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The Back Road

A story of two youthful teens taking advantage of a long drive home

The truck whined as I downshifted from fourth gear; smoothly working the clutch in time with the shifter. I listened to the engine as that summer mountain breeze came in from the window. That black, single cab Chevy pickup was the dream of any young man. Except for the other dream every young man has that just so happened to be sitting right next to me in the cab of that truck. It had only been a month since I had fallen victim to those subtle seductions placed so carefully in my life. She was so crafty in her methods of quiet, unrelenting pursuit.

Now, turning down the deserted road leading to her house I smiled at the thought of our freshly kindled love. As soon as I downshifted into the turn she said: "Ooooh! My favorite road!"

I caught her in my eye moving towards me with that devilish grin on her sun-kissed face. Her bright, blonde hair bouncing freely as her hands began their assault on my ticklish ribcage. I immediately tensed, trying to stay on the road while she giggled and tickled me harder. I clenched the laugh forcibly coming out of my mouth and tried to work the clutch and brake, driving with my left hand and fighting her with my right I pulled towards the side of the road. Her small hands continued their torment of my body, fits of giggles overwhelming her as I coasted the pickup to a somewhat jerky stop. I couldn't help but get heated while watching her sleek, sexy arms and her hips wrapped in those jeans that fit so well. She was something out of every country song you've ever heard which really irked me since my workplace had demolished my affinity for the genre by playing the same songs over and over.

Her youthful eighteen-year-old glow radiated around her as I tried to fight off the tickling but not really fighting it at all. As much as I hated her tickling I loved it at the same damn time. I looked into those deep, blue eyes and decided enough was enough. I grabbed both of her hands and moved her back against the seat, pinning her arms above her head. That mischievous smirk never left her face as she purred:

"Oooh taking control huh? I like it!"

Honey practically dripped from her lips. I seized her hands with my right while she struggled to get free. My left hand moved over her body, feeling it writhe underneath my touch. I gently started rubbing her through her jeans and her head went back as her eyes half closed

"No....faiiiiir..." she gasped from under my touch.

"Revenge is sweet," I growled in her ear while softly sucking on her neck.

She smiled, wiggling beneath my touch. Her quiet moans converged with the sound of my kisses making it feel hotter than it is. Her playful tugs of resistance waned under my new offensive. After she stopped resisting all together I cease all my actions. Her eyes snap open to look at me above her.

"Why did you stop?!" She demands, a slight scowl furrowing her brow.

A half-smile formed on my face. I moved quickly down to her lips and take them in this moment of passion. My fingers worked furiously on the jeans trapping her womanhood. She purred into my mouth, adjusting her hips to slide the jeans away from her body. I broke the embrace, pulling her jeans down and off of her, then running my hands from her ankles her smooth legs, tanned from the sun, toned from years of running in the mountain air, up her wonderful thighs to her perfect hips. She swayed them gently underneath my touch.

Slowly my hands crept up under her shirt, tracing above her mound towards her pierced navel. I pulled her shirt up and over her. The pink bra matched her pink panties where a small wet spot was growing larger. I started kissing her again, willing my hands up and down her pussy. She gasped again when I sucked harder on her neck, nibbling her ear just a little. Her breasts heaved, pushing against my defined chest wrapped in that black T-shirt she loved.

Her hands were on the window as I unclasped her bra then slid it off of her, still locked in a sweet embrace with her lips. I massaged her naked breasts before breaking the kiss to suck her nipple. She sighed, long and slow, relishing the touch of her lover. My hands worked their way down to her panties. I massaged her entrance through them. She desperately pressed her hips to my fingers, wanting them so desperately inside of her. Her panties slid down slightly by my hand. Slow circles to her clit caused a quiver to run up her body.

Watching her expression was surreal. How could I be so lucky to have such a gorgeous girl in my truck right now? Warmth spread through my body as a surge of affection and passion coursed through my veins. Soon lust overcame all and I got down to business. I carefully Inserted two fingers in her warmth and curled them up towards that spot of hers, rubbing it steadily, faster and faster. Her breaths came in short gasps. She arched her back, silhouetting her breasts in the darkness.

"Huuooohhhmmm", she moaned, smiling in the after glow of sexual bliss.

Her eyes opened. I kissed her slowly. She came down from the high, rocking and swaying, touching and caressing. I pulled away, looking her in the eyes. She bit her lip, eyeing my chest. She tugged slightly at my shirt. I lifted it off of me and she ran her hands over the raw, naked flesh. Heating up again I fumbled with the button on my jeans, her amused giggling playing across my eardrums.

I looked at her with a power I didn't usually show. Speed and agility from so much time on the rock got rid of the rest of my clothes in nanoseconds. The giggling stopped as soon as my mouth lapped at her vagina. Her smile faded, replaced by that unmistakable face of pleasure. Immersing her in the moment she lost herself and didn't notice I had stopped my licking until my manhood penetrated her womanhood. She arched her back, gasping while I held myself in her, my eyes going fuzzy, my mouth open, basking in the sexual glow. Slowly I pistoned my hips, building rhythm as I went until I had a good steady pace.

I fucked her; rocking in and out in and out feeling her walls friction against my cock. Soon the pressure became unbearable. I drove into her harder and harder, ever closer to that desperate release. As I felt it start my brain switched on and instead of stopping I continued even harder, my explosion sending waves of pleasure through my body as I came in her. She yelped and then let out one solid moan as my eyes drifted past her calves to her curling toes. I started slowing down as my cock went flaccid still inside her. I leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips, both of us breathing heavily. I pulled back and smiled at her as she smiled back. In the post-sex euphoria I couldn't help but think of all the other things I wanted to do to her in that single cab truck on that back road.

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