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The accident at the Hot Springs (Part III)

A surprise, unpleasant at first glance, spices up the affair...
The next days were filled with calls, scheduling, getting used to my new life, and preparing everything for my new part-time job as a phone support assistant for an internet provider. I had to make some money to afford my studies in physics I was about to begin six weeks later. Luckily in my country the university fees were not very high, and I had already made a significant amount of cash during my two years of service.

On Friday evening, I found the slip of paper Sarah had handed me in back at the hot springs. It was resting on my bed table, waiting to be opened and used. I opened it. A ten-digit number was carefully written on it, accompanied by a text line saying Call me... I dialed the number.

It only rang twice until I heard Sarah's familiar voice: “Hello?”

“Hey, Sarah,” I replied, “it's me.”

“I've been waiting for your call,” she said.

“I know, I'm sorry. How's it going?”

“Never mind. I'm OK. You? What has kept you so busy?”

“Preparing my new life. Hey, how about having a drink tonight?” I tried my best to sound casual.

“Listen, I should have told you earlier,” she started, as if trying to confess me an uncomfortable truth, “I live in a place a little too far.”

I tried my best not to sound too disappointed: “Oh, well...”

She cut me short: “I know it's not what you wanted to hear from me. I know you expected me to be all happy and jumpy about you calling me. I'm so sorry.”

An awkward silence set in.

“W-Where... When will I see you again then?” I asked.

“My parents live in a place not far away from yours, I guess. I'm coming home every now and then, like once in a month or something. Next time I'll be home in four weeks. Same place, same time?”

I took a deep breath and let it out through my nose. “That's OK for me. So Saturday in four weeks, at the hot springs it will be…” I paused. “I have an idea. How about you give me your address, and we'll stay pen-pals?”

“We should totally do that!” she sounded all enthusiastic about my idea, “do you have something to write down my address?”

She gave me her address. We kept on talking for around five minutes about nothing special.

“So good night, Sarah,” I said.

“Good night. I'm looking forward to receiving your first letter!” she replied, and hung up.

On Saturday, I wrote my first letter. It wasn't very long. I explained a few things, like what my future plans were, or how happy I was to finally return to my normal life.

During the next weeks, about two dozens of letters were exchanged. She was a very talented and eloquent person. Sometimes I felt really bad to reply in my humble German (compared to hers), but she kept on telling me that she didn't mind as long as she received letters from me. She seemed fascinated about my plans to study physics. She would begin her studies in history at the same time.

The more letters were exchanged, the more a different, more sexual side started surging in what we were writing. It started with an innocent I'd be so happy to sleep in your arms tonight from her, to which I replied naked ? Of course, this led to an exchange of naughty and dirty fantasies that grew bolder with each letter.

The last envelope to come before the Saturday we had agreed on was thicker and heavier than all the ones before. I could feel that something soft was inside. As soon as I had opened it, a strongly suggestive odor came to my nose. I found a turquoise thong.

The letter only consisted in the comment to this piece of clothing: This is what I was wearing while fingering my little pussy to your last letter. I can't wait to see you again.

My cock grew hard so fast that it almost sprang like a freshly used diving board. My right hand instinctively slid in my jeans, and grabbed hold of my rock solid dick. I unbuttoned my pants with my other hand. I held Sarah's thong up to my nose. The intense scent of her made me drool in eager anticipation for what was about to come the next day.

I got woken up by the scratching of my cell phone's vibration alarm. I had put it on the wooden top of my bed table. I was instantly awake. The vibrations were amplified by the wood in such a manner that it sounded like someone was trying to cut me into slices with a chainsaw. My burning eyes found it hard to accommodate, or to read the caption saying “Ben”, my best friend.

“Hey man,” I yawned into my phone.

“Hey dude, you awake?” I heard him say. His voice was hurting in my still tired ears. “Did I wake you up?”

I mumbled something incomprehensible that sounded similar to: “Of course you did, you freak, any idea how early it is?”

“It's almost noon, sleepyhead, time for you to get up! Cuz I'm going to the hot springs, and you're coming with me!”

The sound of these words immediately loosened the knot in my head.

“What... Wait... What did you just say?” I stumbled.

“We're going to the hot springs! I'll come to pick you up in an hour!”

My appointment with Sarah came to my mind.

“I don't know man; it's just not my cup of tea,” I said trying to change his mind.

“Of course, you can say no. I'm going anyway, with or without you!”

That definitely wasn't what had I wanted to hear. My mind started turning around in circles. Shuffled bits of scenarios shot through my mind. My lips remained immobile.

Ben pressed on: “Well, what do you say?”

“Why don't we go to the mall, to a bar, or whatever...? A place a little bit more of our age?”

“No, you heard me. I wanna relax!”

I had totally forgotten about how stubborn Ben could be.

