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The Beckwith Affair Chap 3

I went back to the office to find out what Maggie had for me.   I needed more pieces to the puzzle and without going to Mexico to talk to Alan, Maggie was all I had at the moment.

It was not yet 5:00 and Maggie was still at her desk typing into the computer.   Without looking up she handed me a folder.

“The list of properties you asked for,” she said.

I took the file into my office and began to look it over.   I discovered that the condo that Alan lived in was owned by Beckwith Importers.   I also discovered another warehouse that Beckey had not told me about.   I wondered why she had not mentioned it and came up with two possibilities,   either it was empty and not being used, or she didn’t want me to know about it.

“Maggie, I need you,” I said, loud enough for her to hear.

Maggie appeared at my door and stopped, waiting.

“I need you to check for a phone at this address, and if you find one, I need to see all calls made in the past couple of weeks.   You can still do that can’t you?” I asked.

Maggie raised her eyes as if to say, “you know I can, why bother to ask”.

“I should have it by mid day tomorrow at the latest,” she said, as she took the folder from me.

Now I had a reason to delay telling Beckey that I’d already found Alan.   Maybe there would be no activity at the warehouse and if so, I would probably pay Beckey a final visit to give her everything she wanted, and get everything I wanted at the same time.    This would mean I’d have to give her back part of the retainer she gave me.  

I decided to call a friend of mine, Keith Horn, a detective at the local police station.

“Keith, Bob, have you got a minute?”

“It’s late Bob, can this wait until tomorrow?”

“Maybe not, I’m on a trail and it may go cold on me,” I said.   “It might only take a few minutes.”

“Ok, what is it?”

“About a year ago a man called Randall Beckwith died from a fall from a cliff.   I was wondering if you knew anything about it or could steer me to someone who could help me.”

“Give me a minute he said,” and he put the phone down.  

About a minute later he came back on the line.

“You need to talk to Sgt. Garner,” he said, “he was the detective who worked the case.   I’ll give him a heads up and tell him you’re a friend of mine to clear the way.”  

I wrote the number down and waited 10 minutes to give Keith time to set things up.

“Sgt Garner speaking,” said a voice on the phone.

“Sgt Garner, this is Bob Eyestone, did Keith Horn tell you I was going to call?” I asked.

“Yes he did, you’re interested in the Beckwith case.   How can I help you?”

“I was wondering if there was anything about the case that you found interesting or unusual.   It might be related to another case I’m working on.”

“I don’t remember the case that well, let me go through the file and refresh myself and I’ll call you back.   What’s your number?”

I gave him my number and hung up.

An hour later he called back.

“Mr. Eyestone, there isn’t much in the file but there was one note written by the coroner.   The guy fell off the cliff into the ocean, but there was no salt water in his lungs or stomach.   His body was beat up from bouncing off the cliff walls and there was blunt trauma to his head, but the coroner doesn’t think it’s likely that he would have died from the fall before he hit the water, yet he didn’t drown.”

“So what you are saying is that he was dead before he fell, is that right?”

“No, I’m not saying anything, I’m just reading the coroners note in the file.”  


August 6 th , 9:00


The next morning I met with a new client, then went into the office.   Maggie handed me a few sheets of paper containing phone calls made from the warehouse phone.   Many of the calls had been made to either Beckey or Alan, and all of the numbers were traceable except one.   From the phone number she was able to tell that it was from Columbia, but that was all.

“Maggie, I’m going to need your help tonight, feel like earning a little over time pay?” I asked.

“Bobbie my love, you know I live for these nights,” she said, and I knew that she meant it.   She loved doing the real detective work in the field, and she happened to be very good at disarming alarm systems.   Her father had owned an alarm company before he died and she grew up in the business.   Her father challenged her to try to get around his systems, and she had taken to the challenge with relish.

When her father died her brother had taken over the business, and the relationship was not the same.   It was at that time that I met her and we dated briefly.   When she learned what I did for a living she convinced me to hire her for her skills.   I have not been sorry.   Maggie was not only an expert and disarming alarms systems, she was a black belt in karate.   It was hard to believe that someone so smart and attractive was also very deadly.

