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The Affair

An internet affair turns a dull marriage into something that can last the years.

I am a middle-aged woman whose marriage is in decline.  I do love my husband.  Didn't I?  I mean we had four kids, the two girls were in their 20's and both in university.  The two boys were "Oops" babies, and at nine and 12, they kept us young and very busy. 


My husband and I had been married nearly 30 years.  We got married right out of college.  I got pregnant right away, much to the amazement of the doctors, who said that wouldn't ever happen for me.   I miscarried, and I felt like such a failure as a woman.  My husband was supportive, but wasn't around all that much as he was in the Army, and off overseas.  On one furlough home, we, hmm, I think the term is "made out like rabbits"!  He went back overseas, and I found out I was pregnant with our first girl.  I kept it a secret, because I didn't want him to worry, and in doing so take needless risks with his life.  Besides, I wanted to make sure I would carry the baby to at least a viable term.  At 4 months, the doctor said he was pretty sure, with good medical care, that I would indeed carry the baby to term.  I made arrangements to call my husband, and we were both weeping with joy.  Our second daughter was conceived in much the same way.  Our family was complete.  When my husband was discharged from active duty, we bought a small house in his home town.  It was a good place to raise kids.  We never bothered with birth control, and as the years went by, we resigned ourselves to being a family of four. 


I was 38 when we found out I was pregnant with our first son.  We were ecstatic, but we were warned their might be complications due to my age.  We did all the tests the doctors wanted to put me through and every thing was okay.  Three years later, we were doing it all over again.  My husband was as proud a father as anyone would want to see, but it was then that our sex life took a nose dive.  With four children to clothe and feed and plan educations for, well, my husband became a workaholic.  He didn't want me working, although my income as a Registered Nurse would have helped out immensely.  I have to admit, I did enjoy being a stay at home wife and mother. 


My husband was away for a week long business trip.  Here I was, alone and feeling rather sexually frustrated, to say the least.  One night after the boys were in bed, I lay in our bed with my laptop, and found several websites dedicated to erotica.  Oh my, I never realized how conventional and boring my husband and I had become.  It was the good old missionary position, and never varied from that, and our lovemaking had gone from twice a week to twice a month, if that.


On this website, you could send a private message to the author.  Everyone had a nickname, so it was anonymous, if you wanted it to be that way.  Of course I did.  I set up a separate email account and left it that I had to sign in, but my password was rather transparent, and my husband could have broken it easily. 


The author I chose to communicate with was a young man, only 25.  (Oh god, I'm old enough to be his mother.)  I gave him the email address and so began our rather torrid affair.  As soon as I got the kids off to school, I would check my email.  The messages flew, fast and furious.  At 25, he wanted pumping, grinding, hard core cock in cunt (or ass, or mouth) sex.  Light bondage, was also a part of his vocabulary, as were sex toys.  I made it very clear from the onset of these trysts, that it could last no longer than a week.  I told him to think of himself as my teacher. 


At twice his age, I wanted long, slow languorous lovemaking.  I would share my fantasies, with just enough of the fast stuff, to keep him interested.  His words were enough to drive me to distraction, and I found myself fingering my clit and likely having the first orgasm of my married life.  Sad but true, and too bad my husband wasn't there to enjoy it.


I found with just the right stimulation to my clit, I would gush out fluid out of my pussy.  The first time it happened, I was mortified and thought I had wet myself.  My young lover assured me that that was a good thing, and that I had just "cum".  My young lover also introduced me to a porn site, that was very explicit, but very exciting to see these men and women in various sexual positions that I didn't even know existed!  At 50, I decided that I was indeed naive, and had led a very sheltered life. 


My young lover introduced me to chat, where he said he would "fuck me".  Oh my god, I was so turned on by his words that I came and didn't even touch myself. 


The day before my husband was to return, we had our last "cyber fuck" and once again I had a hard little clit and a very wet and gushing pussy, and I hadn't even touched myself.  We said our goodbyes and I erased all the email from my computer and removed the email program as well.  I felt a little sad, at the closure of this chapter of my life, but I also felt exhilarated that my husband was coming home, and for the first time in many years I couldn't wait to get my hands on my husband. 


I made arrangements for the kids to do sleep overs for the weekend, and was going to book a hotel, but thought that my husband may prefer to stay at home after being away for a week.  I bought candles, and silk rose petals, and new sheets for the bed.  I turned our bedroom into a lovenest.  I also had the locksmith come and put a lock on our bedroom door.


