"Of course," I replied.

I walked into his office and he smiled a devastating smile. I smiled a little nervous smile at him.

"Sit," he said and I did, quickly knowing it was not a suggestion.

"A few of us are getting together in a couple hours to socialize with a few potential clients. My wife is occupied so I was wondering if you would accompany me."

My mouth might have dropped open slightly, and I quickly closed it.

"You really want me to go?" I asked.

"Yes, I think it's good that you meet the clients and understand as well as I do their needs. Also how to make them happy: the perfect bottle of wine to mend the bridge I might burn, that sort of thing."

"Wow!" I said, somewhat taken aback.

"You seem surprised."

"Well honestly, I am. Your past five secretaries haven't made it past the three-month mark. Now you're asking me to go with you and take on a lot more responsibility."

"That's true. I want you to have more responsibilities because you're going to work out. You've proven to be a perfect fit to me and my needs thus far. So will you be my date?" He smiled that smile again.

Oh, that smile! And the words “thus far” again, as my mind wandered.

"Well since you put it that way, of course it would be my sincere pleasure."

His eyes went a little dark. "No, the pleasure will be all mine. Now it's a black tie event. Do you have something to wear?"

"Uh... Yes."

"You hesitated then said yes. Why the hesitation?"

"Well I have several things that I think would work, but I can't be sure."

He smiled at me. "Very well, please go finish your work and be ready to leave in fifteen minutes."

I hesitated a little, and he raised an eyebrow at me.

"Is something wrong?" he asked.

His frosty glare practically made me shiver, but the electricity between us was so very hot. I nodded no.

"Good. Then please proceed to finish your work for the day."

I stood and walked to my desk. I could feel his eyes watching me as I did. I sat, trying to work, but got little accomplished. Trenton actually scared me when he appeared at the side of my desk. When my eyes looked up, he was grinning at me.

"I did not mean to startle you."

I smiled. "I'm just a little on edge I suppose."

"When you say on edge, do you mean nervous?"

I smiled a real smile. "Yes Trenton, I'm nervous. Okay?"

He chuckled. "That's what I thought."

"Do you always think you are right?" I quickly quipped.

"No. But almost always."

"Ah, so you do have a tiny bit of humbleness in you."

He laughed. "You have a sassy little mouth on you, don't you?"

He held his hand out to help me from my chair.

"I'm at times a little sassy yes," I answered as I took his hand.

He pulled me against him and leaned down, whispering in my ear, "I love your sassy mouth!"

I gasped, the air catching in my throat. His warm breath on my neck made me hot and tingly. He lingered long enough to make me completely breathless, and then he stepped away. I finally exhaled his hazel eyes dark and full of lust.

"We need to leave or we will fall behind schedule," he said, his voice a little deeper than normal.


"Yes, don't question me."

I smiled and even laughed a little. He raised an eyebrow at me.

I stopped smiling and mumbled “Okay,” then smiled again. "You know on second thought, I most likely will anyways."

He shook his head, "I should have assumed, but I don't mind a challenge."

It was my turn to raise an eyebrow at him, but I was given no response except his backside walking to the elevator. I stood for a moment taking in this fine piece of all man! I grabbed my purse as the elevator dinged, we both stepped in and he pressed the garage button. We were silent for the first ten floors, and then I spoke.

"Where are we going?"

"Your place"


"So you can pick a dress."

"Are you coming with me?"

"Yes," he answered a little annoyed.

"Why?" I asked, with a slight smirk on my face.

"My god you ask a lot of questions!"

I smiled. "I like to know things."

He shook his head at me. I looked at him with questioning eyes.

"What?" he asked.

"You never answered my question"

A small smile played on the corner of his lips. "You're going to select a suitable dress and I'm going to approve of it."

"Oh, but why do I need your approval daddy? I'm all grown up now."

He laughed. Wow. I loved his laugh! A manly, but heartfelt laugh, that gave me butterflies.

"You are certainly not like anyone I have ever met," he said.

I smiled. "Is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

"I'm thinking good, but I'll let you know," he said as the elevator doors opened.

"So you'll just follow me?" I asked, as I walked towards my BMW M6 coupe.

"You can ride with me," he stated.

I laughed!

"What's so amusing?" he asked, slightly puzzled and annoyed.

"You think I'm going to ride with you!"

"And what's so wrong with riding with me?"

"Well it's not so much you as it is in general. I just prefer to drive."

"Perhaps it is a bad thing," he said.

"Hey," I interrupted him. "I am an independent woman and I like to be in control," I said.

"I feel a power struggle coming on." His eyes bored into me as he said it.

"Struggle all you want, but you won't win."

He grabbed my arm and pulled me against him once more.

"That's my line," he breathed.

I pushed away from him, not willing to fall under his spell again. He smiled a devilish grin, but let go of me.

