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That Naked Girl From The Internet

Wasn't she that naked girl from the internet?
He looked around his new apartment smiling. The smell of the fresh paint greeted him. He took a deep breath to inhale its aroma. He looked around at the furniture he had just finished moving into place. He thought he had done a pretty neat job. He was exhausted and sweaty having had cleaned the place from top to bottom and moving around the heavy stuff to their proper places. He flopped on the sofa and turned on his new 37 inch TV that was hanging on the wall.

He was Michael Kein, standing just above 6 feet, with jet black hair and blue eyes. He graduated college with a business degree and landed a pretty neat job thanks to his father’s influences. The only downside was that it was in a different state, a place he had never been to and had no friends or family to turn to. Michael scouted the area few weeks before and had managed to find a descent apartment. After all the farewell parties, felicitations and the swayed emotions, he had made his journey and moved in just the day before to start off a new life. The whole process had been hectic and tiring. On the first day he had only managed to organize the bedroom. The bed had looked so inviting after the tiring journey that he had crashed on it for a brief nap and woken up half a day later.

Now that the unpacking was all done, he went to the refrigerator to grab a beer. His eyes focused on the cakes that he had bought. He groaned inwardly. As he was the new tenant it was customary for him to get acquainted with the neighbours and he had bought the cakes for the occasion. Seeing the cakes he knew he had just one more thing left to do.

Michael turned off the TV and removed his clothes throwing them onto the hamper. He stepped into the shower and let the cold water run down his body. He took a considerable amount of time getting soaked in the water and cleaning himself up. After putting on some fresh clothes, he fished out the two cakes he had bought. He put them in two separate bags and stepped out into the hallway.

The apartment complex consisted of many floors and he resided on the 4 th floor. Each of the floors contained two to three apartments. The floors containing just two apartments contained more bedrooms and space whilst the floors with three apartments mostly had one or two bedrooms and limited space, yet a very comfortable space to live in. On Michael’s floor there were three apartments. Right in front of Michael’s door was the elevator, while on either side of it were the stairs. Michael’s apartment was at the centre.

He started towards the apartment at the left and rang the bell. It was answered by a merry older couple. After introducing himself as their new neighbour, he was ushered in.

The apartment was bigger than his and had two bedrooms. Most of the walls had pictures of them and of young people who were probably their children. Ornaments stood on top of tables and cabinets. The apartment itself had the aura of an older couple. Mr. and Mrs. Parker as he learned were retired bankers. After their retirement they had moved here in order to be closer to their children and grandchildren. They asked questions about him, and he briefly talked about his background, why he moved here and about his job. Mr. Parker gave him some interesting and valuable advice and launched into a series of stories from his young days. Mrs. Parker kept bringing him sweets to eat and doted on him saying he reminded him of one of her children. After spending some time with them Michael politely extricated himself after promising them that he would drop by from time to time.

He stepped out of the apartment with all smiles with the remaining cake in hand. He walked across to the remaining apartment and rang the bell. He hoped that it wasn’t another older couple behind the locked doors. He heard the click of the lock and then the door opened.

“Hi, I’m…” he started but was lost for words as he took in the sight of the beauty in front of him.

His breath caught for an instant. She had gorgeous brown hair that was full, lush and long. She was tall, not as tall as him and looked to be a couple of years younger than he. His eyes took in her lovely brown eyes beneath the dark eyelashes. Even though she was dressed in a loose T-shirt and shorts, it did little to hide the beautiful curves of her body. He gazed at her beautiful face totally taken by her.

Her eyebrows arched in question, and he realized that he had fallen short of constructing a proper sentence. Michael gave himself a mental shake, cleared his throat and started again.

“Hi, I’m Michael Kein, your new neighbour,” he said with a smile pointing at his door. He realized how foolish that looked and let his arm drop on to his side.

“Oh hi, I’m Kayla Hartman,” she replied holding out her hand, a smile brightening her face.

He shook her hand, part of him reluctant to let go of her soft hands. He remembered the cake and offered it to her.

She smiled again, graciously taking it. “Thank you, please do come in,” she said opening the door fully.

He entered looking around at her apartment. The structure was different than his but it was roughly the same size.

“Please don’t mind the mess, I wasn’t expecting any company,” she said clearing out the sofa and the chairs.

He sat down on the chair as she took a seat on the sofa. As he looked at her again, he had the nagging feeling that he had seen her somewhere before but just couldn’t place where.

“I just moved in the other day,” Michael said trying to start up a conversation. He usually wasn’t slow and had always had a way with words. But somehow her beauty had left that part of his brain completely numb.

“Yeah, I saw loads of delivery people. I would have come greeted you earlier but I had an exam and I was studying for it. I was dead exhausted today after it and crashed right after I came home.”

“Sorry if I woke you up.”

“Nah, I was up earlier,” she said waving it off with a hand, “although I still look a mess I guess.”

He completely had to disagree on that. If this was how she looked a mess, he wondered how much more perfect she can be when she was not a mess. “Nah, you look stunning.” Should he have said that he wondered. That was outright flirting.

She however took it in stride and smiled at the compliment.

“So you are in college?” Michael asked his eyes fixed on hers daring not to let them wonder.

“Yeah, I’m a Junior. I’m doing Business Administrations,” she replied.

“Hey, no way, so did I.”

“Really?” her eyes lit with a smile. “Could you please, please help me out with some of my subjects,” she pleaded bending forward and grabbing his hands.

He wondered if she was doing it on purpose as her cleavage was clearly on display to him. “I would love to,” he heard himself reply. He found it a bit odd that she would ask such a thing from a complete stranger but who was he to complain.

Her eyes beamed. “Thank you so much, Michael.”

“Please, call me Mike.”

She smiled again. “So Mike, what about you? What do you do?”

“Well I graduated last year. I did an internship over at my hometown. Then I landed a job in RalMex, so here I am.”

“Wow, RalMex? Really? I hear that it’s really hard to get into it.”

“Yeah, I had to go through a bunch of interviews and tests. Dad helped too.”

“So is it your first time here in this city?” she asked.

“Yeah, doesn’t know a soul here. Might take some time getting used to.”

“I’ll help you out,” she said crossing her legs. He tried hard not to stare at her slender long white legs. “Where are my manners, I didn’t even offer you anything. Would you like something to drink?”

“No thanks, I’m fine.”

“Let’s have some of your cake then,” she said standing up.

“Have we met before?” Michael asked as his curiosity got the best of him. He was sure he had seen her somewhere. He just couldn’t place where. It was at the edge of his mind.

An odd smile crept onto her face, “No, I don’t think so.” She went off to the kitchen to cut a few slices of the cake. She put into a plate and extended it to him.

As he reached out and took it, looking into her eyes, it suddenly clicked into place where she had seen her face before. “You are that naked girl from the internet,” he wondered. As she raised one of her eyebrows, he realized that he had unintentionally said it out loud. His face flushed deep red. “I am so sorry, I thought I said that in my mind,” Mike blabbed out.

A slow smile crept onto her face, “And now we know you watch porn,” she said sitting back on the sofa.

“Wait, so I’m correct?” Mike asked bewildered.

“Yeah, I’m one of the naked girls on the internet. Although what I do technically is not porn porn. I like to think more of it as nude modelling,” she said taking a bite out of the cake. “Wow Mike this cake is sooooo good,” she moaned. “This is so gonna fatten me up or give me pimples.”

Mike laughed. “I don’t think so. So how did you get into it?” he asked eager to know why his neighbour, an absolute beauty at that would go into such work.

