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The baybsitter

A long long time ago,

When I was still young and my sisters were even younger, the time I wanted to go out, drink beers and chase women. The time to chase women could have been better spent at home.

My kid sisters are some years younger then me. So when my parents and I would be gone there would be a babysitter. She was a lovely girl, a few years younger then me and best of all; she only lived a few houses down the road.

When I would be home earlier then my parents I would have some chat with her and pay her from the money my parents kept for this occasion. I had noticed she was sexy with her red blond hair.

Now when my parents were also gone I would try to make it home earlier to catch a glimpse of her. It would work some times, since my parents also liked to have a party. I noticed she dressed sexy in an alternative way. Always some skirt and nice tops.

One evening when I got home and she was there. When she picked up here bag ready to go home I got a peek down her cleavage, enough to get a short glimpse at her nipples. She kissed me goodnight and left for her own home.

One weekend my parents would be gone whole weekend and I would take care of my sisters together with her. She would stay at least one evening and sleep over when I had a party. That evening I got home quite late and she was already in bed.

The next morning I woke up a bit early for my late night party. I felt grumpy about it but that would be gone a few moments later. With my eyes barely open I walked down the stairs to the second floor, where the bathroom was. I heard water running and noticed the door was till a bit open. I wanted to walk in but then saw her naked in the bath. I could see her washing her breasts.

The next moment she looked straight in to my eyes and covered her breasts. We both laughed and I said sorry. She said it was ok; she should have kept the door closed. Next moment my sisters’ were running up the stairs asking for breakfast. I kept them away from the bath room. Unfortunately I could not see her pussy.

We had breakfast together and shortly after she had to go of. I went of to take a shower were I wanking my cock lubricating it with shower gel and thinking of her and her lovely breasts.

After one of the many more nights of going out I got home the same time my parents did. They paid her for the services rendered. I asked her if she wanted a drink before she went home. She agreed.
My parents were up stairs when she asked me if I liked what I saw.

I answered her positively. The question got me of a bit. She then asked if she could also see some more. Another question I could not believe I heard. I said she could see it all, is she would show me all too. She agreed

I took of my shirt. It showed in her eyes that she liked what she saw. She urged me on to take of my pants. The next moment I was standing in my shorts that were more a tent now. A smile appeared on her face and twinkling eyes.

"I would love to see what is so hard."

The next moment my shorts were on the floor with my cock standing firm. She moved closer to me and before I knew it her fingers were caressing my cock.

'"Now it is our turn," I said.

She dropped her shirt to reveal a beautifully white with red flowers bra. The tension was in the air. I could not resist touching my cock. Then she undid her bra to show her firm perky c cup breasts with light rose nipples. She pinched her nipples and it send a shiver through my hard cock.

"I bet you want to see more then you did last time," she said.

"You bet I do."

The next moment her jeans were falling down her legs. I could see her cute panties with the same pattern as her bra. She ran a finger over panties. The fingers of both her hands went inside the panties and she slid it down her legs. My eyes were fixed on her shaved pussy, with just a bit of blond of pubic hair above.

She sat down on the couch and started to play with her pussy. I sat my self down between her legs and started kissing them, towards her pussy. With my tongue I started licking her pussy lips while she had a finger inside her pussy. My lips sucked on her pussy lips. She was moaning.

Her moaning got louder the moment my tongue licked her clit, flicking it. She took her finger out her pussy and moved so she could stroke my cock. I stuck my tongue inside her pussy to taste her wet. She tasted sweet with tingle afterwards. Something I never forgot.

I slide a finger inside her pussy to massage her inside. She was stroking my cock, but I could feel it was getting too much. I wanted to fuck her. I placed her on all fours on the couch and pushed my cock deep inside her wet pussy.

With a hard, fast rhythm I started fucking her, my hands cupping heart breasts and my fingers pinching her nipples. From my point I had a good view my cock pounding her wet pussy, my cock glistening with her wet. With all the tension and her stroking my cock before it only took a few more thrusts to shoot my hot cum inside her pussy. She moaned very loud just before I came.
We fucked many times more afterwards. My kid sisters not liking she didn’t only come for them anymore.

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