I picked Maggie up at her place at midnight and we drove to the warehouse district.   We parked a block away and walked to the warehouse, staying in shadows as much as possible.   We watched it from across the street for about 10 minutes and didn’t see any sign of a watchman.   It was quiet and we didn’t see anyone around, so we put on our gloves and approached the building from the side in shadows.   Maggie began looking for signs of an alarm.

“Well they are not using any of the main security companies, that much is clear,” she said.   She continued to walk around the building looking for an alarm system while I checked for doors with locks that could be picked.

I had found a likely choice when Maggie came up to me.

“They have an alarm system, but it’s clear they don’t want people to notice,” she said.   “It’s not a system I’ve seen before and it’s pretty sophisticated, but I can get past it.   I need about 10 minutes.”

I walked further around the building looking for other entrances, then retraced my steps until I found Maggie.   After a couple of minutes she completed disabling the alarm system and we went back to the door together.   I picked the lock and we both listened carefully when I opened it a crack.   No sound, to my relief.   Maggie was good but I was still nervous opening the door the first time.

We entered the warehouse and turned on our flashlights.  

“You look for the office and see if they keep any files on shipments,” I said.   “You know the drill.   I’m going to see if I can find anything in the warehouse.”

We went our separate ways and I began to look around.   The warehouse was not very large so it must not do a lot of volume business.   I found a few empty crates here and there stacked against the walls, but the place was mostly empty.   I stopped in the middle of the room and scratched my head, wondering what this place was used for.   In the silence I heard a sound and I focused on it.

It sounded like water splashing and it seemed to be coming from under my feet.

Then it hit me.   There were no large doors anywhere that one could drive a fork lift through.   What kind of warehouse didn’t use forklifts?

I knew the warehouse was on the channel, but apparently it was over the channel as well.   Could boats be unloading underneath the building?  

I walked the entire warehouse and didn’t find any apparent access through the floor.   As I was contemplating it I realized that there was one crate that was in the middle of the floor.   It was an odd place for it to be considering the size of it and the placement of the rest of the crates.   I walked over and tried to push it.   I could tell that it was not full, but it was a large crate and still heavy.   I pushed harder and was only able to move it a couple of inches.

I walked into the office to get Maggie’s help and she had a file open on the desk and was looking at some documents.

“What have you found, anything?” I asked.

“Well, it appears that they only import toys and only from Columbia,” she said.   “Now why would you buy toys from Columbia when you can get them so cheap from China?   Did you find any toys out there?”

“No, I have only found empty crates so far, but I need your help moving a crate.” I said.

We both went back into the warehouse and between us were slowly able to shove the crate aside. We discovered a trap door and it was pretty good size.   It had a lock that was recessed into the floor.   I got out my tools and picked the lock.   I had my talents too.

We opened the door and found a ramp leading down into the darkness.   I laid the door down on the floor and we went down the ramp to a dock underneath the warehouse.   There was a large speed boat tied to the dock.   Opposite the boat on the channel side I saw galvanized steel doors suspended on rollers from the bottom of the warehouse.

It was all beginning to make sense now.  

“Maggie, I’m betting that this speed boat leaves this dock in the middle of the night, goes outside of the harbor and meets up with a ship and picks up a load of toys and brings the load back here.”

I boarded the boat and went below deck to look around.   A couple of minutes later I came back with a doll.

“I found a few of these below,” I said.   “Let’s take it with us and get out of here.   We’ve been here long enough.”

Back at Maggie’s place I broke open the doll and found what I expected to find.   An assortment of little bags stuffed into the legs and torso and head that must have weighed around a pound altogether.   I opened one and discovered it was pure cocaine.


August 7 th , Grand Velas Resort, Puerto Vallarta


Alan sat in a patio chair facing the large Jacuzzi.   They were staying in a penthouse suite, which included the Jacuzzi, a large fire pit and a sweeping view of the beaches of Nuevo Vallarta.

