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The Art of Lust

My first real attempt at smut! About an art student lusting after a nude model.
Life Drawing Class had somehow turned out slightly different than how she imagined. While she expected nudity she never expected a model so devastatingly beautiful. His skin was a dark olive, lips tantalizingly full, hair dark and cut short, eyes a matching dark molten brown laced with thick lashes. His shoulders were broad and his skin smoothed over a campus of well toned muscles. It didn't hurt that he had a generous amount of scruff either. His entire being had her nipples instantly bud against her bra. She forced back a shudder as their sensitive tips scratched her clothing.

He sat modestly on the platform placed purposely in the center of a crowd of easels and stools. He hid his most private region with a leg curled up to his chest, one hand lay leisurely over his lap as the other rested over his knee. He was perfection - a marble sculpture from Greece turned to living, breathing life. Leela hardly noticed the professor's instructions to turn to a fresh page in their sketch pads while gesturing for the model to change poses.

Leela only just realized she hadn't sketched anything - nothing so much as a mark despite the thin piece of vine charcoal held in her fingers the entire time. Did she really openly gawk at the man for 15 minutes? She blinked, tearing herself from her revere with a blush. Thankfully he didn't face her completely.

He stood up and shifted, his back completely to her. His shoulders were well built, a few freckles spotted his lower back. Stretching briefly he then tucked his knees up against his chest and wrapped his strong arms around his shins and hid his face into his chest. The pose only gave her his back to work with. The sensual plane of muscles bunched and twitched beneath his skin. He was so beautiful.

The teacher announced the beginning of the next 15 minutes. Slowly, like a rusted machine, she began. Every so often her brain stuttered as it tried to take in every detail. Eventually her hand moved smoothly enough as she found her muse. Shamelessly her eyes roamed the curve between his neck and shoulder, her fingers working the charcoal. She defined the lines of his shoulders more than anything, blending in his muscles. His waist tapered down, her sketch lines softer. Next, his freckles, and then eventually a quick gesture of his messy hair.


He changed poses. This time facing her directly. A deep blush colored her cheeks as the heat of her infatuation spread down between her legs. It took everything to just bite her bottom lip and not moan. A man never had such a direct affect on her. The bare intensity of her stare resumed, her green eyes openly grazing over the handsome panes of his face, hidden behind the stubble.

Her fingers trembled as she imagined his scruff nuzzling her neck, his chest pressed against the fullness of hers. She had to set her charcoal down and grip the fabric of her skirt. Inhaling sharply she turned to the clock - another hour and an half to endure. Squirming in her seat she was amazed to discover a slippery wetness pooling between her thighs. She looked down in shameful horror. What kind of pervert was she becoming?

Looking up she found him staring at her, his brown eyes melting over her as he took notice of her troubled expression. A knowing smile tugged at his sinful lips.

It was going to be a long semester if this man was going to be a frequent model for the class. A part of her desperately wished that false but a more prevalent sexual part of her hoped direly it was true. All she could do was try to focus on actual drawing on her paper rather than slipping into daydreams of her drawing shapes on his chest with the tip of her tongue.

His smile broadened and something about it told her she didn't do well in hiding her lust. Sheepishly she hid behind the expanse of her sketch pad. She hoped all the other models were either female or at the very least appalling - if not she might find herself turning in less than half of the sketches required each class period.

Yet if she failed, she impishly thought she wouldn't mind suffering another semester of the course.


A few weeks into the semester, Leela found herself thinking of the model outside of class. She learned his name was Damon. He was the most frequent male model, joining their class nearly two classes of the week out of three. He was funny, despite how little he spoke. Between poses he made cracks with the teacher while stretching his muscles. He never spoke directly to her but he seemed to make it a point to face her directly at least once during the class. At least that's what she tried to tell herself.

Sometimes he stared at her for the entire 15 minute pose. His smile frequently tugging at his lips, and other times he seemed to gaze at her with a matching intensity that never failed to bring a deep flush to her cheeks.