A few more tries in vain until finally he got the point: “OK, what is that all about? Why are you trying to convince me not to go?”

I bit my lower lip.

“Alright, Ben...” I hesitantly started, “listen... There is a girl (I got interrupted by an affirmative Aaaah?! ). We've been secretly dating for a while. And today I'll see her at the hot springs.”

I knew he was smirking sarcastically.

There we go!” he said with great emphasis on there, “of course... Like I said: I'll be going anyway. And you'll introduce me to your new girl, alright?”

I sighed. What about the fact that dating people wanted to be ALONE did he not understand?

“I'm your best friend, dude! I have a right to know your girl.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Alright, then come with us. Under the condition that you drive! 2 pm sharp at my place!”

I didn't even wait for his answer to hang up the phone. Whether he liked it or not, he had to stick with it.

During my breakfast, I thought of the disaster my date with Sarah would become. What should I do? Turn it down, and not see her for another four or five weeks? Make her come to my place? Tell her the whole story? She sure was on her way to meet me already.

I was so busy thinking of what I should do that I was surprised by the ring of my doorbell at 2pm. Well... Whatever I would do in that moment, it would change nothing to the fact that we were going to have an unwelcome guest during our third date.

Ben and I arrived at the hot springs at 2.30 pm. It was a nice and warm day, and I kept asking me all the time why Sarah and I hadn't agreed on dating outside in a café, a restaurant, in a diner, whatever.

Once in the water, we first sat in the Jacuzzi of the main section. Although it was quite warm outside, it felt great and relaxing.

I started a new attempt to get rid of Ben: “You can do whatever you like. I'll just stay here, and wait for her.”

“No, no, no, no, no! You can't just turn me down like that. You already kept silent during the whole ride,” he argued, “now I wanna hear some answers to a few questions.”

I was about to remind him of having said that he would be going for his own good, as I felt the tip of an index finger lightly poking me on my back.

I turned around, and looked straightly into the familiar eyes of Sarah. These incredible sea blue eyes... They made all disfavor vanish, and my mind calm down. So instead of replying to Ben's questions, I leaned in for a kiss. Too long had it been since I had felt her sweet lips on mine. She pressed her body on mine. Her firm breasts were pushed on my chest. My cock sprang to life in no time, finding its way between her legs. She giggled in reaction.

“Hi, my hungry lover,” she said smiling.

Before I could answer, Ben had already stretched out his hand to shake hers, told his name, and asked her if she was that notorious Sarah. There was no doubt about that. Her gorgeous eyes would always give her away.

“Where do you know my name from?” Sarah asked.

“Let's just say that this dude here keeps all your letters on his table pretty exposed to the view of every visitor,” he replied, “handwritten letters... How romantic.”

This inconvenient turn of events made me nervously raise my voice: “What the fuck?! You're not supposed to read other people’s mail!”

“Is it my problem that you can't keep your apartment tidy?”

We started arguing again. After a while, Sarah started to laugh, stood between us, and grabbed both our arms.

“Why don't you discuss this another time? I'm here to have fun, not fights,” she said, successfully calming both of us down.

After the ambiance had turned more comfortable, I introduced Sarah to Ben properly. We immediately found something to talk about that suited everyone. Sarah and I also got asked about how we had met the first time, and how long it had been. We told him a nice little story without giving away too much information. During all our conversation, I had the feeling that Ben couldn't resist staring at Sarah. He was literally devouring her with his bare eyes.

After a good while of talking and laughing together, we decided to climb downstairs to the brine bath. The warm shallow water felt great. We were all floating on the brine side by side, enjoying the silence, relaxing, eyes closed.

I was almost falling asleep as I felt Sarah poking me on my arm. I turned my head to meet her eyes. I was about to ask her what she wanted, but she had me silenced with her lips hungrily pressed on mine. There was no doubt in what she wanted – me!

She made me a sign that I had to look at Ben, who was sleeping. We waded through the shallow water to gain a bit of distance to him. Our lips landed on one another again, with more lust this time.

I broke the kiss: “Are you sure you wanna do this? He might wake up anytime soon.”

She ground her hips into mine, and bit her lower lip.

“What a shame, but I came here for you,” she said.

I grinned at her, and replied: “Have you seen how he’s been checking you out all the time?”

She playfully rolled her eyes.

“Oh no, did he really do that?”

“Do you like him?” I asked challenging her.

She looked down on her hands that held my hips, and smiled.

“He’s cute,” she said raising her eyes to meet mine again.

“Ouch… That hurts,” I joked, poking her nose.

She stuck her tongue out.

“You asked for it, boy.”

She looked at me, and started grinning.

“I have an idea…” her voice was low, but excited, “I’m so fucking horny right now, and so are you, as I see (her hand lingered on the tent in my trunks). How about we ask him if we can use the backseat of his car in the parking deck, if he can participate?”

