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The Adventures of James, and Emma

James, and Emma enjoy a hot fuck in the south of France
Emma and I graduated high school, and decided we would travel around the world, before deciding what to do with our lives. On our trip we wanted to try and see how many countries we could fuck in. The first country we stopped in was France, specifically the south of France, since we hated cold places, and it was our biggest fantasy to have a hot, sensual encounter on the beach. Emma and I used a holiday home, owned by a friend for our first stop.

We needed to pick a place for the perfect first international fuck. Emma, being the person she is, wanted it to be romantic. She is a classic bookworm, and enjoyed countless tales of love, and loss, mainly from her favorite author: Jane Austen. It was a two bedroom flat, with a small kitchen, a dining room, a decent bathroom, with an awesome shower (one with multiple shower heads mounted on the wall), with sliding glass doors opening out onto a deck. We also found a pool at the end of the deck.

We had taken the Eurotunnel from Calais, spent the night in a crappy hotel, too tired to fuck, and then woke up quite early to drive down to Marseille, to find our reasonably secluded villa, only a five minute drive from the beach. Now until we had arrived Emma had been torturing me. She’d been rubbing my dick for most of the journey, and even gave some pretty decent head in the less public parts of the drive, which coupled with a long drive tires you out quite quickly. So I found our double bed, and had a nap.

Now Emma being the temptress she is had hatched a plan for our fuck. She had found some Post-Its, and had marked a way down to somewhere. I followed it down to the decking, but I hid for a moment, since it seemed that Emma had gotten started without me. I must have been 9, or 10 at night, and was therefore quite dark, but the pool was illuminated with a lot of candles, and two or three pool lights. I saw her, sexy as hell, sitting with her feet in the pool, naked, legs spread rubbing her immaculately shaved clit furiously.

This sight made me hard instantly. She had her other hand on her hardened nipple, tugging at it. All through this I heard her Moaning my name over and over again. Emma suddenly sped her hands up. She moved her hand from her nipple, and started fingering her wet snatch. I could hear the sound of her juices squishing from my bush a few meters away. Her moans became louder, and infinitely dirtier. ‘Fuck me James, move your fingers JUST LIKE THAT!’ she screamed, until suddenly I stepped backwards, and snapped a twig.

She stopped immediately, and called out ‘James?’ at first hesitantly, but then more confidently, as there was no one anywhere near us, she called ‘James, were you perving again?’

‘Maybe.’ I answered back.

‘Well if you don’t come out, then how can I get off? You know I get awfully shy around peeping toms.’

She said sexily.

‘I do know babe, but I just didn’t seem right to stop such a wonderful show, mid-flow.’ She chuckled, and I continued saying ‘I have an idea. Just close your eyes. Or else.’ I commanded.

She did as she was told, and shut her eyes. I went to the side of the pool, and slid in as quietly as possible. I swam silently up to her unsuspecting crotch, and started eating her pussy. Her clit was engorged, and I nibbled on it gently. She jumped, and I laughed into her pussy, which made her moan with pleasure. I probed her with my tongue, but she was already wet enough for two fingers. ‘James, honey’ She said through the strokes of my fingers, ‘Thisss…..feelss amazing, but can we…….please, please…..just fuck now…oh yes, OH YES! FUCK ME BABY!’

I was much obliged, as she slid off the side of the pool, and onto my rock hard cock. The coolness of the water made everything better. I put my feet on the step that ran around the pool, and used my arms as levers to thrust myself deeper, and deeper into Emma’s beautiful pussy. I moaned out her name, and she cried out mine. I started moving my hips, and she wrapped her legs around my waist forcing me ever deeper into her tight wet pussy.

I then stopped, and pulled us out of the water. ‘WHY IN THE NAME OF FUCK DID YOU DO THAT?’ She screamed.

‘Two reasons’ I answered. ‘Firstly I really don’t want to cum in the pool, and secondly I really enjoy swallowing your squirt babe. But I have an idea. I picked her up, and fireman lifted her to the shower. I turned it on to a warm temperature, and started fucking her against the wall, with my arms around her legs, and her thighs around my waist. I fucked her more deeply and harder this time, all the while Emma was continuing to moan dirtily in my ear ‘cum for me baby, I want you to fucking cum for me, make me take all your hot jizz in my pussy’. She started her orgasm soon after that, as she cried out finally ‘OH BABY, OH BABY, YES, YES, I’M CUMMING!’ And as she came the velvet soft wall of her pussy contracted around my dick forcing me to shoot my load deep into her pussy. Her pussy then persisted to milk every drop from my cock, until there was no more to give.

‘I’m sorry you didn’t get to swallow my squirt babe, I knew you wanted to.’ Emma commented as I turned the water off.

‘Shit, I forgot.’ I told her. ‘Well there’s only one way to make up for this. I made her sit on a stool inside the shower, as I once again persisted in eating her out. She did not last long, before having another orgasm. This was the first time she’d felt this pleasure, as she came to her first multiple orgasm ever, and allowed me to swallow the sweet juices flowing from her pussy. ‘Problem solved.’ I answered with a cheeky grin, as she kissed me to taste herself on me. Good God I love this girl I thought as we cleaned up, and nodded off on the best bed of the trip.

If you haven’t read my first story, please do. This could make more sense. I am completely open to advice, and message me, or comment if you enjoyed it.

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