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The Beckwith Affair Chap 5

Alan picked up the phone and called the front desk and told them he was checking out and asked if they could send someone up right away with the bill.

He began throwing his things together almost frantically, his mind racing as he packed.

“If they don’t know I’m on to them they won’t be expecting me to leave right away,” he thought.

His plan was to pay cash when the bill was brought up and avoid the lobby when leaving the hotel.   Then he remembered Savanna.   He ran to the door, opened it and stuck his head out.   The doors were just closing and he yelled but was too late.   He grabbed his cell phone and called her.

 “Hello,” said Savanna.

“Savanna,” he said, “get back here, we’re leaving.”
“Why are we leaving, did you get one of those houses?” She asked.

“I’ll explain later, right now I need you to pack your things as quickly as you can.”

Savanna had to go all the way to the ground floor before she could start back up.   As other people were going up with her, the elevator made several stops before it got to the penthouse floor, and there was a porter who stayed on to the top floor.  When she entered the suite Alan was just finishing up his packing.  

The porter stood at the door and said that he had the bill.

Alan rushed over and looked at the total and gave him cash and another $50 to make sure the bill got paid.   As the porter was about to leave he called him back.

“There is another $50 for you if you come right back and help her with her bags.

The porter left and Alan closed the door.

“Savanna, I’m going to the hotel next door and call for a cab.   Have the porter take your bags to the rear exit by the pool.   I’ll meet you there and help with your bags.  Alan grabbed his bags and went out the door, and Savanna began to pack.

After hearing Alan call Savanna by name I knew I had found them.   I went down to the lobby and straight to Beckey.

“I found him,” I told her, “and he’s using the last name of Garcia.   Now I just have one question.   What do you intend to do when you confront him?”

“I’m going to talk to him privately,” she said.   “I’ll convince him to return what he stole.”

“Just like that?” I asked.   “He’s gone to all this trouble and he’s just going to roll over for you?”
“Yes, when he hears what I have to say he will do just that.”

“Well you should get your chance shortly.   I have a feeling they may have just decided to check out of this hotel.   Stay where you can see the front desk.”

Beckey opened her purse and took out a wad of bills.

“Here’s $1000 to get you back to the states,” she said. “Your job is done, you can leave any time, or you can stay another day since the room is paid for.   I’m leaving as soon as I finish up with Alan.”

I started back toward the elevators.   As I was rounding the corner I looked back and saw Beckey on the phone.  

“Now who would she be calling right now,” I wondered.   She put her phone away and sat there watching the front desk.   I waited a moment trying to decide if I should confront her when two men approached.   They were dark skinned and fairly big, and wearing suits.   Suits, in this weather?

They told Beckey to remain where she was and to call them if Alan showed up.   They split up and went to cover other likely exits.

It didn’t take me but a moment to figure out who they were.   While they were talking to Beckey I turned and headed for my elevator.   I punched the button, then had a second thought and started toward the next tower.   When I rounded the corner approaching the elevators I saw Alan coming out and turn away from me towards the exit near the pool.   He had his bags with him.

“So,” I thought, “he somehow figured out that it was time to leave.   Savanna is not with him so I wonder how he is going to handle getting her out of here.”

I turned around and saw one of the men approaching who had been talking to Beckey.   He was looking past me and pulling out his phone.   So much for Alan’s escape.

I decided to see if I could warn Savanna.   I took the elevator up and knocked on her door.   She opened it quickly and began directing me to her luggage.   Without bothering to tell her that I was not a porter I grabbed what luggage I could and told her to follow me and to hurry.   She grabbed her other bags and we left.   As we were descending in the elevator I told her who I was and what had happened.   I told her that her life was in danger and that Alan was likely not going to be seen again.  

I decided that the best place for her at the moment was in my suite, if we could get to the elevators without being seen.

We reached the bottom floor and I stuck my head out and looked both ways.   I didn’t see Beckey or either of the men so we hurried around to the next tower and waited for the elevator.   I was nervous because if I was caught with her I’d likely be joining Alan on his last journey.  

The elevator opened and we made it in without being seen.   We were safe for the moment.

Back in my room we set the bags down and I began to think.   I didn’t think there was much of a chance they would look in my room, but I didn’t feel safe here.

“Savanna, you stay inside and away from the windows,” I said.   I walked out on the patio where I could see the patio across from me.   I waited about 10 minutes before I saw someone come out of the other suite.   It was one of the men I had seen Beckey talking to.   I wondered how important Savanna would be to them.   Alan would probably tell them that Savanna didn’t know anything; maybe they would not bother with hunting her down.   They’ll see that her bags are gone and should assume that she is too, but do I dare take that risk?   What if they come here and find us together, then I’m right there with Alan.

Savanna, let’s get your bags into a closet where they won’t be so obvious, just in case they decide to check this room.   I also decided that it would be a good idea if Savanna was not here, and I knew the perfect place to hide her.