A faint bit of red color came across her face as she was asking me. First I was a bit shocked. I bit my lower lip.

“What you are asking is quite demanding (I paused), but I just want to screw your brains out.”

“I knew you’d agree,” she said smiling.

She grabbed my hand, and guided me back to Ben who still was fast asleep. She woke him up by splashing water onto his face. Since it was brine, he woke up immediately.

“What the fu…” he tried to say before starting to groan from the salt in his eyes, “come here you little…”

We caught a few derogative glances from some elder people who we had apparently disturbed by being too loud. Ben raised his hands to his face.

“No, don’t!” I said, but it was too late. He was already rubbing his eyes with his brine-covered hands. Of course this made him almost scream, and we had to leave the brine bath, for it was designed to be a quiet place.

We let Ben wash his eyes on the toilet. As he came back, they were all swollen and red. He showed no sign of angriness or anything, but as soon as we were back in the Jacuzzi, he dunked Sarah several times, only letting her surface to catch a quick breath. After half a dozen times, he was all smiles again.

“Thank you, you brute,” she said with mock anger.

“Naughty girls need to get punished,” Ben replied, grinning back at her.

Sarah quickly nodded to me, before she approached him, and put her hands on his chest.

“Wanna know how naughty I really am?” she whispered, licking her lips, and then his.

Ben wrapped his arms around her back, and pressed her to his body.

He leaned in towards her ear, and whispered: “You deserve a way better punishment, back in my car, but I don't really think your lover's gonna appreciate that very much...”

Sarah silenced him just as she had done with me earlier. I was standing right beside them, observing them making out. I was a bit insecure about how to react. Suddenly, I felt Sarah grab my hand while still busy with Ben. She pulled me closer to her. I laid my hands on her hips and pressed my rigid flagpole in her ass crack. She started grinding her hips into my groin, so that she was getting pleasure from either side. She took both our cocks, one in each hand, and started stroking them slowly through the fabric of our swimming trunks. I kissed her neck from behind, causing her to moan into Ben's mouth.

All three of us were so caught by the action that we only noticed all the old people watching us – some in shock, others in jealousy – when we interrupted our public foreplay. Fully aware of our situation, we waded out of the Jacuzzi, all three of us hand in hand. While walking towards the showers, we were the main attraction: A girl holding hands with two fully aroused guys – not a picture you get to see every day. The entire situation was even emphasized by the cheeky smile each one of us was carrying.

We changed our clothes as fast as possible, and almost ran back to the parking deck. As soon as we had arrived to Ben's SUV, we lowered the backseats so that we had enough space for all three of us. The rear trunk of his car was gigantic!

Ben suggested that he'd park his car in a more isolated corner of the parking deck, and started the engine. While he was looking for such a place, Sarah and I lay in the trunk, and undressed. Once naked, she turned around and spread her ass cheeks with one hand, and took my cock in the other, pointing its tip to her already drenched entrance. She was so unbelievably eager to get laid.

As the car stopped, our moans were already filling the silence. Ben stepped out of his SUV, and opened the back door. He didn't even have time to step inside, for Sarah had already unzipped his jeans, took his cock out, and wrapped her lips around it. She immediately took it deeply down her throat.

“Looks like someone was really hungry,” Ben said in approval.

Every time I thrust my hard member into her craving pussy, Sarah let out a muffled moan on Ben’s cock. I made sure to fuck her hard and deep, just like she wanted.

Although we thought we had chosen a place secluded enough not to get caught, an older couple came walking by. The old man tried his best not to look. His facial expression was full of disgust, while his wife’s eyes were sparkling at the sight of Sarah receiving pleasure from two studs simultaneously. I’m not sure if I saw Ben wink at her. She stood still, licking her lips for a moment until her husband grabbed her hand, and pulled her away from our obscene scenery of carnal pleasure.

As soon as they were out of sight, Sarah let go off Ben’s cock. A long rope of saliva hung between her lips and his head.

Bits of a sentence came out of her mouth: “I wanna… uh… Fuck… Oh yes! Beeeeen!”

I slowly slid my dock out of her, and grabbed her by her sides to pull her to me. Then I slid my knees between her legs, and spread them for Ben. He was undressing in the meantime. I held Sarah’s arms on her back so that she was unable to move them. Helpless and being at our mercy, Sarah faced the coming sweet tortures with wild eagerness.

Finally naked, Ben stepped into the back of his car, and positioned himself above Sarah, who was lying on me unable to move. She looked at Ben’s stiff rod. Her breaths were shaky and fast. Ben took his time adjusting his position. He didn’t penetrate her right away; he slid his cock – still covered in Sarah’s saliva – teasingly over her slick cunt. He slid over the full length from her dripping love tunnel to her clit She desperately tried to move her hips in order to guide him to her entrance, but my grip on her was too strong. My own cock was deeply buried in the crack of her firm butt cheeks. Each time she tried to rock her hips against Ben’s hardness, I felt her ass slightly shift on my cock. It was an agonizing yet so delightful effort to keep her in place.

