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The Best Convention Ever

I skip a session at my convention and end up learning more than I'd planned.
The National Education Convention is crowded, as usual, but I’m especially excited to be here this year. I love this town, and I’m looking forward to spending some time with a friend while I’m at the conference. I can hardly wait for that, but first I have to take care of real business. I hoist the heavy canvas tote bag higher up on my shoulder and scan the packed ballroom for a place to sit. Once again, I’m unable to find a seat in the session I’d like to attend. I struggle to disguise my annoyance at the people comfortably occupying chairs and briefly consider sitting on the floor against the wall. Finally, I give up and decide to leave.

I squeeze my way back out of the room and into the hallway. So now I’ve missed the 8:00 session and I have a few hours to kill before the next one…what to do…? I find an empty bench in a large hallway and use my cellphone to check my emails, send a couple of texts, and listen to a voice message. That kills a few minutes, but now what? This hotel is beautiful, with massive indoor gardens, waterfalls, shops, and lots of quiet little corners where I can curl up with a book and pass the time. I decide to take a walk and see what I can find. Near a gorgeous waterfall is a small pathway that winds behind the rocks and curves into a secluded area. I head back there, take a seat on a nicely hidden bench in a small grove of bushes, send another text, withdraw my Kindle from my bag, and settle in to read.

After a few minutes, I’m distracted by the sound of someone moving down the path near the rocks, just on the other side of the bushes from me. The foliage is so thick, I can’t see anyone, but suddenly I hear music. Guitar music: a progression of chords, beautifully done. I smile and lay my head back against the bench. This is even better than I expected…the soft rush of the waterfall mingles with the quiet refrains from the guitar in a relaxing mini-symphony. I close my eyes…and then I hear a man’s voice singing one of my favorite songs: James Taylor’s “Something in the Way She Moves”. The voice is quiet, but so beautiful…and now I have to get a glimpse of this man. I slide across the bench, straining for a good vantage point, until a clearing in the bushes gives me a glimpse and I catch my breath. He’s very handsome: a bit older than me, with brown hair just touched with gray and sparkling blue eyes. He’s wearing a close-fitting t-shirt that shows off a broad chest, and the sleeves fit snugly around nicely defined biceps as he strums his guitar. I’m enthralled, and continue to watch him as he plays and sings, unaware of his hidden audience. He finishes that song and launches into another…I’ve heard it before, but the title escapes me. I would love to close my eyes and relax while I listen, but then I’ll have to stop watching him, and I don’t want to stop. I could sit here like this, transfixed, all afternoon.

But apparently he has other ideas. When he finishes that song, he checks his watch and opens his guitar case to pack it up. I feel a ridiculous wave of panic at the thought that he could just walk away from me, so without thinking I stand up and yell, “Please don’t stop!”

He jumps, startled, and looks around for the crazy person yelling in the middle of this quiet little alcove. I push the bushes aside so he can see at least part of me, and continue my plea in a slightly more rational manner. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you…I was sitting back here reading and really enjoyed listening to you play. Do you have to stop?”

“I didn’t know anyone was back there,” he said, a small smile playing around the corners of his mouth.

“You didn’t look very hard, did you?” I reply, teasing just a little. “Why don’t you come back here with me for a few minutes…if you don’t have to run off somewhere, that is.”

He snaps the guitar case closed, picks it up, and walks back to where I’m sitting, taking a moment to glance around and assess the amount of privacy that we have in this secluded spot. When he turns the corner, he stops short and stares at me for a second before he composes himself, says hello, and extends his hand. I love that reaction…obviously he was pleased by my appearance, as I was by his. I reach out to shake his hand, but he surprises me again by bringing it to his lips. Wow. I’m not sure if he’s being a gentleman, or just using that excuse to kiss me somewhere. It doesn’t matter…I like the feel of his lips on my skin, and I notice a tingling heat spreading through me as the thought of this sexy man begins to excite me.

“What are you doing here?” he asks.

“Oh, umm…reading…” I say, struggling to form a coherent thought. He smiles.