“Savanna, I need to hide you.   If they find you they will likely tie an anchor around your feet and drop you in the ocean.   Come with me, we have to hurry.”

I took her out the door and turned away from the elevators.   We went out the glass door and closed it, then I showed her the ladder to the roof.

“You go up there and lay flat on the roof,” I said.   “Just stay there until I come and get you.”

Savanna began to climb the ladder.   She was wearing a light yellow skirt and as I soon learned; a white thong.   She looked down and saw me enjoying the view and smiled.   She continued up to the roof and I followed her to make sure she was well out of sight.   I then returned to my room.

A half hour later the door opened and Beckey came in with one of the thugs.  

“We found Alan and your job is done,” she said. “Here is another $1000 which should more than take care of your expenses.   I’m leaving as soon as I get packed.   The room is paid for another day, so you can stay if you want.”

She began to pack her things while the man took a cursory look around.   He kept looking at me which made me a little nervous.   Then he came over and began to pat me down.   He found my gun and stuck it in his belt.

“Oh come on, you can’t take my gun, I feel naked without it,” I said.

“Hmmm, naked, that’s not a bad idea,” he said.   “Go ahead and take your clothes off.”

“Beckey looked at me and smiled.   “Those are his bags over there, you’ll have to take them also or he’ll just get dressed again.”

He walked over and picked up the phone and called for a porter.  

While I was undressing Beckey finished packing.   As I stood there waiting Beckey came over and gave me a hug and a kiss, pressing her body against me in a teasing way.

“Sorry sweetheart,” she said and then they were gone.

I didn’t suppose Savanna had anything in her bags that would work for me.   I went into the bathroom and put on a robe.   I waited about 20 minutes then went out and climbed the ladder.   Savanna was lying right where I’d left her.   Good girl, I thought.

“Savanna,” I called, “you can come down now.”

We went back into my room and I explained my predicament.   Savanna began to laugh.   While she was laughing I couldn’t help but notice the way her breasts bounced up and down, or how much of her thighs were exposed as she sat in front of me.   I realized that I was becoming aroused and looked away, trying to think about something else.  

I needed to get some clothes, but I couldn’t buy much from this hotel or I would be out of money quickly.  

“You saved my life.” She said. “I really owe you.”

“I was just doing what any guy would do,” I responded.

I looked back at Savanna and she was staring at my crotch.   I realized that the robe had become open in front and my family jewels were on display.

“Sorry about that,” I said, “I didn’t realize I was exposed like that.”

“That’s ok,” she said with a smile, “it’s good to know I excite you.”

“Who wouldn’t be excited by a beautiful woman with a perfect body?” I said.

“Oh,” she said, “I love honey.   The more you pour it on, the more I like it.”

She moved over and sat next to me.   I was trying to figure out if she wanted more complements or if she wanted me to pour honey on her.   I was ok with either one, but since I didn’t have any honey I said, “I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a woman as sexy as you, and I’ve certainly never been this close to anyone as sexy as you are.”

“Oh,sweety,what a nice thing to say.”   She put one hand behind my head and pulled my face down to hers.   She kissed me softly on the lips with her other hand sliding up the inside of my thigh.   I turned toward her and put more intensity into my kiss, while putting my hand on her thigh and slowly dragging her skirt up.   When I turned toward her it allowed her hand to slide further up my thigh until it came into contact with my balls.   She stopped there, the inside of her hand on my uppermost thigh, and the back of her fingers pressed against my balls.  

The kissing was where most of our focus was, our tongues touching and caressing and turning us both on even more.   My hand was at the top of her thigh and I could feel that her panties were getting wet.

Suddenly she moved her hand up to my waist and began to untie the bathrobe.   A moment later she had the robe opened wide and began to kiss my chest and my nipples and my stomach.   Her hand moved slowly down my stomach until it came into contact with the head of my throbbing cock.   She took it in her hand and began to stroke it while she slowly kissed her way down my stomach.

She reached out with her tongue and flicked it across the head a couple of times, then ran her tongue around the head and up and down the shaft before finally taking me completely into her mouth.   She caressed my shaft with her tongue and soft lips then began to suck me in deeply.    I placed my head back on the sofa and looked down at her head going up and down on my rigid manhood.

“Ah,” I thought, “this is heaven.”

I began to unbutton her blouse with one hand while her head was bobbing up and down.   I had not realized that she was braless as the material of her blouse was too thick.   I caressed her breast and pinched her nipple.

“Hmmmmmm,” she made a sound of pleasure.

Savanna knew what she was doing and I realized that I wouldn’t last very long.   I needed a distraction and decided to ask her some questions.

“Savanna, do you know anything about the death of Randall Beckwith?”

She paused her sucking and looked up at me.

