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That girl at the bar

Fate strolls into my evening, and into my bed.
So there was I, at the Coyote Inn. It’s a small bar on the lonely streets of Bramville, and the only bar, Bramville can boast of.

Bramville is a very small town and not many families live here. It is a home to those numerous men, who work in the nearby industrial estates and reside here in small and squalid houses.

Coming to myself, I am a 24 year old country-boy who is new to this town. It’s been three months since I started working at the Coyote’s Inn. My working hours here, are from 12 noon until 2 o'clock in the morning. My job here is to serve drinks, and to clean up the place before leaving, the rest is taken care of by the cashier.

Usually the bar is empty till about 7 in the evening, after then loads of tired men pour in here to forget their day of hard work at the factories, and it’s then, when my hard work starts. But the pub is empty all again at around half past 12 in night. Rest of the time I just had to sit at the counter doing simply nothing. So in short I didn’t have much of an eventful life, until that night.

It was deep into midnight, quarter past one was the exact time. The bar was empty. Expecting no more customers, the cashier had left, entrusting me with the responsibility of locking the bar. I was sitting at the counter, just when the door opened and a girl came in. It may be because of the fact that I had never seen a girl at Coyote’s during my three months here, but she looked gorgeous. She must be in her late twenties. She was in white T-shirt and blue jeans. She was a brunette, with hair hanging till the mid of her breasts. She approached my counter and sat on the stool against my counter.

“Do you serve vodka here?” She asked.

“Of course yes madam. But, which one?” I replied.

“Doesn’t matter; just give me a bottle, a glass and a chaser, cola would do.” She replied promptly and handed me a fifty dollar bill.

I selected a bottle of Grey Goose from the rack and gave her rest of the things she asked for. Meanwhile, I left her drinking and headed to clean up the mess created during the day. I returned after a while and was surprised to find that she hadn’t left. I approached her from behind.

“Madam you must leave now, its half past one now and the bar will close in minutes.” I said politely.

Turning to me she said “Ummm, if that’s the case, can you please tell me if there are any places nearby where I can stay in the night, like some cheap hotels or motels or maybe…”

I interrupted her “Sorry madam, Bramville is a very small town; you won’t be able to find any hotels or motels here. But you can look out along the highway, you can find a cluster of motels out there.”

“See, that’s the problem, my car broke down on the highway. I parked it outside the closed garage outside your town. I planned to have the car fixed in the morning, when the garage would open so I came here in search of a place to stay, but all I could find here was this bar.” she replied.

In her reply she seemed to be irritated but amazingly she wasn’t sounding too drunk. She must have regular to vodka, that’s why, she was wise at it.

We both were quiet for a couple of minutes. She must have been cursing her luck for the pathetic situation she was in.

Then, I broke the silence “If you don’t mind, you can stay at my house for the night. It’s half a mile down here, near the river.”

Suddenly her eyes lit up, and for the first time I saw a smile on her face.

“Oh, why would I mind? That would be great for me. At last…”

“We’ll have to walk the way to my home, would that be fine for you.” I asked.

“Oh yes, for sure, I can surely walk.” She replied.

She stood up and lifted her right foot, but as she kept it down on the ground, she twisted her ankle and dropped down to the floor. I immediately lifted her and seated her back.

“Ohh, these heels, they would kill me some day” she said pointing to her high heeled shoe sandals.

“Are you sure, that you will still be able to walk comfortably?” I asked her.

She did not react to my question but instead, she stood up again and started walking. She walked out of the bar and stood near the bench, while I locked the bar. As she started again I noticed that she was limping.

“See, if you are really not at comfort while walking, I am sure that I can lift you up to our way home.” I said.

“That would be so nice of you, but are you sure that you can lift me?” She asked.

“I believe that I am reasonably strong to lift you up.” I assured her.

So I made her sit on the bench, put my left arm under her legs and my right arm behind her back and I slowly lifted her up. She must be around 55 kg, not too heavy for me, though. I began to walk down the street. As I was walking, I noticed that she had fallen asleep in my arms. It was a cloudy night and the clouds rarely allowed the moon to throw its light on her face, it was only then, when I could catch glimpses of her face. Ah, she was really beautiful.

Suddenly, when we had covered about half of our walk, I felt raindrops on my face. At first I ignored them but then it started raining hard. She rose from her sleep. After 5 minutes of heavy rain we both were completely drenched and my house was still a few hundred steps away.