“Well, it’s just me and my mum in my family. Dad, long out of the picture. When I just started out as a freshman, the two of us had a really big fight. She cut herself off from me. I had to pay for my course fees and all that and fend for myself. I didn’t wanna give up on my studies, so I started out doing part time jobs but I just couldn’t handle doing more than two and I barely had enough money. Also I was dead exhausted that I couldn’t study much and my grades slipped. One of my friends told me about a site where people pay money to see girls naked. So I gave it a try. And I ended up doing it. Now my economy is quite stable,” she said looking downcast.

Mike felt sorry for her but admired her courage and independence and he told her so which brought a smile to her face. They talked about her studies and her plans for the future. He explained her his. They talked into the night, having forgotten dinner and finishing up the cake.

As he said goodnight to her and went back to his bed, the one thought on his mind was to find her on the internet. With that in mind he drifted off to a good night sleep.

The following days went uneventfully. He met with her in passing and chatted now and then a bit and had helped her out on some of her subjects. He had tried hard but had been unsuccessful on finding her on the net. The internet was filled with porn and so it was like finding a needle in a hay stack. Yet he hadn’t given up the search. It would have made things much easier if he had just asked, but it just didn’t seem right. He became much busier as he started his job and their conversations became increasingly limited as he arrived late on most nights. Despite that, he somehow managed to make time to talk with her and help her out.

Two weeks followed since his move in. On a Saturday morning at the insistence of his mother, he took out his Nikon D7100 to take some photos of the city to send her. He enjoyed photography and took a delight in capturing moments. So with that he stepped out of the apartment. Just as he did, the door to Kayla’s apartment also opened up.

“Hey!” she exclaimed cheerfully upon seeing him.

“Hey there Kay,” Mike replied, a smile lighting up his face. The two of them had become friendly and comfortable with each other in a short period of time. “What are you up to?”

“I was just thinking of doing some shopping,” she replied. “What about you? What’s with the camera?” she asked pointing at it.

“Mum wants photos, so I was thinking of going sightseeing.”

“That’s cool. Hey, I said I would help you out but it feels like only you have done so,” she said with a pout. “So how about I take you around?”

“Well how could I say no to that, but what about shopping?”

“We can go shopping too,” she replied biting her lower lip. “Don’t worry, I will make it painless as possible for you,” she said laughing seeing the look on his face.

So they set out sightseeing and shopping. He enjoyed shopping with her more than he had initially thought. She took a bunch of clothes and tried them on for him and gave him various poses when he started taking photos. She looked positively gorgeous in each of the clothes. The camera came in handy for her to select the dresses she liked. She asked his opinion on most of the clothes. He loved seeing her in one particular low cut dress which exposed her nice long legs. She ended up buying it.

She took him around the city to various sites and he took as much photos as he could. Later in the afternoon they ended up coming to a park. They flopped down on the grass exhausted. She stood staring off to the side. Her hair flowed like a river, the sun’s rays giving it a golden appearance. She looked positively like a goddess at the moment. He brought up his camera adjusted the settings and took the photo.

Hearing the sound of the camera she turned her head back to him. “Hey, no fair,” she protested with a smile and held her hand out for the camera. “You’ve been taking photos of me the whole day and there are hardly any of you in there.”

Kayla pressed the playback button on the camera after he handed it over to her to look at the photos he had taken. Her eyes changed in wonder as she toggled between the photos. Her big round eyes turned to his in surprise, her mouth slightly ajar. “You are really good at this.”

Mike shrugged his shoulders. “I just love to take photos and having a good camera helps.”

“You are being modest,” she said her eyes taking in the photos again. “I wish I could take photos like this of me,” she said almost to herself.

“If you want, I could take them for you,” Mike muttered.

Her gaze slowly turned back to his. Her eyes fixed on to his. He realized the implications of what he had said. He cursed himself for saying it, but held his gaze. A thousand thoughts ran through his mind at lightning speed. Should he say he was joking? Should he shrug it off? Would she be disgusted with him? Would she think he was a pervert? Would she stop being his friend? He felt his heart race and hoped she couldn’t hear the sound of it beating in his chest.

Her eyes searched his, understanding that he knew full well what kind of photos she had meant. Her mouth opened to form a reply, but closed it as soon as she began. He thought it would be best to say nothing. So he kept his mouth shut, his whole body completely tensed. Her mouth slowly opened again.

“Yes,” he heard her say.

That one syllable sent a lightning bolt through him. He realized he had been holding his breath, and let it out to take another. He wondered if he was dreaming. He stared at her in complete wonder.

The corners of her mouth twitched into a smile. “Earth to Mike,” she said softly.

He blinked his eyes. He pinched his arm to make sure that he wasn’t in fact dreaming. It hurt so he sure wasn’t. At that Kayla burst out laughing. With that the tension just evaporated. He joined her.

“So…” he started looking at her beautiful face.

“So…” she also whispered.

Mike cleared his throat. “When do you want to do it?”

“How about tonight?” she asked.

“Sounds perfect.”

They went back to their apartments not having much to say to each other, each eagerly waiting for the session.

Mike dumped all the photos he had taken into his laptop and cleared the memory. Then he plugged the batteries for them to recharge. He paced the length of the house, constantly looking at the clock wishing the time would fly by. He stepped into the shower drenched himself in the cold water.

Sharp at eight o’ clock, he stood outside the door to Kayla’s apartment with his camera and the laptop. He knocked on the door.

“Come in,” he heard Kayla’s voice say.

He turned the door knob and found that it was unlocked. He entered and closed it behind him, making sure to put the lock just in case. He felt nervous. He walked towards the sofa and sat down on it waiting for Kayla.

“Mike,” he heard Kayla whisper.

He turned his head towards the sound and the time seemed to stop as he took her in. She looked absolutely ravishing. She wore a long sleeved white, black and grey check shirt and faded out jeans. Although she was completely covered by the clothes, she looked stunning. The clothes complimented her curves well, bringing them out nicely. She also looked nervous as he felt.

“Are you sure about this?” Mike asked. “If you are uncomfortable with it, we can just stop.”

She laughed lightly. “A bunch of strangers on the internet buy my naked photos and jerk off to them, and I’m completely fine with that. It’s weird that I’m nervous at the thought of you seeing me naked. Why is that I wonder?”

“It’s probably because they see you through a filter,” he replied softly.

“Probably,” she nodded absently.

“So… do you want to do this?”

Her eyes bored into his. “Yes. Since it’s you, I’m okay with it. I trust you,” she said, a soft smile lighting her beautiful features. Her words warmed his heart.

“Feel free to stop if you feel uncomfortable at any moment,” he said, his voice barely above a whisper.

She nodded.

He took his camera out of the bag as she fiddled with her fingers. He looked up at her beautiful face which was devoid of any make up except for the lip gloss that brightened her lips.

“How do you wanna do this?” he asked her as he removed the lens cap.

“You are the photographer. This is your show,” she smiled.

He smiled in reply. He looked at her through the camera lens. “Let’s take some photos like this with you standing up.”

Mike adjusted the aperture, the flash and the shutter speed. He looked at her through the camera lens and clicked away. She was noticeably nervous as he started. As he went on just taking photos with her fully clothed, she started to relax and smile more. She started posing for him at various places of the house in various poses.

He took things really slow. He didn’t want to push her and he wanted to capture a nice strip tease. He asked her to unbutton the top two buttons of her shirt. She did as he asked. The turquoise blue bra peaked from underneath the shirt. She let it show more, exposing the smooth flesh underneath more with one finger whilst the other hand covered her mouth in an ‘oops’ motion.

She carried on the tease, unbuttoning more of the buttons and exposing more flesh. Then all of the buttons were undone. He took photos of her from various angles as she felt her own breasts through her bra. She gave him various expressions and he captured them all.

Kayla’s hands reached behind her and unclasped her bra. As her bra loosened her left arm came up to cover her breasts. She pushed the bra off her right arm and all that was left was her left. The right arm took the left arms place as the bra fell onto the ground. He gulped in anticipation all the while clicking away not wanting to miss any of the action.