“Shouldn’t you be in a meeting or something?” He gestures towards my NEC tote bag.

“Oh…yeah…I missed it. Too crowded…I couldn’t find a seat. What about you?”

“I’ve been going to back-to-back convention meetings since yesterday. Today, I was just taking a break in between sessions. I decided to try and find a quiet place to play a little bit…you know, just to relax.”

“Little did you know you had a stalker hiding in the bushes!” I tease.

“I never would have dreamt I could possibly have a stalker as beautiful as you are,” he replies.

I smile at him…I like hearing him say I’m beautiful. “I really loved listening to you. Would you play something else for me?”

“Of course,” he says. Sitting down on the edge of my bench, he once again removes his guitar and begins to play one of the most passionate and romantic songs I’ve ever heard. He literally takes my breath away as he sings to me, looking into my eyes, smiling a little as he sings.
Oh, my stars. My heart is pounding, and I feel flushed. When he finishes singing, he just stops and sits still, gazing into my eyes. Neither of us breaks away as he slowly leans closer, and when his lips finally touch mine, it’s instant fireworks. My lips part and meet his again, also parted and seemingly molded to fit against mine. I feel his tongue, gently probing my open mouth, and mine joins his, gently teasing at first, but as the electricity builds my breathing quickens and our kiss grows more insistent. One of his hands reaches around me, pressed against the small of my back, and the other is gently but firmly wrapped in my hair. I feel like I’m falling, getting dizzier, losing myself in this man, and I want to be lost in him. I give in to the delicious sensation, letting go, relaxing against him, willing to let him take me wherever he wants.

His lips leave mine and travel to my neck, then work their way up to my earlobes, where he pauses to nibble a little and make me squirm. “This isn’t like me,” he whispers breathlessly in my ear. “I’ve never cheated on my wife.”

“I’ve never cheated either,” I answer, holding up my left hand so he can see my ring. “But there must be something missing at home, or we wouldn’t be here, and this wouldn’t feel so good.”

“And you do feel so, so good…” he murmurs as he sticks his tongue in my ear. I take that moment to reach for his cock. It’s not easy to miss…big and rock hard in his khaki pants. I begin to stroke it gently through the fabric of his trousers, and he encourages my explorations by unzipping his pants and freeing his cock from the confines of his boxer briefs. It’s beautiful…long and hard and completely shaved, so it feels wonderfully soft and smooth in my fingers. I wrap my hands around his shaft and begin to stroke him slowly. He closes his eyes for a moment before reaching one hand under my skirt to get his fingers on me as well. He slips his index finger inside me and I let out an involuntary moan of pleasure…can’t be helped, he feels unbelievable. The pre-cum is collecting on the head of his cock, and I use that to lube him up as I stroke faster. He kisses me again, and we’re both breathing so heavily now that we gasp into each others’ mouths and work our lips and tongues into a frenzy. He slips another finger inside me and begins to fuck me with them: a series of short strokes followed by a deeper one. Our eyes meet and lock as we continue to stroke each other off.

“That’s so good, babe…don’t stop,” he says hoarsely, as his magic fingers resume their work. I’m not usually very easily orgasmic, but I can feel one right there, and I let him know.

“Oh, I’m so close…keep doing that…you’re so hot!” I tell him. He smiles, and it’s almost a bit cocky, but also very warm in a way that completely melts my heart as I reach my climax and moan with delight. I’m watching his face, and the expression on it makes my orgasm even more intense. His eyes are carefully studying me, and he is clearly enjoying watching my pleasure as it peaks. I lean forward just a bit, bringing my cleavage closer to his cock, and stroke him a little harder and faster.

“Cum for me now. Cum on my tits,” I tell him. That did it. He replaces my hands with his own and strokes only a few times before he shoots right into my cleavage. Then he slumps back against the bench, with a faint smile of satisfaction playing on his lips. Grinning at him, I circle my finger through the cum on my breast and bring it to my mouth. “Mmmmmm…” I say. I’m not kidding…he tastes really good. He leans in for another kiss, then dips his lips to my cleavage and licks up some of his own juices. Wow…that’s something my husband would never do. The thought gives me a slight pang, but I realize it’s not guilt over what I’ve done, but rather guilt over the lack of guilt. I study his face as he continues to lick me clean. He’s so handsome, and he doesn’t appear to be bothered over this either. Rather than speculate, I come right out and ask.