"Get in, follow me, or I'm not going."

"Oh really?" he said, still grinning.

"Yes," I said trying to be serious.

"You are a stubborn little thing, aren't you?"

"When necessary."

"Fine," he stated, and got in the passenger seat.

I smiled at my small victory as I got in the driver’s seat. We both buckled and I started the engine. I turned on my iPod and played my favorite playlist. It was a various assortment of everything that made me happy, from The Temptations to Beyoncé. The first song that played was “Dream On” by Aerosmith. I drove through the busy Minneapolis streets quickly and with ease. I loved driving. I normally sang along, but I refrained for the sake of my own embarrassment. After about ten minutes of nothing but the low drown of music, Trenton spoke, breaking the silence.

“So,” he said, “tell me about yourself.”

I turned down the music.

“Excuse me?”

“I asked you to tell me about yourself.”

“Oh -- Well there is not much to tell. I am a simple girl.”

He laughed, “You’re very funny. You don’t have to tell me. I know most of it anyways.”

“Oh you do? Tell me about me then,” I said, a bit amused and agitated at his “know it all” attitude.

“Well you were born into extreme wealth. You spend holidays with your mom, dad and three siblings. You are the baby of the family at twenty-four years old. You’ve been seen with a few guys recently but have no apparent boyfriend. You are financially set for life but you choose to work. You prefer drinks with a low alcohol and high juice content, just enough to give the appearance of drinking. Unlike your siblings you don’t flash your name around. You even went so far as to take your mother’s maiden name. You, for the most part, avoid the tabloids. But those paparazzi are so sneaky. You are a celebrity trying to live a normal life. It’s cute.”

I must have had a slightly stunned look upon my face because he then felt the need to explain himself.

“You wanted to work for me. You didn’t expect me to not check you out? Then I hired you and looked into you further. You are truly and interesting woman,” he said.

“Huh. I’m rarely left speechless, but this might be one of those times.”

He smiled, and so did I. A few minutes of silence passed.

“So tell me about yourself,” I said.

He smiled. “There’s not much to tell. I’m a simple man.”

It was my turn to laugh.

“Well, let me tell you about you,” I said.

His eyebrow rose.

“You had a loving family but you were beyond dirt poor. You managed to get scholarships and work your ass off at a part time job. You put yourself through law school and became the youngest senior partner at Mason & Ryan ever at twenty-five years of age. You’ve been married for the past three years. Actually, until that point, you were one of the city’s most eligible bachelors. It’s rumored she married you for your money, but then again, most hoped you were too smart for that and it was actually for love. You want to start a charity even though you hate charity events like the one tonight. You have a high level of self-control, but a low tolerance for bullshit. Oh, you love blondes. But that’s supposed to be a secret. You don’t hide it so well. Also the fact that you married a brunette puzzles me. Guess you wanted to break the stereotype. You have a love for fine chocolate and great scotch. You constantly are put under pressure from your wife and the firm, and you stand tall under it all -- always coming out on top.”

The look on his face told me that he was impressed.

“Did you think I would apply to be your secretary and not check you out?” I asked, as I pulled into the garage of my building.

He quickly got out, came over and opened my door.

“Seems we both did our homework,” he said as I got out.

I smiled at his gesture.

“Thank you, and it appears we have.”

We walked side by side to the elevator. Once inside I put in my pin and up we went. This time the ride to the top floor was filled with stolen glances and “accidental” touches. It was clear to me we both knew how to play “the game.” My wet aching pussy was becoming harder to ignore. What was it about this man? The bell chimed and the door opened.

I smiled as I stepped inside. I loved my home; it was exactly how I had intended it to be when I designed it. A perfect blend of modern and industrial; bright colors on the walls, the dark wood on the floor and industrial lighting and other fixtures tied it all together. I slipped off my heels and walked down the hall into the kitchen, letting Trenton follow. I might have been letting my hips sway a little more than usual.

“Would you like something to drink?” I asked as he wandered in behind me.

“Water would be great,” he said.

I grabbed two bottles of water out of the fridge and handed one to him.

“Thank you, and may I say you have a fabulous place here.”

“Thank you. This is one thing I gladly let daddy pay for. I wanted to be an interior designer so he bought me this and let me have free reign. Then I found myself to be too indecisive to have it as a career.”

“So, I’d ask for a tour but we are behind schedule and there is only one room we need to be in right now.” He winked.

My mind again flooded with images of Trenton and me.

“Right this way….” I said.

I walked back down the hall and up the stairs; the whole time feeling the heat of his gaze on my shapely ass in my fitted pencil skirt. Down another hallway I stopped at a set of heavy dark wood doors. I turned and smiled at him.

“And my favorite room of the house -- my boudoir,” I said, as I pushed the doors open.

