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The best come to those who wait

Work never tasted so great!

The best come to thoses who wait.

Jen and I have been friends for many years.   In the past we have had a mild sexual relationship, but never had strait sex.   By mild, I mean she had given me a couple blow jobs in the past.   But for some reason, Jen would never let me near her pussy.   She always pushed my hands away when I tried to rub her clit and she would never let me go down on her.   The end result was that I dropped her out of my life, or so I thought.

Jen was a dispatcher for the main branch of the ambulance service I was employed by.   I only spoke to her off and on, mostly when I needed a run number for a call.   A few times, in the past month, Jen had called me.   The first time she called, she sounded lonely and depressed.   After an hour she was laughing and having a great time.   We said our good-byes and went on our merry way.   The second time was a couple of weeks later and the conversation was totally different.   It was about two in the morning when the phone rang.   Her voice was soft, seductive and our conversation was very sexual in nature.   She talked about all the places she liked to be touched, all the different positions she loved, and all the “kinky” things she would like to do.   She then asked me if I was alone in the room.   Confused I told her yes and asked why?     She began to talk dirty to me and asked if I would tell her a fantasy.   She said that she wanted to touch herself while I talked to her.   I spoke softly in the phone receiver as she started to play with herself.   I told her the details of what I would to do to her after going out on a date.   About fifteen minutes, she started to breath heavily.   I described how I would go down on her and she said she was ready to come.   I told her how I would place my lips around her clit, gently pull it down towards me and softly rub my tongue over it.   She moaned on the phone, as she moved her fingers quickly against her clit.   Telling her that I would quickly flick my tongue against her clit must have sent her over the edge, since she started to moan even louder now.   I then told her that I wanted her to come for me.   She started to moan and her voice became shaky and squeaky.   After she came, I could hear her breathing hard.   I knew she was feeling good.   Several minutes later she started to talk again.   “I wish you could have been here with me,” she said.

Two days later, I received a text message from Jen.   It read as follows “my pussy is soaked, and I’ve been playing with myself ever since the other night, come by dispatch tonight!”   Jen had been working the night shift at headquarters in dispatch.   The dispatch area is normally noisy and filled with people, however at night that all changes.   After eleven o’clock at night, there is only one person sitting in a secured room.

I was excited as I walked along the hallway.   Walking down the hallway, I could see Jen sitting at the dispatch console.   She instantly smiled and waved at me through the window above her desk.   Approaching the dispatch door, I heard the buzzing sound of the electronic lock.   I pulled the door open, walked in and heard the door close behind me.   Jen was sitting in a chair with a blanket wrapped around her waist.   I thought it was a little weird that she didn’t get up, but I really didn’t care.   “Hi there handsome” she said.   I walked up to her and gave her a hug.   Grabbing a chair, I sat next to her as we chatted.   She said that it was a quiet night, but all the trucks were out of the station.   She also said that her neck was sore from her workout earlier in the day.   “Well then, let me see if I can take care of that” I replied.

Moving behind her, I placed my hands on her shoulders and began to massage them.   She quickly placed her long red hair in a ponytail as I ran my hands over her body.   She closed her eyes and tilted her head back.   Her polo uniform shirt had been unbuttoned, giving a great view of her large breast.   I knew from the past she had large breast, but I didn’t recall them to be as big as they were.   Jen sighed quietly as I worked my fingers against her shoulders.   Leaning back in the chair caused her shirt to tighten.   I watched her nipples becoming hard, until they were fully erect.   She opened her eyes and caught me staring at her wonderful, round tits.   “You see what you do to me,” she said.

Suddenly the phone rang.   She picked it up and started to take down the information.   I moved my hands to her back and started to give her a back massage.   As she dispatched the run to one of the ambulances, I placed my mouth on the back of her neck and gently kissed it.   I heard her pause in the middle of the dispatch then continue on.   When she finished talking on the radio, she turned around and looked deeply in my eyes.   “That sent shivers down my spine,” she said.   I spun her around in the chair, so to place her back to me and began to kiss the sides of her neck.   As I did, I noticed she had placed on hand under her blanket, while her other hand was caressing the back of my head.   I could hear her breathing deeper with every kiss.   Opening my mouth, I lightly drug my teeth along the side of her neck.   I could feel her shake and noticed the soft hairs on her arms stand up.

She quickly spun around in her chair, grabbed me by the shirt and placed her soft lips on mine.   Her warm tongue circled around mine as she kissed me.   I could feel my cock getting harder by the second.   And so did Jen, as she started to stroke my rod through my jeans.   Her hands pushed me back in the chair, and then worked their way to my belt.   She got up off her chair and pressed her body against mine.   Her tits pressed against my chest, her mouth was only inches away from mine, as she un-buttoned my jeans.   I felt her warm hands grab a hold of my stiff rod as she pulled it away from my boxer shorts.    She then kneeled down and stroked my cock with both of her hands.   In one sexy move, she dribbled a small amount of warm saliva on my cock.   Placing both hands on top of each other, she slid them down my shaft.   The sensation took my breath away.

