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The Beer Cellar/Pool Table Romp Pt1

what shouldn't happen... happens
A couple of years ago, I was running a bar with my now ex-girlfriend, Dee. We had a tempestuous relationship, but there was some love there, and most definitely lust. Her father had been taken ill and in hospital, and her mother was very upset, so Dee decided to go and stay with her mother for a few days.

She left on the Wednesday. We were due to be both working that night. I told her that I had forgotten to get any cover for the bar, and that I should call Cheryl.

"It's ok", she said, "I already asked Jo. She'll be in at six". Dee kissed me and left.

It was two o'clock when Dee left. The bar was quiet at that time, as it normally was at that time of the week. We weren't in a busy part of the city, and most of our customers were regular evening people. I closed up at three and decided I should do some cellar work. My mind wandered as I moved some barrels and cleaned the cellar floor. That could get messy if a beer keg blew out some juice. My mind began to think about Jo. I knew, well, was pretty sure she had a thing for me. And, if I wasn't with Dee, I would want to find out. Apart from a good sense of humour, she was pretty, and quite sexy. Shoulder length brown hair, petite figure, but not too sure how sexy as she usually wore comfy clothes to work.

After working up a sweat in the cellar, I grabbed a sandwich and a cold bottle of beer and went upstairs to the flat above the bar, and bagan watching a bit of TV news. Suddenly I realised it was nearly re-opening time. I quickly grabbed the bar keys and went downstairs. As I entered the bar, I spotted Jo, the barmaid, stood outside. She looked different. I went and opened the door.
"Hi" she said and walked past me into the bar. I watched her walk in and put her handbag behind the bar. She took off her jacket and I noticed she was wearing a tight white blouse, and even though there was a bra there too, I could clearly see her nipple mounded on small but very pert breasts.

"I need to take a shower, will you be ok for a little while?" I said as I walked behing the bar.

"No problem, see you soon" she replied as she started wiping the bar down with cloth. I immediately noticed she was wearing tight black trousers, and her arse looked peachy and firm.

After showering, I got dressed and came back down to the bar. There were some of the regulars in and Jo was in good form, laughing and joking with the customers. We had fun too, including a little flirting. I couldn't help from looking at her. I had never seen her looking like that before. She noticed, and would bend down to pick things up, sticking her arse in the air.

Closing time came, the last drinkers wandered on their way. Jo cleaned up whilst I sorted out the till. I went into the beer cellar to put the cash into the floor safe there.

As I locked it, I heard Jo say "Hi". I turned on my knees to see her unbuttoning that tight white blouse. I just stared. She smiled and took the blouse to reveal a see-through bra.
"Like it?" she asked.

"Yeah...but". She grabbed my arm and pulled me to my feet.

"No buts tonite, well not that kind of butt!" and laughed. She kissed me hard, her tongue thrust into my mouth, and I responded passionately, taking her head in my hands. She grabbed my arse tight, pulling my already jean-clad throbbing cock against her.

I suddenly pulled back. I wanted to stop, but then I looked at her, her nipples pushing out of that bar and those lithe legs in those tight trousers, and well "STOP" went out of my head. I pulled her bra down a little to expose her nipples, I squeezed them with my fingers, and then bent foward to kiss and lick them, those hard beautiful nipples. I squeezed her breasts in my hands. They were firm and heaving. She pulled my head up and we kissed passionately again, and as we did, I unbuttoned her trousers, sliding my hand down inside, to find she was going commando. I felt her well trimmed bush, sliding my fingers between her lips. She was now panting, and as I guided by fingers further down, I discovered she was very wet. I inserted my middle finger, she gasped, and I begun pushing it in and out whilst squeezing her arse with my other hand. Within seconds she let out a long groan.

I then said a stupid thing. "Did you come?"

She laughed and said "What is with you men? Of course I just came! Now, for that you are going to fuck me".

"Here?" I said.

"Yes, right here" she replied and turned, pulled down her trousers and bent over some beer crates.

"Right here" she said. I quickly unbuttoned my jeans.

She turned. "You went commando too then" she said and winked, looking at my cock. "I want that big boy in me now". How could I refuse? I looked at that naked peachy firm arse and went for it. I slid it in gentle at first, enjoying the warmth and the wetness. But soon I was fucking her hard and fast, pounding against her sweet cheeks. I knew I was going to come soon, and just as I could feel the juices on the move, she pulled away, turned and dropped to her knees in one motion, and devoured my cock, sucking it hard. I exploded into her mouth, and she swallowed deeply. She continued to slowly suck, taking every drop until I was quivering with full orgasm.
As she pulled her head back, releasing me, she said "I knew you were coming, and I wanted to taste every drop". We laughed.

As we dressed ourselves, I said "Drink?".
She replied, "Oh, yes, and a game of pool".....

Watch out for the real dirty part two....
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