“Bite your left index finger shyly,” he instructed her. She smiled and did as he said and he took several photos. “Bite your lower lip,” he whispered to her. She again did as he said. “Split your fingers and expose your left nipple between them,”

Her eyes gazed at him and she slowly complied, a shy smile striking her face. He groaned inwardly as her nipple came into view. It was very light brown in colour that matched her hair and eyes. Her nipple peaked at him between her fingers. He felt blood pump into his crotch as his erection strained against his denim.

“Let’s put on a hand bra,” he whispered his voice cracking.

She smiled and brought her left arm up to cover her left breast as her right arm snaked its way to cover her right without exposing it. He clicked away some more. He stared into her eyes and in a silent command she let her hands drop to her sides.

He forgot how to breathe as he took in the white globes. They were sheer perfection. He looked at the beautiful curves of her body above her waist, the flat stomach, her unmarred skin, her navel, and his eyes travelled upwards and fixated on her breasts. Her breasts seemed the perfect size and shape. Her areolar that stood at the middle was a little darker than her nipple that arose from its centre.

He brought up the camera up to his eye, hands slightly shaking to capture her image. He carried on taking photos from different angles as her ever moving hands wondered across her breasts, lightly cupping her breasts, squeezing, running down her stomach, touching her nipples now and then.

“Cover half your nipples with the shirt.” She did as he said and let it cover them, and he took the photos, timing it perfectly when the sides of the shirt swayed in the wind.

Her thumbs hooked on her jeans, slightly lowering it as to expose the matching turquoise blue panties she wore underneath. He asked her to turn around and look back and he captured the moment. She came towards the sofa, sat down and undid the button and unzipped her jeans. The sound of it sent a slight shiver through him in anticipation as he realized he was about to see her most sacred parts. She slightly parted her jeans giving him a view of her panties just above her crotch.

She pushed her jeans lower fully exposing her panties. He stood speechless but his finger as if in a trance kept pushing at the button that captured the photos. He asked her to stand and move around with her jeans pushed down to her knees. She complied bending over. He photographed her from above, behind, the sides and in various other angles.

She kicked off the jeans and sat with her legs parted. His index finger kept pressing down at lightning speed. He slowed down as he realized he was being unprofessional as he wasn’t clearly focusing on the quality of the photos. Then on he took his time to observe and be more mindful of the photos he took.

She moved around with her panties, raising her legs up, bending over, parting them, closing them, her hands caressing her breasts as per his instructions. As he felt he had taken enough photos with her panties on, he again gazed into her eyes. She understood what he wanted her to do and slowly lowered her panties first exposing her bush. He clicked away, with his painful erection, trying to tear a hole in his denim.

She lowered them further and completely removed them giving him an unobstructed view of her pink lips. He completely froze. He felt as if time itself had stopped as he gazed at her beauty. He stared, completely unaware of the camera falling off his hands. He was brought out of the daze as he felt a tug at his neck by the camera strap as the camera dangled at his waist.

He gazed into her eyes and whispered, “You are unbelievably beautiful.”

Her face blushed crimson red and she shyly raised one of her legs to partly hide the pink lips between her legs. Her reaction was so perfect, so unbelievably cute, that he quickly fumbled with the camera to capture the moment. He managed to do so before the moment was lost.

“Can I… Can I see more?” he asked gulping saliva down, his whole mouth having gone dry.

She shyly nodded her head as she again parted her legs for him. He reminded himself not to lose himself in the moment. He zoomed in on her pussy and captured a few. She stood up for him with nothing but the shirt covering her body. He found it strangely erotic to see her as such.

He made her crawl on all four as he clicked away. He approached her from behind and made her look at him as he captured her beautiful nether lips with the puckered hole just above it. He found his breathing ragged. He was completely overwhelmed by her perfection. She sat back down and moved her fingers down her navel to reach her lower lips.

As her fingers entangled with her pubic hair he clicked and then her fingers reached the top of her pussy.

“Damn! Shit! Shit!” he cursed looking at the camera.

Surprised by his outcry she moved her fingers away and looked up at him. “Why, what’s wrong?” she asked concerned.

“The damn battery just died!” he replied frustrated. He was that close to seeing her glistening pussy, but his battery had to deplete and shatter his dream. “I couldn’t charge it fully.”

“I guess that’s it for today then,” Kayla said pulling her panties back on. She then buttoned up her shirt.

He pulled out a cord and plugged it to charge. “I will leave the camera here. I was hoping to put them all into laptop tonight, but I guess we will have to do that tomorrow. I’m sorry about this.”

“Are you kidding me? That was super amazing! I’m sure there are loads of nice pictures in there. Thank you so much.” With that she trotted up to him, tiptoed and pressed her lips against his cheek. She looked at him and smiled. He realized his face was flushing. “Oh my god, look at the time. Let’s have some dinner.”

She heated up some pasta, and they sat down on the floor next to each other reclining against the sofa. They chatted idly whilst dining. After the meal as it was time to go, she turned to him.

“It was really nice. Thanks for making it so easy for me. As we started I wasn’t sure if I could really go through it. I know it sounds weird since I take photos by myself and put it on the internet-”

“Like I said it was probably because it was never direct,” he said interrupting her.

“Wait, let me finish. As I said in the beginning I wasn’t sure if I could go through with it. I kept thinking, would he make me do things I don’t want to, would he just use me and start groping me and stuff. But you let me go at my own pace. You let me do most things on my own. I was scared that you would think of me, and degrade me as a common whore,” she raised her hand to stop him from interrupting. “Most people think that just because we do this, we are privy to have sex all the time and do all kinds of nasty things. But it is not so, we are also human beings with real feelings. I’m pretty reserved about sex. I was afraid to a certain degree, but also in my heart I somehow knew that you weren’t like that. I wanted to take this leap of faith. Thank you for being the person I see you as in my eyes. Thank you for not demanding anything. Thank you for letting me be in control,” she said her eyes tearing up a bit.

He touched her chin and raised her head and gazed into her eyes. “Kayla, I’ve only known you for two weeks but I feel like I’ve known you a life time, as if it’s a special friendship,” as he said she nodded in agreement with a smile on her face. “I admire you greatly. I know it must be really hard for you to do what you do living all alone. I can’t imagine what I would have done if I hadn’t had my parents support throughout college. I don’t think I would have been as courageous as you. Above all that, I wouldn’t want to do anything that would jeopardize our friendship. And I’m deeply honoured that you would trust me to this extent and I would do anything to uphold that trust.”

Kayla smiled and drew him into a slow hug. Had it been ten seconds, five minutes, an hour? He didn’t know. All that mattered was her, as he deeply inhaled her sweet aroma, her body pressed against his. There was nothing sexual about the moment but pure friendship. Upon parting she tiptoed and kissed his other cheek and whispered, “I will see you tomorrow after six. I have work in the morning and afternoon. Good night, Michael.”

“Good night, Kayla.”

With that he turned and went back to his apartment and straight on to his bed. He touched the spot she had kissed. It was the warmth of the kiss that filled his mind as he drifted off to sleep.

As evening came the next day, Michael entered Kayla’s apartment. As she had just gotten home, she asked him to make himself at home as she quickly had a bath. He set up the laptop on the coffee table in front of the couch and flopped down on to the cushion. He took the camera that had been fully charged and placed it next to his laptop. He then brought out the data transfer cable and connected the camera with the laptop and quickly transferred all the photos of her into the laptop. Just as he finished transferring the data he heard Kayla getting out of the shower.

“Kayla, I’ve transferred the photos, come see them,” he shouted to her.