Light shone through the windows that covered the whole right wall. The silver silk sheets glistened, just begging to be laid on. The deep red walls and dark wood from the headboard kept the room being over feminized. The silver couch with red throw pillows was where I led Trenton.

“Sit,” I said.

He actually followed my command and I walked into my closet. I closed the very see through sheer curtains that acted as a door. I browsed the racks of my closet and selected an emerald green mid-calf length dress with straps. Showing almost no cleavage at all, it was cute but I knew it wouldn’t be the one. Good place to start though.

Let the games begin, I thought, and I got near the curtain. I reached around and unzipped my zipper at the small of my back. I bent over as I pulled it down my legs and stepped out of it. I had visions of him sitting on the couch stroking his cock, watching the show I was putting on. I then started unbuttoning my top slowly, button by button, just like I wanted to do to him. I slid my shirt over my shoulders and let it drop to the floor; knowing there was space at the bottom of the curtain and he could see all my clothes hitting the ground. Hell it was so see-through if he got any closer, he could see everything. I stepped into the dress and got it zipped with ease.

I pulled the curtain to the side and his eyes instantly locked with mine. I could see the lust in his eyes, the great wanting of me. I knew that look well, because I often looked at him with the same great wanting in my eyes. He stood up and walked to me.

“I like this color and it’s a nice dress, but I want to see more,” he said, his voice a little husky.

“Of course,” I said.

I walked back in and shut the curtain, unzipped it, and hung it back up. Then I picked a fiery red one. With a slit on the side almost up to my hip, and showing a tease of cleavage, it was a show stopper for sure. I put this one on just as slowly as I had the other. Teasing him. I watched through the curtain as he paced the room -- his eyes constantly watching my shadow. I pulled the curtain to the side and stepped out; right leg first, showing lots of skin as the slit opened. His eyes darted to the slit and stared at my bare flesh. His eyes darkened and the fire within me burned brighter. God I wanted him!

“Well?” I asked.

“It’s very captivating,” he said, his voice low, “but I want more.” He drew the word out in emphasis.

“More?” I asked, my voice a little breathless.

“Yes,” he said.

I walked back in, leaving the curtain part way open on purpose. I stripped as I reached down and grabbed the dress. I made sure my ass - only slightly covered by black lace panties - was visible through the open curtain. I watched as he stopped pacing and stared. I laughed a little to myself and thought that men are so easy.

I knew the dress I wanted was strapless, so I needed to lose the bra. And hell, at that point, Trenton out there might lose it too. I reached around behind me and undid my bra and I made sure I dropped it so it fell out underneath the curtain. He sat on the edge of my bed and his eyes bored into me in an open stare. I stepped into the silver dress. A sweetheart neckline showed lots of cleavage but in a tasteful way. The slit in the side went to mid-thigh, so not quite as high as the red one. The back of this one was cut much lower. The way this dress hugged my curves and flared at the bottom it was perfect. I clutched the front and stepped out.

“I can’t zip this one -- would you mind?” I asked, as I turned around.

I heard him get off the bed and walk to me. I could feel the heat from him on my back. I knew my panties were visible from where he stood behind me. I felt his hands brush again my lightly tanned skin and I shivered.

“Sorry,” he said, but I knew he wasn't.

He was so close I could feel his breath on my neck, and all he nerve endings in my body were on full alert. He pulled the zipper up slowly, teasing me. Yes, he did know how to play the game. He finished zipping and I turned around.

“Well?” I asked again.

He walked around me and inspected me as if I was on display. His eyes on me like that were doing things to me I never had imagined they would.

“Simply stunning!”

His hands wrapped around me and brushed the skin on my exposed back.

“That is marvelous. Shows you off perfectly.”

His hands reached down and pulled the slit open. I felt like I was going to explode.

“That is sexy as hell! But this…” he said, as his hands traced the heart shape of my neckline, “this is to die for. Any man would give both his arms to be with you.”

I was breathless from his mini assault on my body.

“And you Trenton? Would you give both your arms to be with me?”

He smiled a devilish smile.

“I wouldn’t give anything to be with you. I'd just take you, and I'd need both my arms to do so.”

A gush of wetness flooded my pussy and I knew I had to have this man.

He got even closer to me, his lips inches from mine when the bell rang letting me know someone was here. He stepped away and my eyes closed in disappointment.

"I hope you don't mind, I had my tux delivered here," he said.

"Of course not. In this dress I'd never make it there. You can let him in. The passcode is 1998."

He looked at me in astonishment.

"What?" I asked.

"I can't believe you just did that! I hope you don't give your passcode to every man who comes strutting in your door. Do you know how dangerous and reckless that is?"

The bell rang again, saving me from telling him that he was not just anyone; that I wanted him to use that code night after night to lie in my bed. I wanted him to take me; to feed that hunger deep inside him.