The next morning, I got the kids off to school and drove to Seattle.  I wanted to check out a sex shop there, and was surprised to find it in an upscale part of town, looking very discreet.  I was relieved that I would not be rubbing elbows with dirty old men who were looking for a peep show.


The young woman asked me what I was looking for.  I must have turned 40 shades of red, and she put her hand on my arm and assured me I had nothing to be embarrassed over.  We sat down and had a cup of tea and she started by showing me a catalogue.  I told her that I wanted to save my marriage, and I thought spicing up our sex life would help. 


She showed me books, that described different positions, and just how to get there.  She showed me tasteful, but sexy lingerie, that "would drive any man to the brink of orgasm", or so she said.  She also showed me vibrators and dildos that a couple can use, and explained how.  She seemed very comfortable with her sexuality.  I, on the other hand was not.  She explained to me that our greatest sex organ, wasn't the vagina or penis, (yes she did indeed use those clinical terms) but our brain.  I needed to think sexy and therefore would be sexy.  I left the shop with a purple paper tote bag with some lingerie and some massage oils and lubes, as well as a vibrator. 


My next stop was to my favorite department store for a new outfit.  Something slinky, and maybe low cut.  I was never blessed with big breasts and even after giving birth to four children, they still weren't what I would say big.  I found a great black dress, with a plunging v neck and back.  The sales girl helped me pick out a "stick on bra".  (I never knew such a thing existed) and a black garter belt and black thigh high stockings.  She said that if I wanted to make an impression on my husband, pantyhose doesn't cut it!!!.  I wanted to pick out some panties, perhaps a thong, but she discouraged me.  (Go with out underwear!!!  I was surely on the road to deprivation.)  However the young woman assured me I was not, and said that my husband was a very lucky man. She actually helped me dress and packed my clothes that I wore in bag, which I tucked in the trunk of our SUV along with my bag of goodies from the sex shop. 


It was time to meet his plane at SeaTac, and I parked in the garage rather than wait at the curbside.  I walked into the airport and felt many sets of eyes on me and even got a whistle or two.  I smiled to myself, and thought, if you think sexy, you'll be sexy.  I was standing waiting for him by the luggage carousel, and his eyes nearly popped out of his head and his mouth was hanging agape.


I strode over to him and I kissed him deeply on the mouth.  It didn't take much coaxing on my part to get him to French kiss me right there in the airport.  (We had never been big on PDA's)  In the most sultry voice I could muster, without sounding like I had a bad case of laryngitis, I welcomed my husband home and kissed him again. 


He held me at arm's length, for a minute to look at the dress and I twirled for him hoping that he might catch a glimpse of my black garter belt and stockings.  By the silly grin on his face, I guess he did. 


We talked about his trip, and stuff that had gone on at home, the girls and their marks for their exams that they had just finished writing.  His luggage spilled out and we were soon on our way out to the car, once again, I garnered a few whistles, and I glanced sideways at my husband, who put his hand possively at the small of my back and looked like a peacock as he strutted beside me. 


I handed him the keys so he could drive as it was getting to be rush hour.  I hate rush hour in Seattle heading south, on a weekend.  Besides, if I drove, I couldn't sit sideways and pull one leg up one my seat, affording my husband a glimpse of my now damp pussy. 


He threw his suitcase in the trunk and I was thankful I had covered my bag of goodies with a blanket we keep in the trunk.  He opened the passenger door and helped me inside and went around and got in on the driver's side. 


"You look beautiful, Darling", he commented to me as we made our way out of the parking garage. 


"I am very glad you're home Sweetheart", I said to him.  We got onto the freeway and made our way south to home. 


I turned slightly in my seat, and brought my left leg up and pulled the full skirt of my dress up just a bit so he could see the garter belt.  I reached over and ran my fingers through his dark hair with graying temples, that all of a sudden I found very distinguished. 


He looked at me and smiled, and asked "Okay, what's up?"


Little did he know, he unwittingly gave me the first break of the conversation.  "Well, I'm hoping your UP, Darling.", and I leaned over and felt for his cock through his suit trousers.  (Note to self, don't do that in rush hour traffic again!)


"Oh my God Kim, what has gotten into you lately?" 