She walked towards him eagerly and sat next to him on the couch, her arm touching his although there was enough space on the couch to sit three or four people. She brought her right leg up, and crossed it under her right, getting comfortable. He inhaled the smell of roses coming from her which felt intoxicating. The thought of going through naked photos of her, with her, at such close proximity had his mind reeling.

He double clicked on the first photo and opened it up. They started moving through the photos, Kayla commenting on some of them. As they reached the photos of her breast being exposed, Mike had to clear his throat before he could speak up to comment on them when asked by her. Seeing him being flustered, she playfully bumped her shoulder against his.

“Chill dude, you saw these first hand yesterday,” she said with a smile gesturing at the photos.

“Yeah I try to keep telling myself that,” he answered blushing. As they reached the photo of her exposed vagina, his breath again caught for an instant. “You are so beautiful,” Mike repeated what he had said the previous night.

She swatted his arm playfully, a blush spreading through her face. “I felt so shy when you said that, that I think I actually squirmed a little.”

“That was such a natural and beautiful reaction that I was afraid that I would miss the moment,” Mike said turning his face towards hers.

“Oh yeah you dropped your camera. If it wasn’t for the strap it would probably have broken,” she said bursting out laughing and leaning back against the couch.

“Well, can you blame me,” he replied, the lines on his face curving into a smile. “Still would have been worth it.” As they finished the first round of going through the photos he asked, “What now?”

“How many photos did you take?”

“Over a hundred.”

She let out a low whistle. “And all of them are really good,” she said emphasizing the word really. “Even if I take a hundred, I usually can’t find even ten I like, and even they are no way near this good.”

“You are giving me too much credit. I’m just the man behind the lens, you are the one that gives life to these photos,” Mike said with a smile. A beautiful smile enlightened her face as she placed her head against his shoulder in appreciation.

“Well I guess we can clear out some of the photos of me fully clothed. They would be more interested in seeing me naked.”

They went through the photos again and again selecting the photos, they thought were the best and putting them into a separate folder. They reselected photos among them as well as it had many. By then Mike had developed a full erection, which he tried to hide. He squirmed in his seat very slowly, trying to go unnoticed by Kayla of his movements so that his erection would settle in a comfortable position. They finally settled down with fifty or so wonderful photos, none of which could be further removed.

“All done and now to upload,” Kayla said happily.

Mike turned his head at her in confusion. “Wait, that’s it?”

“What do you mean?” she asked looking at his confused face.

“Don’t you like edit or put a tag?” he asked.

“Not really, I’m not good with those stuff. Plus these photos are really amazing, I doubt they would need any editing,” she said defensively.

“What about a tag? You must have a tag.”

“What’s a tag?” she asked.

“Well it’s something most photographers use because loads of people steal their work and display as their own without giving the original photographer any credit. It’s like a watermark on the photo without destroying the beauty of it.”

“Well it sounds like you are the one who should have a tag,” she said poking at him.

“These photos are of you and you are the one who is displaying them, so it’s you who should have one,” he pointed out.

“But I’m not good with those stuff,” she said pouting.

“I’ll make you one,” he said smiling at her pouting face.

“Really? Aww, you are a sweetheart.”

He brought up Photoshop to create one. “We could put a stylised version of the name you use, and add the web address to your profile.” He brought up a text box and turned to her, “So, name?”

“You don’t know my name?” she asked genuinely surprised.

“I know your name is Kayla but I don’t know the name you use,” he said explaining.

“No, that’s what I meant. You don’t know the name I use? I thought you were one of my followers, since you said you’ve seen me on the net.”

“Sadly no. Those photos I saw of you were probably stolen ones. In truth, I spent a lot time searching for your profile but couldn’t find it,” Mike said glancing at her.

“Really? You could have just asked me and I would have told you,” she said with a cheeky smile.

“Yeah, that would have been one hell of a conversation. ‘Hi Kayla, could you tell me the link to your profile, so that I can look at your naked photos and jerk off to them,’” he added mockingly to which she burst out laughing.

“The name I use is Lilith with a heart icon,” she said as her laughter subsided.

Michael arched an eyebrow. “Like the succubus?”

“Indeed the succubus,” she said laughing. “Not many people know of that.”

He typed it in, changed the font, stylised the characters, changing their size, shape angle, colour and such. Added a pink heart next to it, with sparks flying around the name. Below that he added the link to her profile in small but clear letters that fit the exact length of the name. Then he started on editing the photos they had chosen. For some he adjusted the brightness, contrast balance, for some he adjusted the colours, on some he added a frame, one or two he grey scaled all the while adding the tags to each and every one of them.

He was hunched at the couch leaning forward, and having been in the position for a long time his shoulders started hurting. He flexed his shoulders to stretch them a bit. Seeing his discomfort, Kayla stood up to kneel on the couch. Then her hands wondered around his shoulders and started massaging them. Her fingers worked magic as he felt the muscles relax and the discomfort seeping out of them.

As he was working on one particular photo with a clear shot of her pussy, she suddenly asked, “Should I shave my pussy?” His hand jerked, causing the photo to go completely black as he had been adjusting the colour settings. He quickly clicked undo to restore the photo. “What do you think?” she asked mere inches away from his ear.

“Ummm… I don’t know. It’s really up to you. I don’t think anyone would complain,” he replied not knowing how to answer.

“What would you prefer?” she asked still massaging his shoulders.

He thought for a few seconds. “Well I guess I prefer a shaved pussy. But having a landing strip or something like that is fine as well. Now that I think on it, having a bit of a bush on top of the pussy, not on either side of the lips but above is kinda sexy too.”

“Hmmm…” she said as if deep in thought.

As he came to editing the last photo, he tried to prolong his time, not wanting to be parted with the fingers that caressed his shoulders. Seeing as he couldn’t prolong any longer, he sighed inwardly and cheerfully said, “It’s all finished.”

Kayla’s hands stopped massaging and they slipped forward over his neck, coming together near his stomach as her breasts pressed against his back in a hug. She placed her chin on his shoulder, their heads almost touching.

Michael let the pictures play as a slide show to see the final touches he had put on them. He felt a bit proud about his work as it finished playing.

“I was wrong, when I thought those photos couldn’t look any better,” she said amazed. He plugged in a pen drive to transfer all the photos to it. He pressed control and X together intending to cut and paste the folder. As she saw what he was doing her hands, pushed away his and pressed control and C instead and then pasted it on the pen drive. “These photos are yours as much as it’s mine,” she said whilst they copied.

As it finished he packed away his stuff, while being seated, with her hands draped around his shoulders. It felt as if she was trying to absorb his warmth and it felt good and he didn’t want it to stop.

“Thank you Mike,” she said and kissed him on the cheek.

His head turned towards her and held her gaze. Her lips were mere inches away from his and on impulse he leaned forward and planted his lips on hers. Upon touching, an electric wave ran through his whole body. For a moment she seemed frozen, and then she responded in kind. His lips started moving over hers, alternating between nibbling on her upper and lower lip. He let his tongue wonder over her lips, and probed in between. He found the barrier of teeth between them. As his tongue glided along them, he felt her mouth slightly parting. He deepened his kiss exploring his tongue in her mouth, finding her tongue. Her tongue eagerly responded to his exploration, tangling, wrestling. A moan escaped from her. His thoughts had gone completely into overdrive, and he wasn’t aware if it had just been a moment or an eternity since the kiss had started.

He felt her pull back and break apart the kiss. The reality of what he had done came crashing down on him. He searched her eyes, was she upset? Did she like it? Did he push it one step too far?

Her eyes remained hidden beneath her eyelashes, her forehead leaned against his, her breathing ragged, her chest heaving. She peaked from under her eyelashes and tried to regain her composure. Mike remained silent, watching her eyes. “I think you should go take care of the little guy,” she finally whispered, biting her lower lip as the corners of her mouth twitched, with that she stood up, a bit unsteady on her feet.

