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The Accident

After an accident, I'm unconscious, but not unconscious it seems

I don’t remember much after that damn pickup truck rammed me broadside, because I blacked out. But I just awoke, although I’m not awake because I can’t open my eyes, and I can’t talk. I must be in a hospital because I can hear the beeping of those infernal monitors, and I can hear voices. They must have sedated me for some reason. I can feel the sheet covering me but I can’t move.

Then I hear a mature man’s voice calling to someone; “Nurse! Will you send those two candy stripers over here, please? Thank you.”

I know that candy stripers are girls who are training to be nurses, so I’m really in a hospital. Seconds later, I hear two young female voices, one from each side of my bed or gurney, or whatever I’m lying on.

Voice on my left: “Hi, Doctor Graham, I’m Ellie.”

I smell a hint of perfume on my right, and the voice there says, “I’m Teri.”

The doctor’s answer tells me what I needed to know as well. “Mr. Jameson was in an automobile accident. He has some bruises but his vitals are fine. He’s experiencing a shallow coma from the trauma, but it should pass within 24 hours.”

Voice on right: “How can we help, Doctor Graham?”

“Are either of you 18?” he asks.

“I’ll be 18 in July,” says Ellie.

“I’m 18,” says Teri.

“Good,” says the doctor. “One of you must be 18 to check his vitals on the monitor. Teri, you and Ellie wheel Mr. Jameson down to the last room down the hallway where it will be quiet. If he wakes up, you explain what happened to him and answer any questions he may have. Ellie, you will serve as a runner, to come get me if anything happens or if he wakes up.”

Both voices: “Okay, Doctor Graham.”

Doctor Graham: “Teri, when you get to the room, just connect his leads to the monitor and switch it on. I’ll be in to check on him in an hour or so.”

Then I feel the bed moving and soon most of the noises seem far away. When the bed stops, I hear clothing rustling and then the monitor beeping. (Good; at least I know I’m alive! Oh, yeah, I forgot; nobody can hear the joke but me.)

In a few minutes I feel the sheet lift off of my body, and the hospital gown lifted as well.

Ellie: “TERI! What are you doing?”

“Just checking out his thing; look, he’s naked under the gown.”

“You can’t do that; we’ll get caught!” Ellie whispers.

“Nobody’s down here or will be for at least an hour,” Teri answers. “Look at how big it is. I wonder how big it gets when it’s hard?”

Ellie: “Can I touch it?”

Teri: “Sure, go ahead; he won’t mind.”

I feel a hand lift my cock and gently wrap around it. It’s warm and it feels good. I wish I could tell her that.

Ellie: “It’s still soft; should I stroke it?”

Teri: “No, let me have it; I want to put it in my mouth.”

Ellie: “God, Teri, what if he wakes up?”

Teri: “Any guy who wakes up with his dick in a girl’s mouth is not going to complain, Ellie.”

The first hand slips away and another takes hold, gripping my cock at the base. Then a warm wet mouth slips over the tip and slides down to the base. (Oh, yes, girls, please, yes, do it for me!)

Teri has evidently done this before. Even in this relaxed state, my cock quickly responds in her mouth. Obviously pleased with herself, she continues until my cock is fully erect. As her mouth leaves the end of it, my cock is bathed in the cool air of the room.

Ellie: “It DID get hard! Do you think he’s waking up?”

Teri: “No; he hasn’t moved and his breathing is the same. Go over to the door, Ellie, and watch down the hallway while I take my panties off. Let me know if anybody comes this way.”

Ellie, moving away from us: “What are you going to do, Teri?”

Teri: “I want to sit on it to see how much of it I can get inside me. I’ve never seen one this long.”

And then the awkward feeling of an obviously tight pussy trying to press down over the end of my cock begins. (Spit on it, girl! I scream in my mind. A dry fuck is going to tear the skin off me!)

Oddly enough as her pussy gets over the tip, she wiggles a little and I can feel her wetness. Slowly she backs off and then back on, a little further each time until she has more than half of me inside her. She’s so tight that I beg her silently not to ever stop moving up and down on me.

