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The balcony

She takes his arm away from around her; he remains asleep as she stands. She wraps a gown around her and walks out to the balcony. She sits there in the chair facing the out to the world. She just sits there for a little looking out at the view and thinking of him. Thinking of everything they have just shared. She sighs a little while reminiscing. Suddenly she hears a stir in the room and see’s him come out to her. He has a blanket in his hand and he wraps it around her.

“Did I wake you” she asks softly.

He shakes his head and leans in to kiss her. He takes a seat in the chair next to her and stares at her awhile. She smiles, stands and sits on his lap, reaching around and places his hands around her.   She snuggles into him a little more as his arms stroke the length of her arms. Her head is just under his and the back of her against his chest.   She turns a little so that she is sideways on his lap. Her ear now against his chest and her arms around him. His arms never stopped embracing her. She can hear his heat beat and his softest sighs. She looks up at him, her eyes so close to his, just gazing. She tilts her head back ever so slightly and feels him cusp her head in his hand, He leans down and their lips meet.

One of his hands stays on her face gently caressing with his thumb as he holds her head to his. His other hand grazes down her body, down her side and lands on her thigh; He caresses her thigh as they kiss.

Their kiss so full of passion but yet so very tender, she utters the smallest sigh. She pulls away from the kiss after awhile and she looks at him. She now turns so that she is facing him, still on his lap. She wraps her legs around his side and she places her hands around his neck. She caresses the back of his neck and into his hair as she leans in and kisses him again. Her lips touch his and she separates his lips with her tongue slowly slipping it into his mouth searching for his. Her hands never stop caressing. His hands on her back now, Stroking up and down. Such tender touches between the two as they kiss.

There is no real light around them only the moon shining, the night is still and quiet and when they are together like this it almost feels like the world stops for a moment or two.   She moves her hands down his back stroking lightly, up and down over and over. Her kisses become a little smaller, quicker. She moves her head as they kiss so his kisses land on her neck. Her mouth so close to his ear she sighs in a soft whisper, arching her back to show how she is enjoying what he is doing.

The blanket he had put around her dropped awhile ago and she sits there in just her robe that has since come undone. Her naked body underneath showing. He stops kissing her and takes his hands from her back and places them on her neck. He very slowly uses the back of his hand caresses down her neck, down her chest, down her belly and to her hips. Then he does the same thing in reverse all over again. He does that a few times. Her body arching back, she is sighing louder now, the feel of his touch is amazing.

His hands on her neck again they start to kiss again, she moves in closer this time. Their bodies so close. Her chest on his, her legs around his, her lips on his.

He moves his hands to her thighs and starts stroking. The top of her thighs, the softness of her skin so apparent to him. He slips his hand to the inner of her thigh, and strokes gently. Her moans a little louder now as she stops kissing his lips and starts to kiss his neck, sighing as she feels his hands caressing her inner thighs.

It isn’t long before she feels his hand start to stroke her centre, not penetrating her in any way just stroking up and down. His touches so tender, her sighs getting louder at every action.

Her kisses on his neck are very passionate as he feels her body shiver a little with his touches. He slightly separates her lips with his finger and starts to stroke up and down her centre, feeling her wetness. Her sighs turn to moans and it isn’t long before his finger finds her clit and starts to rub. Her body squirming a little with the pleasure. She feels his hardness under her.

She stops his hand and she repositions herself so that he enters her. A rush of pleasure enters them. She moves her body slowly moving up and down. His hands on her hips helping her movements. She leans in and kisses him, So very passionately. While kissing him she moves her body a little faster. Closing her eyes in enjoyment. Her moans are very loud now and every now and then she hears a sigh from him. The kissing stops and she opens her eyes to see him staring at him, his eyes fixed on her. She leans back in and looks him in the eye moving a little faster, moaning louder. She tells him how much she loves being with him. How much he means to her. Her eyes never leaving his. His hands still on her hips. Her movements become quick now, she isn’t able to speak any more. The feeling of joy washing over her. Her body reacting to everything they are doing. She manages to catch her breath a little and leans in close to his ear.

She tells him in a soft whisper “ baby I am so close I hope you will cum with me.”

Her hips move as fast as she can guide them and his hands help her body move a little faster. She feels the feeling start to take over, she feels her body start to tingle, her centre starting to pulsate. She looks at him, looks into his eyes and she smiles at him, a soft small smile. A smile to let him know what is about to happen. His hands help her a little more and he starts to kiss her neck. She stops him from doing this. She looks at him and she tells him that she wants him to look at her. To gaze into her eyes as they climax. Her toes curl a little and she feels his body under his, she knows soon they will both climax. She knows soon that they will both feel that amazing release.  

They continue staring at each other as they climax. Her moans very loud and his sighs fill the quiet night sky. She leans in and kisses him as their bodies finish calming down.   Once they have she doesn’t get off him instead she wraps her arms around his waist and pulls herself in to him embracing him. He wraps his arms around her and they embrace for a long time. After awhile she turns around so that she has her back against his chest again looking out to the dark night sky. His arms around her tightly. Kissing her neck every once in awhile. Her arms on his, stroking up and down his arms. They stay embracing for a long time with small conversations every once in awhile.   Eventually they stand and go back into their room hand in hand. She lays on the bed and he places the blanket over her before slipping in next to her and holding her tight, they fall asleep in that tight embrace.

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