Savanna stepped out of the Jacuzzi and picked up a towel.   Alan watched as she rubbed the towel over her body.   He would have offered to do that for her, but he didn’t feel like getting up.   Besides, he had rubbed that body plenty of times already, and without a towel.

Savanna dropped the towel and walked toward him.   She walked like a model, her hips swaying wildly from side to side, and her naked breasts bouncing with each step.   She sat in Alan’s lap and leaned into him, kissing him warmly on the lips.

“When are you going to take me into town like you promised?” she asked.

“How can I take you anywhere when you are always naked?

“I told you I feel more comfortable without clothes on,” she responded.

“I’m just kidding, I love looking at your naked body.   I love licking and biting your big nipples.   I love licking and sucking your pussy and your clit.”

As Alan spoke he could tell Savanna was getting turned on by his words.   She loved it when he talked dirty to her, and he loved how wet she got.

Savanna kissed him again as she began to stroke his growing manhood.  

“Damn,” he thought, “a guy could so get used to this.”

“Let’s go into the bedroom, shall we?” she suggested, a little breathlessly.

Alan lost his bathing suit on the way to the bedroom.

Lying there on the bed with Savanna felt so natural.   He wanted to make love to her, but he didn’t want it to be just sex. They kissed, and he pulled her body closer to him. She turned slightly toward him and lifted her thigh over his. He slid his hand down her back to her ass and she pressed her pussy against his thigh. He could feel the heat immediately, then quickly realized she was very wet. His desire to make this a sensual experience was struggling against his urge to plunge right into her.

He kissed her neck and her lips while their hands roamed over each other’s bodies. Their groins pushed forward, rubbing, their lust for each other clearly apparent. He slid his body down so that he could reach her nipples, but kept one hand on her ass, holding her to him, needing the feel of her heat. His lips surrounded her nipple and sucked it in while he pressed his face into her breast. As he manipulated her nipple with his tongue and lips, his hand slid down to feel her bare ass. Her back was arched, either in an effort to get her breasts closer to his mouth, or to get her pussy closer to his stomach. He didn’t care which; it was exciting him all the more. One of her hands was behind his head, pulling his face into her breast. The other hand was tracing his body from his shoulders to his ass, which she could barely reach. He wanted to take this slow, but he was losing control. She was so hot; he was really struggling to control his urge to race to the finish.

He slid down further and kissed her stomach, and then his lips continued down, tracing a path around her wet lips. He ran his tongue up one side and down the other, feeling the warmth and the wet beneath. He was teasing her now, knowing from the thrusts of her hips that she wanted to feel his tongue inside her. And he wanted the same thing, God did he want that.

He kissed her pussy, pressing his lips against her and hearing a quiet moan. Her neatly trimmed pussy was a delight to look at. Even as he looked, her hips were moving, eagerly anticipating what was to come.

He lowered his face and kissed her full on the lips, and continued kissing all around her wet mound. He slid his tongue inside with his head pointing to her left as he caressed the left side of her inner wall. He then repeated that on her right side, feeling with his tongue, getting to know her inside and out. Her hips were still moving and he could hear little moans as he touched everywhere but where she really wanted. He wondered if she could have an orgasm without him touching her clit. If she couldn’t, would it be fair to make her wait while he tried? He decided this was not the time, and he plunged his tongue inside as far as it would go, reaching up to feel the roof of her tunnel, then sliding it back to the front and up, searching for that magic little button.

And he found it; without a doubt he found it. With her fingers in his hair she pressed his face against her while an orgasm ripped through her body. He held his tongue in position until she relaxed her grip on his head, and then quickly began working for another orgasm. He sucked the folds of her pussy into his mouth while stretching his tongue inside, massaging the walls and roof as much as he could reach. She was driving her hips against his mouth and it was a challenge to keep sucking and fucking her with his tongue. He knew she was close and he flicked his tongue up and onto her clit. The orgasm was immediate, and this time he kept licking up and down and across her clit, trying to maintain and if possible increase her orgasm, hoping for maximum intensity. He had no way of knowing if he was giving her the best orgasm she had ever had, but it was good, the loudness of her pleasure making that clear.