He recognized the dismissal, and gathered his stuff. As he reached the door, he felt Kayla’s hand on his shoulder as she slowly turned him around. As he turned to face her, her hands encircled his neck and pulled him into a quick kiss that left him wanting more. “Thank you so much! You are too good to me.”

Mike felt dazed yet thrilled as he entered his apartment. She hadn’t rejected him, she had kissed him back. She had even told him to go jerk off which he very much planned to obey. He quickly booted up his laptop and opened her photos. His pants unzipped, his hands found themselves busy stroking himself. He didn’t prolong his release as he had been horny for a long period of time. Within minutes his balls tightened, approaching the point of no return, he jerked, once, twice, three times and released onto his naked stomach where they slowly dripped down like raindrops on a window.

The subsequent days after their session, turned pretty exhausting for Michael as he had to work overtime everyday till Friday. He arrived home most days past midnight and had to go back to work at 6am the following day. For the whole week he didn’t meet, see or speak with Kayla. On Friday night he finished work and came home around 3am, technically Saturday morning and completely crashed on his bed.

“Mike… Mike… Michael,” he heard a ladies voice say, insistently shaking his whole body.

“Five more minutes mum,” he said groggily trying to drift off again.

“Michael!” someone almost shouted in his ear.

He then realized that this could no way be his mother since he was far away from home. His sleepy mind became alert at the sudden intrusion, and he suddenly sat up, readying himself to fend off the intruder. As his eyes got used to the light and focused on the lady before him, he blanched. He sleepily looked around the apartment to confirm whether it was really his, and saw the familiar clatter of things that belonged to him. As he let his hands drop back down, he wondered what Kayla was doing in his apartment and more to that in his bedroom.

“Mike, are you alright?” Kayla asked concern filling her voice.

“What are you doing here Kayla?” he asked still a little groggy.

“Are you alright?” she repeated the question her hands clutching his.

“Yeah, I’m fine Kayla, but what are you doing here?” Mike asked confused by her presence.

She let out her breath in relief. “I came to hang out with you and I found your door ajar. I called out but you didn’t answer so I got worried. Then I came in here and I found you completely crashed down on the bed face down like that, fully clothed, and so I thought you were attacked or something… Were you?”

He looked at his clothes and realized that he had slept in his work clothes. “Nah, I came around three in the morning. I must have forgotten to close the door. I was so busy this whole week and hadn’t slept much.”

“Oh…,” she said a look of guilt passing over her face. “I’m so sorry. It was past eleven and I was really worried. I shouldn’t have woken you up.”

Mike waved it off. “Thanks for waking me up. I don’t usually sleep this late.” He got out of the bed and stretched his arms and legs to relieve the tension of the muscles. “I’m gonna go have a bath. Make yourself at home.”

As he came out of the shower about fifteen to twenty minutes later, his olfactory senses were filled with the smell of fresh orange juice, bacon and eggs. He arrived in the kitchen to see Kayla filling up a plate with toast, bacon and scrambled egg. She smiled at seeing him and gestured at the chair. “Breakfast,” she said cheerfully.

“Thanks, you didn’t have to do this though,” said Mike smiling in appreciation.

“I know I didn’t have to, but I wanted to,” she replied with a big smile. He sat on the chair and she poured a glass of fresh orange juice for him and another for herself. She sat next to him, angling her chair and facing him, bringing her left leg up to her chest and placing her chin on her knee. “I haven’t seen you the whole week,” she complained.

“Yeah, we were processing several shipments. I had to work late every day. Didn’t have much time to sleep even and my boss is an asshole,” Mike replied bitterly.

“How come?” she asked sipping her orange juice.

“Some guy had spread a rumour that I only got into the company because of personal connections. I mean, come on, I aced their tests, got through the interviews and worked my ass off. I wish they would judge me based on my performance, and not on something like that. To top it off, my boss keeps pushing most of his work load on to me and keeps getting credit for the stuff I do,” he rattled on.

“Poor Mike,” she said sympathisingly stroking his arm.

“Enough about me. How are you doing?” he asked.

A smile brightened up her face. “Well work is the same and studies are going pretty well too. All thanks to you!” He raised an eyebrow in question. “Those photos you took of me the other day was a major hit! I got so many new followers and my popularity boosted. Thanks to that I got more money and so I was able to cut back on my hours in my part-time job,” she said beaming.

“Wow, that’s awesome,” he replied genuinely happy for her.

“Are you busy today?” she asked hesitantly. “I was thinking that maybe we could do another shoot today,” she went on lowering her voice. Then she shook her head, “What am I thinking, you must be so tired and stressed out, and here I’m asking something of you.” She looked completely forlorn.

“Hey,” Mike said raising her chin. “It would make my day.”

Her smile returned, like the sun from behind fading storm clouds. “Thank you! And umm… I was thinking that this time… umm… you could photograph me of fingering as well,” she said haltingly biting her lower lip.

He blinked. The image of her completely naked, and her fingers running between those beautiful lips filled his mind. Blood rushed through him. “Okay, I won’t be able to get up from here for another ten minutes or so,” he said laughing insinuating his predicament and reached to take a sip from the orange juice.

She laughed along with him good naturedly. “And also I want you to shave my pussy,” she said as if it’s the most natural thing in the world to do.

Michael who had been in the middle of drinking his orange juice choked, making the juice squirt through his nostrils as he coughed hard to regain his composure. Kayla thumped on his back to help him recover. As he had regained enough tranquillity, he tried to form a sentence, “Did you just say…? Did I just hear…? Because I completely could have misheard it…”

“No, you heard right,” she said smiling cheekily, a blush reddening her face.

He jumped straight up. “When do we start?” Realizing he had an erection, he sat back down right away.

She laughed at his eagerness. “Come in fifteen minutes,” she said getting up and departing back to her apartment.

“Down boy, down,” he said to himself willing his erection to subside. Although he knew he would get another as soon as he stepped into Kayla’s apartment, he didn’t want to risk meeting Mr. and Mrs. Parker on the hallway and greet them with a boner or any other person for that matter.

He tidied up a bit, grabbed his camera and went to her apartment. He was surprised to see Kayla dressed up, leaning against her bedroom door. She had a grey and yellow striped T-shirt and a mini skirt on as well as socks that reached a long way up. He wondered if she had changed her mind.

“I thought we should start off with the strip and when we got to removing my panties, that you could shave me and then continue from there again,” she answering his unasked question.

He nodded in understanding and brought out his camera prepping to begin the photo shoot. As they had done previously, they did a slow strip tease. He was pleasantly surprised to find out that she hadn’t worn a bra underneath. As the session went underway, Mike became more involved, placing her hands in different positions, adjusting her clothes and directing her expressions. Nevertheless he let her take the lead in terms of exposure. She parted her legs allowing glimpses of her panty. She raised her mini skirt and flashed her ass. Then one by one she started discarding her clothes. First went her socks, and then her skirt and finally her top. Mike captured all the moments in his camera.

In her panties, she stared at him for a moment. Suddenly feeling shy she looked away. “I think you should shave me now,” she said barely above a whisper.

Michael nodded his head, and followed Kayla into her bedroom. She set off to gather the materials. Michael folded a towel and laid it on her bed as she returned with an electric shaver, some wash clothes, a manicure scissor, a brand new razor and a bowl of hot water. She stood off to the side of him, as if unsure of herself.

Michael understanding her hesitance, gently placed his hand on her shoulder and guided her to her bed. She smiled at him and followed his lead. Michael gently pushed her down on to her bed. His hands glided along her legs, coming to rest on her ass. He gently squeezed her ass and moved her on top of the towel. His hands rested on her waist on either side of her panties. He looked up at her in silence. She gave the slightest nod, which was enough assent for Michael. His hands gripped the edge of her panty and slowly he moved it downwards, his eyes following its movements. As he removed them off her legs and let it drop on the ground, his eyes focused on her lovely pink lips. Kayla shyly averted her face, a flush spreading her face.

