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The Alley

Standing at the bar I look around the club, feeling slightly over whelmed. I am new to all of this. My girlfriend had insisted that I join her. While this is not really a "sex club", it is very close. Most of the people are here for only one thing, and are practically doing that "one thing" on the dance floor. Some with many partners. I do have to say it has been an interesting night so far.

My girlfriend is out on the dance floor with some of her regular friends having a good time. I am finding it a bit out of my comfort zone but very hot. 

I have noticed one guy who seems a bit reserved as well. He has been watching me most of the night. Every time I look his way his eyes are on me. He is with a group of guys who are also enjoying themselves on the dance floor, though he stands on the second level observing, rather than partaking. I look up his way now and see he is watching me. I smile at him and raise my glass. He smiles back and returns the cheers. I giggle to myself as I look away. He is very attractive. Dark hair and a great smile.

I get another drink and watch as all the people dance and touch each other. It is really very hot to watch. All these people hot, sweaty, grinding and groping each other. Many are strangers to each other. I almost wish I was courageous enough to join them. Instead, I take a long drink and look up again. He is still there, watching me intently. My heart skips a beat and my body tingles all over. Again I wave, he waves back.

As I try keeping his gaze my girlfriend suddenly appears and takes my attention away. She gets herself a drink and rambles and carries on about the dancing, wanting me to join her, trying to talk me into it. I laugh and brush her off. I am intrigued by the gorgeous guy eyeing me from above, and not interested in dancing. A song soon comes on that she loves and off she goes.

Again, my eyes travel up. I am disappointed when I see he has left. My eyes dart around the bar trying to catch a glimpse of him but it is almost hopeless. I am saddened I have lost his attention so I turn to the bar to get another drink and there he is behind me. A drink in his hand, passing it to me, smiling. I smile back to him and take the drink.

"Hi, and thank you," I say as he passes me the drink.

"My pleasure," he says as he leans in. The music is so loud it is hard to have a conversation without being in close contact.

"My name is Shane," he says.

"Hi Shane, pleased to meet you. My name is Abby."

"The pleasure is mine Abby," he says, his face close to mine.

I can feel my heart beat faster and my body heat rise as this handsome stranger gets closer. We have some idle chit chat, watching the people in the club as they dance and get intimately close to each other. We laugh and eye some that are practically fucking on the dance floor. The heat between us is like a fire. The closer he gets, the hotter I get.

The conversation flows between us. Chit chat about this and that, the people in the club, the music. He is easy to talk to and we are instantly comfortable chatting.

Through the night both of our friends come and go, chatting to us. My girlfriend giving him the once over, his buddy doing the same to me, leaning in and making some sort of remark to Shane. I just laugh knowing it is probably some rude, sexist comment. Shane brushes him away, laughing.

As the club gets busier we are pressed closer together. His hand brushing against me, against my back, my arm, my ass. Each light brush is like a spark on my skin, on his too I can tell. I am surprised by my desire.

A change of pace in the music has Shane asking me to dance. A slow song, so I say yes. He takes me by the hand and leads me to the floor. He wraps his arms around my waist, and I raise my hands to his chest, resting my head against him. Our bodies sway to the music as I reach my hands up to his neck and wrap them around him. He pulls me closer and nuzzles into my neck, his breath hot and moist on my sensitive skin. I play with the hair at the nape of his neck as we dance. We don't speak, we just sway, our bodies pressed tight together. Our want for each other obvious. His cock is stirring in his jeans, my tits swelling in my already tight shirt. Shane's hands trail up and down my back so lightly. Up and down, then back again. His touch ignites me. I pull him closer to me and feel his cock hard against me. I look to him and smile, his eyes smoky and intense as he smiles back. The song ends. Reluctantly I pull away as Shane takes my hand and leads me back to the bar.

As the night goes on we have a few more drinks and the heat and noise level in the club gets very high. As I finish my drink he leans in and asks if I would like to go somewhere else that is quieter. I nod. Reaching for my cell phone I quickly text my girlfriend to tell her that I am leaving but will text her when I get to where I am going. Grabbing my jacket we head for the door.

When we exit the quiet of the street is almost deafening. I look around suddenly nervous, not knowing this man I am with but so drawn to him. He comes close and puts his arm around my shoulder, sensing my nervousness.

"Don't worry Abby, I won't hurt you," he says with a sweet smile and a twinkle in his eye.

