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Texas: The Lone Star state

A brief encounter in a Texas bar leads to a week of European sex

I need to say a thank you to Smiler77 for introducing me to this, and the encouragement to write my first piece.   Any constructive comments and feedback are welcome.

I can remember exactly where it was that we first met.   I was trying very hard to quietly knock back a few manhattans in the bar before catching the long flight back to London .   Despite the business that had taken me there, I’d had quite some week already in Houston and had partied hard most nights in my free time; always one to enjoy the ease with which an English accent can win over the average American girl, so it wasn’t as though I was desperately looking for some last minute action – but it arrived anyway.   It arrived in the form of two girls out doing lunch.   Both were stunning, one a brunette and her friend a dirty blonde, both mid twenties and both ever-so-slightly drunk.   The hotel bar was empty except for the three of us, and conversation soon broke out.   Once started, we were on a roll and things soon got very flirty and fun.   Sadly, time overtook us and I realised I was going to run late for my flight so had to call things short and say goodbye.   I settled back on the flight, closed my eyes, and dreamed of what opportunities I had just had to pass up.

Somewhere around six months later, deep into what passes for a summer in the UK , my phone rang with an unknown number.   “Hi Paul” said the cheeky accent, “remember me?”   My brain a whirl of trying to figure out who it might be, I suddenly realised who it was.   “ Charlotte ??!” I exclaimed, trying hard to stay cool despite the fact that simply hearing her voice was making things stir down in my shorts.   “Yeay!   You remembered me!!” came the beaming reply down the line.  

As we talked, it suddenly dawned on me to ask how on earth she had my cell number back here in the UK .   “That’s easy”, she explained.   “Remember how on the bar they have that big bowl to leave your business card in to be entered into some competition….well I just fished yours out after you left.   Figured I might be able to offer a bigger prize someday than just some lousy bottle of champagne”.

Needless to say, with such a massive compliment having been paid to me by this gorgeous girl not once, but twice, I was eager to see where this was leading to.  

It turned out that she was in Europe on a bit of a back-packing holiday on her own, and was in Italy feeling a bit bored and fed up.   “I’m gonna go to Prague next week for a few days” she said “do you fancy joining me?”.   Well, it’s not exactly everyday that a girl you met randomly in the U.S. for about an hour calls you up six months later and invites you out on a potential week long date, so I cleared my schedule and booked a flight to meet her.

And there she was; waiting at the airport for me to arrive.   Her hair slightly longer than before, but in every other respect she was still the perfection I remembered.   About 5’7”, slender body curving around her delicious looking 36C’s, all set off by her fantastic smile and bright hazel eyes.   I almost came right there!   She took me by the arm and we gave each a quick hello kiss on the cheek.   I could smell her perfume; I could taste her sweet skin on my lips; I could feel the heat rising off her body.   And I wanted her.   And I was going to get her, for certain.

As we sat in the back of the cab on the way to the hotel which she had booked for us both, I tried hard to make small talk and hello conversation, but all the while my now throbbing cock was painfully trapped down the side of my leg, as she knew all very well.   I managed to make some effort to get myself sorted to be able to check in to the hotel with her, and up we went to our room.   I had wondered what she was likely to have booked us – after all, a week is a long time to chance it for a first date for anyone.  

When she opened the door, it was perfect.   Two massive double beds, side by side.   The best combination I could hope for; detached enough to be a gentleman if things didn’t work out, or huge enough to romp around.   Brilliant!

I instantly knew what she had in mind when I dumped my bags on one bed, and she put hers next to them.   “I’m all grotty from travelling” she said.   “Gonna take a shower”.   And with this she headed into the bathroom and whilst I could hear the sounds of running water, I tried hard to resist the temptation of having a wank right there and then just to take care of what had become my massive throbbing cock.  

After a few minutes, she called through to me “I’m done if you want the shower”, so having grabbed a bath robe in I walked.   There she stood, all wrapped in a towel, doing her makeup in the mirror.   “Don’t mind me”, she grinned, and then glanced down to where my dick was almost entirely making an escape out of my robe.   “Oh”, she purred, “I guess you don’t!” and then with the most cheeky grin, she put out her hand and pushed me back towards the shower.   “Go!   I’ll see you back in a minute”.   And so I slipped out of my robe in front of her, and stepped into the shower.  