He had to exert every bit of self-restraint to himself, so as not to bury his face in her pussy. He tried to even out his breathing which had become ragged. His hand as if in a trance moved forward and gently placed itself on the hair above her pussy. Kayla took in a deep breath as she felt his touch. His hands explored the silky quality of her hair. He stood transfixed by her beauty, and looked up as her fingers entangled in his.

“I’ve never shaved down there before, only trimmed. I was always scared of getting cuts or hurting myself. Please be gentle,” she whispered softly. Not trusting himself to speak, he nodded.

He grasped the electric shaver and turned it on. It whirred to life, slightly vibrating on his fingers. He let it run over her pubic hair. The long hair became cropped and fell onto the towel. The vibration of the shaver was not lost on Kayla.

“Mmmmm… That feels kinda good,” she moaned, her eyes covered by her hand. After having taken care of the long hair that filed out, he let it whir on her for her benefit for a little while, before he shut it off. He took a wash cloth and ran it along her pussy and on top, removing the hair that clinged on. He took the manicure scissors and began further shortening her pubic hair. His fingers traced along her outer lip, making slight moans escape her from time to time. Her pussy glistened as her arousal rose and her intoxicating aroma filled him. His erection having being hard the entire time became even harder.

Having spent a considerable amount of time shortening her hair with the scissors, he placed it back knowing the rest had to be removed with the razor. He cupped some hot water from the bowl and let it cascade down on her pussy. He rubbed her outer lips with the hot water causing her to toss her head from side to side in arousal. He let the water fall through his fingers and cupped her pussy which made her moan louder and arch her chest. Knowing that if he continued, he wouldn’t be able to finish the job he was entrusted with, he retracted his hand. He brought the shaving cream and squeezed a general amount and applied around her pussy. He took the brand new razor out and slowly and gently ran it through the stubble. Feeling with his fingers, he tested the smoothness as the razor removed the remaining hair. When he finally finished with his work, he took the wash cloth and gently rubbed her down, removing the stray hair and the remaining cream.

He leaned back admiring his handy work, staring at her now bare pussy. He looked up at her face and smiled at Kayla who smiled in return. Not taking his eyes off hers, he leaned forward again and placed his lips just above her pussy, teasing the soft smooth skin with his tongue. Upon contact she gasped and shuddered and moaned loudly closing her eyes.

Just as he was about to probe further, the sound of a cell phone ringing both of them out of their reverie. Michael cursed his bad luck for being interrupted as Kayla twisted on her bed to reach for her phone, disappointment clearly evident on her face. Michael leaned back, taking the camera and going through the photos as Kayla chatted away.

She finished her talk, clearly irritated and flung her cell phone across the bed. “One of my friends at work, asked me to cover her shift. I owe her big time, so I couldn’t say no,” she said pressing the heel of her hand just above the eyes. “I don’t want to go, I’m so fucking horny,” she almost pleaded at him.

“Do you have to go right away?” Michael asked trying to mask the disappointment in his voice but not succeeding.

“I have to leave here in about twenty minutes I guess,” she said crestfallen.

Michael cleared his throat. “Well… You are horny. Ahem, you said you wanted to photograph fingering. So maybe we could do that…” he said his voice trailing off.

Although in his mind he wanted to do more, explore every nook and corner, valleys and mountains and ups and downs of her body. His whole mind was filled in a lustful fog. Yet, he wanted to leisurely explore her, without the constraints of time. As he looked into her eyes, he realized that they mirrored his own feelings.

Still her eyes reflected how horny she was and how much she wanted that much needed sexual release. With a furious sigh she fell back on to her bed, having made her decision. She gave him a sexy smile as her fingers snaked their way down towards her pussy. As her fingers reached the top of her mound, her legs uncrossed and parted. Her fingers gently massaged her outer lip. Her arousal heightening, she let her fingers slide in between her wetness spreading top to bottom.

Michael watched as two of her fingers parted her lips and the fingertip of middle finger grazed her clit, the little button that peeked from its hood. Her fingertip hardly seemed to touch, carrying out the circular motion, but touch it did as was evident from her eyes, the pleasure it generated. Not wanting to miss anything, he switched the camera into video mode.

Kayla looked directly into Michael’s face, watching him watching her, the exhibitionistic arousal fuelling her fire. Her fingers reached further, parting more giving him an unobstructed view of her sodden canal before her longest finger slipped inside disappearing between the folds. Her breathing quickened and her moans became louder by the second.

Her free hand reached up to cup her breast, squeezing and massaging them, her erect nipple rolling between the caress of her fingers, while all the time her gaze remained affixed on his, watching him take in her nakedness. Her eyes travelled downwards and stopped at his shorts, watching the effect of her nakedness on him, now so painfully obvious. Michael’s hand traced his erection, his palm flattening over it as he gave it one tug of much needed comfort.

“Ohhh Mike,” she uttered making a sound between moan and a gasp. Precum stained his pants at the moan as he increasingly tried to put a choke hold on his self-restraint. The movement of her finger increased its pace and a second finger joined its place. Her hand pistoned back and forth as her fingers disappeared and reappeared between the folds. Her wet juices flowed out freely, coating even her palm with them. The wet sloshing made by the sounds of her pistoning, made Michael believe that it was the sexiest sound he had ever heard

Her rapidly approaching orgasm was now clearly evident in her face as she squirmed more and more, and both her hands became more insistent on their duty. “Ohhhh…. Mike… Fuck…” she cried out followed by a long groan mixed with a moan as her whole body convulsed. She rode out her orgasm, her fingers not stopping for an instant, as she squirmed and squirmed on the bed, her eyes having gone totally out of focus, indicating the sexual bliss.

Her hands stopped their movement as her orgasm subsided and focus returned to her eyes. Kayla gave Michael a weak smile and she brought up the fingers coated with her wetness and sexily put them in her mouth gently sucking them clean. Michael groaned at the motion, and her face brightened at seeing how much it had turned him on. Her fingers yet again reached down to coat them with her escaping juices. She brought her fingers up extending towards him, a naughty smile spreading across her lips.

Eager for his price, Michael kneeled on the bed, leaning forward to clean her fingers. Her sweet taste filled his mouth as his tongue cleaned out her fingers one by one. A sexy moan escaped her mouth as he took his time letting his tongue waggle over her fingers not letting a single drop go to waste. Her fingers again travelled south and coated the tips of two of her fingers. Michael silently waited for her to feed him her fingers, but were raised to her lips and glided along the top and the bottom carefully covering them with her juices. Her lips glistened as if she had applied lip gloss.

She made her intensions clear as her hands pulled on his, pulling his weight on top of hers. Her right hand traced his cheek as it wound its way to the back of his head, gently grasping his hair as he was pulled into a kiss. He tasted her lips, the sweet wetness of her other lips mixed in. The idea of tasting her juices on her own lips were so overpoweringly erotic that made Michael’s senses go into overdrive.

He deepened the kiss as Kayla’s hand clutched tightly onto his head not letting go. Her entire length pressed against his through the barrier of his clothes. His right hand rested on her cheek as his left hand worked its way up from her leg and came to rest on the underside of her breast. He gently kneaded the underside of her left breast which was trapped between their bodies. They were so tightly crushed to each other that he couldn’t manoeuvre his hand to completely grasp her breast.

Michael felt as if an eternity had passed as they broke away from the kiss to catch their breath and yet he wanted more, needed it and her eyes reflected the same need. Her eyes gazed past Michael towards something behind him and then refocused onto his.