Trenton was speaking to a man in a suit when I reached the top of the stairs. They both saw me and smiled. He took his tux and bag, uttering a few words to the man. Off he went with one last glance and smile at me. I smiled at him, then Trenton, as he climbed the stairs.

"Let me show you to the guest suite," I said

We went left down the hallway and came to a set of double doors identical to the ones on my bedroom. I stepped aside and let him open the doors. The room was warm, amber orange covered the walls, and chocolate colored silk sheets accented the dark wood floors.

I pulled back the curtains, revealing the balcony with a beautiful view of Minneapolis. I pushed open the door leading to the bathroom. He hung his tux on the back of the door and set his bag on the foot of the bed.

"It's a little after six, the car will be here at seven-thirty. Can you be ready on time?"

"Of course. If you need anything at all Trenton, please don't hesitate to ask. Oh, and would you mind?" I asked turning around. "I don't want to get anything on it while getting ready."

He took a few steps and let out a sigh. I wondered what was going through his mind -- if he knew I was purposely tempting him. Then suddenly his hands were on me; wrapping around my front, pulling me to him. I tipped my head back against his shoulder, exposing my neck to him. His warm lips kissed my neck, trailing up to my ear, nibbling on the lobe.

"I'm certainly going to enjoy unzipping this dress more than zipping."

I laughed a little laugh, pushing my ass gently against him.

"I would hope as much," I whispered.

His phone rang an obnoxiously loud ringtone, and I knew it was her. He let out another sigh and quickly unzipped my dress. My hands grasped my front, holding my dress up. He answered the phone.

"Hello. I'm just at the hotel getting ready. I'll think about it. No. Adriana I won't talk about this right now."

I slowly walked out of the room, scolding myself. I closed the door behind me. What an idiot! The man is married! He's in your house, lying to his wife. I smiled. He clearly wants me as much as I want him though. The sexual tension and energy had been building between us since day one. I sighed. If there was even a hint of impropriety there, we could both be in some hot water. Juliana Donovan breaks up marriage. The headline would be much more gruesome than that. It would get ugly for sure.

I reached my room and hit play on my iPod on the dresser as I walked by. Kelly Clarkson's "What doesn't kill you" came blaring through the speakers. I let my dress fall to the floor and stepped out of it. I wandered into my closet and selected a pair of red sheer lacy cheeky panties that accented my ass perfectly, and a matching strapless bra, holding my breasts in a “come and get me fashion.” I was slightly annoyed I was putting on a bra that I was going to have to take off before I put my dress back on, but this didn’t seem to be the time to wander around the house topless.  I laughed as I put them on, thinking it was one less thing for Trenton to take off.

I scolded myself as I searched the shelves. I found a pair of silver high heels and a clutch and placed them on the bed. I wandered into the bathroom. I washed my face and reapplied my makeup. My gray smoky eye shadow made my blue eyes sparkle. My lips were a fiery red. I was singing as I put in my diamond earrings. Then I selected my favorite perfume and sprayed it on.

ACDC's "You shook me all night long," came on, and I took out the pins and let my hair down. What better way to shake out your hair, right? I was singing outloud, dancing, and shaking my long blonde curly hair about when I heard a familiar chuckle. I turned to see Trenton leaning against the door frame and looking “to die for” in that tux.

Wow! He looked better than I could have ever imaged. I wanted to jump his bones, but I refrained. I did, however, grab the remote and turn down the volume. He had a huge smile on his face and I could feel myself blushing under his gaze.

"I uh...." I stammered, at a loss for words.

"You are gorgeous. Is that what you're wearing to the ball darling?" he laughed.

I thought about covering myself, but decided against it. I loved the feeling of his eyes roaming and devouring my body, just like I wished his lips would.

"If you were the only attendee, then yes Trenton, I'd go to the ball exactly like this."

"Would you dance just like that as well?"

"Are you making fun of me?" I asked, playfulness laced in my words.

"Only a little," he laughed.

I smiled.

"What time is it?"

He checked his watch. "It's a little after seven. Are you going to be ready on time?"

"Of course. I don't need much longer."

"Really? I was thinking I'd need a lot longer with you."

I blushed at his comment.

"You know I think your red lingerie goes well with your blush darling."

“Darling.” That word flowed from his lips to my heart.

"Should I give you a few more minutes in private to get ready? Or perhaps you'd like to dance around for me some more..."

I smiled, "I have a few more things to do, but you don't have to leave. Well not unless you want to."

His eyes darkened, "If I stick around, I'll have to bend you over the counter and take you right here."

I coughed and sputtered at his blunt words. He walked towards me looking all “James Bond” in his tux.

He put his hands on my hips, pulling me to him, his thumbs rubbing my bare skin. My lips were again just inches from his.

