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The affair

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How innocent beginnings can lead to not-so-innocent endings.
I have submitted this story with the very kind permission of my friend Delia, who in time, will respond to the story with her side of it. It is a work of total fiction but as we like each others stories, we thought it would be a good idea to write one about having an affair together and giving each perspective, hope you enjoy..........

I sat on the bench in the shade on a hot morning in July, waiting for my lover Dee. It was hard to contain my excitement as I knew that when she arrived we were going to take our relationship to the ultimate level, deep in the surrounding woodland. My shorts did not really hide the bulging cock within and when the occasional person using the bike path would pass by, I would keep my hands on my lap to keep it from being seen.

Dee was a mother who I had met a few months before at a play school where both our kids attended two mornings a week. I was currently out of work as things were slow in the construction industry so my wife worked extra shifts and I stayed home to look after our toddler. Dee and I struck up a conversation one morning as we had arrived early to pick up the children.
We got along nicely, comfortable in each others company, talking about all the problems of raising little ones, a regular Mr. Mom I was! I always appreciated Dee's company and my mind could not help wondering what she would be like naked, she had large breasts and she always wore tops that seemed to emphasize them, her dark hair and twinkling eyes added to the attraction. I noticed how we always sat close to each other on the little bench in the gym where the group was meeting and also how, even though there were other mothers there, Dee would not say too much to them but happily spoke to me, it made me feel special.

It was a week or so before the end of school for the summer and Dee and I were talking of alternatives to the play school for the summer and I told her of the park not far from my house that had lots of neat slides, swings, jungle gym frames etc. that we liked to visit. She asked where it was and she told me she knew of it but had never been to it.

The next time I was took my daughter there, I had a very pleasant surprise as Dee and her son were there already. The smile on her face as we approached seemed to light up her face. We sat on the grass and watched as our kids ran wild and explored all the structures, creating their own games. Dee began to tell me about her marriage and I was sad to hear that her husband neglected her and was surprised at her openness as she told me that the neglect even went as far as their sex life. I found my self getting aroused at this turn of conversation. She told me that I smelt nice and I told her that I was not wearing any after shave, it must be my deodorant, she said no, it was not that, it was something else so I put it down to my shower gel and left it at that.

As we got up to leave, we discussed that the next play school meeting would be the last for the summer when she said that she was going to be sad not to see me and she then shocked me by saying that she had hoped we could take our friendship to a higher level. I said that if she meant what I thought she meant, then I was very flattered but was happily married and I could not jeopardize that relationship. She said she understood but maybe we could phone when our partners were not around. I agreed that would be okay and we parted.

The following week, the phone rang while my daughter was taking her afternoon nap and my wife was at work. It was Dee and she too was alone. We began to chat but very soon our talk took on a more adult line and we asked each other questions of a very personal nature. I was very aroused as we chatted and when I asked her what she was wearing, she said she was lying naked on her bed with her legs spread.

At this information, I began to rub my cock after having pulled down my shorts. I could hear in her voice that she was turned on and asked where her fingers were and she told me they were deep in her wet pussy, listening to my voice as she played. I told her of how I imagined oiling her wonderful boobs and then, as she lay on her back, I would slide my cock between them while she squeezed them together, making me cum over her, and leaving her with a nice pearl necklace around her neck. Our conversation continued in this way and eventually we both climaxed, it was so erotic to hear her gasping into the phone as she came and I let my load go too.

It was not long before we became even more adventurous and one morning we had found a small play area along the bike path that ran through a small valley in our area, it held a pair of swings and a couple of picnic tables with benches attached to them. The kids were on the swings and we sat next to each other on one of the benches behind them. We had an open view of the bike trial and once in a while a person would walk, cycle or run by.

As usual, our conversation quickly turned to sex and Dee suddenly placed her hand on my shorts, feeling my hardness. As she began to rub me I slipped my hand down the front of her shorts and under the elastic of her panties, feeling the smoothness of pussy as I located her wet slit. She gasped as I slipped my finger into her and began to rub her clit. The kids laughed as they tried to see who could get the highest on the swing before us, oblivious of what was going on behind them.

I could feel Dee begin to climax and she stifled a gasp as warm juice flowed around my knuckles as she came hard, her body going rigid. Moments later, she dipped her head down below the bench, and pulled the tip of my cock out of my shorts and clamped her lips around it. I was so shocked at her brazenness, we could be seen at any moment by either the kids or a passer by but I could not stop her as I felt myself erupt into her mouth as my hot cream quickly spewed from my cock.

The moment was incredible, the sense of being caught in the act seemed to heighten it more than I could believe as she greedily gobbled up my seed before surfacing again with a smile on her face. She saw the look of shock and pleasure on my face and laughed in a nice way, not making fun but just at the amusement my concern caused her.

Since then I have been wracked with guilt over what we did but I could not stop the affair heading to its ultimate conclusion and I eventually told Dee that I was willing to take it to the next level and that is why I am sitting on the bench waiting for her.

My heart skiped a beat as she approached me, wearing a white summer skirt that was very gauzy and, with the sun behind her, I could see the outline of her legs. Her breasts strained the yellow tee shirt she wore and I could tell she was not wearing a bra. Her smile light up her face as she arrived at the bench.

"Well, here I am baby" she said.

I gulped and told her how beautiful she looked, so radiant and alive. I stood up and told her to come with me. We wandered along the trail until we found a little dirt path leading off into a particularly heavily wooded area. As we left the main trail, I took her hand and guided her deeper into the trees, looking for a spot that would not be easily seen from passer-bys. We came to a little area that had thick bushes around it and a fallen tree trunk ran across it. I asked Dee to step up onto the trunk, making our heights much closer so I could look directly into her eyes and we kissed for the first time. At first our lips remained closed but then passion caught fire in us and our tongues slid into each others mouths, exploring and tasting each other.

My hands dropped to her magnificent boobs and I tweaked each nipple through the cotton tee shirt, rewarded with a sigh of pleasure from Dee. A shaft of sunlight had made its way through the overhead canopy and I could feel the heat of it on our bodies as we embraced, birds singing their song in the background. Dee reached down and tugged on my shorts, allowing them to fall around my ankles to expose my solid cock.

"God baby, I want that inside of me so badly" she growled.

I slid my hands under her skirt and was surprised to find she was not wearing any panties. She giggled as she felt me inhale as I realised she was naked and exposed under there. Her hand grabbed the tip of my cock and I slid my finger into her as we continued to kiss. She was hot and juicy as I began to work her clit, rubbing steadily and firmly, feeling her body tremble against me. Our kisses became even more passionate and she pushed my hand away from her pussy, pulling my cock there instead.

I could feel the heat radiating off her smooth pussy as her the lips closed around the tip, sliding in easily as we stood against each other. I pushed into her moist snatch, marveling at how hot and tight she was around my cock. She was gasping now, begging me to fuck her as she was so close to cumming. I began to move in and out, careful not to push to hard and make her lose her balance on the tree trunk. She matched my rhythm and it was not long before I could feel my climax building, faster and faster I moved and felt the familiar rush as my sperm made its one way trip along my cock. I groaned as I came deep inside her, and she responded by squeezing my cock with her pussy as her orgasm hit her too, her breath coming in short, sharp gasps as I shuddered again and again, pumping all I had into to her. Her juices seemed to flow around and out of her pussy, mingling with mine until we finally ground to a halt.

We eventually uncoupled and straightened our clothing until we looked decent enough to make our way back into the normal world. My mind spun with the memory of what we had just done, hating myself for my betrayal to my wife but loving the experience at the same time. The big question was, would we ever repeat it or would it end here? We shall have to see............................

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