“Mike, if you don’t get off me now, I think I would be stuck here on this bed for the rest of the day,” she said, her fingers combing through his hair.

“Well not only the bed,” he said with a twinkle in his eyes.

She giggled like a little girl sharing some secret with another. “But I must go, as much as I hate it, but I still must.”

With a final sigh he gave her another quick brief kiss and stood up. “What about the photos?” he asked.

“We can do that tomorrow,” she said getting up. Seeing him shake his head, she asked, “Why not?”

“I have to go to some stupid seminar slash training programme at work,” he said dejectedly. “It will take the whole day.”

“So it might take another whole week for us to see each other?” she asked crestfallen.

“I guess so. Work’s pretty hectic these days. I could edit your photos today and get them over with, but how am I to give them to you? It’s not like I can hand something like that over to somebody else.”

She thought for a moment, then crossed the bedroom and opened her closet. From within she pulled out a key. “Here is my spare key. You can have it,” she said handing it out.

Michael’s eyes opened wide in surprise. “Are you sure about this?” he asked holding the key but not taking it.

“Yes I am,” she said with certainty. “I trust you.”

He smiled mirroring hers, took the key and pocketed it. “I’ll leave the pen drive on the coffee table.”

She approached him, naked as the day she was born and gave him a slow hug. Her hand snaked its way in between them and squeezed his erection. “Now go before either of us do something stupid,” she said with a playful push.

He got back to his apartment and started working on the photos. He took his time editing the photos and on inspiration creating GIFs from the video he took. The work was slow as he wasted many a tissues, filling them with his cum in between completing his task. After he finished he put them in a pen drive, went to Kayla’s apartment, and placed it on the coffee table as he had promised earlier.

The next morning Michael was awoken by a call from an office employee who gave him delightful news that drove away his drowsiness. He got up, worked out a little bit, something he had been unable to do due to his work load. He showered, had breakfast, grabbed the camera on impulse and went to Kayla’s apartment opening it with her spare key. He was unsure whether as to she was still sleeping and so made his way into her bedroom noiselessly intending to give her the rest she much needed if she indeed remained asleep.

As he looked into her bedroom he saw her sprawled on her back, her head resting on her hand. She wore a white top and was only clad in a pink panty underneath. Her sight took her breath away. Her sleeping form made her look so serenely beautiful and innocent. Glad that he had brought the camera, he silently took some photos. He wondered if Kayla would be mad at the intrusion and think of him as some kind of a pervert. Content with the photos he had taken, he turned back to leave.

As he approached the doorway of the bedroom he heard, “Mmmmhhhmmm… Mike.”

He froze. He was busted. He turned around to blabber out an apology, but as he gazed on her, he found her eyes closed. He squinted in suspicion not understanding the cause. Her breath seemed even and she appeared to be sleeping no matter how he looked.

“Ohhhh… Mikeeeee,” she moaned. He then realized that she must be having an erotic dream about him. Blood rushed through him at the thought of what her imagination of him must be doing to her. He closed on the bed and took a seat at the edge of it. As she moaned he let her hand wonder along her leg to the outlining of her panty. He slowly and gently let his fingers flow downward along her panty-clad pussy. Her moans increased and a wet spot appeared at her crotch.

After a minute or so her eyes flung open, and she took the site of him in. “Am I still dreaming?” she wondered aloud.

“No sweetheart, you are awake,” he said shaking his head.

“But you said you had a seminar slash training thingy today?” she asked in confusion scrunching her eyebrows.

“It got cancelled. The higher ups couldn’t make it because a storm hit near to where the head office is at,” he said leaning forward bringing his lips near hers. Her face brightened with a smile. “I’m sorry I woke you up.”

She shook her head. “I woke up earlier. I had breakfast and then I was so tired, so I slumped on the bed and must have dozed off.”

“Should I leave then?” he joked knowing the obvious answer.

Her response was to quickly clamp her legs over him. “Not if you want to live,” she said with a smile. With that Michael leaned forward closing off the distance between them and kissed her. The kiss although was leisurely, was full of hot burning passion. Electric tingling passed through his body as their tongues wrestled with each other.

Michael lips wondered, over her nose, eyes, cheeks, ears, chin and then descended down on to her neck. He suckled on her neck trailing kisses along making her elicit a moan of satisfaction and need.

“I saw the photos,” Kayla said as his kisses trailed. “They were wonderful, especially the GIFs. You took a video didn’t you, you naughty-” she was cut off as Michael silenced her with a kiss. Their kiss deepened making them both fall short on breath. She pushed him away slightly and stared into his eyes. “It’s not fair,” she said gripping his T-shirt.

Michael’s eyes scrutinized hers in question. “What do you mean?”

“You’ve seen me naked, and I have yet to see you. Even in my dream you were teasing me with clothes on,” she said pouting.

He chuckled. “I guess then we would have to remedy that,” he said grinning, leaning back. She sat up along with him. Her hands drifted along to the bottom of his T-shirt and slipped underneath and explored the muscles that lay underneath. Her hands lifted, bringing up the T-shirt along with them. He raised his arms to let her completely remove it. Her eyes leisurely wondered over his chest as her hands slowly traced down his abs. Her lips glided over and came to rest upon his nipple. Her tongue sneaked its way amidst her lips and teased him.

“Not fair,” Michael managed to utter breathlessly. “If I am topless, then you also have to be.”

She grinned and in one swift moment her top came off. She made a show of acting like a shy girl covering her breasts. As Michael came forward to enjoy the delicious looking round mounds, Kayla wagged her finger and pushed Michael forcing him to stand up. Her fingers fumbled with the button on his trouser. She unzipped him and placed her hands on his waist on top of his trouser and slowly pulled it down. She gasped as his erection came into view. Her eyes stood transfixed staring at the throbbing pulsation.

She wet her lips and raised her hand in a stupor and remained just shy of touching. His shaft twitched in anticipation. She raised a finger and traced the vein on the underside of the shaft. Michael arched his head back, closing his eyes to enjoy the attention. Her palm surrounded his erection. Her other hand slowly made its way upwards along his thigh and rested on his balls. She lightly squeezed and massaged the sac as the hand on her erection tugged at him slowly and sensually.

“Ohhh Fuck…” he groaned when he felt a wetness engulf him. He brought his eyes down to look at the wonderful nymph whose eyes looked back at him. He placed his hand on her hair, removing the stray hairs that fell on to her face. Her tongue twirled around the head of his cock. Her hand still in place tugged at the skin, exposing more of the head that lay beneath the foreskin. Her lips slowly kissed the head, her tongue dancing around it. Her mouth moved, and as he watched it disappear beneath her lips. He felt her tongue stroking on the underside of his erection and her hand kept tugging at the base of the cock.

After several minutes of this frenzy, as it became unbearable for Michael he groaned, “Stop, stop… I’m too close.” He slowly pushed her shoulder and dislodged his erection from her mouth which had reached a new level of hardness that he probably had never experienced before.

Michael pushed Kayla back on to the bed going down with her and kissed her lips. His lips travelled downwards over her neck where he spent a considerable amount of time causing her to moan. As he kissed and suckled on her neck his hands groped her breast and played with her nipples. His lips again trailed south stopping at the nipple. His mouth engulfed the raised projection that stood at attention. She moaned louder as his tongue licked, sucked, kissed and lightly bit her nipple. His hand strayed down and cupped her panty-clad pussy. His fingers pushed the fabric aside as they snaked their way in. His finger ran along her slit while his mouth pleasured her nipples. A finger dipped into the wetness of her pussy and found her clit. He rubbed on her clit in a circular motion, his enthusiasm increasing as her moans became louder.

