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The accident at the Hot Springs (Part II)

15 weeks later: the second date
Unlike the first chapter, part II is purely fictional…

Fifteen weeks later, on a Friday evening in July, finally the day I’d finish my military service had come. Oh boy did that feel grrrreat!! The atmosphere was filled with the eagerness to go home of five hundred soldiers of the rescue battalion 75. The tension was almost unbearable. It was only a matter of time until our commander finally let us go. We all hoped for it to be short: The ceremonial where we’d hand back the rescue banner and the Swiss flag, the final speech of the commander, and we were free - forever!

On my way home, I was almost trembling from joy. Never again would I have to surrender to that goddamn institution. Of course my mood wasn't only marked by happiness, for it was the last time I'd see all my comrades. We had been living and working together for two entire years. We had passed through the toughest and best times together. We had become friends for life. But still we all would certainly need some time to get used to our civil lives again.

Arrived at home, I tried to get in touch with some old buddies. Some of them were about to arrive back home just like me.

The first message to come was from my best friend Ben: “Hey dude! It's been way too long! Usual place, usual time!”

He had become sergeant for the fusiliers. We knew there would be a lot to talk about.

The usual place was our favorite rock music bar. It was nothing special, just a regular bar where you could drink the regular beer, and play the regular games like pinball, tabletop soccer, darts or whatever.

We arrived there at the same time. We couldn't help but greet with a hearty hug.

“Oh dude, I missed you so much, my brother,” I said.

“It's been two freaking years,” he replied.

We entered the bar. The familiar sound of Motörhead's Whorehouse Blues came to our ears. The barkeeper looked at us.

“If that ain't them two fellas! How long’s it been? Two years?” he said smiling, “hey honey! C'mere, and give our two fellas a fresh glass of cold beer each, will ya?”

We sat down on two barstools and took a few long deep sips of our freshly served beers. God! This was great!

The barkeeper smiled at us through his thick mustache. “So tell me guys. By the way... You look great tonight! How's it been? Tell me some stories!”

We stayed the whole evening until very early in the morning, sharing stories from the past two years, talking of the good old times. It sure was great to be free from any duty.

The next day, I got up at ten. I still couldn't believe that I was finally home. I took a quick shower, ate two slices of bread. I picked up the phone, and tried to reach my parents. I got a dinner settled at their place at 7.30 pm. That was perfect. This gave me the time to go to the hot springs, where I would meet Sarah again. Sarah… My mind drifted off.

During all the time since Easter, I had hardly been able to keep my thoughts off Sarah, the girl I had met at the hot springs on that fateful Sunday afternoon. All I knew of her was her name, age, and of course her face… How could I ever forget those pretty eyes?

However, on that Saturday I didn’t do anything save for watching TV, going down town to buy a few groceries, I was just sort of killing time until I had to get prepared.

The more I thought of it, and the more the time to go approached, the more an invisible power I wasn’t able to explain forced me to go there.

I arrived at 3 pm, and got a ticket for three hours. Like I had planned, there was hardly anyone around except for a few elder people who seemed to be there all the time, just as it had been fifteen weeks before.

First, I wanted to chill out in the large Jacuzzi, and it sure felt amazing. It emptied my mind from any thoughts of my last two years. I just sat in a corner, rested the back of my head on the border of the pool, and closed my eyes.

I could have fallen asleep right then and there; and I’d sure have if I hadn’t felt the presence of some stranger scurrying around me. I opened my eyes to behold a familiar face just a few feet away from me.

Pitch black hair, a sexy pink bikini, deep sea blue eyes surrounded by black eyeliner, and a smile so cute and innocent it would warm up the coldest place. There wasn’t the slightest doubt... It was Sarah my eyes were locked on.

She slowly swam towards me, keeping never breaking the eye contact. I remained in my corner, and smiled back at her. She took my hand, and quietly moved in my arms until she could lay her head on my shoulder.

