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The Assistant

Tags: boss, employee
'He's perfect" I think as I watch him walk by;and he is, perfection. From his shoulder length, dark hair, to his beautiful brown eyes. His handsome face, his lovely hands. I wonder what it would be like to feel those hands touching me, to feel his lips kiss me all over. I shiver a little and feel a twinge between my thighs, from seeing him, from thinking about him. My name is Alexis and I'll call him Mr. Perfection. I am one of the few assistants that he has, but I'd rather do much more than just bring him his coffee. He is a nice guy, but he thinks of me as nothing more than his employee and friend and I wish I were far more. He has no idea what his smiles to do me. He has no idea what its like for me to watch him in front of the movie camera, to watch him and his leading lady share a kiss or even more, though it is acting. It just sends me nearly off the edge. I watch him as he does the love scene to perfection. The way he touches her, the way he kisses her and it makes me have to look away as I feel myself throb below. Finally I cannot watch any more, I have to relieve the fire burning inside me from wanting him. There is a break in the filming as I start to turn away and his eyes briefly lock with mine. I wonder if he can tell what he's doing to me. I bite my lip and hurry off.

I stop and catch my breath and lean against the wall in an empty room just beyond the set, right off from where the dressing rooms are. The room is semi-dark but I cannot wait any longer.My thoughts drift to him again and I imagine that he's kissing me. I close my eyes, my tongue flicking out to lick my lips. I imagine his hands coming into play as my hand slips inside my shirt to caress and stroke my nipples. I whimper softly and bite my lip. My other hand slips under my skirt and into my panties. I am soaked, so wet for him that I cannot resist touching. My fingers start to caress my hard, burning clit and I gasp his name and then moan. I start to finger myself, imagining its him thats there, filling me up. I writhe against the wall, panting and whimpering.

He walks off the set for a long break until his next scene and heads for his dressing room. As he walks, he passes by a room where the door is slightly ajar and hears a soft moan. Curious, he peeked around the door and raised his eyebrows in surprise when he saw what was going on. His assistant, lovely little Alexis, pleasuring herself as if no one could walk in and see her. His eyes stay glued to her, watching her please herself, her head thrown back against the wall, her mouth open in a moan and her fingers moving quickly between her thighs. He feels himself harden as he watches her and then the moan of his name as she was in the throes of an intense orgasm, because of him, makes him lose it completely. He moves closer, quietly and whispers,"Alexis"

As I come back down from my intense orgasm, I hear a voice, HIS voice, saying my name. I want him so much that I've conjured it up, I think; until I open my eyes and look right into his intense dark ones. They are full of heat and smokey with lust. His name comes from my lips in a soft cry and he pulls me to him... "Why didn't you tell me?" His lips are barely an inch from mine. I start to speak, but nothing will come out. "Shhh,it doesn't matter, I know now" he whispers with a grin and then captures my mouth in a slow, hot kiss. I whimper and press myself closer to him as he wraps his arms around me to pull me tight against him, as he backs me towards the wall. Our tongues tangle wildly as he takes my hands, fingers interlaced with his and holds them to the wall on either side of my head. I whimper again, and his body comes in contact with mine and I feel his arousal against me and he presses it to me. We kiss passionately, so hotly that both of us begin to pant and his hand delves between my thighs, fingers exploring and my hips arch towards them.

"You're so wet, Alexis; you want me so much!" he says urgently against my lips as his fingers begin to stroke over my sensitized folds and over my clit, still so sensitive from my orgasm. I moan "Oh god" and I wantonly rock my hips against his hand. Suddenly, he stops and fixes my clothes so I am covered,"Come on, we need to be somewhere private"

He takes my hand and looks out of the door first to make sure no one's watching and then leads me out of the room and two doors down to his dressing room, quickly pulling me in with him and shutting the door. He turns to me and I suddenly feel nervous, despite wanting this and him. His hands cup my face and he captures my lips again, and catches me when he feels me starting to weaken against him. He slowly undresses me, slips off my blouse first, then my bra. His hands stroke and rub my breasts, finger playing over my nipples. I cry and arch into his hands, oh they feel so good and then I moan when I feel his mouth close over my taut nipple. "Oh god ohhhh god" I moan, my hands going into his hair as he goes from one breast to the other, licking and suckling. His mouth is so hot and I feel as if I might come just from his expert mouth on my sensitive nipples. His hands move to slide down my skirt and then my panties and I frantically begin to undo his shirt."Shhh, Alexis, take your time, we have awhile to be together" Is that last word that makes me moan and slide his shirt back and then I back off a little. "Shh, no, here, touch me. I know you want to" He whispers.

I run my hands down his chest as my mouth finds his neck to kiss and lightly suck . His head goes back, his eyes closed and he licks his lips as his hands touch me as I touch him. I find myself sinking to my knees to unbutton his jeans and push them down so he can step out of them and gasp when his thick, hard cock springs into my face. I can't resist and flick my tongue over the head and moan. I've got to taste him. I have thought of doing just this. I slowly push him past my lips, my mouth tight around him and go down slowly, so he can feel everything. My tongue plays along him and I stroke his thighs. "uuuhhnnn! " He grunts lustily, hand in my hair as I begin to suck him with wild abandon. He hisses and groans as his hips thrust slowly against my face and I moan in pleasure because I am pleasing HIM. "Alexis! Ahhhhh! Gonna make me come!" He says throatily and I moan in response, sucking him harder. Finally he curses helplessly and spills into my mouth as I continue to suck, swallowing every last drop.

He pulls me to my feet, kisses me hard and softly growls against my mouth "It's my turn now, Alexis" I moan in anticipation as he lays me back on the huge,wide, soft couch and then lays beside me on his side and slowly runs a hand down my body "I've always thought you were pretty, Alexis, but I was wrong, you're beautiful" He says softly and then begins to kiss me again. And so begins the hot trail of his mouth down my body. His mouth, hot and wet on my neck makes me moan and arch into him. Hot on my breasts where he stops to suck them again, this time more thoroughly and I arch and moan, my head thrashing and I writhe under him. Hot is his tongue and lips as he licks and sucks his way down my body to finally end in soft kisses and licks on my thighs and then I feel his breath ghost over my soaked pussy and I whimper"Please" He doesn't hesitate. His tongue invades my hot cunt and I almost scream as my hips jerk up. He goes wild on me, licking fast, then slow, then easy, then hard until I am just thrashing under him and moaning incoherently. When his lips wrap around my clit to suck, he slides two fingers in, pumping hard. I shudder and come almost immediately, bathing his mouth. By now he's rock hard again from my reactions to him and moves to cover my body almost frantically. He looks down at me "I never knew you wanted me so much, damn Alexis, oh god" he whispers and enters me slowly so that I can feel every inch sliding into me "Yes,oh yes" I moan, as my legs wrap around him.

He thrusts slowly at first, but then harder when my mouth goes wild on him, kissing and licking his neck and chest, moaning, begging him not to stop, telling him how good he feels, as I move my hips with his. We rock together harder, faster until I feel myself starting to spasm and he hisses. "God, Alexis, unnnnnnnhhhhhh!" as we come together. His mouth crashes into mine and we kiss through it, savoring it, until we slow to a stop, panting. He pulls me, exhausted and sated into his arms and kisses my forehead as I drift off to sleep on his chest.

"Alexis! Alexis!" I hear my name and slowly open my eyes. It is my co-worker, shaking me awake where I've fallen asleep at my desk during a break. I look around curiously, disoriented and then smile when I see him walk through the door. Sometimes, dreams do come true and maybe that one will!
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