One night back in her dorm, after a shower she stripped the towel from her and took a long look at her in the mirror. She wasn't fit or thin but shapely with generous hips and a full rack. Her tummy was a bit pudgy and her arms jiggled if she shook them. Her jeans were a size 15 rather than the ideal 5. A grimace etched across her lips as she groped her sides and belly. Damon didn't have excess pudge and she doubted he'd appreciate a woman with as much as she had. At least she had a nice face. Plump lips below a button nose and startling green eyes. While his skin was a bronzing olive her's was as creamy as milk. She wondered if he preferred women of color. Did he like brown eyes over green? Maybe blonde over her deep red wavy mane?She would never know.

Cupping her heavy breasts she imagined it was his hands. Smoothing one hand down her side she imagined it was one of his. Leela fantasized her thumb was his as she flicked it over a pink nipple. But she couldn't imagine him finding her sexually appealing and dropped her hands to her sides and decided to dress for bed.


It was one night after classes had ended for the day that she was proven wrong unexpectedly. Damon had not modeled for her class, much to her dismay for the last two weeks. His absence bothered her. As the rest of the class packed up and left she still sat on her stool, charcoal pinched between her fingers. She didn't realize how long she had sat as she stared at a clean blank page. Leela imagined Damon stretched out lewdly on the platform - posing only for her.

Her eyes closed as his image burned into the inside of her eyelids. His strong body leaning back onto his elbows. Veins webbed across his forearms and his thick thighs dangled off the edge while his cock stood up at attention - throbbing, thick, and impressively large. Biting down on her bottom lip she let out the slightest whimper. That familiar heat returned as she grew wet. Her green eyes flickered open and her expression fell at the empty platform. While he wasn't there she could imagine him perfectly posed. Leaning forward she raised her charcoal to her paper and began to sketch him just as she had imagined - throbbing dick and all.

Suddenly a deep voice broke the silence, "Sorry, uh... is uh..."

Leela whirled around, quickly reaching to close her sketch pad. Damon stood at the door, his words lingering in the air as he seemed to forget what he intended to say. His eyes glanced behind her at the sketch pad. She pleaded in her head, hoping he hadn't seen her sketch, or worse actually recognize the subject.

"I know you, why are you still here?" He spoke, finding his voice as his lips tugged up into a smirk. His brown eyes peered around the empty room.

"Yeah, um, I was just leaving!" Her voice shook as she diverted her gaze. He was wearing a well fitted pair of jeans, a blue t-shirt and brown leather jacket - he looked just as tantalizing clothed. Her hands fumbled to put her charcoal back into her tool set before tucking her pad under her arm. She rushed toward the door, her body vibrating at his meere presence. He moved to let her pass just as she stepped around, only to block her by accident. They shuffled to the other side, him chuckling as he reached a hand to grip the door frame only to fumble passed it and flip the light switch and they both were suddenly left in darkness. He was close to her. She could even feel the warmth of his body.

Her pad slipped from her arm and scattered onto the floor. Leela didn't bother to pick it up and instead found her eyes slowly grazing up his chest before falling upon his face. It was dark and she could just barely make out his face in the shadows. Only inches from her, she found her body leaning forward. Neither spoke as he leaned forward too - it was then when she realized just how tall he was as he hunched over.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to turn the lights off," He spoke in a low voice, a joking tone hanging on every word - she doubted he was sorry.

His lips were so close to hers, his breath tickling her nose. Leela couldn't speak as the closeness of his body produced a coiling sexual tension inside her. His head tilted toward the floor and her eyes followed.

To her horror her sketch pad had opened, displaying the sketch of him with his cock erect. She had even drawn veins . Humiliation seized her gut and a deep scarlet painted her cheeks, spreading down to her throat. She moved to pick it up when he unexpectedly grabbed her hand. He didn't grasp it roughly, only firm as he brought it to his lips.

She faced him, stunned and frozen. Her heart raced and thudded - deafening in her ears as the sensation of his lips tickled her finger tips and sent delicious waves of pleasure throughout her body to her most private region.