I looked at her drenched in my arms. Suddenly my eyes fixed on her T shirt and I was awestruck on seeing her beautiful nipples peeping through her wet T shirt. Without a bra on, now it really did not matter if she had worn a T shirt or not because, one could see all through it now, it had turned transparent. Seeing up further my eyes met hers. She had a set of beautiful brown eyes. I was embarrassed, she wasn’t. She gave me a smile, I was confused.

Now we had reached my doorstep, I put her down under the door shade and meanwhile unlocked my house. That was my home. It was a modest wooden home, just one room it had. And that room was the entire world I lived in. It had a bed, a wardrobe, a chair and a mirror fixed opposite to the bed. Just this much things constituted my house. I lifted her again and put her on the bed. There she was on my bed, completely wet, sitting with her legs folded and breasts resting against her legs with arms around her legs as if she was feeling cold.

“You are wet, must be uncomfortable, need to change?” I asked.

“Oh yes, I would love to, but as you see I am not carrying any clothes with me…” She replied innocently.

“See, I have a few T shirts and they would surely fit you, and for your legs, hmm…I think u can wrap a bed sheet around your legs.” I said

“Yes, that would be fine. But first, a towel?” She said.

I had just one towel with me. I took it out from the wardrobe. I also took out a couple of T shirts for both of us and the bed sheet for her. I handed her the towel, and the shirt.

Confused, she looked around and asked “But you don’t have a bathroom here, where should I change? You can’t even go out till I change as it’s raining heavily outside. What now?”

“Oh, living here all alone, I never needed one. But don’t worry, I will just have to turn my back against the bed and you can change; same when it’s my turn. Okay?”

Getting a positive nod from her I did as was planned. I took my chair and turned it against the bed. I could now hear her removing her wet t shirt, her trousers and her panties, or at least I imagined her doing so. I could not resist my temptation of looking back and seeing her naked. But I could not do so, it would really be bad. But then as I slid my view towards right, on the wall I was facing, I realized that I had my mirror there. Now the mirror was not that big but it was sized enough to give me a topless view of the girl.

There she was, all naked; she was trying to dry her hair by the use of the towel. She then wiped her face, and then came down to her neck and finally her breasts. Those two breasts of hers were round and rosy. They were even bigger than I had imagined, and they were outstandingly beautiful. This view shot up my penis inside my wet undies, and I felt that I released a bit of precum.

She gently wiped her boobs one by one until all water had been removed. She then, dried her armpits and belly. But then, she knelt down, possibly to wipe off her legs and now, was no more visible in the mirror. So I straightened my head again but my mind still had the picture of her rosy breasts.

“I am done, now you may proceed.” She said.

I turned back now, and saw her in the T shirt I gave her. As planned she had neatly wrapped the bed sheet around her. Her dressing resembled the Kimono worn by the Japanese, but in a funny way.

Trying to hide my hardness from her, I headed to the bed as we exchanged positions; she was on the chair now opposite to the bed. I noticed my towel, her wet clothes, and her pink panties on the edge of the bed. I removed my shirt and my trousers and then my undies, and there was I, completely naked in the room with a girl and a semi-erect penis.

I had only one towel, which was already used by her. So I lifted it up. It had a warm smell of sweat and water from her body, the sweat was intoxicating. I wiped water off my body enjoying every bit of smell of her body from the towel.

After I was done, I put on my shirt and wrapped the towel around me. I had the habit of sleeping naked so I thought that just the towel, would be fine.

I signaled her that I was done. I picked up her clothes and put them on the chair, to let them dry, except her panties, leaving the fate of her panties to be decided by herself. Not finding a suitable place, she hung the panties on the window frame.

I cleared the bed for her to sleep. She went upon the bed, and lay on her back to sleep. I myself put up a bed sheet on the floor and lay down after turning off the lights. She must have been tired as she slept within a couple of minutes.

But sleep was miles away from my eyes; after all I was with a hottie, all alone in a room. After about 15 minutes, I got up and went to her side of the bed. She was fast asleep. I took another look at her beautiful face, and then concentrated on her rising and falling breasts; if I had a camera I would have photographed this sleeping beauty. She was sleeping with her legs wide open. I went up to her feet, and could see her pussy peeping from the wrapped bed sheet. With what all I could see I could only infer that hers was a shaved pussy. Disappointed for not getting to see anymore, I went back and lay down. I removed my towel and started masturbating. I don’t know when, but moments later I fell asleep with my right hand still on my penis.