Her mouth was warm and tight as her lips slid over the tip of my cock.   Taking her time, she placed her tongue on every inch of my mushroom head.   Moving her hands away, she took the entire length of my rod inside her mouth.   Pulling it out of her mouth, she lightly drug her teeth along my shaft.   Reaching the head she tightened her lips, causing a “popping” sound as my cock left her mouth.   With one hand on my shaft, she placed her mouth back on my cock.   Her hand twisted around my rod, as she sucked the life out of me.   Jen alternated from sucking my cock, to licking my balls.   She then returned to my throbbing rod and sped up the pace.   The sight of Jen looking up at me with my cock in her mouth was going to make me come.   With one giant blast, I shot my hot and sticky load deep inside her throat.   She pulled back and wrapped her lips around the head or my cock.   Her hands milked every last drop of my man juice out of me.

Jen then got up and kissed me.   I essence of my juice was still in her mouth.   Placing my hand on her hip, I felt her blanket fall to the floor.   My hand ran down her hip and onto her leg.   She was standing there in her work shirt and a purple thong.   Jen then leaned up to me and said, “Now it’s time for you to return the favor”.   She sat back on the chair, and spread her legs.   Her thong was a light shade of purple, with the exception of the fabric over her pussy.   She was already soaking wet, and her pussy had drenched her thong.

Jen slid one strap of her bra through her sleeve, and then the other.   She placed her hands behind her back and unclasped her bra.   She then pulled her purple lacey bra through one of the sleeves and tossed it on the floor.   “I’m all yours,” she said.     Raising her shirt up, I ran my tongue down her breast.   She moaned as I pinched her nipples with my mouth.   My hand massaged the outside of her pussy lips, as I savored every inch of her breast.   Kissing her body, I worked my down her stomach and then to her waist.   Lowering my head, I placed my tongue between her pussy lips and her leg.   Running it up her crotch and over the fabric of her thong, I heard say, “stop teasing me!”

I slid her thong over to one side, revealing her dripping wet pussy.   Placing one hand on each thigh and spreading her legs caused her flower to open up.   Jen was so aroused, that just my breath blowing across her pussy lips made her shake.   Her box was a bright shade of pink and dripping in her silky wet pussy juices.   Her clit was round, bulging and eager for some action.   Gently I ran my tongue along the sides of her inner pussy lips.   As I did, Jen took a deep breath and held it.   Moving back down to her open hole, I traced circles around her opening.   Jen moaned passionately, and shuffled around in her chair.   The taste of her sweet flower was refreshing and flavorful.   Consuming every inch of her pussy drove Jen wild.   Her legs flew over my shoulders and squeezed my head.

Forcefully, she pulled my face against her box.   I plunged my tongue inside her as she cried out for more.   Her hips shifted as she tried to press her clit against my nose.   I knew she wanted the sweet release that only an orgasm can bring.   Jen sighed as I withdrew my tongue and moved my mouth above her clit.   I placed my tongue on her hood and slid it around her clit.   “Oh please, oh please” she cried, as I continued to tease her.   Opening my mouth, I wrapped my lips around her clit.   Resting my tongue directly on top of it made her shiver and shake.   Slowly inserting two fingers inside her, I began rubbing her g-spot.   Jen howled out in pleasure as my fingertips stroked her spongy g-spot.

My lips cradled her clit, as I flicked my tongue.   I could feel her grind her clit against my tongue, and covering my mouth with her wetness.   Her shaking legs tensed up and clutched against my head.   Jen howled out as she came.   Her powerful legs felt as if they were going to pop my head off.   Her pussy muscles spasm so tight, they pushed my fingers out of her.   She tried to catch her breath, but I kept stroking her clit.   Jen begged for me to stop, but I wasn’t about to quit.   Her hips moved against my tongue as I challenged her clit to a duel.   Long and quick strokes of my flat tongue made her near orgasm in no time flat.   Her hands grabbed onto the chair arm rails as she yelled out in ecstasy.   A squirt of warm fluid hit my chin as her body tensed up.   Her cum trickled down my face as her leg muscles started to relax.

Her hands ran across my baldhead as I started to get up.   Jen sat back in the chair with a smile on her face.   Leaning up to her, I kissed her on the lips.   Her hand ran from my head, to neck and onto my shoulder.   Her tongue was soft and wet.   She appeared to be on cloud nine.   I have to admit it was worth the wait.


Alternate Ending

Sitting in the chair staring at her in her uniform shirt and panties was mind-blowing.   Her long, silky, white legs were stretched out in front of me.   Jen’s nipples pressed against her polo shirt.   Tracing her body through the little bit of clothing she had on, made me hot.   I could feel my cock starting to get hard, which caused me to shift my position in the chair.   Jen noticed me move and smiled.   She slowly stood up and walked over to me.   She sat on my lap and wrapped her arm around me.   Whispering in my ear, Jen told me “I want you inside me”.