"Will you give into me? Will you give me what I want?"

I looked into his eyes.

"What is it that you want Trenton?"

"You, my darling. I want you. I've wanted you since the moment I laid eyes on you."


My mind flashed back to when I first met Trenton. He looked so sexy in that suit. I was so surprised he hired me on the spot. It wasn't long after I started that the sexual tension between us began to grow. The heated looks became more frequent. I would purposely tempt him on several occasions every day. I’m surprised this hadn't happened sooner, honestly.

"Yes! So will you give into me? Let me take you Juliana. Say yes."

My mind whirled. What exactly am I signing up for by saying yes? I opened my mouth to speak when my phone rang. I closed my mouth and my eyes, sighing.

"Why are the forces against us?"

I pulled away from his touch, grabbing my phone off the bed, leaving him standing there. I saw it was my mother and answered the phone.


"Hello dear, how are you?" she said.

"I'm great mum, how about you?"

"Good. I called to ask if you were still planning on coming home this weekend."

"Well, you know this is my home now, and actually something came up and I won't be able to make it."

"That's disappointing sweetheart, there was someone I really wanted you to meet."

"Mother, please stop trying to hook me up with strange men. I love you, but that's really not what I need right now. I really need to go and get ready."

"Okay dear. You know I just want you to be happy."

"I know mum."

"I love you Juliana."

"Love you too," I said, and hung up the phone.

I looked at the time. Seven twenty. Great. I only have ten minutes to get ready and now I have to rush. I stripped off my bra and grabbed my dress off the floor. I stepped in and pulled it up and reached behind me, but I couldn’t quite zip it.

"Do you need some help?"

I looked up and saw Trenton walking towards me, and I wondered if he just watched me take off my bra. I forgot he was even there!

"Yes please." I smiled.

"Something is seriously wrong about the fact I've done this zipper up twice and have yet to have you," he said, as his lips brush my exposed shoulder.

He zipped me up. I shivered, feeling his warm breath on my skin.

"Shoes," he whispered, keeping me on track.

I smiled and grabbed my shoes off the bed, bending over right in front of him to do so. Oh how I loved to tempt this man. I sat on the couch and put my shoes on, my cleavage revealed to the max. I grabbed my clutch and threw a few items in it.

I heard a ping. Trenton must have received a text because that wasn’t my text tone.

"The car is here," he said.

"I'm ready," I smiled.

"I'm impressed."

"Thanks," I laughed.

He held out his hand to me and I took it, as he escorted me down the stairs to the elevator.

"You look fantastic!" he said as the door closed.

"Thank you," I blushed.

"Thank you for coming with me."

"My pleasure. So … can I ask why your wife isn't going with you?"

"She's upset with me."

"Well I gathered that from the way she stormed out of the office today."

"Ah yes, we'll she's always been a dramatic woman."

"Which is why I don't understand why you are together. She always seems so uptight. She also seems to stress you out a lot. It just doesn't make sense."

"Not all things make sense."

"Kind of like your want for me?" I asked daringly.

"Yes," he stated simply.

"You're married."

"I know."

"Why then?"

He was silent.

The elevator chimed and he grabbed my hand, leading me to his chauffeured car. I let my curiosity go unfulfilled -- for now. He opened the car door and helped me inside. “Then he walked around and slid in next to me.

"Go ahead," he commanded.

I looked in the driver’s seat and saw the same man that had brought Trenton his tuxedo.

"Yes sir," he replied.

"Thank you Jackson."

Jackson nodded in response.

We sat comfortably in silence together, exchanging lustful glances every once in a while. The sexual tension between us was becoming intense. My panties were soaked and I was convinced they would remain that way for the rest of the night.

"You look nervous," he said.

"I do?"

"Yes, and I have to say I'm not sure I've ever seen you look nervous."

I smiled a weak smile. "I am a bit nervous," I admitted.


"I just feel like you expect so much out of me. And I don't want to let you down."

"Darling, shhhh. You never have, and tonight will be no different. You are already exceeding expectations."

"Is that so?"

"Look at you! You are dressed perfectly, you will be the center of attention and that's just what I need you to be."

"So to get this straight. You're just using me?"

I looked at him with fire in my eyes. I should have known. His ice queen of a wife could never charm men like me. I guess I could take this as a compliment of sorts, but Trenton was infuriating. What an asshole.

"Yes, but not in the way I want to use you," he said calmly.

My eyes widened. I took a breath and stepped into the "game," not that we had ever stepped out. I batted my eyelashes.

"Oh? And how do you want to use me Trenton?"

He leaned in close, his lips pressed against my ear.