Some time later, in my mid sleep, I felt some strange sensations around my thighs. First I ridiculed them. But then I opened my sleepy eyes to find her, over my legs playing with my penis delicately. I rose up and she continued doing so. My penis started hardening, and now it was at its best in length and girth. I myself had not seen my penis this much big, ever.

Seeing that I was no more asleep, she sat upon my legs and lowering down her head, she started licking the shaft, and gradually reached the top. She was licking the sensitive part of my penis, and for me, it was ecstasy. We exchanged no words.

As I rose up on my arms still lying on my back, I could see her, wildly licking my penis like an ice candy. She then took it whole in her mouth and choked in her first attempt of sucking. She then started again. She did whatever she could do with her mouth, to my penis. My penis was now completely coated with her saliva.

After a while, I started nearing climax. At that moment I rose her up, gently lifted her head and stood up. I took her onto the bed, and made her lie on her back. I then gently sat on her belly. Caring not to hurt her, I placed my balls over her groin and extended my legs sideways. I straightened her arms, and removed the shirt off her breasts.

I switched on the night light to have a view of her body. I took my mouth near her breasts. I was amazed by her beautiful brown areolas and her erect pink nipples. I took her left nipple in my mouth and sucked it gently. She moaned a bit. I tried to be as gentle with her breasts as possible. I rolled over my tongue over her breasts and her soft moaning made me even more aroused. I then stood up and went over to her toes. I took them in my mouth and tongued whole of her foot.

In the meantime, she opened the knotted sheet around her belly and freed her legs after which she removed the bed sheet completely. She was completely naked now. I raised my head from her toes. It was then when I saw in awe, her majestic pussy. I crawled onto her legs and firmly placed my chest on her knees, to have a better look.

There it was, it was wet now. I drew my nose near. The smell of her juices was intoxicating. I stuck out my tongue and started to navigate her pussy. I licked her juices and my tongue was now stroking her pussy. She was moaning harder now.

After about five minutes I stopped my mouth work and brought my right hand to her clit and started running my index finger over it up to down, and my left hand’s middle finger was busy exploring her pussy. She was now at her moaning best.

Suddenly, out of nowhere she snatched my shirt and pulled it off me, she grabbed my hair and lifted my head and brought me up over her by some wild force. Now I lay over her, superimposing her body. I was over her, in perfect symmetry. My knees were over hers, my manhood over her pussy trying to make its way inside, my chest pressing down her breasts, feeling her erect nipples. My hands were beneath her grabbing her firm round ass.

Our eyes met and we spontaneously locked tongues. We shared a deep French kiss for a couple of minutes and then she, with her hands grabbed my waists and lifted it up. I held my body in this position while she took me erect penis in her right hand and guided it inside her pussy and held me down back.

I first lay motionless over her with my flesh in her body, and then thrust it further deep inside her, she moaned louder, as I was pushing deeper in her tight cunt. I was pushing in and out her as she moaned each time I penetrated her.

After a while I increased the frequency. Her hands were on my hips assisting my motion into her. The fiction between our bodies caused heat, which made us sweat and our smells mixed into a unique one and filled the whole room. As I was nearing climax, even she was turning wilder.

Fearing ejaculation, I suddenly pulled out and lay upon her in that position exhausted. She then slid out from under my body and lay besides me. I was now on the bed lying over my belly. Then she made the first move, she made me turn on my back and climbed my thighs facing me. She sat over my erect meat and started bouncing up and down wildly. She was now making intense cries as her climax reached near. With each bounce my climax restrengthened.

Finally she came. Exhausted, she pulled out and now sat on my knees. Grabbing my erect penis she first licked off her juices from it and then cupped her hands over it. She stroked my penis wildly now, and with each stroke my mouth yelled masculine moans of pleasure and excitement.

“Aaaghh…” This was it…

I had cum, in her cupped hands. She then took her hands to her mouth and drank all of it. She was licking her hands wildly and savored each drop of my cum. She cleaned her hands off it. Tired, she fell then and there upon me. We lay there in that position and slept the sleep of our lives for the rest of the hours.

Sun shine fell from the window on my eyes. That pretty angel was still upon me sleeping with her hands firmly gripping my chest. Taking care of her sleep, I lay there motionless. After about half an hour she woke up. She smiled at me and rose from my body and went on to the chair. She took her panties off the window and checked if it dried or not. Throwing off the dried clothes from the chair onto the bed she sat upon the chair. She started wiping the sweat off her with the towel. The sun rays from the window touched her body as I lay there on the bed watching her in pure amazement.

Suddenly breaking the silence, while still wiping her body, she asked

“Oh! By the way, did I ask you your name?”…
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