He knew her desire and moved his other arm around her hip and boldly shoved her back against the wall, "Do you want to see what it really looks like?" He questioned, his head bending down to press his lips into her neck. His scruff scratched her sensitive neck eliciting a shocked gasp from her lips, "I know you do. You look at me during your class like you want it right then and there. You look at me like you'd do anything to touch it."

He was right. He spoke of her lust in a raspy demanding tone as his palms smoothed down her sides and around to cup her ass cheeks. When he squeezed she found her leg hooking around his hip and her hands slid beneath the thick leather jacked.

Leela couldn't speak as his teeth nibbled on her ear, "Don't be shy. I want you too. Posing naked with your hot stares takes so much effort for me to tame my hard on."

She whimpered as he spoke into her ear and she too eventually found her

voice, "You're right...I-I don't know what I was thinking drawing yo-your cock like that," She she inhaled, "I guess I was just curious what it would feel like hard..."

"Like this." He suddenly lifted her up, pressing her securely against the wall. His hands pushed her skirt up, bunching the fabric around her hips as he thrust his bulging groin between her thighs. His erection was hard, thick, and his size was noticeably large. A moan seeped from her parted lips as her pussy grew even wetter.

He could tell as he rotated his hips, drawing her sweetness from her as his breathing grew heavy in her ear. Overwhelmed, she found her lust breaking free and taking control. Her hands gripped his jacket and pushed it off. It fell to the ground beside her sketch pad. His hands slid beneath her thin top, his palms taking her heavy breasts and pushing them together, "Your tits," he grunted as his pelvis mashed against her sensitive clit, "They're so perfect." She thrust her hips in unison with his, squirming as she felt an orgasm begin to build as she felt the rough denim brush against her little nub - her panties might as well have not been on.

He pushed her top up and unhooked her bra with expert fingers. Her breasts slipped free from her bra cups, now exposed with her pink nipples taut and perky from his attentions. He played with her mounds and brought one nipple between his teeth, tugging and releasing. He flicked his tongue ad suckled, bruising the pink flesh with his teeth. Coupled with his erection pressing into her clit it drew out her orgasm till each nerve in her body broke and shattered. Her pussy walls groped for what it was missing as she shuddered against his strong hold.

He reached down and pressed his thumb against the side of her sensitive clit, rubbing in slow agonizing circles. Leela mewled into his arms, arching herself into his touch. How was this happening? She wondered through foggy thoughts and pushed against him. He backed off, letting her slump against the wall. Her knees shook and her skin felt like it was on fire. Lifting her gaze she gave a hungry glance down to his groin.

"What's that look for?"

"Oh nothing!" Her lips curved impishly as she pushed herself off the wall and placed a hand on his chest and directed him to the platform. He sunk down and leaned back onto his elbows as she lowered herself onto her knees and unzipped his jeans, his erection pressed against his briefs and he inhaled sharply, watching her hands rub him firmly through the thin barrier of clothing. Leaning back and hooking her hands into his jeans she tugged, pulling not just his pants but his briefs down to his ankles. She forgot about shoes but he had already began unlacing and kicking them off before stripping himself of his clothes.

His cock sprang up, twitching and throbbing as she began to touch him with a tentative hand. His chest heaved with his heavy breathing and grunted as she cupped his balls. His eyes bore down on her and he took in the view of her breasts swaying. A bead of precum gathered at his tip and dribbled down his shaft. She immediately licked it up, the tip of her tongue tracing upward then swirling around his sensitive dick-head. She sucked and he tangled his fingers into her hair and tugged. She responded by taking him into her mouth, tongue pressing against the underside of his throbbing cock and moaned. Encouraged, he tugged more, pulling her closer by the roots of her hair. His hips began to thrust, fucking her mouth as her tongue and lips suckled his bell end while her hands massaged his base and ball sack. She could sense he was close as his balls tightened and his grip on her hair grew vice-like, causing her to draw another deep moan from the back of her throat.