She licked my ear lobe and placed tiny kisses on my neck.   I could feel my cock pressing against my jeans, and I knew she could also.     Taking my hand, she placed it under her shirt and onto her breast.   Her nipples were still hard, and standing erect.   I massaged her breast, and saw her slide her hand under her thong.   She slid her fingers around her soaking wet box and then pulled them out.   She ran her cum filled fingers around my lips and into my mouth.   “I want you inside me NOW” she demanded.

Jen hoped up and placed her hands on the dispatch console.   She leaned forward, causing her round ass to stick out.   The fabric of her thong pulled tight between her ass cheeks.   With my great fascination with the female ass, I knew I would have to taste it.   I stood up behind her and ran my hands under her shirt, pushing it up her back.   I then grabbed her tiny thong and pulled it down.   Grabbing a chair, I sat behind her.   Her ass was directly in front of my face.   I spread her legs and pushed her forward so her elbow we on the table.

I ran my tongue from her clit, up her sweet hole and stopped at her taint.   Running my fingers up her pussy, I covered them in her wetness.   I first slid on finger inside her and then another.   Jen’s knees buckled for a hot second, causing me to enter deeper inside her.   She moaned as I curled my fingers to caress her pussy walls.   I continued to run my tongue up her taint and onto her circular asshole.   When my tongue touched the delicate tissue, Jen tightened up around me.   Her cheeks wrapped around my face, allowing me to taste her forbidden fruit.     I knew Jen would be hesitant about this, but after a few licks, I heard her say, “Oh god, this feels wonderful”.

My fingers continue to slide freely in and out of her box, as her hips moved ever so slightly.   I instantly felt her fingers brush against my hand when she started to rub her clit.   Jen was now moaning more often, but it didn’t stop me from licking her ass.   I traced every curve and fold of her tight little ass with my tongue.   I felt her pussy clamp down on my fingers as she came.   I pressed my tongue inside her ass at the same time her orgasm hit.   She screamed, filling the whole room with her enjoyment.   She then fell onto the console, and closed her eyes.   I ran my mouth over her box to taste her sweet come.

Leaning back in the chair, Jen turned around and said “I guess you didn’t hear me, I want you inside me”.     She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up over her head.   She threw it on the floor and stood there, totally naked.   Reaching her arms out, she took my hand and pulled me up to my feet.   She grabbed my belt, as I kicked my shoes off.   Jen unbuttoned my jeans and with a quick yank, I was standing in front of her half naked.   Her hands grabbed my rock hard cock, as I took my shirt off.   She then shoved me back onto the chair.   Straddling my legs, she lowered herself on top of my rod.   She covered my cock with her pussy juices before she slid it in.   I grabbed her ass, to steady her, as she sat down over my mushroom head.   Her mouth opened, and her eyes fixed on mine.   Her pussy was warm, wet and tight as she took in the length of my cock.   She had me fully consumed, which caused her to hold her breath for a few seconds.   Waves of energy shot through her body causing her to shake.

I pulled on one of her nipples with my mouth, making her tense up.   I raised her body slowly, allowing my rod to slide in and out of her.   She placed her head on my shoulder as she started to ride my cock.   Jen raised her head up, allowing her long red hair to brush across my face.   Leaning back, she again took me deep inside her.   Grabbing the back of the chair, Jen began to grind her pelvis against me.   Every time she would grind faster and harder.   My cock slid in and out of her hot box and her pussy juices began to run down my balls.

Jen moaned louder and began to shake.   I felt the muscles in her back begin to tighten and her hard nipples rubbed up against my chest.   Grabbing both ass cheeks, I forced Jen up and down on my cock.   Her legs were shaking with every deep thrust.   She tightly closed her eyes as she came on my rod.   Her back arched towards me, and she dug her fingernails into my back.   “Oh god, oh god, oh god, YYYESSS” she screamed.   Jen slammed down on my cock with all of her weight.

I picked her up, while still inside her and placed her on the dispatch console.   Leaning her back, I began to slowly thrust.   “Play with your clit” I told her.   I watched her slide her left hand down to her clit and gently move her fingers in circular motions.   With every thrust, her voluptuous breast shook back and forth.   Her nipples stood erect, and pointed at me.   “Deeper” she cried.   Leaning her back, I threw her legs over my shoulder and began to plunge harder.   I fought the urge to come many times, but now there was no stopping it.

She moved her fingertips directly on her clit and moved them with lightening speed.   As I felt her pussy walls clamp down on my cock, I felt myself start to shoot my load.   Jen laid her head back and screamed as I shoot my load deep inside her.   Her legs wrapped around my waist and pulled me inside her one more time as she came.

Falling on top of her, I noticed a red light was light up on the dispatch console.   “What’s that mean?” I asked.   Jen turned her head and looked in shock.   She pushed me off of her and jumped up.   The red light went off.   Just then the console speaker went off.   “Dispatch, Medic 2…………. Sounds like you are having a great time there, are we clear to return to station?”

A few days later, I found out that I did place Jen on the transmit button.   We had broadcasted our sexual adventure over the radio.   And approximately fifty to sixty people had heard us have sex.
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