Ha, another break, "Well, my dear handsome husband, certainly not you!  I have a very special surprise waiting for you at home, Darling." I said as I bunched my skirt up a little higher around my hips.  I was starting to get very thrilled and my pussy was beginning to throb and I was flushed with excitement. 


I continued to touch him, on his inner thigh, and his cock and could see it twitching and becoming erect inside the leg of his trousers.


I noticed that he was speeding, but I never said anything (the old wife would have nagged about speeding, especially if we had gotten a ticket.  I figured it was a small price to pay to save our marriage.)


We got home and I told him there were some things I needed out of the trunk and he tried to put me off, anxiously steering me toward the house.  I insisted, telling him he wouldn't be disappointed.  I grabbed my bag of things from the sex shop and sashayed into the house just ahead of my husband. 


As soon as the door was closed and locked, he grabbed me and kissed me deeply on the mouth again.  Our tongues mating in a foreshadow of what was to come.  I was frantically trying to untie his tie and undo his shirt and belt and pants.  It was a flurry of hands and mouths and teeth nipping at ears, neck and anything else that was nippable. 

I took him by the hand, and said, "Come with me, Honey" and I led him into our room, where I finished undressing him slowly and sent him into the shower to wash away the travel weariness.  I quickly lit the candles and stepped out of my dress, since it was half off already.  I joined him in the shower and we laughed at the "stick on bra".  I have to say it did make my breasts look "pert", but it was torture coming off. 


We washed each other gently paying attention to those erogenous zones, neck, shoulders, the insides of elbows and the backs of knees.  I gently took his growing cock in my hand and lovingly stroked it, murmuring to him what I wanted him to do with it.  If he was shocked, he didn't show it.


He massaged my breasts, and nipples that were already hard and tingling.  His hand wandered down my belly, that was quivering with desire, to the apex of my thighs.  He cupped my mound and slowly slid his middle finger inside the folds to find my clit.  He circled it gently and I was moaning with desire. 


We got out of the shower and dried each other off, and headed to the bed.  He glanced around the candlelit room and sighed.  He picked me up in his arms and laid me gently on the bed.  He came down beside me, and continued to finger my clit, I brought my knees up, in a reflex, and he took the hint.  He slid first one, then two, then three fingers in my pussy.  I was so aroused, that I lost control and came with a gush of sweet nectar into his hand.  I was breathing heavily and he looked at my now wet and glistening pussy and the fluid coating his hand.  He took his fully erect cock in his hand and smeared the moisture on it.  He laid me back and asked, "Darling, do you still like it long and slow?"


"Yes", I gasped, "with maybe a few switch ups along the way."


He positioned himself between my legs and slowly inserted his lovely prick into me.  We found our rhythm, and we revelled in each other's body.  We came together, and smiled at each other.  We spooned each other and talked about our love over the years.  It wasn't too long until I wanted to show him something else I had learned, I rolled him on his back and took his lovely cock into my hands.  I started to give him a quick hand job, and then I went down on him with my mouth.  He was soon writhing on the bed and bucking his hips.  I continued to suck, swirling the tip of my pointed tongue on the head of his penis.  He was moaning and I heard yell "Oh fuck, Kim, don't stop, please don't stop--I'm cumming!"  I swallowed every last drop of his nectar.  I smiled at him and said, "Oh Darling, you taste so good", and I kissed him so he could taste it too.  He lay there and held me in his arms, and then he asked if he could do that to me. 


He got between my legs and parted my outer labia.  He touched my clit, and watched my face as he did so.  He put his head down and lapped at the moist folds of my love canal, until I was screaming with wanton desire.  "Oh fuck me now, now, fuck my pussy now" I screamed.  He took the cue and rammed into me hard, again and again.  I could tell by his movements that he was going to cum soon and I let go at the same time.  We collapsed onto each other.  We lay like that for quite a while, just enjoying each other in a way we hadn't done for years. 


He asked me what had transpired while he was away.  I told him I would tell him one day, but not tonight.  Tonight was a night of firsts for us in many ways.  I didn't get a chance to use the sex toys that evening, we were too interested in what our hands and mouths could offer each other.  Of course, we have the whole weekend.  Maybe there is such a thing as a second chance at life.    



I finally did confess what I had done when my husband was away that week.  I told him, it was something I would never seek out again.  We both wonder from time to time what became of the young man who so willing taught a middle age housewife, to really appreciate her body and teach her husband to appreciate it too. 

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