Then I hear Ellie whisper in a loud voice from the doorway, “Are you going to come, Teri?”

Teri: “No, there might not be enough time; I just want to see how much of it I can take; it really fills me up.”

(NO? WTF girl, if you’re going to try it on, work it, for Pete’s sake, don’t get me hard and then leave me!)

Ellie: “Are you going to make him come?”

Teri: “No, I don’t think he can being unconscious like this. I satisfied my curiosity.”

(Fuck! What about MY satisfaction, you twit? My cock and balls are awake and ready to be used!)

Then I feel the gown being draped over my erection and the sheet laid back over my lower body.

Ellie, near the bed now: “What about me? Can I suck on it and see if I can make him come?”

(YES, ELLIE, you sweet little thing; suck on it, suck on it all you want, please! I scream in my mind.)

Teri: “I suppose it won’t hurt. Go ahead, I’ll stand guard at the door.”

Then my new very best friend, Ellie, lifts off the sheet and gown. I can feel her breath on my cock as she takes my still erect shaft in her hand. (Yes, Ellie, stroke it, baby, put your mouth on it, you can do it, come on…..)

Then I feel her licking up the shaft from the bottom to the tip, like an ice cream cone. Up and down, up and down. (Oh, shit, this is going to take all night, Ellie!) But I have to give her credit for trying; her hand begins to move with her tongue and I might just make it if she would just take me in her mouth, or wrap her fist around it….

As if she heard me, she suddenly puts her mouth just over the tip and begins stroking. When I wake up, I’m going to buy my new best friend Ellie something wonderful to thank her.

(Yes…yes…you can do it, Ellie, squeeze a little harder…come on, girl….)

Ellie: “Mmmm, Teri, I can taste something sweet; do you think he’s coming?”

Teri: “That’s just precum; don’t worry, just keep at it, he’ll probably come soon.”

Then Ellie’s mouth returns and her wonderful little fist squeezes just right and pumps up and down, touching her lips on the upstroke and then hitting my balls on the down stroke.( Oh, yes, Ellie, I am SO going to repay you, sweetness, just keep it up…..getting awfully close now…..)

Teri: “Ellie! Doctor Graham is coming down the hallway! Quick; cover him back up!”

Ellie’s mouth and hand abandon me and the gown and sheet are replaced. Fuck! I need to wake up before these girls leave!

Then I hear Doctor Graham’s voice as he enters the room. “Girls, I’ve decided to give Mr. Jameson a stimulant to wake him. It shouldn’t take very long for it to work.”

Then there is a pause and Doctor Graham says, “By the looks of the sheet, I’d say he’s having some very pleasant thoughts in his dreamlike state.” He’s obviously referring to my hard on poking the sheet in the air.

Teri: “Yes, we noticed that too, Doctor, but we didn’t think it was anything to worry about.”

Then I feel a slight prick in my upper arm. Within a few seconds, a warm sensation seeps through my body, as if to warm me out of a cold state. Then I realize that I can blink my eyes, and soon they’re wide open, and I see Doctor Graham leaning over me.

“Mr. Jameson, how are you feeling?” he asks.

Clearing my throat I reply, “I’m okay; I feel fine.” (Now, get out of here you bastard so I can continue with these horny candy stripers!)

“You have no injuries to speak of, and when you feel up to it, you can dress and go down the hall and check out. Your clothes are in the closet here in the room.”

As he leaves I notice that the girls are still in their positions, one on either side of me. But they aren’t girls; they’re grown women, each probably in their forties.

The one on the right says. “I’m Nurse Brady, I’m an RN. This is Nurse Turner, she’s an LPN. Is there anything we can do for you?”

Ellie, or the one on the left: “Yes, you’ve been mumbling and moaning and calling out girls’ names for a while; are you okay?”

My disappointed dick has returned to its deflated state as I try to analyze what happened. “I’m okay, I just had a weird dream.”

Ellie: “Your clothes are right there in the closet; we’ll leave so you can get dressed. Take care.”

As I flip the sheet off me and sit up, I look down and see something next to my thigh.

A pair of panties.

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