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The accident at the Hot Springs (Part I)

She looked longingly into his hungry eyes… And he took his chance!
Note: Some content of this story is true...

It happened on an Easter Sunday during my ‘Easter vacation’, which meant four days off service, and a good chance to go home and relax. In my country it is common to complete two years of military service. I had tried to do the best of it, and had applied for the rescue troops. We were taught how to get casualties out of the debris of their crushed houses after major earthquakes, or to back up the fire department whenever those boys needed help. It sure was a tough job, but I somehow enjoyed it.

Still, I was unbelievably happy to come home for just these four days after a long period of rescue exercises, endless lectures about camaraderie, obeying to pointless orders, and wasting tons of ammo in senseless shooting exercises with our own personal SIG SG 550 assault rifle. It was a huge relief to get back to civilization – and of course to see some girls.

As I stepped out of the bus, in my hand my green bag saying “Swiss Armed Forces” in all four national languages, the cool chill of March caught me. I decided to head home quickly.

The caretaker of the block my apartment was in had to look twice before he recognized me. “Long time no see, Mr. Coming home from service?”

“Hello, Mr. Nidegger, Just for the coming four days. It's gonna take until July 'til they let me go for good,” I replied kindly.

“I remember my time in service. I really hated it back then, but it made me a man...”

I laughed, wished him a nice day, and climbed up the stairs to the fifth floor where my apartment was. I opened the door with my name badge. The familiar smell of my place came to my nose, and I knew I was home. What a feeling! I stepped in, let my bag fall on the floor, and myself on the sofa. I took a nap.

Once settled, I tried to figure out what my family or friends were up to. My family turned out to be on vacation somewhere, and my friends were either staying at the caserne, or travelling around, just like my family did. So I decided to call it a day already, and just chill out doing nothing. It felt so great to hang around in my own clothes for a few days. Four days just for me, no orders, no yelling, no running, no uniform, no guns... Just me, and some time to do whatever I wanted!

Until Sunday morning, nothing worth mentioning happened, just routine stuff… On that mentioned Sunday morning, I decided to go to the nearby hot springs to relax for a few hours. In the afternoon I ordered a taxi to get me there .

However, as I arrived at the hot springs, all I wanted was to sit in a hot Jacuzzi, and have a good time. I got a ticket for three hours.

While changing into my swimming trunks, I checked myself out in the mirror. All the exercise during the past one and a half years had forged my 23 year-old body. I was looking at the body of a well-built, fine young man. Before I got too carried away by my own looks, I stepped out of the cabin, and headed for the showers. I quickly rinsed my body under the warm water without pressure of time for the first time since too damn long.

Coming out my shower cabin, I ran my hand through my shortened hair, and took a towel. I entered the main area. I sure hadn't been there for quite some time. It had changed a lot, and I liked the new design. I decided to explore the whole place, and to check out everything at least once. There were several areas like odoriferous saunas, salty Jacuzzis, ice cold baths, and a brine pool, where you would float from alone.

I checked the clock on the wall: 3.30 pm, so I had to leave at around 6.20... I also checked for emergency exits... Some sort of trained habit.

First, I got in a hot outdoor Jacuzzi. It seemed pretty popular, judging from the amount of visitors – mostly people in retirement, with or without their grandchildren. One could hardly see a thing, due to the thick vapor in the cool air. I found one of the last free places, and sat down for a while, listening to the water, or to bits of other people's conversations.

I was about to close my eyes, as I felt something fall gently on my eyelids. It was cool and gone after a few seconds. I looked into the sky. Snow was falling. It certainly was rare for this place to snow in the middle of March. I smiled. What a great moment: me in a Jacuzzi, snow falling from the sky, and all that steam. Only one thing was missing... Someone by my side... I sighed.

I got back on my feet and waded through the water back to the main area. The next thing to check out was the Hammam. This wasn't quite so popular, and it didn't take me all too long to know why. The heat combined with the high humidity was almost unbearable . Nevertheless, I enjoyed my momentary loneliness.

During the next two hours, I visited almost every area there was. It was huge. From time to time, I checked the clock. It was 5.30 pm, and a lot people had already left the spa. I was standing in the main area, not really knowing what to do, or where to go next. Lots of snow was falling now. Outside would be very lovely, I thought, so I headed outside.

Shortly before I stepped into the Jacuzzi, I noticed one last quite secluded area I hadn't been to yet. As I got there, I was surprised to find a very simple warm salty pool made for just swimming laps - nothing more. There wasn’t anyone in there, save for an old couple and a young girl.

That girl looked at me as soon as she had taken notice of my presence. She was cute. Very cute, or better: she was drop-dead gorgeous! The best asset she could offer was her smile. She smiled at me with a smile I was unable to resist. I returned the kind gesture with a gentle smile of mine. We were both just standing there, facing each other, unable to move. So I started to swim a few laps – that’s what I had actually come for, right? I could tell the girl kept looking at me the whole time.