I laugh. He keeps his arm around me, lowering it to my waist. I turn and look up to him, the blood is rushing and pounding in my veins. He is so good looking and smells so great. He looks down and smiles at me.

"I have been watching you since the moment you came in the door. I haven't been able to take my eyes off of you."

"I noticed," I say, smiling up at him. He reaches down and takes my chin in his hand and softly kisses me. My body instantly ignites and responds to him. I kiss him back, softly. He smiles into our kiss and I return his smile.

His body turns to mine and his hands travel down my back and pull me in to him. Kissing me again, harder this time. I reach up and wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him closer. Kissing him back, my tongue darting into his mouth, moaning as his tongue meets mine.

Our kissing becomes hot and hungry very fast. We forget we are in the street, people, cars, buses all around us. Seeing us as we open ourselves to each other, our passion and lust taking over. Suddenly, someone walks by and bumps into us, bringing us back to our reality.

Both of us panting, we break away, and laugh a little.

Shane takes me by the hand without saying a word. I follow him and see he is looking around. Suddenly he turns and pulls me into a back alley, an alcove just to the left as we turn in.

Before I know what is happening Shane has me against the wall. His hand is on my throat and he has me pinned to the wall kissing me hard. His hands move and travel my body. Groping me, squeezing me, pulling me hard into him. I respond to him with the same need.

I pull him to me and grab his ass, pulling him in close to me. His erection erupting from his jeans I grind myself against him. Moaning he grabs my leg and wraps it around his hips, his hard on pressing into me. I respond and push to him. My body on fire, my pussy pulsing and wet inside my panties. I cannot get enough of this man.

Shane keeps me pinned to the wall as he pulls at my skirt, lifting it up, wanting access to my pussy. I moan and open my legs for him as his hand pulls my panties to the side and he grabs my pussy and squeezes it hard. I moan loud, shocked by the roughness of him. I am loving it and wanting more. He groans as his hand is met with my wetness for him. He suddenly slams a finger into my dripping pussy. I respond and kiss him harder. He groans into my kiss, so turned on by how wet I am for him.

He breaks the kiss and looks at me, his face so gorgeous, and his eyes full of lust. His second finger slams inside me, as he watches me. I bite my lip and give a little whimper. He chuckles softly and then slams a third inside me. With that I cry out. His hands are so big, his fingers so long. He quickly starts to finger fuck me hard and fast. Fuck it feels so good, hurting slightly, the pleasure mixed with pain. His grip tightens on my throat as he attacks my pussy with his hands. The noises I am making are almost unfamiliar. The heat my body is feeling taking over me, and all my inhibitions. I look down and watch as his hand assaults me. Fuck it feels so good as he finger fucks my cunt with such a ferocious need, takes my body to places I have never been. I need this man inside me. My body is at his mercy.

I reach for his zipper. His cock bulging from his tight jeans. I tug and pull them down his hips, revealing his want for me. I bite my lip and groan loud, taking him into my hand and yanking hard on him. He nuzzles into my neck and growls at my touch.

" MMMM fuck Abby," he manages to say. His breath so heavy, almost unable to speak.

I squeeze his cock so hard and hold it in my grasp. He growls again into my ear. I sense he likes it so I squeeze it harder still. Another growl, hot on my neck. I start to stroke him. Looking down I watch us, both of us pleasing each other with our hands, so fucking hot and turned on for each other. As I start to slide my hand up and down his hard wet shaft his assault on my cunt goes a step further. He is pounding his 3 fingers into me with such force I cry out. It hurts my sopping pussy but feels so good at the same time. He looks down and watches too. Looking up to me he smiles, his eyes so dark and dangerous.

With sudden and precise movements he grabs my hips and swings me around, pushing me hard to the wall. He grabs my long hair and pushes my face into it. Rubbing and grinding his cock against my ass, I push back at him, wanting him like I have never wanted anyone else. Needing to be fucked by this stranger, this man who is ravaging me, invading me, and taking me to places I have never been.

"Tell me you want me," he demands in my ear. "I want you Shane," I whisper back to him. "Louder!" he demands. I repeat myself, louder this time.

"What do you want Abby?" his words hot in my ear. His rock hard cock pressing against me, teasing me. He has slid it between my thighs. Moving his hips back and forth so his cock slides back and forth against my sopping wet puffy pussy lips. I moan so loud, squeezing my legs together, pushing my ass back against him.