"Unngh! Fuck, yeah!" He grunted as his hot seed spilled into her mouth. She swallowed generously and suckled his tip while rubbing his balls as his load spurted onto her tongue. He didn't waste much time before he tugged her up by the hair and kissed her open mouth eager mouth. Their tongues clashed - hot and needy. He rolled her into her back, his hands sliding down her inner thighs as he nudged them apart. They complied, exposing her damp panties. Hooking his fingers under the elastic band, he pulled them down to her knees. Fully exposed below the waist she couldn't help but blush. Her supple buttom bigger than what he could grab in both of his hands, but he seemed to love it as he groped them before spanking each cheek. She moaned as the sting seeped up into her aching pussy.

"Ungh, please fuck me!" He boldly pleaded and lifted her hips for him. Kicking her panties off she spread her legs completely, giving him a perfect view of her wet pussy lips.

"How can I say no to that?" He growled, "But first..." He beckoned her to sit up, and she did, "Everything, off." She did as he commanded, stripping her shirt off along with her bra. He helped her with her skirt, pulling it down and dropping it to the floor.

He dipped down, pulling her legs over his shoulders as he began assaulting her clit with his tongue. Her dragged the tip up her slit, tasting and savoring her sweetness. Moaning she arching and rocked herself into his mouth and reached down to grip his hair in her hands.

He licked her, worked his tongue in rhythmic circles against clit while slipping two thick fingers inside. She squirmed even more, her toes curling as he finger fucked her leisurely while suckling on her little nub till the pleasure coiled tightly and then shattered. Her nails bit into his scalp as she arched and rode out her orgasm. His tongue only relented once her orgasm came to a rest. He groaned against her dripping cunt and nipped one of her nether lips affectionately.

"Oh, that was nice...that was..." She could hardly form the words as he crawled over her, his arms gripping her thighs and tugged her hips against him. His dick had hardened and slid along her pussy lips, his dick head nudging her clit. Then suddenly he gripped her hips and flipped her over.

She pressed her cheek against the platform while her assed stuck upward, her pussy red and swollen. He fisted a handful of her hair and eased his cock just barely inside her. She cooed as he stretched we inner walls, rotating her hips backward, trying to pull him deeper inside her. With one of his hands in her hair and the other braced on her hips he jammed his entire length into her.

She heard him grunt as her tightness enveloped him completely while she moaned loudly, her body recoiling from his thrust. He settled himself inside her then pulled back. Then he thrust back in. His pace quickly became ruthless as he penetrated her, his hand gripping her thick ass and spanking it.

He thrust harder then spanked each cheek. He groped, fondled and dug himself inside her. His spanks caused her butt cheeks to turn a angry shade of red. He pulled her up by the hair, grunting as she bounced onto his cock and arched her back, accentuating her curves. Her heavy breasts bounced and he brought a hand around seize one soft mound. Pulling her hair he exposed her delectable neck and bit. A gurgled moan loudly fell from her lips

"Ungh... Mmngh... Ah!" She moaned and whimpered as her third orgasm broke through. The intensity sent her reeling. Damon did no relent as he felt her pussy walls milk his swollen cock. He could feel her hips smack down on him, his balls clapping against her sore bottom. He thrust upward, deeper and deeper...

And then he exploded, a low grunt leaving his lips as his load filled her. Both of his hands reached down, gripping her soft thighs and pulling her against him while pressing his fingers against her clit.

She sagged against him, her breasts quivering as her chest heaved. He eased her down onto the platform, his strong arm holding her against him he laid on his side, his dick gradually going flaccid and slipping out of her, shiny with their mixed juices. He nuzzled into her hair and groaned.

"Never would have expected that." Leela croaked, her hips sore as she wriggled them back into his groin, seeking the intimate touch of him pressed against her bottom.

"Never." He replied, his lips finding her ear, "Mm, so what is your name?"

They both laughed.

"My name is Leela."

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