“You said you’ve never cheated on your wife.” It’s more of a statement than a question, but I need to know how he feels.

“That's true.”

“If you don’t mind me asking…why me? Why now?”

“I don’t exactly know,” he says, gazing at me searchingly. “I guess I’ve given myself permission to make myself happy. I’ve been spending more time lately on the things that I want for me. And you fit into that category. I want you for me.”

His words give me butterflies, and seem almost an echo of my own thoughts. “I understand completely. I wanted you for me too. In fact, I’m not finished with you yet.”

“Really?” he asks, a smile broadening across his face. “What do you want to do with me now?”

I lean closer to him and plant a slow kiss on his lips before I whisper my answer against his mouth: “Everything.”

He wastes no time after that. Scooping up his guitar case and my tote bag in one hand, he grabs my wrist with his other and begins walking swiftly down the winding path, away from the waterfall and into the crowded hotel hallways. I’m a little worried that someone I know will see me trailing after this handsome man and ask uncomfortable questions, so I duck my head and avoid making eye contact with any of the conventioneers we pass.

We make our way down a secluded hallway until he finally stops in front of Room 1012. Setting down his guitar and my bag, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out his room key. When the door opens, he props it open with his foot, retrieves the items he had briefly put down, and pulls me through the doorway after him.

As soon as the door closes, he grabs my face in both hands and backs me roughly against the wall, kissing me hard and deep. I grab his belt loops, one in each hand, and pull his lower body against me, wrapping my left leg around the outside of his right. I can’t even think right now, I just want him as close to me as possible. His lips are soft and warm, his tongue probing and insistent, his arms strong and protective. He pulls back slightly and grabs the hem of my shirt, lifting it over my head and dropping it to the floor, then he reaches behind me and unclasps my bra. It slides to the floor as well, and his hands immediately cup my breasts, his thumbs stroking my nipples as he continues kissing me. I unzip his jeans and pull them down, exposing the impressive bulge in his boxer briefs, and I can’t keep my hands off it. I take his cock in both my hands, gently stroking his soft skin, enjoying the sexy sounds he’s making as he feels my hands on him. I want more, so I drop to my knees in front of him and touch the tip of my tongue to his cock. I love the taste and feel of him. Running my fingers lightly across his balls, I continue to lick the length of his cock, from base to tip, stroking his soft skin, feeling it get even harder in my mouth as I wrap my lips around his cock and begin to suck it gently. I can sense his excitement building as he wraps his hands in my hair and starts to thrust a bit with his hips. Wanting to take all of him into my mouth, I relax my throat and grab his ass with one hand, pulling him towards me, taking as much of him as I can. A low moan escapes him as he begins to thrust harder, fucking my mouth, and I love it. He shouts that he’s coming, and I pull him even closer, taking him even deeper, until I finally feel his hot cum in my mouth, and I swallow it all. He tastes amazing, and I realize as I’ve taken the last drop that I still want more.

I’m ready to fall into bed with him, and I think he must read my mind because he steps back, taking my hands in his, and starts to lead me towards the bed, nearly tripping over his jeans and boxers, which are still wrapped around his ankles. We stumble together and fall onto the king sized bed, immediately seeking each others’ lips again, our hands roaming all over each other.

“What do you want?” he murmurs into my ear, then pulls back to look at me, waiting for my answer.

I look into his eyes and answer simply: “You.”