I could smell her sweet scent, and feel the soft breeze of her breath on my skin. Her presence felt somehow intimate yet familiar. She held me as though I was about to escape from her, as if she wanted to remain like this forever. Her skin felt soft and smooth as I gently rubbed her back with one hand.

A long moment had passed as she let go off me, and swam away from me backwards. I followed her till she was standing with her back to the wall. I leaned forward putting my hands on each side of her face. She looked at me and took me in her arms, putting her head back on my shoulder again.

It felt like a moment of intimate closeness, a calm moment of harmony, a moment forever… No words were exchanged.

She started running her lips across my neck, softly breathing into my skin. I responded to her gentle fondling by slowly caressing her sides. I rested my head on her shoulder giving in to the sweet pleasures we were giving each other. The world outside our sweet embrace slowly faded to black...

After a while, I felt my cock laggardly grow bigger and bigger. She noticed too, and wrapped her legs around my waist, just like she had done on our first encounter. She sat down on my now rock solid rod, and started teasingly rock her hips back and forth in order to grind my cock deeper into her crotch. This sure felt damn good.

I decided to get a bit bolder this time, and ran my hands over her back. I could hear her soft silent moans. She was going crazy. My hands kept caressing her back while steadily moving towards her sexy tush. But this time I went under her bikini bottoms, grabbing her firm ass. It was an incredible feeling. Her butt flesh was so soft yet tender.

I even got a bit more daring, moving my fingers closer and closer towards her crotch. My prick twitched in anticipation as my fingers touched her pussy lips. She was all sticky with her juices already. She circled her hips to get my fingers closer to her pussy entrance.

Soon I had the tip of my index finger slowly making its way into her moist hole. She pushed her crotch harder on it in order to get it in deeper. It took her only a few moves to get my finger in by half of its length. Her moans got more intense. I could tell she was forcing herself not to get too loud.

“Noooooooo! Stop it! You’re gonna make me scream…” she whispered. It took her all she had to form the first words we'd exchange on that afternoon.

In that very moment, I got aware of where we actually were, and did as I was told. She released her grip on my body. She was on her own feet again, looking at me with lust filled eyes, before grabbing my hand.

I looked around. No one had noticed what we had been doing.

She walked through the shallow water towards the exit of the Jacuzzi, pulling me with her. I followed her as if hypnotized by her gorgeous aura. She had me under her spell, and there was nothing I could do about it. Not that I didn’t enjoy it, I sure did.

I hoped the time to get to the exit of the Jacuzzi would be enough to get my little friend to settle down, for I wasn’t eager to show my fully erect manhood to everyone around. So it was, luckily.

Sarah guided me straight to a small odoriferous sauna. We were alone.

First, we just sat side by side looking at each other hungrily, unable to say a word. I still couldn’t believe what a beautiful picture of a girl she was.

A longer instant of visually devouring each other had passed as she lay her head on my shoulder, and closed her eyes listening to my heart beat. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder, and lowered my head on hers.

“I’ve been thinking of you…” I whispered.

“I know…” she replied, “did you come here alone?” she added.

“Yes, I did,” I replied, “how about you? Have you taken your friend with?”

She laughed. “Of course not, silly.”

I realized what an angelic voice she had.

She lifted her head off my shoulder, and looked in my eyes. I rewarded her look.

Suddenly a certain tension started filling the room. It steadily grew greater and greater. I noticed we were all alone, and no one seemed to dare to enter the sauna, or disturb our romantic moment together. Our faces slowly, almost imperceptibly moved to another.

Soon the tension got unbearable. I could feel the adrenaline making my heart pound furiously. It felt like forever until our lips tickled each other in their first gentle touch. I could feel her warm breath on my face. We started passionately caressing each other’s lips, as if we were experiencing this feeling for the first time. We had a very slow pace which caused never before experienced deep desires for both of us. She was a goddess.

Soon she turned her body to me, and grabbed me by my upper arms, leaning her body on mine in order to lay down on me. I lay down on the wooden bench, and pulled her with me to avoid losing contact, to press her onto me. She made sure my again rock hard cock was firmly locked in her crotch between her legs while she lowered her body on mine. I could feel her hardened nipples pressing on my chest through the sheer fabric of her bikini top. She didn’t let go off my lips for all that time.