“I suppose it doesn’t matter now, you may as well know,” she said.

Alan had met Beckey on a website where people go to read erotic literature.   Alan was spending a lot of time writing stories and poetry, and was pretty good at it.   That’s how he came to Beckey’s attention.   They discovered they lived in the same area and began to meet in person.   They began having an affair, and Beckey got Alan a membership in the Yacht club, where he met and became friends with Randall.

“About a year ago Alan met some people who had a product they wanted to bring into the country and it couldn’t go through customs, if you know what I mean.   Since Alan was now friends with Randall he approached him with an opportunity to make some really big money.   Randall refused, so Alan went to Beckey.   Beckey gave it some thought and said she was interested but if Randall refused then it wasn’t going to happen.   Alan planted the seed in her head that if Randall were out of the picture and Beckey owned the company, and then she could do what she wanted.   Beckey had to think about it for a few weeks before she came back to Alan and said she was interested, but wanted to know how he was going to get Randall out of the picture.   Alan told her that Randall was going to have an accident.”

“I think I know the rest,” I said as she stroked my hard shaft, “but where do you fit into the picture?”

“Alan and I met at the strip club a few months before he met Beckey.   He wanted to date me but I told him he couldn’t afford me.   A few months later he told me he was going to come into some money.   I liked him so we started dating, even though he was still broke.   Every now and then he would say something about what he was into and I eventually figured out what he was planning.   He never told me what really happened to Randall, but I think I know.   Anyway, just as he said, he began to have money, and as the months went by he had more and more of it.”

“A few weeks ago he said he was going to make a big killing but we would have to get out of the country afterwards.   I asked him what he meant by a big killing and he told me he was going to get several million dollars, and he did.”

While she was talking she had continued stroking my cock, and now she went back to licking and sucking.  I had figured out most of the pieces but now the whole puzzle was assembled.   I turned my attention back to the beautiful woman who was sucking my cock and decided I wanted to taste her.

I pulled her up beside me and kissed her lips while my left hand began to fondle her perfect breasts.   She began to purr as I squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples.   I moved my hand down to her thigh and replaced it with my lips.   I ran my hand up her outer thigh, pushing her dress up to her waist, and then placed my hand directly on top of her mound.   Her panties were soaked and I began to rub her pussy lips through the material.   She began to squirm and her purring turned to moans.

She pulled her blouse off of her shoulders and tossed it aside.   Then she pushed me gently away, reached down and pulled her panties off followed by her skirt.   I shrugged out of the robe and tossed it aside.   Savanna sat back down beside me and I turned and began kissing her lips and squeezing her breasts.   The passion built quickly and we were both very aroused.   My roaming hand had come to rest between her legs and I slipped two fingers inside her swollen lips.   She was so wet that my fingers were immediately coated with her nectar.

As I licked and sucked on her hard nipples my fingers slowly began to thrust in and out between her swollen folds.   I positioned my thumb below her hood and pushed it up, exposing her aroused clit.   As my fingers entered the depths of her cavern my thumb massaged her clit.   Savanna quickly had an orgasm, followed closely by several more.   I then removed my fingers and brought my hand to my mouth, sucking my fingers clean.

I got on my knees between her legs and began to lick up between her lips, immersing my tongue insider her then dragging it up and across her clit.   After several licks she had another orgasm and as I continued stroking her with my tongue she continued to have orgasms.  

I rose up, grabbed the robe and wiped my chin off, then moved forward on my knees and slid my cock inside her slippery well.

She began to thrust as I leaned forward to kiss her luscious lips.   After a minute I decided to change positions.   I sat back on my haunches and pulled her forward and onto my lap.   I guided my member inside her and she sat down, taking me completely inside her.   We began to rock together as we held each other in an embrace, her breasts pressed against my chest and our lips locked together.   I particularly like this position because I have access to her lips and her breasts while locked together at the hips.   We got into a good rhythm and before long she was having orgasms and I was getting close.   I could feel her juices running down my shaft and onto my balls.   Her excitement fueled my own and soon I felt my cock beginning to swell and get harder.   Shortly I reached the apex and began to shoot my hot seed into her.   We kept thrusting and she had an enormous orgasm, her scream escaping even though our lips were tightly engaged.

She relaxed and laid her head on my shoulder.   I sat there holding and caressing her until I could feel myself losing my erection.

“It’s too bad we have to leave tomorrow,” I said.   “I hate to see this end so quickly.”

“Oh, we don’t have to leave tomorrow,” she said, “my room is paid for the entire week.”

She gave me a broad smile and I smiled back.

I picked up the phone, dialed my office and told Maggie that I would be in P.V. for the remainder of the week.  I also told her to call Detective Horn and tell him about the warehouse and to keep an eye out for Beckey.

The Beckwith Affair might be over but my fun was just beginning.

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