"I want you bound; whether it be in silk scarfs or rope, I don't care. I want your ass bright red and stinging from the spankings I want to give you. At times I want that sassy mouth of yours gagged and other times let you be free to scream out my name or to hear your cries of pleasureful pain. I want my flogger to strike your beautiful breasts over and over again. I want to bury my cock in that tight wet pussy of yours, but first, I want to taste you. You will start out on the bed, restrained and unable to get away from my hungry mouth.

He paused for a moment before finishing. “My cock throbs thinking about you. Watching you shake that ass dancing around today only reminded me of how I want to take that as well. I want to use and abuse your body so thoroughly you can hardly move the next morning."

My mouth was slightly open, my pussy dripping wet, my mind whirling. I was breathless and all I could manage in response was a moan. Hearing that, he continued on.

"I forgot to mention how badly I want to kiss those gorgeous lips of yours, and that I want to sink my teeth into your flesh. How I want to release the beast that's inside of me on you. You stroke my inner animal. I have to have you Juliana. I know you want me too. Oh, the way you tempt me. You are my temptress and I need you. Give me what my wife wont. Give into me."

Following the course of terrible timing, the car pulled to a stop and a man instantly opened my door, breaking the spell between us. I could hear the crowds of people outside the car and I got a bit nervous. Trenton gave my hand a squeeze and then I let the man help me out of the car. Before I could take two steps, Trenton was at my side. Our eyes locked, and I could see the desire for one another burning inside of us.

We both smiled as I took the arm he held out to me. We slowly made our way inside. We smiled for photos and shook lots of hands. We finally made it up the stairs into a beautifully decorated ballroom.

"I think we could both use a drink," he said.

I nodded in agreement.

Since we exited the car, this was the first time we had a little privacy from the others. The electricity between us was stronger than ever. His words echoed in my mind, bringing my desire to another level entirely.

He looked at me and his eyes burned bright, as if he knew what I was thinking about. At that moment I thought about my wrists being bound -- unable to move. I looked at his lips and couldn't stop thinking about them ravishing my body. I felt the heat between my legs increase tenfold at the simple touch of his hand on mine.

He cleared his throat, bringing me out of the fog I was in. I looked at him slightly confused.

"What do you want to drink?" he asked.


I couldn't think straight, I felt faint. My breathing was fast and my heart raced. I looked at him with panic in my eyes.

"Can the lady have some water please? Quickly," Trenton asked.

The bartender quickly opened a bottle of water and poured it into a glass of ice. Trenton took it and led me to a corner of the room that was not as crowded.

"Sit," he commanded.

I gratefully complied, sitting at a table for two, taking a sip of the water he held out to me.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. I just need a minute to relax."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. I'm truly fine. Please relax a little."

He took a breath.

"Sit," I commanded.

He looked at me with this look like how dare you, and I simply smiled.

"Will you please sit with me Trenton?" I rarely used his name when speaking to him. When I did, I had visions of shouting his name in bed.

His eyes warmed. "Of course."

He pulled his chair a bit closer to mine before sitting.

"You're starting to look more like yourself now."

I smiled and took another sip if my water. I glanced at him and he was watching me intently. Our eyes locked, I began to wonder what his lips would feel like and what he would taste like. My hand moved to rest on his mid-thigh. I slowly licked my lips. His eyes darted to watch. He leaned forward and my mind raced preparing myself for “it.”

"Trenton Anderson!"

We both turned and saw Scott Mason, a name partner at the firm, came strolling up. Scott was a very attractive man. He was married but not monogamous in any sense of the word. His wife, who spent eighty-five percent of her time traveling in Europe, was said to be equally as unfaithful. Scott was six foot two inches tall, with a slim to medium build, sandy blonde hair and brown eyes. He had many conquests within the firm. Rumors were he knew how to please, but you know what they say about rumors.

Trenton stood up and shook his hand. "Scott! How are you this evening?"

"I'm great, but I’ll be even better once you introduce me to very attractive date."

"Scott, this is Juliana. Juliana, this is Scott Mason."

I smiled as Scott took my hand and kissed it. Trenton's eyes were ablaze even after Scott let go of my hand.

"Can I just say you are the sexiest woman here this evening."

"Why thank you," I said.

"My pleasure. Can I get you a real drink?” he offered.

Trenton looked very annoyed.

"I'm good actually."

Now Scott looked a little annoyed, but quickly shook it off.

"Well perhaps later you will give me the pleasure of dancing with me."

I smiled. "Find me later."

He turned to Trenton. "Where have you been hiding her?"

Trenton forced a smile and a stiff laugh. They shook hands and Scott wandered off, no doubt to find his next victim. Trenton paced next to our table.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing," he said as he took a deep breath and sat next to me. "I'm sorry. How are you feeling? Any better?"

"I'm feeling a little better yes. Should we go mingle, perhaps break a few hearts?" I winked.

"Speaking of break, I think you about broke Scott's ego when you turned him down about the drink, and didn't immediately say yes to the dance."

