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The Beginning of a Long Night

Tags: quickie
I was trying very hard to focus on something other than my husband's erection. I shouldn't have worn this little black dress. He loves to see me in it way too much. It's so comfortable and it's a warm night, so I figured it would be fine. But Brett couldn't stop looking at my legs.

I was also wearing my new thong. It was thinner than any thong I had ever worn, so it was really causing some feelings that were not appropriate at the time. I was desperately hoping our friends didn't catch our lusty glances at each other.

It was my friend's birthday. We had all decided to go out for drinks. While she was downing maybe eight or nine shots of whatever, my other friend and her husband decided to dance. So they left for the dance floor, stumbling a little, I observed. They were a little drunk too. I only had a glass of wine so far, because I knew if I had any more I would soon be all over Brett and his hard cock, which at the moment looked as if it really was going to pop out of his pants.

He was only obvious to me, of course, partly because I was getting a little bothered myself. I kept having to shift to sit comfortably in a position that my thong wouldn't cause anymore problems. It was tight against my ass and pussy, creating more heat in my body... And the hotter I felt, the more I kept looking at my husband...

I thought Brett must've known how I was feeling, because he began subtly moving my hand lightly over his erection.

In the beginning it wasn't noticeable at all, but as the night went on, he was really working my hand. Damn, was he hard. His cock was stiff as a board. He was also shifting constantly, so he must've been throbbing. And this thong was really getting me all hot and bothered. But we couldn't do anything now. Although I was feeling hot myself, where would we go?

Nicole was soon up and about, flirting with many guys, and I would've stopped her, but I was suddenly too focused on Brett's hard cock. He was now moving his hips, and I thought he would come soon. Well, not without me!

I yanked my hand away, and Brett looked at me with wild eyes full of confusion. He really had been close.

I grabbed his hand and pulled him up. I walked quickly outside, Brett now looking a little mad. Where to go, where to go!? The car? No good. Parking lot was too crowded. I needed to hurry. Brett was impatient and I was getting horny too.

He was hornier than I was, because he suddenly yanked me over to this really strange alley. Pinning me to the brick wall, he kissed me hard. It was difficult, but I managed to reach down and pull down my thong. Ahhh, that felt better.

Brett saw this and pulled away. While undoing his pants he said through gritted teeth, "Hungry for this?"

Then he pushed himself inside me so fast I almost flew up! Like an animal he started pumping faster and faster. My body was sliding up and down the brick wall and I could barely catch my breath with his speed.

I managed to moan out his name when he hit my g-spot, and that encouraged him more.

"Yes, yes, yes, oh yes, baby," he kept growling. He was already close again. I could feel it! His hard cock thrusting and thrusting in my tightening pussy... I, on the other hand, needed more.

I tried grinding faster against his pelvis, rapidly clenching and unclenching my pussy, which was driving Brett crazy. I slid my hand up his cheek and up through his hair. My hand was covered in sweat. So I quickly pulled off his shirt, then lightly, barely, licked his nipples.

"Mmmm, yeah baby, that's it," he groaned in my ear as I began grinding like a belly dancer. His fingernails grazed my inner thigh, making me shiver and my clit throb. We were both moaning and crying out so loud as our climax came closer, I was surprised no one opened their windows and yelled for us to shut up.

Suddenly I felt Brett reach down and tickle my clit, and that stimulation send my arousal flying. My whole body just started vibrating from that strong tingle of pleasure. It just shot throughout my whole being like electric ecstacy.

"Oh, baby! Yes, yes, yes, Brett! I'm coming!"

"Yes!" he growled in my ear again. "Come for me, cover my hard cock with your hot juice, Morgan....!"

He straightened inside of me, and then he came so hard, I literally felt it splash against the walls of my pussy. I came a split second later, covering his hard cock with my hot juice like he asked.

When we both returned to Earth, I could still hear him panting a little, as was I. Even though we were still slightly breathless, Brett pulled me closer for a searing, wet kiss, before pulling my thong off. My thighs were now drenched with our mixed come, and it was dripping down my legs. I pulled my dress back down, but he didn't even bother putting his shirt back on. He just grabbed it, and my hand, and pulled me out of the alley, then towards the parking lot.

"Wait! I can't sit in the car, I'm all wet, I'll ruin the seat! And your pants are still undone!" I whispered worriedly, hoping no drunk idiots nearby would hear us. "Let me clean up first..." He stopped dead in his tracks and stared at me.

In the dim streetlight I could see the glint in his eye and his toothy, sinister grin as he replied, "We're not done yet..."
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