It wasn't long until both our tongues locked together, and started a love-craving dance. She started rocking her hips back and forth on my prick. This time she didn’t hold back her voice, and started moaning in my mouth. We didn’t care if there was anyone around, for we had already returned in our own world.

I put my hands on her back, gently caressing her soft skin. She squirmed in pleasure begging me for more.

It didn’t take too long to fill the air with a slight odor of sexual excitement, causing my mind to black out. Both of us were in a sexual ecstasy, a devouring frenzy which enhanced our lust even more. The scent of our sexes became stronger.

The more Sarah pressed my cock into her crotch, the more her bikini bottoms were pushed to the side. Soon her pussy was free from its cover, and exposed to the fabric of my trunks, still engulfing my rigid pole. She kept on pressing it hard into her crotch.

I could feel the head of my cock enter her pussy. I didn’t know how much more my trunks would resist, and was a bit afraid they might break. But to my surprise Sarah didn’t push any further. She just circled her hips on the tip of my cock. She put one hand between her legs, and started rubbing her clit. It was incredible. That young sexy girl was a dream come true!

I slid one hand between her legs too. She stopped rubbing her clit by herself, and let me do it for her. She was almost screaming as I rolled her love button between my fingers. I could sense her pussy juices coating my trunks.

“Please give me more! Make me cum! It feels so good! Fuck me with your fingers!” she almost cried.

I let go off her clit, and lubed my fingers in her pussy juices. I shoved two of them deeply inside her. She experienced some sort of little shock. Her body got all tensed. But soon she was relaxing, and coming back to rocking her hips back and forth, on my fingers this time. I wrapped my free arm around her to press her body hard on mine.

“Do you like my fingers inside you?” I whispered.

Her answer came in approving moans: “Oh... Yessss... But now... Gimme that cock of yours!”

Her wish was my command. I slid off my trunks, and replaced my fingers by my cock. I pushed it in slowly, yet steadily. This time, no one was disturbing our moment of loving.

“Oh my god...” she moaned, “I'm gonna cum in any moment...”

I pushed the rest of my cock inside her in one fluid motion. She helped me by joining her hips with mine. As soon as I was fully inside her, she relaxed, and let me fuck her like a doll.

It was not long until her pussy walls started to clench my cock as she came with one last deep moan. It took me all I had not to cum with her. I didn’t want everyone to see the very suggestive leftovers of our little moment together alone in the sauna.

She rested on me breathing hard until she suddenly got up, glancing at the clock on the wall.

“Dammit! My time's almost over! It’s time to go! I’m sorry!” she panicked.

I was totally puzzled as she looked at me.

“Meet me outside in fifteen minutes…” she said smiling again.

She kissed me one last time before opening the glass door to leave.

As she walked away, I could see a fair amount of pussy juice running down her inner thighs. Though her whole body was covered with sweat and water from the sauna, I knew it was her lust juices.

I waited another minute before going out. My ticket was still valid for half an hour, but I didn’t want to miss our appointment, so I went out. Once outside the sauna, I took a look at the description paper hanging on the wall. It said: coconut and vanilla aroma. I would have liked to take a marker, and correct the description by odor of lust.

I had to be quick because I had a raging hard-on that just wouldn’t settle down. Even after a short ice-cold shower, it still cost me a great effort to get my jeans back on in the dressing room.

As I got out of the building, she was already patiently waiting for me.

“Waiting for me?” I asked.

She smiled playfully. “No, just for some grampa...”

She pressed a folded slip of paper in my hand, gently pinched my balls through the crotch of my pants, and gave me one last deep passionate French kiss. It was as intense as a few instants before.

“Good bye, my lover”, she said before letting go.

Then she walked away and I remained at my spot.

I opened the slip she had given me. It was her number and a message: "Call me!"

And sure did I call her but this is another story…

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