“Why… why… are you so… Oh fuck! Torturing… Meeeee!!” Sarah managed to stumble, “Please Ben… Fuck me. Fuck me hard! I need it!”

Ben’s lips formed a devilish grin. He leaned forward to kiss Sarah.

“Not yet…” he whispered after breaking the kiss.

Sarah was trying harder to free herself from my grip. She tried to express her protest in vain. All her words were cut short by moans. This sweet torture went on for several minutes with Ben withdrawing his stiff member from her mellow pussy lips again and again. Soon her juices were running down the crack of her ass right onto my cock.

Sarah looked back to me, her eyes almost crying for relief. I slowly shook my head no. She was frustrated and disappointed at the same time. Ben still wore his evil grin. A first tear ran down her cheek.

“Beg me to fuck you…”

A second tear followed.

She was only able to mumble a few words interrupted by sobs: “Please Ben… Please fuck me… Please… enter my pussy… with that rock hard… cock of yours… I… beg you… Ben…”

She had entirely become our little love slave, our toy. Ben looked at me, and smiled the demoniac smile of a predator who's about to finish his prey with his final coup de grâce. I could tell he loved the power he was exerting on the victim of his lust.

Finally, he inched his prick slowly inside her. Sarah was all shaky from finally receiving her relief, but her moans still didn't sound like she was receiving the pleasures she was craving for.

“Deeper!” she yelled, “shove it all the way in!”

Ben pulled out.

“Not so fast, my little slut.”

Sarah’s voice was becoming the voice of a madwoman: “Put it back in there!”

Ben held his cock in his hand, and aimed for his target. He slid inside her balls deep in one single motion. Sarah’s eyes opened wide. She arched her back, and threw her head back as she felt Ben oblige to her urges at last. She was moving too strongly for me to hold her in place this time. I felt her whole body shaking as a violent orgasm hit her from Ben just penetrating her. A high pitched scream came along.

Ben only let her a few seconds to recover before he wrapped his hands around her back. I let go off her arms, which now loosely hung down her shoulders. Ben started moving her up and down on his cock. Her body – not yet entirely recovered – uncontrollably thrashed around from the movements. Her eyes were still half closed, her mind still absented in the depths of her orgasm. All that came out of her throat was an incomprehensible gargling.

She slowly came back from her highs. The sounds coming from her throat started to sound like moans again, and her hands found their way around Ben’s neck; first softly gripping, then harder.

“Oh fuck Ben! This was the hardest I’ve come in my life!” were the first words coming from her.

She pressed her lips on Ben’s. I grabbed her breasts from behind, and started kneading them under my palms. While I pinched her nipple with one hand, my other traveled down her belly to find her clit right above where Ben was thrusting his cock in and out.

She had fully recovered from her ecstatic state, as Ben’s moans became louder.

“Are you about to cum, baby?” Sarah said, “make sure to fill me with your hot semen! You earned that little reward.”

This was all that Ben needed to shoot. I could feel his dick pulsating deep inside Sarah’s pussy. She kept steadily moving on him making his orgasm even stronger.

As he had emptied his balls inside her, she got off Ben’s cock, and took mine in her hand.

“You too, my love,” she whispered, positioning my tip at her entrance.

I could feel their mixed juices drip on my cock.

“If you fill me right here and now, I’m gonna cum again, just for you…”

My heart skipped a beat. Sarah impaled herself in reverse cowgirl position with one rough downward motion until her ass hit my groin. She circled her hips on the length of my steel-hard rod that was about to explode. To push me over the edge, she cupped my balls with her hand, and gently massaged them. It took its effect. I shot four thick ropes of cum deep inside her quivering vagina, as a second orgasm hit her lewd body.

All three of us were panting and sweating. The windows of Ben's SUV were completely steamed up. We got dressed, and quickly headed home.

We didn't talk very much during our ride home. Every one of us needed a little privacy to recover from the past events. Ben gave us a ride to my place. We exchanged the usual goodbyes.

“Hey, Sarah,” I said to break the silence that had set in after Ben had gone, “happy about your Saturday?”

She smiled at me, and placed her head on my chest.

“It was perfect... Thank you!”

We stood there cuddling for a long moment. As she took her head off my chest, she looked into my eyes.

“I love you,” she whispered, leaning in for a kiss.

“I love you too,” I replied, returning the gesture.

Her lips felt wonderful on mine, so soft. Her tongue was sweetly teasing mine.

She broke the kiss to take a peek on her wristwatch.

“I still got an hour and a half before my parents expect me to drop by for dinner. Do you mind if I come upstairs with you?”
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