"Tell me what you want Abby," he says as he pulls my hair hard, fist fulls of it in his hands. His lips on my neck.

"I want you to fuck me Shane."

The words are barely out of my mouth before he plunges his long hard cock so hard and deep inside me. I cry out into the darkness of the alley. He is ferocious and animalistic as he takes me. Fucking me hard and fast from behind. My body pinned to the wall responds and my hips thrash back to him.

His thrusts get harder and harder. I have never been fucked with such lust, fucked so hard, so fast. I have never felt the need of someone like I am feeling with Shane. I reach my hands up and wrap them around his neck. His free hand goes to my tits. squeezing them, pinching them thru my shirt.

Our passion heats up the alley. I can smell the sweetness or our sex with every long hard thrust. Shane's hands are on my tits. Grabbing them, squeezing them hard, and pinching my nipples as he moans and groans and grunts into my ear. His sounds are such a turn on. So uncontrollable, as are mine. The moans and groans, the whimpers, the grunts, the sounds are so loud between us.

His long thick rock hard cock is pounding into my tight wet cunt. Over and over he slides in and out of me. With each thrust he is deeper inside me. Each thrust harder, and then harder still. My body thrashes back to him, wanting him deeper and harder and faster. Needing him to fill my tight wet sex with his. Wanting to feel his warm cum inside me.

Shane is ravaging me. Ravaging me as I had only ever dreamt of, masturbated myself thinking of this. I know I am getting close to cumming.

"Fuck Shane I'm going to cum," I manage to say.

He growls into my neck, grabbing my tit so fucking hard and squeezing it, holding it tight and not letting it go. "Cum for me my naughty whore. Cum on my cock."

With his words, his name calling, I can't hold back. I cry out as I start to cum, my orgasm taking over me. I thrash hard onto his cock. "Oh god yes fuck me Shane. Keep going, don't stop" I cry as I cum. Cumming hard all over him, I feel the wetness between us, feel it as it runs down his cock, runs out of my sopping cunt and down my thighs. Fuck I have never cum so hard. My body is shaking.

Shane continues to savagely fuck me. His thrusts and groans are like an animal. He suddenly grabs my hair and pulls my head back, kissing me hard. His hand twists in my hair, pulling it. His other hand goes to my throat and squeezes.

"Tell me where you want me to cum Abby," he grunts.

I let out a whimper. His hand on my throat getting tighter, making it hard for me to talk.

"Cum inside me, cum in my cunt," I manage to say.

Shane slams me hard. My body presses roughly against the brick of the building. I can feel the brick scraping my skin. His hand tightens on me, as his cock fucks my tight cunt. Fucks me like he will never ever again fuck another pussy.

With one last feral plunge into my wetness I feel his hot thick cum explode from his throbbing cock. I moan and attempt to say something, but unable as
he chokes me hard. His grunts and groans are so fucking loud as he fills me. Fuck I love how he sounds. His moans, groans and growls all for me.

His orgasm and his cum seems to last forever. He has filled my already sopping dripping cunt with his sweet cum. As his thrusts become slower, gentler I push my ass to him. Squeezing myself tight around him. Keeping him inside me. Not wanting to let him go.

As we both come down from the intensity of our fucking, he releases my hair and my throat, wrapping his arms around my waist. He purrs into my ear, kissing me softly on the neck. 

" Mmmmm Ms Abby that was fantastic," he murmurs to me.

"Yes it was Mr Shane, " I whisper, leaning back onto his chest as we both catch our breath.

He pulls out of me, and turns me around. Very softly he reaches down and kisses me, smiling and moaning softly into my mouth. I am in awe of this stranger. So soft and sweet and sensual. Yet, so ferocious.

We both put ourselves back together. My pussy is dripping with the sweet mixture of our cum. I am afraid my panties will not be enough to hold it until I can get cleaned up.

Smiling, Shane takes my hand and we head out of the alley. I am not sure where he is taking me now, but I know I will follow him anywhere he wants me to go.
  *This story is dedicated to a special friend of mine. He is my go to guy when I am having a bad day, when I need to vent, when I need to laugh, or when I just want to talk. He is my confidante, my trusted adviser, and my lover. But most importantly, he is my friend. This is for you my Funguy. Thanks for all you do. xoxo*
*Also a special thank you to Don for assisting me with the editing. *
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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