I stopped just a few feet away from her. Again, we started sharing deep glances at each other. Every time she looked at me, she showed me her cute smile again. It almost made my heart melt. I couldn’t help rewarding it, and checking her out. It was as if we were devouring one another by simply taking deep looks of each other’s bodies. And she sure had one hell of a body: pitch black shiny hair, flat abs, long smooth legs and nice c-cup breasts. She was wearing a pink bikini with black borders. She looked so damn sweet and innocent. She was around 19 or 20, I guessed. I just couldn’t get my eyes off her, so did she with me. Suddenly I felt my cock slowly growing and getting hard. I was getting a raging hard-on by just LOOKING at this innocent girl!

I decided I had to bring this guy to settle down, so I let go of her, and started swimming a few laps again. I could feel my heart pounding hard, but swimming did help indeed.

While swimming, I realized the old couple had disappeared unnoticeably to me. So we were left alone. Just that girl and me, no one else.

After each lap, I got a little bit closer to her. As I was swimming back for the very last time, her glances towards me got more and more eager by every inch I approached her. I stopped half a foot next to her. Again we started devouring each other with our hungry, lust-filled eyes. I could tell by the sparkles in her eyes that she was craving me.

Then I noticed her left hand was steadily climbing up the pool walls to meet mine. I guided my right hand to hers slowly. My next move took me what felt like ages, for my heart was vigorously pumping blood into my veins, and my mind was about to black out from the high tension. I gently took her by her hand. and looked into her eyes. In that very moment, I realized how pretty her eyes actually were. I’d never seen such pretty eyes before; dark blue like the calm sea with thin light blue speckles, carefully surrounded by a black eyeliner that made her eyes stick out even more. Damn she was so beautiful! I started stroking her arm with my other hand. Then she gently pressed my right hand on her breasts. Those were perfectly shaped smooth and silky buns of flesh that drew my whole attention. Her skin was soft and warm. She was an angel!

After a while, she asked me the question I had been kind of afraid of since about the time I had beheld her: “How old are you?”

“23,” I said, “and you?”

“21,” she replied.

She hugged me.

“What’s your name?” I whispered in her ear.

“Sarah,” she answered, “and yours?”

I said my name, and pressed her against me. My mind started drooling.

Her whole presence was magic. I was in heaven. Time seemed to fly away, and stand still at the same time. I couldn’t tell if my mind raced through millions of thoughts simultaneously, or if it was about to black out – probably both at the same time.

Suddenly I could feel my now fully erect and stiff glory pressing into her belly. I was hoping like mad she wouldn’t mind, or find it somehow disgusting.

Then she did something I could hardly believe: she pressed me against the pool wall, wrapped her legs around me, and sat on my raging boner. She started moving her hips back and forth to push it into the crotch of her bikini bottoms. Soon she started breathing heavily, and moaning softly into my ear. Damn, she was hot! For a moment there my train of thought had completely shut down.

I grabbed her firm ass cheeks, and assisted every move of her hips. She totally let herself go, and relaxed her body, so I had to hold her. But since we still were in the water, she felt light as a feather. She looked in my eyes. I could see her pleasures in her facial expressions.

We stopped our motion to look in each other’s faces. I gently stroked her, cheek causing her to giggle.

I slowly spun around in order to press her on the pool wall, while she again started grinding my pole into her slit through the sheer fabric of our bathing suits.

I felt her hand reach out to slide between our bodies. She pulled my swim trunks down enough to free my throbbing hard-on, and started stroking it a few times. Then she guided it back to her crotch, and pushed her bikini bottoms slightly to the side. My cock sensed her wet pussy lips. They were so unbelievably smooth. She was all slippery from her freely flowing pussy juices.

Each time she moved her hips, the head of my cock came closer to her entrance, and her moans grew louder. I had to cover her mouth with something. I guessed my lips would do. They were a perfect fit for hers. So we started French kissing like crazy.

Soon she broke our first kiss.

“Please fuck me already,” she whispered.

I replied by pushing my cock more and more towards and into her entrance.

We remained in our soft motion until all of a sudden she opened her eyes in shock, and let go off me. I followed her glance and saw another girl of around the same age standing at the pool, watching us, and grinning widely. Sarah looked at me and bit her lower lip. This other girl had to be a friend of hers.

She leaned forward “Will I see you again?”

“Not for the moment, I'm still in service. Third Saturday of July, same time, same place?” I replied.

She kissed me goodbye. “I'll be waiting for you, my dear.”

This incident, of course, was the end of our little romantic scene. She gave me one last sweet smile of hers before she stepped out of the water and followed her friend.

I took a look at the watch and realized it was about time to go anyway. But before I could step out of the water, I had to ensure my cock would come down from its hardness.

I recalled that encounter quite often during the ensuing time. It was a great help to survive the remaining 15 weeks of service, and I knew there would be a second time...

To be continued...

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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