He again made his way downwards passing her navel and arriving at her pussy. He gave her soft trailing kisses through her panties. His hands grasped the edges of her panty and pulled down. Kayla raised her ass in order to facilitate its removal. He gathered the panties in her hand, crushed and brought it forth to his nose inhaling it deeply all the while having his gaze fixed upon hers. He let go of the panty and leaned forward. He inhaled her perfume deeply and slowly blew his breath on to her slit. She shuddered at the warmth of the breath that touched her pussy. His lips kissed her thighs and slowly and teasingly made their way up to her pussy. His tongue traced her outer lips.

“Please stop teasing me Mike,” Kayla pleaded.

Knowing what she wanted, Michael lowered his mouth to her pussy, his tongue extended to get the first fabulous taste of her sweet juices. He moaned into her pussy as he tasted her, ‘What a mouth-watering taste it was,’ he wondered. He had tasted her before on her fingers and on her lips, but to go down on her, to burrow his tongue into her sopping wet passage and to taste her at first hand, was purely sensational. Michael pushed his face right into her pussy, opening his mouth wide to engulf her as much as possible, his nose tip touching her clitoris, the end of his tongue lapping at the inside of her passage.

“Oh, fuck, Mike,” she moaned her fingers entwining themselves in his hair as she clutched at his head, her back arching upwards, her hips thrusting forward, trying to get much of his mouth as possible. The moans she elicited let Michael know that she was utterly enjoying his ministrations. Motivated by her moans, he stretched his tongue to the limit, pushing it inside her and licking around the walls just inside her vagina. Kayla was leaking her juices so much that it was like a small faucet had been opened in his face. Her wetness covered his face, but Michael didn’t mind as he got to enjoy her addictive taste.

His tongue not being used to such strenuous exercise, soon began to tire. So he retracted his tongue, giving fleeting kisses to her pussy and focused on her clit. Not wanting to let her feel the loneliness of not having his tongue in her pussy, he inserted a finger, which disappeared all the way up to his knuckle in one swift moment. Soon, a second finger joined the first and they probed the inner reaches of her vagina.

“I’m nearly there,” Kayla moaned out.

His tongue having recovered some energy eagerly explored her again, lapping at her juices as it wagged up and down, back and forth. He moved his tongue downwards below his busy fingers and reached her perineum. She moaned louder as he concentrated on the area between her vaginal opening and the puckered hole underneath. Her hips gyrated, squirmed and pushed at his fingers and he made his way back to her clit intending to give her release. He redoubled his focus on her clit and he felt her walls contracting on his fingers.

“Ohhh, fuck fuck fuck, ohhh Mike!” she screamed as her orgasm came crashing down upon her. Her whole body convulsed and she let out an incoherent babble from her mouth, squirming, convulsing, moaning and crying out. Remembering that she rode out her wave with her fingers before, Michael’s fingers kept at his ministration, until she finally calmed down, spasming at several seconds of intervals. His fingers and his whole face was completely drenched by her wetness.

Finally Kayla’s eyes refocused and fixated on Michael’s. Her eyes had a glazed look full of unbound lust. Her hands reached towards Michael’s face and pulled him towards her crushing his lips with hers in a kiss that burned with a fiery passionate. All their previous kisses paled at the passion that it held. Her eyes searched his as they broke off, and her tongue extended licking the sweet nectar of hers that cascaded down his jaw.

“I want you,” Michael croaked unable to take anymore of the erotic stimulation.

She opened up her legs and her hand took hold of his erection. He leaned forward and slid against his wet pussy, coating his head in her juices. He gently dipped his head into her opening as her hand guided him. She gasped as he entered her. They both watched as his whole cock disappeared between her lips. At that moment, they were connected, they were one being, sharing each other’s pleasure. They both groaned together.

For Michael, it was rapture. Her insides felt a million times better than how he had imagined and dreamed of. They came together in a slow kiss and he started to move within her.

“Gentle, baby. You are a lot to get used,” she whimpered as he thrust at her.

He slowly gyrated his hips, thrusting, varying his pace. After a while her hips joined in with his, thrusting back at each thrust, her pussy teasing his cock. Several times he had to slow down and stop for he had been too close to coming. Kayla however at those times, wanting to tease him, didn’t stop at her gyrations, pushing back harder. After several of such close encounters, finally he couldn’t take it anymore and he increased his pace.

“Ohh Kayla, baby, I’m gonna cum!” he cried out giving her a long and fast kiss.

Her legs locked around his ass and she pulled her even deeper into him. “That’s it baby, cum in me. Cum in my pussy,” she moaned.

He groaned louder and thrust even faster and harder. “Fuck yeah baby. I want to cum in you. I want to squirt my cum into your pussy.”

“Yeah baby, fuck me harder. I wanna feel your cum spray inside of me,” she moaned back.

“Oh god, I’m cumming,” he screamed. Unable to take anymore he thrust harder and he erupted as squirt after squirt painted the insides of her vagina. He groaned jerking forward each time riding it out. As finally he finished cumming, he realized that he wanted this lovely young beauty that he had felt a special connection with to cum by his cock. The desperate need to pleasure her, stopped the blood rushing back, and his erection not being lost still impaled her.

Her eyes became round as he kept thrusting at her although at a leisurely pace. “You are still hard,” she said unable to keep the amazement from her voice.

“It’s all you baby. You are not letting me go soft,” he replied giving her a passionate kiss. She smiled at him, pleased by his response. Michael felt exhausted and yet he did not want to stop, he did not want to part. Being connected to her felt like being in heaven, full of pure bliss. He thrust, long strokes, slow strokes, slower, faster, at different angles.

He bent his head down, to capture her nipple in his mouth that swayed with their movement. He latched on to a nipple and started suckling it. Her eyes closed, her moans became louder. He pulled his arm up over her head and placed it above her letting it rest on his forearm to support his upper body weight. His other hand snaked its way down to their connection and searched the top of her pussy to find her clit.

Her moans became the loudest yet as his fingers found her clit and rubbed, teased and pulled at it. He didn’t slow down on any of the triple ministrations of pounding, rubbing and suckling. As he tried thrusting her in another different angle she cried out, “Oh yeah, baby, that’s it right there.”

He abandoned his fingers on her clit and the mouth on her nipple and hammered at her pussy focusing at the single point of her pleasure. He felt her tense up and the muscle within her vagina clamped on his cock. She surprised him by biting on to his shoulder, drowning out her screams, as she came for him, fucking him back with a vengeance. She finally slowed down as did he, and gave small kisses to his shoulder where she had bitten.

Michael exhausted in his position collapsed on to her, his cock embedded in her pussy. They lay side by side, joined at the hips as they both leisurely explored the warmth and bliss in each other’s eyes.

He gave her a slow kiss. A different kiss than before, with passion but also laced with love. She returned his kiss, hugging on to him, enjoying his warmth. As the kiss ended he said sincerely, “That was the best sex of my life.”

She placed her forehead against his, staring into his eyes replied, “Mine too.”

They kissed in silence, slowly and leisurely not wanting to part from each other’s company still joined at the hips all the while. Neither wanted to break away. After several moments a naughty grin spread across her lips as she pushed him on to his back and got on top of him.

He smiled eagerly. “Are you gonna completely drain me?” he asked.

She gave him a kiss and with a wink replied, “I am a succubus after all,” referencing to her name from her naked profile on the internet.

He chuckled softly which turned into a moan when her hips twirled upon him.

She stared into his eyes. “Stay with me,” she whispered, her voice broke with emotion, her eyes laying bare her naked feelings.

“Always,” he replied in a silent promise.

* * *

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In order to give the readers a more graphic visualization, the appearance and the first strip tease I based off on the gorgeous model Kourtney Scarlette whose photos I uploaded onto my profile under the album ‘That Naked Girl From The Internet.’ So do take a look :) Also the inspiration for this story came to me from Rayden, who is a tumbler personal, a real naked girl from the internet :)

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