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The Bad Boy Club

The only punishment for a bad boy is to whip them.
He gently pulled her closer to him and began stroking her hair. Ever since the affair, oddly enough, they had gotten even closer to each other. The only problem was wanting to forget all about it, but that seemed nearly impossible. Each of her friends told her to leave him after what he had done, but how could she? The sex, oh the sex, was unbearable, incredible, purely astonishing. Although, every time they had sex, she thought of the other woman.

"I'm sorry to keep bringing this up but, what exactly did you do with the other woman? How many times did you have sex? Was I not good enough? I know keep asking it's just that it kills me to think that what I have was once shared and who knows, it still could be without me knowing? I just want to be sure that it's over between you two and that I can move on."

"Don't be sorry, it was my fault. I understand your questions, but I can assure you that there is not longer a need for worry. My only thought is about you. And tonight, well, my thoughts are about me and you in my bed."

She blushed slightly and let him lead her to the bedroom. She'd only been here, what, an hour? Already he was making her crazy with anticipation and helping her panties to become increasingly wet.They continued to kiss and touch each other and become closer, as if that were possible. Any closer and he'd be inside her...which was yet to come. They frantically started to undress each other, leaving only her noticeable lingerie on. He had know idea she was expecting this tonight. It made him a little sad to see she knew it would happen, but he couldn't help but feel excited by the way the lingerie perfectly framed her voluptuous body.

"You're kinkier than I expected," he said with a sly smile creeping upon his face.

Their lips touched again and his penis became erect just thinking about what he's going to do to her. She laid herself onto the bed and pulled him on top of her. She slowly inserted his penis into her wet vagina and moaned a little as it made itself in. She finally got him right where she wanted him, but not far enough. After continuing to moan and thrust for a while, he began to get faster and didn't want to stop. She teased him by stopping him and pushed him onto the bed.

"You thought that was it now, didn't you? Well, looks like I'm even kinkier than you expected. Since you've been so bad, how about we fix that with a little raw punishment?"

He smiled oddly as he said, "Your sex is still better than the mistress."

She bit her lip and began tying him to the bed with her removed lingerie. Afterward she bent to his penis and began sucking him as he helped hold up her hair and made her deep throat. Once done with his salivated-on penis, her next task was to ride him. She crawled toward him sexily, only making him want her even more. His penis went into her tight vagina and she started to ride it slowly. Up and down, he watched her move with his eyes, looking at every inch of her body. He loved this woman and he knew it now. He wasn't sure back then, but he was definitely sure now. 

"Oh baby, stick your cock into me so hard. Please, now," she moaned.
His penis rammed into her and caused her to scream into the night. He was pleased that he had the ability to do that. He wanted more, but something was missing. He had realized what it was. He told her to turn around so he could stick it in her ass. She did as told and enjoyed it even more than before. 

"I'm about to cum, baby. Go as fast as you can into my tight ass," she screamed as she was nearing her climax.

He went super fast and started to feel like his climax was nearing too. She screamed his name at the top of her lungs and he came inside her. She could feel his cum and liked it. She fingered her ass, getting the last of the cum out.

"Now tell me. . . she couldn't have done that, could she?," she asked before licking her finger with his cum all over it.

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