"I'm not so easily smitten."

He chuckled.

"Did you think I was going to jump right into his pants?" I asked.

"Almost every woman in our firm has. So my surprise would be nonexistent," he said bluntly.

"Well I'm not into following trends."

"Darling, you're wearing a silver dress. That is quite obvious."

I smiled as a waiter walked by with champagne and I flagged him down. Thanking him as he handed me a glass.

"Ready?" Trenton asked.

"Of course," I beamed.

Over the next half hour I met almost two dozen people, but only half of them important. At least that's what Trenton told me, while we charmed and flirted with potential clients. Music started playing as we finished up a conversation with a couple. Within a minute there was a gentleman at my side by the name of Justin. He had asked me to dance earlier and I politely sidestepped the young man.

Right now I believed I would have no such luck. I looked at Trenton to save me, but he did not. He did however wink at me, letting me know Justin could be a very great client to Ryan & Mason; specifically Trenton Anderson. Justin was probably five foot ten inches tall, and handsome, but he was no Trenton. We flirted while I tolerated his seriously awful dancing. I learned enough to reel him in, I thought. The song ended and I politely excused myself. Before I could walk off the dance floor, Scott was at my side.

"Can I have this dance?" he asked, his breath smelling of alcohol.

I hesitated before agreeing. How could I turn down my boss’s boss? Scott's hand was almost instantly on my ass. Did the man not believe in the tease or the build? He danced much better than that Justin, but not well by any means. He pulled me very roughly against him. His hand tightly squeezed mine, making me wince in pain. He ran his mouth as an obnoxious drunk would, and I started to panic a little. My eyes started scanning the crowd for Trenton. He must have sensed my panic, even in his drunkenness.

"You think Trenton can take you from me? I think not. I will have you first and he will be the fool for waiting so long."

Suddenly Trenton appeared out of the mass, his eyes burning bright enough to scare the hell out of Scott.

"I think Juliana has had more than enough of your charms for the night," Trenton said quietly as to not to cause a commotion.

He motioned to a man from our firm, and he quickly escorted Scott away with little fuss.

"Are you okay?" he asked, as his arm slipped around my waist, gently pulling me close. He looked at my hand, inspecting it carefully. He kissed each knuckle, sending electricity through my body. My breath was catching with every touch of his lips on my skin.

"Would you give me the extreme pleasure of this dance darling?"

I beamed at him. "The pleasure is mine."

My left hand laid on his chest, my right rested in his large hand, as he gracefully whirled us around the dance floor. Finally, a man who knew how to properly dance. The song ended before we got a chance to really dance, and then another started. Frank Sinatra's “Come Dance with Me” swirled around us and we both smiled at one another.

We danced, and as we did, his hand pulled me closer to him with each step we took. I could feel my temperature rise with each passing moment. I felt his chest expand with each breath he took. I wish there were no clothes between us, so I could finally feel his body against mine. His hand slipped slowly to my ass. I looked up and saw the passion raging in his eyes and it mirrored my own. My thoughts again drifted back to the words he spoke in the car.

I had visions of myself covered in a thin sheen of sweat; my body thoroughly tortured by Trenton Anderson, my pussy dripping wet, ass beat red, and bound in place and unable to escape his wicked touch. Just then Trenton squeezed my ass and I let out a small moan. The heat in his eyes grew. I wanted him. I needed him. I couldn't wait any longer.

"Trenton...." my voice trailed off.

He knew what I wanted. "Not here. Not yet," he whispered to my dismay.

He led me off the dance floor and we almost made it through the crowds of people when a man stepped in front of Trenton.

He quickly turned to me. "I'll find you later," he told me quietly.

I tried peaking around him, his large frame making that impossible.

"Please go now," he whispered in command, as he let go of my hand.

I was very puzzled, but I complied. I headed to the left through the crowd, not looking back. I needed some space. I wandered down the hall and found the ladies room. As I entered, I heard a few ladies laughing. They looked in my direction as I came in.

One of them immediately came over to me. She was wearing a black dress and had the reddest hair I've ever seen.

"Can I just say your dress is to die for?" she gushed.

"Thank you," I smiled.

"Your hair is gorgeous too! You are absolutely the talk of this event."

I blushed.

"Which firm are you with?" she asked.

"Mason & Ryan. What about you?"

"Mason & Ryan. Are you a first year associate? Why have I never seen you before?"

"I'm Trenton Ande...."

"Trenton Anderson's newest secretary," she interrupted. "Sorry dear, hard to keep track. He goes through them like hot cakes."

"So I've heard."

"He's never brought any to an event like this before. You must be special."

A brunette spoke up. "Are you sleeping with him?"

"What? No! Of course not. He's my boss and he is married."

"That doesn't stop most people."

"We'll it stops me."