He smiles, then rolls me onto my back and positions himself above me. Lifting my skirt, he bends his head down and bites the leg of my panties, slowly tugging them down my body. After he’s removed them, he returns his lips to my ankles and begins moving upward, licking, sucking and nibbling on my leg. My juices are flowing by this time, he’s getting me so excited. When he reaches my pussy, he pauses to look into my eyes again before he begins to lick me. And, oh…his tongue is so talented…flicking against my clit, then dropping down to probe deep inside me. By the time he inserts his fingers, I’m very near my climax. I grind against his fingers and give in to the sensations, letting go of everything except that orgasm, and I ride it out as he continues to work my clit with his tongue. One wave of pleasure spills into the next, and I’m writhing on the bed, screaming out my passion for him as he takes my body from one peak to the next. Finally, I have to beg him to stop...and that makes him smile, a cocky, triumphant smile, before he crawls up next to me and takes me in his arms again.

I lay my head on his chest, and before I know it, I’ve fallen asleep. That’s probably not the smartest thing I could do in this situation, but I feel so safe with him, so protected, so cared for, and he has made my body feel so wonderfully relaxed that I can’t help it. I don’t sleep long, just a catnap, but when I open my eyes, I’m still wrapped up with him, and he’s gently kissing my hair. I sigh contentedly, and he brushes my lips with another sweet, passionate kiss, before he whispers in my ear, “I’ve had enough love making for one day. Now I need to fuck you hard.”

I gasp in surprise as I realize that I’m completely naked, and that he tied my hands to the headboard while I was asleep. I’m not afraid…I know he won’t hurt me (at least not in a bad way), so I whisper, “Take me, I’m yours.” He doesn’t need to be told twice. He grabs my left leg and raises it up towards my shoulder, testing my flexibility and opening me up for him. Placing my foot on his shoulder, he positions his cock at my opening, teasing it with his tip, testing to see how wet I am. Then without warning, he thrusts inside me…all the way in with that one, single thrust. I cry out in surprise, and a little bit of pain because he’s long and so hard, but very soon it feels incredibly good as he starts stroking into me. He’s fucking me hard, just as he said he would, just as I want him to, with quick strokes that keep him deep inside me.

“Oh, baby, you’re so tight…I’m not going to last long,” he gasps, then he pulls out and flips me onto my stomach. The scarves tying my hands cross and bind my arms closer together. I lean forward on my elbows, drawing my knees under me. He enters me from behind, his hands on my hips, pulling me back towards him as he slams into me over and over. Pausing for a split second, he reaches behind him…and then the buzzing sound begins just as I feel the vibe touch my clit. I moan with pleasure…this is my favorite thing. His cock filling me as my clit is worked over with a toy. He holds it against me and continues to pound me hard.

“Oh, yes! Fuck me! That’s so good…don’t stop…keep fucking me!” I scream out. “YES! I’m coming…come with me, babe…come inside me now!”

He doesn’t need to be told again…my words, the sounds of my orgasm, and the feel of his cock being squeezed as I climax around it are enough to make him unload another seemingly endless stream of cum, this time into my pussy, and it feels so good I don’t think I will ever finish.

Finally, we both collapse onto the bed, spent. He unties my arms and leads me into the shower where we take turns washing each other with hot, soapy water. I love the feel of his hands on me, and I enjoy running my hands all over his body as the shower water cascades over us. We wrap up in fuzzy hotel towels and lounge together on the bed, talking, laughing, and enjoying these last few minutes together.

“I’m so glad you texted me. I thought I was going to have to wait until tomorrow to see you,” he says, taking my hand in his and kissing my fingers.

“Are you kidding? I couldn’t wait until tomorrow. I’ve been dying to meet you in person for months now. This was completely perfect,” I reply with a smile.

“Yes it was. Well worth the trip, even though I really didn’t need to attend this conference.”

“I’m so glad you did. I’ll make the next trip…if you want to see me again, that is.” I raise my eyebrows, hardly daring to breathe, although I’m pretty sure I know the answer.

“Of course I do! But I can’t wait until the next trip…I’ll still get to see you tomorrow, right?”

“Tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that…I hope you didn’t really want to go to any of those conference sessions…” I tease, smiling.

“They’re highly overrated,” he says. “But you…you are even better than I expected.”

I don’t even reply…I just lean over and kiss him. He knows I feel the same way.

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