With the water running over me, I stopped to pinch myself.   Am I really here?   Is there really the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever met only two feet away from me the other side of the glass?   Have we really only actually known each other for about two hours in total from 7,000 miles away six months ago?   My brain was screaming at me that there had to be some catch somewhere, some little play going on that I would eventually catch up on.   But I could not deny the fact that no matter how cold I turned the shower, my body was as horny as it ever gets.

When I walked out of the shower I realised that I was shivering from running it cold for too long and grabbed a towel off the rail as fast as I could.   It was dry, but she must have used it because her scent was all over it; it filled my nose and enraged my manhood once more.   Well, I figured, this is kind of make or break time so I left the safety of the bathroom with just my towel wrapped around my waist, doing nothing to hide the tent of my erection.   I turned into the room, and she was laid on the bed, wrapped in a big fluffy hotel bathrobe, hands behind her head and stretched out.   It was probably the most provocative sight I have ever seen.   She looked up at me, smiled and with her eyes sparkling motioned me to sit next to her.   I was almost too nervous to move, but confidently sat upright on the bed facing her, my splayed legs parting what was left of most of my towel.   In a voice as casual as asking for a cup of coffee she said “I think before we can do anything more, we really need to take care of this little, erm, big, problem of yours, don’t you think?”

I just simply managed to grin my approval back to her, my mouth going dry in anticipation of what was to follow.   Her hand extended from behind her head, and just worked its way up my thigh, her delicate fingers making a slight tickle as they found their way towards wrapping themselves around my burning hot and throbbing shaft.   Slowly she just drifted them up and down, not with enormous pressure, but always just getting the right angle and it felt amazing.   I couldn’t help but let out a little moan and this encouraged her on by sitting up and using two hands to wrap around me, stroking, touching, feeling.  

I’m all shaved bare, and when her nails started to scratch against my balls it was absolute heaven.   Giving her a moment to enjoy as well as me, I then stretched out my own hand, and fed it into and under the top of her bath robe.   My reaching fingers made instant contact with her nipple and I felt it harden straight away under my touch and I heard her catch her breath.   This was simply electric.   My body was on fire, my brain was on fire, my cock was being played with by this young beauty whose breast was now being cupped in the palm of my hand.   I reached over with my other hand and caught hold of her robe, pulling her up and towards me.   Staring her straight in the eyes, our lips met and melted apart, followed by her tongue pushing into my mouth.  She tasted divine.  

Gone then were the gentle erotic movements, and her hands were fast and furious, spilling out of what little towel was still clinging on to me and raking up my chest and round my back, her head leaving mine as she planted hot, wet kisses down my front until she reached my cock pointing up at her.   Without missing a beat, she sank her mouth down over me in one fluid movement, her tongue licking the underside of my purple head as she did so.   I was doubling over, my hands running all over her body, my fingers tweaking her nipples, my lips kissing and nibbling whatever they could reach.   Sensing my urgent need, and that it was obvious that I only had so much time left before I was going to blow my load, she took her mouth away from that glorious blowjob and just said “Fuck me.   Fuck me now.   Fuck me hard and show me what that English cock can do to a Yankee pussy”.  

As if I needed an invite!   She span around and sat upright, and then just lifted her hips on her hands and in an instant was sat above my cock, her sodden pussy lips poised over the head.   And then she sat down and I slid straight into her; hot and wet and amazingly tight.   I could feel her all around me as we clasped each other together, her sat on my cock as my chest enjoyed the crush of her tits against me.   Kissing each other deeply, our eyes burrowing into each others, we got a rhythm going as she ground her pussy around my cock.   I could feel her clit rubbing against my bare skin and her juices running all over my groin.   I reached down and grabbed her ass for some better support and she squealed as the tips of my fingers grazed her anus and I got an extra deep probing of her tongue at that moment.   I felt her pussy gripping me and starting to pulsate as her orgasm ripped through her, her back arching, her silky hair flying back and her nails digging into the flesh on my back.  

How I managed to have not cum myself by that point I will never know, but at the point my balls just tipped over the edge and I felt like I was just squirting cum into her like it was never going to end.   Our eyes open wide, we each caught our breath before she just yelled out a massive Texan “Yee-haw” and we both fell about laughing.

After spending much more time exploring each other that afternoon, and almost on the point of exhaustion, I asked her what she wanted to do for the evening.   “Hell boy!”, came the reply, “this is Prague , strip club central!   I wanna go and see me some tits!”.   And with that remark, I realised that with a whole week ahead of us, we might just end up needing more than one bed, after all.   But that’s a different story.

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