"What about Scott? Has he taken a swing at you?" a really tiny petite girl asked.

"Strikeout," I smiled.

"You turned down Scott Mason?" the redhead asked, completely shocked.

"Yes I did. Now if you'll excuse me." I turned and walked out the door.

Wow. That was not the space I needed. I continued down the hall and was suddenly pulled into a doorway. I knew it was Trenton from just the way he smelled. He pushed me hard against the door, his body pressed against mine.

"Now?" I asked, somewhat playfully.

"Now," he said, right before his lips finally met mine. I felt his tongue coaxing my lips open and they parted. Our tongues danced and explored one another. I tasted the scotch Trenton had been drinking. The heat and wetness between my legs grew, as if my panties weren't already soaked. Our kiss was deep and full of raw lustful need.

He pulled away, both of us breathless.

He grabbed my hand. "Come."

I followed, not that I was really given a choice. We rushed down the hallway, then another and another, until we came to a darkened part of the building. A little way down the hall there was a table with a vase and some flowers. He pushed everything off the table with little care, and it crashed to the floor.

He hiked my dress up forcefully, and my breath caught in my throat. He lifted me up, setting me on the table, then unzipped and unbuttoned his pants as he readied himself. He reached under my dress and roughly pulled off my red lace panties, pressing them to his nose. I groaned watching him. His eyes locked with mine.

"Oh god Juliana, I can smell your need for me," he murmured.

I felt his cock press against my wet lips. He took my hands with one of his and pinned them against the wall above my head, keeping me captive.

"I told you I would just take you," he said gruffly, as he slid into me.

I moaned as he filled me. His free hand pulled down my dress, revealing my hardened nipples. His tongue was instantly swirling around one nipple, then the other. His teeth sank softly onto one, making me moan in pleasure. He then moved to the other, biting it much harder. I cried out in pain, and I could feel him smile against my skin. He sucked and bit me for what seemed like ages; all while his cock slid in and out of me. The pressure building in me, brought me to the edge.

His lips moved to kiss my neck, his teeth grazing me. He then began to ram his cock in and out of me faster and harder. He moved away from my neck and pulled his face from mine to see me better.

"You feel so damn good Juliana. Do you like my married cock buried in your tight little pussy? Do you?" he said forcefully.

My pussy clenched at his words. "Yes!" I practically shouted.

"Good girl. Grip my cock with that pussy of yours," he said, his lips pressed against my ear.

I cried out as he slammed into me.

"Oh please Trenton," I begged him for release.

"Say my name again." His hand twisted my nipple, pulling it hard. "Tell me that you are mine. Say it!" he growled.

"Trenton, I'm yours! Take me, Trenton!" I cried out through clenched teeth.

"Now cum for me! Cum on my married cock! Be my bad girl Juliana! Cum!"

All the tension that had been building between us finally came to a peak. I came hard, my pussy squeezing his cock. I cried out loudly as he groaned and filled my pussy with his hot cum. He slumped over me, releasing my hands and then using the wall and table to support himself. After several long moments, our breathing started to even out.

“Good girl,” He whispered, breaking the silence.

I smiled. For some reason I loved knowing I had pleased him.

"Weren't so bad yourself," I quipped.

He chuckled as he stood up, pulling out of me. I groaned at the emptiness I now felt. He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket, quickly cleaning up and returning it to his pocket. I pulled up my dress covering my breasts, and he helped me off the table. I adjusted myself back to perfection. Trenton slapped my ass.

"You look even better than before," he smirked.

"And why is that?" I questioned.

"Because I know you have my cum running down your thighs." He grinned a devilish grin.

I was slightly taken back by his brazen and brash words. It was only then I noticed his cum dripping down my legs. It was at that moment that it set in: I just got fucked by Trenton Anderson. My boss. My married boss! What the hell was I thinking? Oh, I was thinking that was a really great fuck and I wanted it to happen again. Seriously stop that! Trenton cleared his throat interrupting my mental spanking.

"You have no sassy remark to give me?"

"I don't have anything to give you, but perhaps you can give me my panties back."

He laughed. "Not a chance darling."

"Trenton Anderson, give them back now!"

He laughed again, harder this time. "You're so cute when you're angry."

I sighed, knowing he'd never give them back.

"Admitting defeat?" he asked.

"Actually I want you to keep them. Think of them as a souvenir," I winked.

"I'll put them with my other trophies."

I gasped at his audacity and wondered if there was truth in his statement. I scowled at him and he smiled at me. Trenton grabbed my hand, pulling me to him. He kissed my lips.

"Would you like them back?" he whispered against my lips.

"I'd rather go without."

"My bad girl," he murmured.

"Just how you like me," I whispered, before pulling away and walking down the hall.

"You coming?"

He laughed as he quickly caught up to me.

"Lead the way my temptress."

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