Now Savanna would be in a kissing mood, knowing that Alan had her juice all over his chin.   Alan moved up and sucked a large nipple into his mouth.   Savanna had the biggest, fattest nipples he had ever seen.   When she wore a sexy dress with no bra and her nipples got hard, every guy around would be unable to stop staring at her chest.   Alan especially enjoyed walking into a room, having the guys ogle Savanna while their women got angry.

Alan moved up and began kissing Savanna on the mouth.   She licked his lips and his chin and then kissed him passionately.

She saw his face in front of her eyes and she tried to say thank you, but her voice was hoarse. They smiled at each other and she reached her hands up to his face to pull him towards her and when he kissed her, she felt even more light-headed. She hadn’t been kissed like that in so long, with such passion and tenderness all rolled into one. Wow! A girl could get to like that a lot

She really wanted to give him as much pleasure as he’d just given her.   She rolled him over and sank down on to her heels, her elbows resting on his legs, and found her eyes almost level with his cock. His erection had subsided a little, but it was still prominent.   She reached out her hand to touch it, just lightly, running her fingertips along the shaft and around the head. Her touch made him gasp and his cock stood to attention once more. Her fingertips were now slick with his precum, and she raised them to her mouth, licking them visibly, all the while looking into his eyes. She’d recovered her senses now, and hoped to return the wonderful favor he’d done for her earlier.

She reached his cock and went straight for the crown, placing her lips around it then licking up and down the shaft with long strokes of her tongue.   Finally she was ready to take him in her mouth, and her tongue swirled around his crown and back and forth on the underside of his shaft as her mouth descended over him, her lips not touching until he was quite far in.   She looked up into his eyes to see the effect it was having on him.   His head was back and his eyes closed, obviously focusing on the pleasure she was giving him.

She gently raked her teeth over his veins, pressing the tip of her tongue up into him as she went, sucking gently around his head when she reached it, and then sliding back down again slowly. As her head rose again, her lips clamped firmly round her teeth, pressing hard all the way around his shaft. She heard him moan deeply and felt herself getting very wet again.

Savanna knew what Alan wanted now.   She got up beside him on the bed and turned around on her knees. She lowered her head onto the pillow and smile at Alan.   Alan wasted no time getting up behind her and sliding his throbbing hard cock between her soft wet lips.   He got a thrill every time he felt himself inside her.   He began to move slowly in and out, closing his eyes and seeing with the touch of his sensitive skin against her velvety interior.   Getting that image in his head always made him hotter and he began to increase the tempo of this thrusts.  

“Harder Alan, you know I like it hard, quit teasing me,” she said.

Alan didn’t need to be told twice.   He began slamming his stiff rod into her hard and fast.   He looked down to see her creamy white juice coating his cock as he withdrew.   He knew she was very turned on and her moans were further evidence.   Savanna soon had an orgasm and then her orgasms began coming faster and faster.

Alan was on the verge as his cock began to swell.   When he shot his hot seed into her she had one final, screaming orgasm.   Soon after Alan withdrew and lay down beside her.   They spooned and cuddled, each basking in the afterglow.

Alan jumped up and headed for the bathroom.

“I’m going to take a shower, care to join me?” he asked.

“No, I’m going to just lay her and relax; I’ll take one when you are done.”

After both had showered and dressed for lunch they went down to the main restaurant in the hotel.

“Alan,” said Savanna,” I like this place, but I don’t want to stay here forever.   When are we going to move?”

“Things don’t happen overnight Savanna.   I have offers on two houses on the hill overlooking the city and the bay.   As soon as we can close a deal we’ll move in.   You liked both houses, remember?”

“Yes, I just wish it would happen soon.   What if you get accepted on both houses?”

“Then I’ll buy both of them,” he responded.

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